RSS feed Colonialism 1600AD
9 Review

Mod Review by Sgtcjohnson on Nov 29th, 2015

Great initiative and works well. Will definitely follow this mod!

The Estate
9 Review

Mod Review by RichardGreenlambda on Nov 29th, 2015

Don't know if you'll read this but man this was awesome! Please don't let this mod die and finish the story I would really appreciate it!

9 Review

Mod Review by Skrell on Nov 29th, 2015

One of the true "next generation" megawads i've played! MOST of the maps are fun and create a true sense of scale and distance!

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
9 Review

Game Review by Triden007 on Nov 29th, 2015

Wonderful game. Beatiful graphics for sure, the original artists did a great job on it. But some aspects of gameplay feel unbalanced, but nothing a mod can't do. I'll be working on one.

9 Review

Mod Review by copperkiller on Nov 29th, 2015

Kind of old now but in my opinion a well thought out mod, kind of simple in some aspects but the variety and differentiation between each faction is on point. The special units, are incredibly hard to find though, more than necessary

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
9 Review

Mod Review by savagesouls on Nov 29th, 2015

Got to be the most amazing mod for Call of prypiat. A little bit lacking of things to do because it's more modder's ressource than a finished product. So it rely a lot on the future community's addons.

Still be aware you can encounter some bugs, wierd IA behaviour, crash and a lot of undergrounds are empty. But it's about time to be fixed.

Enjoy wandering the zone like you always wanted to do, freely.

Currently playing it with Arsenal Overhaul 3 and Warfare.

Operation Serpent
9 Review

Mod Review by bhovey90 on Nov 28th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Check this exceptional mod out today. The developers have many things to be proud of with their weapons selection, level design, and classic gameplay that they are offering to the players.

Plot: You are battling a Pinochet-esque regime in Latin America, you play a female commando who is tasked with gathering intelligence and bringing the regime's secret projects down.

My take: You'll get lost now and then, and I'm not a heavy metal guy by any means. So I disabled the soundtrack. Aside from that, I'm hooked. I want to play more levels by these guys. Check this out.

Calradia: Imperial Age
9 Review

Mod Review by capt_fordo on Nov 28th, 2015

Love all the music and the complete overhaul to the Napoleonic era, no matter what happens with the modding community, this is one stays my favourite singleplayer overhaul!

Operation Serpent
9 Review

Mod Review by HARVESTERofEYES on Nov 27th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

For a Wolf-style mod this is a very nice piece of work. The attention to detail in all things (small and large) is often evident. I love the 'oversized' levels as I am not used to playing anything beyond 64x64 and nothing felt overdone. I respect mods that showcase new ideas or concepts rather than just throw them akimbo at a player. Very well done!

- ack

Star Wars Republic Commando Graphics Fix
9 Review

Mod Review by Hajas on Nov 27th, 2015

Fantastic Star Wars game! Is the best FPS with Star Wars theme ever made!

Sadly doesn't have COOP, which would make this game perfect!

1860s Old America
9 Review

Mod Review by Musolini on Nov 26th, 2015

Because i love the ACW and this mod represents exactly i will expected to be adding mods like the gatling gun and combining the ACW with the western factions, so made this very funny. In the other hand i play a lots of mods on warband and this is one of my favorites mod, but i played the western mod from mount and blade and i see that this mod has ¨copy and paste¨ some armors and weapons, only for these i think that has to be a nine and no ten, sorry for my bad way to write in english, i speak spanish, i think that if the creators of the others mods has like Gabrilduro the developer of this mod, ebrithing will be different in mods, only Gabrilduro has ceated more that 2 mods and i think that he has a great example for the others, thanks for see this :D

Sands of Faith
9 Review

Mod Review by soldiermarine09 on Nov 26th, 2015

Really fantastic mod! Includes fantastic minor mods such as 'Freelancer' and 'Improved Diplomacy' which gives this mod an even better thrill and excitement.
One of my favorite time periods on one of my favorite games :)

P.s, the graphics are stunning!-

9 Review

Mod Review by SirIzzy on Nov 26th, 2015

Great Open-World Survival Horror FPS that is thought-provoking and challenging. Once all it's minor issues are solved this will without a doubt be the paragon of Stalker mods.

SCP: Containment Breach
9 Review

Game Review by ExcitedHomie on Nov 25th, 2015

I'll have to break this in pros and cons.

This game is fun, even addicting.
This can teach us a decent amount about the SCP foundation.
This is actually scary in my opinion, compared to most of the "zomge im sooper skerd jumpskar simul8ter" types of games.
I can't get enough.
The timing for the events is just amazing.
Challenging to play.

Minor map bugs for some seeds.
Needs a patch for the newer versions.
The ending? Meh, not much of a con, but not a pro neither.

9 Review

Game Review by G_glop on Nov 25th, 2015

A great game, been playing for a year now. Although right now it's not as good as it use to be, but it has also seen much much worser times. Waiting to see how they implement new changes that make adding and balancing components much easier.

IoQuake III Arena 4K
9 Review

Mod Review by CannerZ45 on Nov 24th, 2015

Indeed a pretty good complimentary addon for IOQuake. The revamped player avatars and hud icons/texts really helped in catching up with better resolution support (I recommend using 'cg_draw3dicons 0' to make great use of the HD-ied player 2d avatars, they look so good). I especially liked the minor touches on the railgun texture and smooth-work for the plasmagun model.

9 Review

Game Review by TehTemmehMLG on Nov 24th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

It's good, i guess. (wyveeerns leeleeleleleleelellelelel lelellelelele lelellelelel lelelelelel lelelelelelell lelelelelel llelelelelel)

Napoleonic Real War
9 Review

Mod Review by ChipChipHue on Nov 23rd, 2015

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Battlezone II Remodeled
9 Review

Mod Review by Zweistein000 on Nov 23rd, 2015


The models themselves are excellent and bring a lot of life into this very old game. I have been enjoying the mod a lot and am just preparing to play it with a friend of mine.

The only downside of this mod is that it also includes several balance changes, which does throw balance out of whack a bit.

Also the campaign can be a bit wonky as some things don't always trigger , especially if you try to rush things.


If this direction continues this mod will one become a very good mod. Looking forward to more versions and fixes.


The campaign wonkyness was down to my own mistake in installing the mod incorrectly and not the issue with mod itself.

9 Review

Mod Review by ubilada on Nov 23rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't

I really had fun playing it! It was short, but for explorers like me, it can be taken into account as a medium lenght mod.

The Inventory System was nice. There are some new elements that were used wisely. The level design and atmosphere were just great!

On the other hand, I had some optimization problems while playing it in high level of video settings. I have a gaming computer that allows me to play new AAA games in high FPS. I think, the only thing that should be reconsidered is the optimization of the mod for Source SDK Base 2013.

9 out of 10!

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