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Quake 2

Locational Damage

Quake 2 Server Side Coding 3 comments

How to add a simple locational damage code to Quake2. Imagine the possbilities with this code! A headshot can do 80 damage, 160 damage, or 1500 damage...

Unreal Tournament

How to make an exploding Barrel. (Uscript)

Unreal Tournament Client Side Coding 4 comments

Quite simple. A Uscript lesson describing how to make a barrel that blows up when you shoot it. =)

Half-Life 2

Changing the HUD Colour, Layout, Fonts & Effects

Half-Life 2 Client Side Coding 50 comments

In this tutorial we will be changing the HUD colour, Layout, Fonts, Font colours & Effects. Also i will cover how to change the colours of the Main Menu...

Half-Life 2

The Seven Steps to Texturing Enlightenment

Half-Life 2 Textures 7 comments

Seven steps to lead you from Texturing Noob to Texturing Novice, written in Plain English. This will show you have to get a basic, basic texture into...


Modding Weapons (Ammo, Weight etc)

Half-Life Client Side Coding 75 comments

This tutorial will teach you how to edit the ammo per clip, how fast you walk with a weapon and much more! Check it out... For Half-life 1

Introduction to Flash

Website Tutorial 5 comments

Flash isn't necessary, but this is for the modding teams who want to take their site the extra distance.

Website DIY

Web devs & web game devs Website 6 comments

Sick of asking for Webmasters to make and update your website! Want to do it yourself! Well he I can help!

Half-Life 2

Dystopia: A Barebones Level

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 5 comments

Dystopia requires more than a simple info_player_start for a barebones map. I'll go into a bit of detail in this tutorial on what itis you need for...


HuD Colouring

Half-Life Client Side Coding 26 comments

This tutorial will cover the Basics for changing the colour of the HUD in HL

Designing a good map

Level Design/Theory Tutorial 19 comments

This how to design a map with gameplay players will enjoy, .

Becoming a successful Public Relations officer

PR Tutorial 16 comments

What makes a successful PR Officer? In this tutorial you will discover how to generate the maximum support for your Mod through effective methods of presentation...

Basic mapping in Radiant

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 15 comments

In this case I have made a small map for JK2 but it comes in use any game that uses GTK radiant

Call of Duty 2

Weapons scripting for CoD2

Call of Duty 2 Client Side Coding 9 comments

This is a tutorial for beginners who want to know how to mod weapons for CoD2. In this tutorial, we will conver singleplayer weapons.

Your first help request, in the forum.

PR Tutorial 5 comments

Hey, I'm ForbiddenSword. I've seen, many, many, many, help requests, simply flamed or even ignored, because they have been poorly written. I'll...

Half-Life 2

Creating your first room for CS:s

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 12 comments

This tutorial will guide you to making your very first room for cs:s.


Proper Half-Life mapping: The Essentials, Leaks, and Beginner's Guide

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 7 comments

Just got your hammer and you think you can follow the basic glass and sky tutorials? Wrong. What I'm going to do is ram mapping etiquette into your...

Physics Props- From XSI to HL2
Half-Life 2

Physics Props- From XSI to HL2

Half-Life 2 Props Modelling 20 comments

Need some rubbish for your mod maybe a more l33t crate, this tutorial shows you how to make a cake and get it in the game.

Rise of Nations

Onekiller's Guide to Modding Nations

Rise of Nations Client Side Coding 5 comments

Here it is… Onekiller's Guide to Modding Nations. Are you not excited?

Half-Life 2

Complete guide for customizing a single-player mod

Half-Life 2 Client Side Coding 68 comments

This tutorial will teach you how to take your custom.bsp level and add the ingredients to make it start in the elaborate way that Half-Life2(r) starts.


Random Spray Rifle Part 2

Quake Client Side Coding 0 comments

After doing your Counter-Strike-esque spray rifle, why not add movement based accuracy and ammo usage? Do this tutorial and add it in!


Random Spray Rifle Part 1

Quake Client Side Coding 1 comment

A very basic tutorial on making a automatic rifle in Quake with random spread of bullets ala CounterStrike

Half-Life 2

Blow up a wall tutorial

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 10 comments

This tutorial will show you how to make a wall get hit by an explosion and be destroyed. This assumes you know basic hammer functions.

Half-Life 2

Beginners Guide to Valve Hammer Editor

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 164 comments

This tutorial will show you how to make a very basic map, you will learn how to create brushes (they are blocks that you use to make your level) apply...

Half-Life 2

How to make skins

Half-Life 2 Skinning 51 comments

This tutorial will show you how to replace a Half-Life 2 skin with your own. You must know how to draw with Photoshop or another image editing tool and...

Websites: Single Page Solutions

Website Tutorial 5 comments

Ever wondered how to make one of those awesome single page websites with the "?page=" things in the URL? It is not hard, and can be implemented quiet...

Coordinating and Leading a Mod

Management Tutorial 8 comments

Everyone needs some advice when the going gets tough, and for every person who is looking for some advice on leading a mod, here is the lowdown on Coordinating...

Normal Mapping (Video)

Skinning Tutorial 3 comments

A guide on how to create and then apply a normal map onto an object inside of Maya.

Detailed Quake 4 Wallpaper

Management Tutorial 0 comments has held a contest for visitors to design a PlanetQuake/Quake 4 themed wallpaper. Here is my submission and how I did it. This tutorial...

Your Mod's Website

Website Tutorial 3 comments

Tips, advice and suggestions on starting and running a website for your mod. Covers layout, backend, hosting, domain and advice on FTP access, content...

Half-Life 2

Displacement maps in Half-life 2 (Video)

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 13 comments

This 17 or so minute video will walk you through using displacement maps to make hills, like the ones in the HL2 coast levels.

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