The world was once a peace since the Greater Three and the Lesser Four had retreated from their underground lair under the cathedral of Tristram. Rumours says that one of the Greater Three has yet to be captured and disarmed and still, to this very day, lives under the church. Townspeople were slayed and made slaves and even cooks in kitchens were killed. King Leoric, who summoned numerous brave men to explore into the dark cathedral were kill brutely. Finally, Leoric himself led 1000 elite soldiers and necromancers to strip the Lord of its power. Unexpectedly, the king himself was brought under the control of the Dark powers and went mad. He was never seen since then. According to the ancient scraps of paper left in the cathedral, the only Lord left is The Dark Lord, Diablo. Ancient spells had been created to curb Diablo of his evergrowing Dark army.

Arcane War
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