A team of Internationally known terrorists have been traced to North America, downtown San Fransico, California. They have holed up in an old hotel that is closed for remodeling. Intel has it that they are indeed planning action against the World Peace meeting schedualed to take place within the week. We have knowledge that they have 3 explosive devises set to discharge a chemical agent into the city. You must prevent this detonation from occuring. Intel reports that the group is planning several more attacks against the population, you need to interface their computer to download this information to be used by authorities to prevent future attacks. Lastly your orders are to illeminate this threat permamently. Supported Game Modes: - SP Practice Mission - SP Lone Wolf - SP Terrorist Hunt - SP Hostage Rescue - COOP Mission - COOP Terrorist Hunt - COOP Hostage Rescue - MP Survival - MP Team Survial - MP Pilot - MP Bomb - MP Hostage

Alley Strike
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