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8 Review

Game Review by CakeKing64 on Dec 21st, 2014

I liked it :D I needed the demo to test weather I wanted it on the pc (I have it on iOS (iPad) )

Blood in The West
8 Review

Mod Review by BandAid on Dec 20th, 2014

almost perfect, just needed some fix

Calradia: Imperial Age
8 Review

Mod Review by Still_Alive_2 on Dec 19th, 2014

great mod, i'm around day 130 right now and i'm really enjoying it. a couple things I've found though
The sandrid fire grenade guys keep blowing me and my regiment up.
the smoke particles really drop my frame rate like half way through them.
some torso clothing are missing have legs which makes it pretty awkward to look at when the villager or tournament competitor is wearing shoes with them, (Shoes also dont have any legs so their legs are invisible.)
towns and villages still look medieval which i dont have a big problem with.
and finnaly Zorrian kessecks wont come after me. they just circle me until i kill them off one by one. i just took twenty out on my own.

other than that though, great mod, none of those inturupt the gameplay much. except those diplomatic changes alerts

Middle East Conflict 2
8 Review

Mod Review by lyokojb on Dec 19th, 2014

Nice mod

Mental Omega APYR
8 Review

Mod Review by Directive255 on Dec 18th, 2014

Mental Omega 3.0 is a fantastic and professional mod, but with some bugs and difficulty curve. It retells the events of the Second Great War and later have a follow-up Act Two which haven't released yet.

Most of the campaign missions are very difficult, even if set to Easy difficulty. I've only managed to beat the first Mission of the Epsilon and the fifth mission of the Allies.

The mods redesigns the awesome yet balanced techtree for all the 3 factions and 9 subfactions.

However, there's some bugs there and Unholy Alliance not available in Singleplayer in Beta Revision 1.0.

Anyway, it's the best YR mod I've ever seen and played.

8 Review

Game Review by Vladimir_Eternal on Dec 17th, 2014

Game developers always pushing ahead for new stuff but forget sometimes about basics like game stability hacking or inviroment glitches generaly if those didnt exist they would recieve maximum ranking 10/10

Jewel Breaker
8 Review

Game Review by MBSGames on Dec 17th, 2014

Fun game, starts a little slow but gets pretty crazy in a fairly short time! Not to mention it's free!

Forgotten Hope
8 Review

Mod Review by RemoPL on Dec 17th, 2014

Great mod, but it could be better if creators will be less lazy and more accurate.

Star Trek: Armada 3
8 Review

Mod Review by legoassassin57 on Dec 17th, 2014

Love this mod, so much attention to detail, and awesome additions to the original Star Trek content. Give it an 8 Because Nothing is 10/10 and i like the number 8 :D It must be Tuesday, Because all the deflector dishes are here! (Get the reference?)

Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest
8 Review

Game Review by SNAKE_666 on Dec 16th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

Its essentially Brytenwalda with many new features and gameplay factors and its pretty cheap too. Well it isn't really Brytenwalda since it takes place 500 years after Brytenwalda, but the basic feel of it is the same. It starts at 868 during the Norse "invasions" of pre-unification England. This game leaves out what started the invasions and its probably for the best since the game is about the player and his custom character...sort of. I should explain, this game is hard and easy at the same time. Like a combination of the Touhou shooters and a game of "guess what 1+1 equals" if you can imagine. The game is difficult and unforgiving without a lord or his power and its insanely easily once you get that much power. You'll spend most of your time doing anything and everything for that lord you chose, and god help you if you chose Friesland or the Danes and don't already have a boat and 50 men. It takes the focus of the player and puts it onto whatever the King, Queen, or Chief is doing so you know when to ask for a job. Well, how about the combat? Its good, very good. All of the M&B games have amazing combat and the addition of the !OPTIONAL! stamina bar and !OPTIONAL! armor penalties adds to the atmosphere of the game. I pointed out the optional parts because I was certain someone might complain about it without actually doing research. There is a distinct lack of factions in this compared to other mods and Brytenwalda itself but, like the Total War games, the M&B series is more a base for mods than a real game so I'm hoping its mod friendly otherwise my score might be a few points lower in the future. How about some bad things. Okay, how's about some unfair RNG and some overpowered enemies, mix well with some unprecedented declarations of war and add about 3 tsp of a massive bias towards Christians and slavers, layered on top of a base consisting of ridiculously low-paying beginner missions and ridiculously expensive equipment. That run-on sentence may throw the game into a negative light, but it doesn't matter as much as the fact that trading can net you far more than the beginner missions in terms of both EXP and money. I'm not kidding, don't bother with missions just sell your unwanted weapons and the helmet or hood and buy something you know will sell for a lot somewhere else. Non-mission bandits are usually too weak to beat you 1v1 and your starting shield is more than powerful enough to take hundreds of light blows, tens of heavy blows, and it's almost immune to weak bow and arrow attacks and sling attacks. Just watch out for masterless men and large groups of bandits and you should be fine until you want to start your own kingdom, in which case good luck because it's about as easy as attacking a fort that has had about ten years to prepare sounds. This game can be hard but there's always a way to get better without having to get angry, and it's very entertaining as you're essentially living out a life that you control with stories that you make up as you go with the end goal to either be the strongest, the most just, the happiest, the most loved, etc. Overall, Mount and Blade Warband Viking conquest is much like the other games but in a good way that I don't think is bad, and the additions it makes compared to the time period and the variety there is in this game make me love it. Just don't go in expecting a masterful work of art to be remembered for centuries because its like a game from any date before 2000, it has bugs and the patches take an incredibly long time to get to you, luckily like a game made after 2000 beta testing is dirt cheap so there are no game-breaking bugs, only a few glitches left in intentionally by the devs like cheat menus and riding things that aren't horses. TL;DR I love this but I hope I'll love the mods as well.

8 Review

Game Review by Discopear on Dec 16th, 2014

Pretty good game. I just suggest fixing all the bugs in the first game before you release the second. I don't have TOO many complaints. I'll leave it at that. Good job. (:

Amnesia: In A Heartbeat
8 Review

Mod Review by Puttis on Dec 15th, 2014

This is good!

Supreme Ruler Ultimate
8 Review

Game Review by DarkMajor21 on Dec 14th, 2014

Its got some UI issues and a crappy tutorial but other than that its a pretty fun game, really deep.

Alpha Project
8 Review

Mod Review by D.E.G on Dec 14th, 2014

Looks good.

Lack of maps
No Chinese faction
Lack of maps with aircraft and helis
Helis feel less realistic. Too sensitive controlls
Some maps lag alot
Weird vehicle, heli and aircraft sounds

It is good for beta/alpha so i'm giving 8 out of 10. But there is still a lot to do.

Rise of the Reds
8 Review

Mod Review by lordboy54 on Dec 12th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

Great Mod so far, but doesn't really deserve a 10 yet, since its not a perfect mod by any means. America is especially dull atm, and might benefit from more improvement.

8 Review

Game Review by ma5ayume on Dec 12th, 2014

Simple to learn, (not so very) hard to master, compelling and interesting.

Strangely lacks audio for me, both in chrome, firefox and on my tablet, but it's not a big deal, what's important is to watch the matches and cheer for your team of little neurons.

Breaking Point
8 Review

Mod Review by Shadary on Dec 12th, 2014

This is one of the best mod out there for arma 3 if you like survival horor games with zombies involved. But there are some isues in this game like: New Haven crashes, some times dsync and small thing like that. It would be better if they added a building mod like in epoch arma 3 cuz if i remember corectly you could build stuff in arma 2 breaking point like houses. I know you can lock building and make them your own, but i am a survivalist and its kinda not for me to take building in the town or near it and even if i take house near the woods the zombies will show my position so its kinda bad eather way.
I rate this mod 8/10 cuz its not that stable at this point, specially New havenm, but at this point i am looking in to this mod cuz of its good class system. I know there are like 60+% of ppl are hunters and outlaws that shoot ppl on sight but ofthen i see them first and i know what to expect out of those ppl befor i go and contact them if needed.
PS: Hope you will fix New Haven crashes in game, cuz from what i saw in this map its rly good specially cuz zombies are spawn there not from player presents but by defolt and in towns and military bases theres a sh*t load of zombies and you have to fight thro to get gear or suplyes. And i hope they will add building system in this mod like in epoch so ppl could start build bases and not just camp military bases or towns for gear.

Porradaria Upgrade
8 Review

Game Review by NanySildoy on Dec 11th, 2014

I really don't understand why this game doesn't have more reviews here.
I played it on Desura and loved it.
This game is very fun to play.
I laugh from the enemies description, but what I most like is the music, there's a lot of different genres.
The more I play this game, more I like it.

Porradaria Upgrade
8 Review

Game Review by AriesShadow on Dec 11th, 2014

I bought this game on the IndieGala August Bundle for Desura.
This game is great for who loves retro platform games.
I just wished to see more sub-weapons for the Ninja.
Playing wit the Sword guy is very hard sometimes because you can't hit enemies from distance like with the Ninja.

East VS west The hearts of iron w/HI3 Engine
8 Review

Mod Review by Soof49 on Dec 10th, 2014

Great to see this revived, but the bugs need to be fixed. Some of the menus also seem to be missing the AI buttons, and the AI controllers do not seem to work very well either. Not sure if intentional or not.

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