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Half-Life 2

Metrocop kicking down a door

8 years ago Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 14 comments

Learn how to make a Combine officer kick down the door of a room that your player is in.

Half-Life 2

Combine Assaults

8 years ago Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 13 comments

Learn how to make a small squad of Combine soldiers perform an organized assault on a house.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Modifying S.T.A.L.K.E.R's Weapons

8 years ago S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Client Side Coding 29 comments

Modifying S.T.A.L.K.E.R's weapons is as easy as opening notepad finding out what some of the stuff means and what to edit. In this tutorial we cover a...

QuArK setup for Torque

8 years ago Mapping/Technical 2 comments

This tutorial will help you to setup QuArK, so you can export your maps / building / objects and use them in a Torque based game.

Half-Life 2

Creating Blend Textures

8 years ago Half-Life 2 Textures 3 comments

Simple process for creating custom blend textures to put in your hl2 mod. Also included is getting generic textures into the engine as well as getting...

Texturing the SCAR-L Rifle

8 years ago Skinning 5 comments

Pete shows us how to texture an FPS rifle using diffuse lighting and stunning details. Enjoy!

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT2004 Mapping (Video Tutorial)

8 years ago Unreal Tournament 2004 Mapping/Technical 6 comments

The basics of UT2004 mapping.

Tutorial: FPS Weapons Workflow

8 years ago Management 7 comments

Welcome to an article on production work flow, more specifically, FPS weapons. This piece is geared towards Mod teams. What it will do is try to explain...

What Makes a Good Co-Op

8 years ago Management 11 comments

Arkanj3l's first tutorial, which is about co-op gameplay, and how to get it right.

Introduction to GIMP

9 years ago Textures 9 comments

Can't afford Photoshop? Have no fear, GIMP is here.

Half-Life 2

Getting a texture In-Game

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Textures 3 comments

So you finished your texture? Time to get it into Half-Life 2!

Simple Wood Texture

9 years ago Textures 11 comments

Make a simple texture from scratch. Requires Photoshop!

Half-Life 2

Adding a new weapon

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Server Side Coding 46 comments

Add your own weapon to your Half-Life 2 mod.

Half-Life 2

2D SkyBox

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 11 comments

Learn how to add a simple 2d skybox to your Half-Life 2 level.

Web Design Theory

9 years ago Website 9 comments

Time to make a site! This tutorial will guide you through the theory behind making a good website for your mod.

Lighting in game environments - the hows and whys

9 years ago Level Design/Theory 7 comments

What to look out for when lighting an environment. How to create a good and well balanced set lighting scheme. Can be applied to a very wide range of...

Gameplay basics and multiplayer floorplan introduction

9 years ago Level Design/Theory 3 comments

This tutorial aims to explain one the basic concept of gameplay in levels as well as an introduction on how what to look out for when designing multiplayer...

Your first room in Deus Ex
Deus Ex

Your first room in Deus Ex

9 years ago Deus Ex Mapping/Technical 2 comments

So your new at mapping and you want to know how to make a room.. Ok Sounds easy enough.

Dawn of War

Quick WTP tutorial

9 years ago Dawn of War Skinning 0 comments

WTP files are what makes normal textures team colourable. This tutorial is probably not the most helpful of WTP tutorials, but there isn't much better...

Land Of The Dead

Land of the Dead Level Screenshots and LevelSummary, using the BladeIN mod

9 years ago Land Of The Dead Mapping/Technical 0 comments

The original Land of the Dead game did not do anything with the "Screenshot", or other properties available in the normal LevelInfo/Level Summary...

Half-Life 2

HL2 NPC Replacement

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Client Side Coding 22 comments

This will show you have to make new NPC without coding. :)

CS:S Map making video tutorial
Counter-Strike: Source

CS:S Map making video tutorial

9 years ago Counter-Strike: Source Mapping/Technical 49 comments

In this video tutorial, I will walk you through creating a map for CS:S - step by step.

Dungeon Keeper 2

Making your first DK2 map

9 years ago Dungeon Keeper 2 Mapping/Technical 4 comments

If you are new to DK2 mapping or if you just want some extra advise, here is a good place to come to! This tutorial is not very difficult at all since...

Half-Life 2

Trigger a console command when the player enters a trigger brush

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 3 comments

Console command triggered when the player enters a trigger brush. The example used makes the Crosshair appear or disappear. Basic knowledge of hammer...

Half-Life 2

Optimizing your Source map

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Mapping/Technical 5 comments

Ok, so you (hopefully) have a well designed map with some stunning architecture and awesome effects... now it is time to make it all run well. This tutorial...

Half-Life 2

Installing A Mod

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Installers 48 comments

How to install many of the Half-Life 2 mods found on the - this is a very basic tutorial!

Battle for Middle-earth

How to increase horde size, and other things like that.

9 years ago Battle for Middle-earth Client Side Coding 1 comment

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to change the size of hordes, and other statistics about units. All you will need to do this is finalbig.

How to use 3DWS - Part 1

9 years ago Mapping/Technical 10 comments

Hello and welcome to your first time using 3D World Studios. I am Cheeseyballz and I will be walking you through every step. I hope you find this tutorial...

Creating Sounds for games

9 years ago Sound Effects 5 comments

This is a very basic tutorial to help anyone record sounds for games.

Half-Life 2

Exporting Half Life 2 Characters to a 3D Modeling Program

9 years ago Half-Life 2 Players Modelling 10 comments

Alright everyone, here goes, my huge tutorial on how to export a Half Life 2 Character into Cinema 4D and/or 3DS Max. I’ll try to be as clear as possible...

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