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Battle for Middle-earth

How to increase horde size, and other things like that.

Battle for Middle-earth Client Side Coding 1 comment

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to change the size of hordes, and other statistics about units. All you will need to do this is finalbig.

How to use 3DWS - Part 1

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 10 comments

Hello and welcome to your first time using 3D World Studios. I am Cheeseyballz and I will be walking you through every step. I hope you find this tutorial...

Creating Sounds for games

Sound Effects Tutorial 5 comments

This is a very basic tutorial to help anyone record sounds for games.

Half-Life 2

Exporting Half Life 2 Characters to a 3D Modeling Program

Half-Life 2 Players Modelling 10 comments

Alright everyone, here goes, my huge tutorial on how to export a Half Life 2 Character into Cinema 4D and/or 3DS Max. I’ll try to be as clear as possible...

Half-Life 2

How to add a button to your level

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 8 comments

This is a simple tutorial that shows you how to add a button in your Half-life 2 level.

How to start voice acting

Voice Acting Tutorial 6 comments

This tells you how to get started.

Dungeon Siege

Setting up good map lighting for Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege Mapping/Technical 1 comment

This tutorial shows how to add realistic day lighting for Dungeon Siege 2.

Basic Hl2 Modeling Tutorial

Weapons Modelling Tutorial 25 comments

Today I will be walking you through the wonderful world of modelling and compiling for half life 2. This tutorial is targeted at 3dsmax users and half...

Half-Life 2

RaveNk's Source Mapping Series (Video)

Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 16 comments

The basic's of mapping in Hammer for source.

Homeworld 2

Setting up a New Race

Homeworld 2 Client Side Coding 11 comments

Almost always the basic goal of most modders, to add a whole new race to Homeworld 2, but how? Well, for all you newcomers to Homeworld 2 modding, I am...

Homeworld 2

Enable AI to Build New Ships

Homeworld 2 Client Side Coding 2 comments

Okay, so you have a new race, or you've added a new ship into Homeworld 2. That's great and all, but your computer, no matter how good, doesn't...

Uv-Mapping Video Tutorials

Skinning Tutorial 4 comments

My first tutorial on UV-mapping. It's done using UU3d/lithunwrap, but maybe useful for other apps as well, in case you're totally new to the...

Basic Muzzleflashs

Basic Muzzleflashs

Textures Tutorial 14 comments

How to make Muzzleflash Textures the way da Fox does it! Note: You will need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher for this tutorial


Reskinning A Model

Half-Life Players Modelling 16 comments

So, you want to know how to edit your "Half-Life 1" model and have them show um in your mod? Well this is the tutorial for you!

Standard Logging Support

Server Side Coding Tutorial 3 comments

This tutorial will show you how to make a standard logging support for your mod or game. I am using C's file opening/closing/writing support to do...

Quake 2

Cooperative Play.. Cooperative?

Quake 2 Client Side Coding 6 comments

Weapons, weapons, weapons. What's with all the ultraviolence? Let's look forward and try something that might be useful for cooperative play...

Quake 2

Class/Team-Based addon: Armor Values

Quake 2 Client Side Coding 0 comments

Want different armor values in your mod? Tired of the normal values? This is for you.

Half-Life 2

The Complete guide for customizing a single-player mod (Video)

Half-Life 2 Client Side Coding 15 comments

This video tutorial will take you step by step on how to make your own mod in your own way.

Quake 2

Monsters Fighting Each-Other

Quake 2 Client Side Coding 1 comment

Like monsters? Want them to hate each other? This is for you! Fun fun fun!

Quake 2

Player Speeds

Quake 2 Client Side Coding 3 comments

This tut shows you how to manage speeds for player classes in Q2. -NOTE: This code hacks ClientThink which will not always work!

C&C: Red Alert 2

Deployable Bombscripts

C&C: Red Alert 2 Management 0 comments

Note: This conscript is the same as the normal conscript in any way except in dying and deploying.

Creating a great website

Website Tutorial 1 comment

This document is here to explain or rather to show you the path to a great website and how I got where I am today. I am by no means an expert but I have...

How to make fire permanently damaging in MAX PAYNE
Max Payne

How to make fire permanently damaging in MAX PAYNE

Max Payne Mapping/Technical 0 comments

This tutorial shows you how I got fire to damage the player and/or characters permanently in MAX PAYNE

Adding Map Models (GTK Radiant)

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 13 comments

Yes today we are going to place some models in our maps :)

Structures - Arrow or Dot?

Server Side Coding Tutorial 3 comments

This tutorial will teach you a bit about Structures and their uses. I will be using Quake2 as an example, but any game will have some similiarities with...

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven


Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Client Side Coding 0 comments

Mafiascript is the unofficial term for coding in Mafia. It is a simple sequence of commands which if put together properly can create stunning results...

Quake 2

Working Quake2 Replacement Sounds

Quake 2 Sound Effects 0 comments

Adding replacement sounds for the current Quake2 weapons is a tough job. We're going to hack this without the engine for new sounds..

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

RO Level Design: Actor Reference Guide

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Mapping/Technical 0 comments

This is the first official guide of many from the Red Orchestra team. It looks at Level Design and the custom actors which Red Orchestra supports, beyond...

Basic Sidewalk (GTK Radiant)

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 5 comments

Making a nice looking sidewalk for your street in Gtk Radiant, Again this can be used for every game that uses any version of radiant

Quake 2

Protection at start of spawn

Quake 2 Server Side Coding 3 comments

Ever been angry at those people who stand near spawn points ALL day railing and launching rockets at those who just spawned? This will fix it. It is a...

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