Enclosed in this file are the various art files needed to add the Sieg Rifle and EM-2 to your CoH game. This release is my way of thanking you fans that have stuck with me, and of giving something back to the CoH community for all it has given me (though I know it is not nearly enough to repay what I owe them). I hope you all enjoy them. Any mod may use these assets, as long as they credit me. You will need some basic modding knowledge to add them in. You will have to create weapon RGDs for them yourself, but this is easy and can be done by altering Vanilla files in the Corsix mod studio. The EM-2 animates as a Thompson and the Sieg Rifle animates as the BAR. You can use the RGDs for those weapons as a base. However, units given the Sieg cannot use the BAR, and those given the EM-2 cannot use the Thompson. Tutorials for adding weapons and other stuff to CoH can be found at the relicnews forum's armory section.

A Small Gift: Bullpups of WWII


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