A Tiberian Dawn 15-mission GDI campaign. Released in 2020 for C&C Remastered. These are the fifteen map files for the convenience of Origin users. What if the Brotherhood of Nod had discovered how to mine and process Tiberium much earlier? In this GDI alternate timeline campaign, you face a Kane and Nod who are far more powerful. They have acquired a much larger share of the world's markets, their influence is stronger, and their military is more numerous. This version is for Origin players who can't gets Mods from the Steam Workshop. Instructions for Origin players: 1. Download the Zip file, extract it. 2. Place the Zip file's contents into your Local_Custom_Maps directory. On Windows 10, this is usually on This PC > Documents > CnCRemastered > Local_Custom_Maps > Tiberian_Dawn 3. Go to Mission Select inside the game and go to the sixth square on top, after the Campaign missions, extra missions and dino missions. If you did everything right, the missions should be there.

Alternate Timeline Campaign
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