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This Video Tutorial will walk you through step by step how to model a Beretta 9000. The application of choice is 3dsmax6 and all together the whole issue of video tutorials span over 4 hours. Thanks to all the suport including hosting by hl2files. Thanks.

Posted by IchI on Sep 28th, 2004
Basic Weapons Modelling.

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Programs Used: 3dsmax6
Recorded: Camtasia Studio 2
Codec: XviD/DivX
Compiled: Vegas4

Tutorial Image

Tutorial Image

Name: 01_Getting_Ready_For_Modelling
Size: 5,834kb

Name: 02_Modelling_Base_1
Size: 126,620kb

Name: 03_Modelling_Base_2
Size: 125,697kb

Name: 04_Touching_Small_Areas_Up
Size: 54,669kb

Name: 05_Magazine
Size: 44,413kb

Name: 06_Barrel
Size: 123,329kb

Name: 07_Little_Thingys
Size: 143,478kb

Name: 08_Optamisation
Size: 64,701kb

Name: 09_Smooth_Groups
Size: 78,837kb

Special Thanks! Majestic_XI

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micmac Jan 8 2007 says:

i just can't get the first video i looked back through the posts and found one other link but that one didnt work either so if anyone knows how i could get the first one to work that would be pretty sweet thnx in advance

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micmac Jan 8 2007 says:

srry 4 duble post but i found a download that worked and everything is going great except for i use 3ds max 9 and i cant find any way to make a vertice snap to an edge like in the beginning of the secong video if anyone could help that would be GREATLY appreciated thankyou

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Simon_66 Jan 15 2007 says:

hey man some of the files are off line!! can you upload files 5,6,7,8,9 for us? thnx

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skoville Jan 28 2007 says:

This is great. The best I have come across. I have to DL at the library ( I've got dial-up ) and cannot get #'s 8 & 9. Anyone have another link?

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Orgoth_0_2 Feb 10 2007 says:

the 8 and 9 file are missing from the server any one out there have them?
i really want to know how he smooths everything

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lancsDavid Mar 2 2007 says:

when you click on the links for parts 8 & 9, they try to open pages with in the header - & don't seem to do anything. BUT, if you remove the "\X6" yourself from the end, & type in the modified link in a new window, the avi files save directly (or at least they did for me)

happy modelling. & greeeeeaaat tut

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mr.marshmallow Mar 2 2007 says:

i tryed geting rid of the last to digets in number 8 and it didn't work can somone just rehost it? or do somthing im almost finehsed!
Great tuts they helped me so much before this i used to make a box and just delete the faces, this is awsome!:)

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jackal111 Mar 22 2007 says:

Someone PLEASE rehost this file!!!!

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Donny Mar 25 2007 says:

In the 07 on this tutorial you thought what the buttons were ( I havent checked it through yet so you might know afterwards and say it).
The one near trigger (lowest) is the magazine release.
The one near the hammer is 'safety mode' button. Once you pull that up you cannot press the trigger.
The one that is on the barrel (the one you thought was the magazine release) is a button which you can trigger to make the upper barrel thing hold on the "opened mode". On one of your referance pics you have it triggered. (Beretta_9000_Refrence_07.jpg)

Really good tutorial. Your way to model is alot better that the way I used to use.

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Level10 Jul 8 2007 says:

I've almost completed the model and I have to say that your tutorial has really got me interested in modeling - I never knew it was this easy.

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Superf1y Jul 18 2007 says:

I have the videos but the audio doesn't work, I have both xvid and divx codec. Could someone please help me?

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ReyvaGras Jul 31 2007 says:

use either VLC or Media PLyer 10 or above :P

that should work

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attacker5 Sep 9 2007 says:

When i download a file it ends up to be a .RAR file and i cant do anything with it. Now i would like to see this tutorial so much that i ask some help on how i can open this file to view it.

I Have:
Quick time
Windows Media Player

Please Help!!

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attacker5 Sep 9 2007 says:

This is just a reply i dont need any more help on starting the .RAR file as i figured it out. And by the way the tutorial has SKILLS!!! Thats the best and most helpful tutorial i have ever seen.

11/10 Score GREAT!!!.

Hope to see another weapon tutorial soon!!

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nitlott Nov 3 2007 says:

ignore me

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Biasoli Nov 14 2007 says:

This tutorial is more than excelent.

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jaumzors Sep 30 2008 says:

awesome dude i learned a lot of small things that was really working against me XD

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.Omena May 10 2009 says:

Downloading it now, got referred to it by friend, hope I learn something :p

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Pirate-Ninja Aug 21 2009 says:


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Flyerborn Aug 30 2009 says:

For some reason, it opens with windows media player, but i cant see the actual tutorial. I can listen to it, but the video itself wont work. It just shows those random designs.

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Sixers2329 Sep 26 2009 says:

File one is broke and I'm getting corruption errors for the rest, can someone re-upload?

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ReyvaGras Jun 24 2010 says:

here is a link for the first 1.. i dont know if anyone still needs it.

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teaMate Jul 12 2010 replied:

Great thanks man

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VirusxXx Feb 8 2011 replied:

Thanks :D

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cpl-bradley Sep 18 2010 says:

We now need a tutorial on how to texture the guns.

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Terbus Jul 11 2012 says:

Damn, Where is part one !! Damn, I know its oudated but plz, can someone reupload this?

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Guest Jun 30 2015 says:

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