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Half-Life 2

Creating your first room for CS:s

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 12 comments

This tutorial will guide you to making your very first room for cs:s.


Proper Half-Life mapping: The Essentials, Leaks, and Beginner's Guide

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 7 comments

Just got your hammer and you think you can follow the basic glass and sky tutorials? Wrong. What I'm going to do is ram mapping etiquette into your...

Physics Props- From XSI to HL2
Half-Life 2

Physics Props- From XSI to HL2

Half-Life 2 Props Modelling 20 comments

Need some rubbish for your mod maybe a more l33t crate, this tutorial shows you how to make a cake and get it in the game.

Rise of Nations

Onekiller's Guide to Modding Nations

Rise of Nations Client Side Coding 4 comments

Here it is… Onekiller's Guide to Modding Nations. Are you not excited?

Half-Life 2

Complete guide for customizing a single-player mod

Half-Life 2 Client Side Coding 68 comments

This tutorial will teach you how to take your custom.bsp level and add the ingredients to make it start in the elaborate way that Half-Life2(r) starts.


Random Spray Rifle Part 2

Quake Client Side Coding 0 comments

After doing your Counter-Strike-esque spray rifle, why not add movement based accuracy and ammo usage? Do this tutorial and add it in!


Random Spray Rifle Part 1

Quake Client Side Coding 1 comment

A very basic tutorial on making a automatic rifle in Quake with random spread of bullets ala CounterStrike

Half-Life 2

Blow up a wall tutorial

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 10 comments

This tutorial will show you how to make a wall get hit by an explosion and be destroyed. This assumes you know basic hammer functions.

Half-Life 2

Beginners Guide to Valve Hammer Editor

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 164 comments

This tutorial will show you how to make a very basic map, you will learn how to create brushes (they are blocks that you use to make your level) apply...

Half-Life 2

How to make skins

Half-Life 2 Skinning 51 comments

This tutorial will show you how to replace a Half-Life 2 skin with your own. You must know how to draw with Photoshop or another image editing tool and...

Websites: Single Page Solutions

Website Tutorial 5 comments

Ever wondered how to make one of those awesome single page websites with the "?page=" things in the URL? It is not hard, and can be implemented quiet...

Coordinating and Leading a Mod

Management Tutorial 8 comments

Everyone needs some advice when the going gets tough, and for every person who is looking for some advice on leading a mod, here is the lowdown on Coordinating...

Normal Mapping (Video)

Skinning Tutorial 3 comments

A guide on how to create and then apply a normal map onto an object inside of Maya.

Detailed Quake 4 Wallpaper

Management Tutorial 0 comments has held a contest for visitors to design a PlanetQuake/Quake 4 themed wallpaper. Here is my submission and how I did it. This tutorial...

Your Mod's Website

Website Tutorial 3 comments

Tips, advice and suggestions on starting and running a website for your mod. Covers layout, backend, hosting, domain and advice on FTP access, content...

Half-Life 2

Displacement maps in Half-life 2 (Video)

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 13 comments

This 17 or so minute video will walk you through using displacement maps to make hills, like the ones in the HL2 coast levels.

Half-Life 2

Making Glass Start Out Broken

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 5 comments

This tutorial will teach you how to make a func_breakable_surf start out broken when the map loads without the player doing anything to it.

Unwrap 3D - Unwrapping a model.

Weapons Modelling Tutorial 6 comments

This shows you how to unwrap a model using the Unwrap 3D program.


Weapons Modelling Tutorial 5 comments

This one shows you the basics of using UVW Unwrapping in 3D Studio Max 6/7 - Other versions may be different.

How to Structure a Good Story.

Design/Concepts Tutorial 10 comments

Hey all, this is a tutorial in progress as to how to write and structure the basic Three-Act Adventure story. Hopefully this will encourage modders to...

Nexuiz Classic

Nexuiz QC Tutorial 2

Nexuiz Classic Server Side Coding 0 comments

This is the second in my occasional series of QC tutorials for Nexuiz.

Nexuiz Classic

Learning QC For Nexuiz Part 1

Nexuiz Classic Server Side Coding 0 comments

This is my first tutorial on learning QC for Nexuiz. QC is the language used for the gamecode, and is pretty easy to learn. Once you have the hang of...

Changing Dungeon Types

Changing Dungeon Types

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 1 comment

This tutorial explains how to change the appearance of dungeon levels.

Half-Life 2

Altering the camera angle

Half-Life 2 Client Side Coding 14 comments

The camera angle is an extremely simple thing to alter, and can complete a major step in many specialized mods. Here, you will learn just how to do that...

Half-Life 2

Creating sand storms/fogs

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 4 comments

Hello there! Here's a tutorial on how to make that 'Sand Storm/Dust Fog' in the air. Let's get started...


Footsteps in DarkPlaces

Quake Server Side Coding 0 comments

Want footsteps in q1? Want the sounds to depend on type of ground walking on? Keep on reading then.

Half-Life 2

Creating the Perfect Light/Light Effect

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 13 comments

Create the perfect street light, or high quality light, for HL2.

Half-Life 2

Creating a 3d Skybox (Video)

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 20 comments

A quick video tutorial on creating a 3d skybox. (Not active at the moment)

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

Basic Hull Plating

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Textures 2 comments

This little tutorial shal fill you in on the very basics of hull plating for fighters and smaller transports.

Unreal Tournament

How Convert a DooM map to UT

Unreal Tournament Mapping/Technical 4 comments

How Convert a DooM map to UT wich like the same sizes for the player. Converting firts to Duken Nuken and after from Duke Nuken to t3d file (openable...

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