Here is the precious new lens-flare config. Just removing the file LENS_FLARE_CONFIG.BIN from the Alien Isolation/Data folder is not recommendet, doing so removes the ugly lens-flare but unfortunately all beautyful other light effects too like the flame thrower visual enhancements, the beautyful bloom and gloomy shine around the lights. So use my mod here. Install: Just go to the Data Folder in Alien Isolation, rename LENS_FLARE_CONFIG.BIN to xxxLENS_FLARE_CONFIGxxx.BIN Unzip my file, put it into the Data folder and enjoy. Mod is for the most actual and fully patched version with all DLC`s of the Alien Isolation game, but it -should- work on older or non patched game versions too (I cannot test that because I have the most actual version of that game).

Alien Isolation Mod
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