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Game Development Tools

Game Development Tools

8 years ago Other 16 comments

Whether you are coding, making models, maps, sounds etc a variety of tools are available to help you out. The following provides an introduction to such...

Intro to Manual Lip Syncing in FacePoser

Intro to Manual Lip Syncing in FacePoser

8 years ago Source Developers Voice Acting 7 comments

As Extraction in FacePoser does not currently work for Windows Vista users, it's useful to know how to lip sync without the use of Extraction. This tutorial...

ID TECH 4: Radiant - Mapping Basics

ID TECH 4: Radiant - Mapping Basics

8 years ago Mapping/Technical 4 comments

In this tutorial we'll see how to setup the editor for the Id-tech 4 games (Doom 3, Quake 4 and Prey) and build your first playable room. Adding lights...

Getting Started with Mods

Getting Started with Mods

8 years ago Management 112 comments

If you are new to the Mod DB or just mods in general, this page will provide all the information you need to get involved. Whether you want to play, make...

Cryengine 2 Mapping

Cryengine 2 Mapping

8 years ago CryENGINE 2 Developers Mapping/Technical 24 comments

This tutorial will tell you how to create your first basic crysis map.


Realistic kickback for the Quake shotgun

11 years ago Quake Server Side Coding 2 comments

Ever wanted to have a good and realistic kickback effect in the Quake weapons? This tutorial shows you how to add it to the normal shotgun, but the code...

Quake 2

Understanding Quake2's print functions

9 years ago Quake 2 Client Side Coding 0 comments

This small but powerful tutorial will get you started on printing messages to the client.

PR Do's and Don'ts

11 years ago PR 12 comments

A look at the Do's and Don'ts of Public Relations.


Semi-Automatic Jumping

11 years ago Quake Server Side Coding 0 comments

This tutorial teaches you how to change Quake's jumping to something more Half-Life style, where you cannot press the jump key again until you hit the...


Dynamically-Sized Bodyque

11 years ago Quake Server Side Coding 4 comments

In Quake, there is a limit of four player corpses being displayed at once, but what if you want to be able to easily change that?


Building the DLLs with VS.NET 2003 for Steam

11 years ago Half-Life Client Side Coding 12 comments

Teaches you how to setup your VS.NET 2003 to build the Half-Life dlls, and how to get them working on Steam.

Management 101 - Source for Noobies.

11 years ago Management 3 comments

In this tutorial you will learn some basics to managing and maintaining a team, hopefully triggering a succesful release of your mod!

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament Data Organizing

11 years ago Unreal Tournament Management 2 comments

Unreal Tournament has a different way of organizing game data since there is nothing like the *.pak file system as seen in the Quake engines, and many...

Drunk rockets

Drunk rockets

11 years ago Quake Server Side Coding 1 comment

Twist the rocket's direction of flight around to an unpredictable angle every tiny fraction of a second, to create the ultimate surprise weapon.

Easy locational damage!

Easy locational damage!

11 years ago Quake Server Side Coding 2 comments

A tutorial brought to you by Miles Invictus, comes an awesome feature that makes your head shots true and beneficial to your gaming experience.

Semi-auto firing

Semi-auto firing

11 years ago Quake Server Side Coding 2 comments

This tutorial turns your shotty into a auto-shotty where the speed is only limited by the fastest finger.

Setting up your mod's site

11 years ago Website 5 comments

So, you've planned our your uber-cool modification, but now you need a site? Here's a little guide that attempts to give you some pointers on making your...

Beretta 9000 Video Tutorial

11 years ago Weapons Modelling 77 comments

This Video Tutorial will walk you through step by step how to model a Beretta 9000. The application of choice is 3dsmax6 and all together the whole issue...

Creating a Unique Single-Player Experience

11 years ago Management 5 comments

This is merely on how to create a mod that has a unique and compelling experience, not just "another CS clone".

Unreal Wiki

11 years ago Management 9 comments

The Unreal Wiki is the premier source for all modding information that relates to the Unreal Series of Engines. From Unreal 1, to Unreal Tournament 2003.

Wavelength 2.0 Review

11 years ago Other 1 comment

Wavelength is back with a new look and some new aims. So is it still the definitive modding resource centre? Let's find out.

The Half-Life Almanac Review

11 years ago Management 0 comments

Looking at, reviewing and getting background on the famous Half-Life Almanac.

modDB News posting

11 years ago PR 3 comments

Want to know how to post news properly, but don't know how to do it? Well, this post may help...

Wolfenstein 3D

Basic Editors - What, Where and How?

11 years ago Wolfenstein 3D Management 2 comments

Wolfenstein 3D, apart from it's age, is still a very popular modding platform. Today, we will learn which most important applications and editors...

Proper Testing Setup and Operation

11 years ago QA/Testing 4 comments

This tutorial will teach you the basics of setting up a good testing model for games in the making that already have a playable build.


How to Install Mods for Morrowind

11 years ago Morrowind Management 1 comment

Thats is a simple and easy "TODO list" to sucesfully install a mod into Morrowind.


Mecha Explosive Puppy

11 years ago Quake Client Side Coding 0 comments

Very simple tutorial aimed at people looking to begin learning Quake-C. Makes the rottweilers explode and deal damage when they attack or are attacked.

Freedom Force

How to make a mod for Freedom Force.

11 years ago Freedom Force Other 0 comments

This Tutorial will teach you how to make a mod for Freedom force.

Half-Life 2

Basic Doors Video Tutorial

11 years ago Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 9 comments

In this video tutorial I will teach you the basic principles of making a door inside of hammer. It includes making triggered doors and physical doors.

Creating Sounds for games

9 years ago Sound Effects 5 comments

This is a very basic tutorial to help anyone record sounds for games.

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