My Keeper apprenticeship has paid off. I wouldn't have lived long without their training. I cheated death more than once and claimed that it was my personal victory but I am nothing without the Keepers, whether I like it or not... Without them, I had to earn my living as a third-string pickpocket without a home. I need to contact them again, it seems, but this time as a friend and fellow Keeper. The Keepers, also called the preservers of balance within the City, were once in possession of a powerful relic called the "Crystal of Destiny". Rumor has it that this crystal is a source of magical power. Depending on the person who uses the crystal, it will either do good or spread evil among us. What I know is that the crystal was stolen from the Keepers not long ago. I can't imagine how someone could steal it from them, since they locked it in one of their secret hideouts, but it happened.

A Dark Secret
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