Remember at all times, when playing this demo, that it is only a DEMO and will most likely be changed a LOT before the final release. Gameplay tips: Stay under cover at all times, because if you are injured badly you can bleed to death! There are no health packs in Action Duke3D, but you can bandage yourself by holding the space bar when you start to bleed. The MP5 is actually a very good weapon against the terrorists in the game, because it fires in true 3-round bursts and has a 36-shot clip, so don't worry about finding better firepower because most of the time, you won't need it. The M16 comes with an attached M203 Grenade launcher, which can be very deadly (to the terrorists AND you). Be careful of shrapnel when used at close range. In Action Duke3D you are equipped with a pair of field binoculars - to use them, duck and hold space. Remember to take any ammo that comes off a dead terrorist, because you won't see spare clips just lying around on the ground!

Action Duke Nukem 3D - Elite Forces
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