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8 Review

Mod Review by MottyZ on Nov 27th, 2015

What's Good:
Another mod aimed to recreate Half-Life 2 Beta storyline.
Good amount of maps that increases hours of gameplay.
Neat map design.
Hard difficulty of the mod.
Pretty graphics (Thanks to Cinematic Mod base).

What's Bad:
Lack of scripted scenes and dialogues.
Lack of custom content.
Metro 2033 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. materials/props.
Huge weight of mod that makes it a bit frustrating to install it.

It's not bad, but still has issues, though. Worth to play if you have spare time on installation and ~20 GB free space.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D
8 Review

Game Review by ofihombre on Nov 27th, 2015

Sonic has many followers, and thus has many fangames, some good quality (like this), recalling the classic Sega good times.

A.I Robot Maker
8 Review

Game Review by imdb on Nov 26th, 2015

At first I wasn't sure, as it seems more of an app than a game. However, when I started training the robot I became to realize how addictive this is and am actually making a nice robot now. And the ability to share your robot, as well as view others quicky makes it that much cooler.

The only reasons I didn't give it a 10 is because:

Some scripting features would be nice, it does say they will be added soon but still, would be cool to have it now. And the tutorial is a bit lackluster, but the small price tag is justified as there are no limits.

Kumoon : Ballistic Physics Puzzle
8 Review

Game Review by hackz0r on Nov 25th, 2015

My laptop sucks balls. But that doesn't mean the game isn't amazing. I love the level design, and the little robot is soo cute.
8/10 from me.

Mount & Blade: Warband
8 Review

Game Review by kevinflemming on Nov 25th, 2015

An excellent game with many equally-excellent mods. It's worth buying simply for the mods themselves. Native is a good way to learn the game basics, but very boring compared to what the community has come up with.

A few of my favourite modules, worth having a look at:

Prophesy of Pendor
Warsword Conquest
The Last Days
Phantasy Calradia
Floris Extended

Arctic Incident
8 Review

Mod Review by starfleet86 on Nov 24th, 2015

This mod was very fun. I like how it felt like the old Half-Life, not straying too much from the gameplay. I found the puzzles to be fine, and straightforward which I liked since it wouldn't detract from the high-intensity action. I definitely recommend this mod, though I wish it was longer and had a little more rounded story.

Battlezone II Remodeled
8 Review

Mod Review by Zweistein000 on Nov 23rd, 2015


The models themselves are excellent and bring a lot of life into this very old game. I have been enjoying the mod a lot and am just preparing to play it with a friend of mine.

The only downside of this mod is that it also includes several balance changes, which does throw balance out of whack a bit.
Also the campaign can be a bit wonky as some things don't always trigger , especially if you try to rush things.


If this direction continues this mod will one become a very good mod. Looking forward to more versions and fixes.

Half-Rats: A Fever Dream
8 Review

Mod Review by starfleet86 on Nov 22nd, 2015

I really enjoyed this mod. The monsters looked creepy and the gameplay was fun (always liked HL gameplay). The story was also fairly good. The worst thing was controlling the AI partners. That was quite annoying, but I'm glad that the mapping was well done so I could herd the buddies to where they are supposed to go.

Good mod.

Divide and Conquer
8 Review

Mod Review by kimsnightmare on Nov 21st, 2015

just awsome :D

Antlions Everywhere
8 Review

Mod Review by edwardcrab on Nov 21st, 2015

Very nice mod. I like atmosphere and design in this mod. I like some ideas of this mod /.

8 Review

Mod Review by Weperlol on Nov 20th, 2015

This mod is great with unique level design for it's time. and it's long enough.

the voice acting is bad though with no real effort but just friends goofing off which is fine by me :)

however the fighting gets tedious real quick because you only get to fight 3 reskinned enemies throughout the whole mod (and a final boss but he's just a brush really... but it's a cool fight with a unique way to defeat him).

this mod is great either way you should totally check it out. :D

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
8 Review

Mod Review by troyslayer on Nov 20th, 2015

The most important thing to remember is this is a resource for modders and as such doesn't pander to the typical gamer. That aside this is simply amazing work. The sheer volume of content is mind boggling. If any modders are looking for a great project, please create a storyline to take us gamers through the world of Call of Chernobyl.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
8 Review

Game Review by GooseNinja on Nov 19th, 2015

This game is really great. The cinematics and music are great.
And the mind control bug is pretty cool.

The being said. The game becomes kind of repetitive.

Half-Rats: A Fever Dream
8 Review

Mod Review by LopperUK on Nov 18th, 2015

Great mod, only thing that could be improved is actual different enemies rather than re-skinned half-life enemies, also the mod is a bit short. Other than that a lot of work has gone into it and it's a brilliant little mod worth playing.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
8 Review

Game Review by MangleFan21 on Nov 18th, 2015

Not exactly the best... A little confusing but still good

Arctic Incident
8 Review

Mod Review by edwardcrab on Nov 17th, 2015

Nice mod! Great designs, models and gameplay!

Uncertainty Principle
8 Review

Mod Review by edwardcrab on Nov 17th, 2015

Its very nice mod. Nice design, atmosphere and gameplay.

1860s Old America
8 Review

Mod Review by zoltanshaquille on Nov 16th, 2015


WFAS Co-op Enhanced Edition
8 Review

Mod Review by H96 on Nov 16th, 2015

Very good Idea, but it´s a little bit bugged :(

A Lot of Stories - Lost Levels V7 {Overhauled}
8 Review

Mod Review by umbakarna on Nov 15th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

I did not play previous versions so I cannot compare the improvements but I will try to write what I experienced when playing.

+ voiceacting, it is not 1st class voiceacting but having it in a mod is positive
+ Smart design, fair amount of detail, solutions, I also liked the electrocuted water and solving it was fun
+ No lags, no bugs, no glitches (except I can go through trees), at least from what I saw
+ Short but the gameplay is dynamic and refreshing enough

- Even though this is better than majority of short custom stories, it is too "normal" for my taste :) but thats just me really
- Only Grunt enemies and almost no scare potential for experienced player, maybe I missed something but well...
- I was a little confused of what to do and so but that is not really bad thing

Overally: Short, refreshing, not very hardware demanding. If someone wants a fast one-time experience it is good.

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