Changes in 1.2: Remade most "signs" textures for exam. evacuation, warning signs etc. manually using similliar free fonts for better quality. Switched trees textures settings from x4 upscaling with level 3 noise reduction to x4 upscaling and level 2 noise reduction to reduce weird colors. Upscaled particle effects, bullet impact textures, comic effects above enemies to x2 with level 2 noise reduction. They may still look kinda low res but I preffered to keep them at lower res and reduce weird colors. Switched some effects textures like avalanche, spider webs to x2 to reduce weird colors. Fixed width of menu border for "yes" and "no" options on retry level screen. Switched to original lightning texture for Winslow Bank level and to original sky texture at the end of FBI level. Thanks to CriminaL277 from steam for massive feedback. All the things He noticed helped a lot.

AI Upscaled Textures 1.2 Full
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