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Mod Review by Laskar on Oct 8th, 2015

Overall the mod scores with fancy graphics, great atmosphere and a multitude of new units - unfortunately the gameplay doesn't feel as smooth as in the original game and battles tend to get quite confusing. Still a really enjoyable mod, keep up the good work!

+ Gorgeous new models and textures
+ Fully animated turrets
+ Incredible Ion-Cannon/Torpedo/Rocket/Fighter-Laser projectiles
+ Atmospheric Star Wars music
+ Multitude of new units

- Battles tend to be more confusing
- Realistic scale, but detracts from the core-gameplay
- Slight reinforcements lag for big vessels
- Turbolasers/Explosions don't look that good imo
- Overdone units descriptions

I'd give the mod a 7.5 out of 10.

The Apartment
7 Review

Game Review by Undergroundwookie on Oct 7th, 2015

Made me jump a few times came across one bug been reported and could have been longer

Riot in Progress

Mod Review by PMDLEADERSHINX on Oct 6th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

Assault On Roswell was a classic mod (to me), And it always will be. When Riot In Progress was made.. Many were less than happy with it. Me? It's an ok mod but it can become a hassle.

The main thing was that using Save when you don't have any of the save icons will hurt you (this has been fixed since i played it a while back)

Riot In Progress gives you a large arsenal of weapons to use against enemies, Thought there are no cheats.. It is not impossible to survive.

The mapping is very solid and it feels like a genuine Half-Life mod because of the atmosphere. At times, It may seem like it is impossible to go any further but likely you are not looking around enough.

Quarter Life
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Mod Review by PMDLEADERSHINX on Oct 6th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

As Half-Life modders began to learn more about the Goldsource engine, They began to make better and better mods. Quarter-Life, Despite a few serious flaws is one of them.

You play as a H.E.C.U. soldier sent to kill everyone at a scientist hideout called the White Gates Research Complex. You have the old Counter-Strike knife as a melee weapon and either the LD or HD weapons.

The mapping is OK, but there are some bleeding textures and in one area saving the game can cause a crash. The tank escape scene was extremely exciting because it was the first time I saw a scripted chase in a Half-Life mod.

The mod does have two fatal flaws that might not go over with some:There isn't a flowing story to compel (the hard to please players) to continue, The story is what I thought of above after playing. The other is that the Tank scene can crash if one presses any Movement keys.

Despite the flaws, This is one that some may find themselfs playing again and again.

Amnesia Black Death
7 Review

Mod Review by nnoorrbbii on Oct 4th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

The atmosphere was perfect, not once did I feel safe while playing it, that would be at leas 9/10, even 10, if I'm in the right mood :)
The poofers were really, really good jumpscares, all of them managed to distress me.
The levels were very dark, which added to the unsafe ambience, because you had to choose between either slowly going insane because of the darkness, or be exposed by the lantern's light when the enemy spawns. It was like the storage all over again.
The characters monologues were a great and original idea.
In one word, you managed to make Amnesia scary again

Even though the character's ramblings were good, the ghastly voices that threaten you were a bit.....cheesy. The stuff they said were very generic, and there voice was quite funny, which is never good in a horror game/story.
The ending didn't really make sense. You try to escape, faint, and wake up in a room. You say you're out, but really your still inside, and you haven't escaped jackshit. And then, *poof*, Mr. Grunt himself in person. I understand that wanted an open ending, but it didn't fully make sense.
Very many pointless, empty, boring rooms, which added nothing whatsoever to the experience.
The 'chairs flying around' jumpscares were bad, for I thought the game was glitching (which it does quite often), and weren't that scary altogether.
What kind of doors have different locks on one side than the other, or if that's not the case, where did the keys disappear after using them?
Lack of hiding moments.

Very good custom story, one of the scariest, but with a few mistakes, next time try maybe a bit more of the classic hiding style gameplay than the chase one, but make sure to include 1 or 2 chases too, just not too many, since the game isn't really made for chases, for the monsters are generally faster, hence the chases must be short, or they'll catch up. Final note, but this is just a personal opinion, don't include parts where you have to go around monsters, unless you are using a blind suitor.

7 Review

Game Review by MR.yokerclown on Oct 4th, 2015

When you do playing "SOMA", you do realize that even with outdated engine, you can still make a good video game with original story! And that is really "SOMA". Yes! It does have it's issues, but if you will look on that from other side, you will realize that even without wannabe Hollywood blockbuster mechanics, like: QTEs, heroic story, action etc... You can still make a good video game! Of course some graphic parts and other issues, are really out of these days and that is why the magic in it, is then really bigger, because the terror + atmosphere + great original settings with sound design, can still make a big part of why this video game, is still one of the best "Sci-Fi" video games ever! So the onl,y most bad things in this game, are just it's enemies, what are sometimes really annoying, but gruesome/scary at the same time! What could also be better, are underwater segments, where you basically cannot do anything, apart of going to your next location. By that, the final verdict is: "7/10".

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Oblivion Lost 3.1
7 Review

Mod Review by Opinionator on Oct 4th, 2015

For what I saw all the extra features yeah nice addition. Though the reintroduction of enemy types didn't sit well with me.I dunno they just felt out of place. NPC chucking grenades are back and seemly well balanced unlike say other mods.

Though I didn't even get out of Corden that new stagger sway effect mechanic after being injured is kind of annoying as HELL and made me uninstall. Amazing how one little itty bitty wee little thing can kill a game off for someone hey lol.

Almost my thing dang!

Aliens: Colonial Marines
7 Review

Game Review by Vitric902 on Oct 4th, 2015

not as bad as i thought it would be. Anyone who played at launch or shortly after should see the game through now. I encountered very little performance issues and no crashes playing through the campaign and some mp.

Survive in Catacombs 1 - Remodded
7 Review

Mod Review by ethics on Oct 3rd, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

It was pretty good.
Had some WTF moments throughout the game.
Also, what was that boss battle?
I never finished it, after I killed the last zombie i noclipped around and got ported to a black room.
I then looked up a playthrough of the original mod and in the black room the credits were supposed to play.
Also it crashed very often.

The Empty
7 Review

Game Review by obnoxioustrollfan on Oct 2nd, 2015

It was a short game, but it was decent enough.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
7 Review

Mod Review by Jonex_ on Sep 29th, 2015 - 4 people don't

A solid mod with great performance. I've never been a fan of freeplay which is why I'm rating this down a bit. I think I'd play for much longer if there was some form of story mode.

Amnesia: A Coward's Debt
7 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Sep 28th, 2015

Let's start with the good thing which is the design. It is quite pretty, with some AMFP stuff, just some areas are too dark which is pity with no light source. So much for the good things, there begin the negatives. I didn't play this custom story all the way through, although I was disappointed by what I played. First, there is no lantern or a light source. (didn't play all the way through, I don't know if there is one to be found later) The most disappointing thing was the gameplay (incl. storyline). It's not clear what the story is actually about, but the main reason is that the gameplay is not gripping. The gameplay suits more to a story-telling CS than this. In general, rather pleasing to the eye, yet (for me) little 'fun' playing it.

Uncertainty Principle
7 Review

Mod Review by OJJ0874 on Sep 26th, 2015 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

While I wish I could give this mod a 10/10 notable flaws that are prevalant throughout the mod have lowered the score for me which is a shame considering the time it took to develop the mod.

First off the intro is very well made and really feels like a full on invasion forcing the player to run away, this was my favourite part of BeginningVille and still holds up to this day as one of the better HL2 chase sequences.
But after the chase the problems start to arise with the slow raft where you have to fend off Fast Zombies, Manhacks and Soldiers all at the same time with very little space to move in, not only this but straight after you're forced to fight a hoard of soldiers while waiting for a lift to pick you up and if you die during this then you're sent all the way back to the spot before the slow moving raft. This was fine in BeginningVille as it was at the end of the pair of levels and therefore the end of the difficulty curve but in this mod it is right at the start of the mod and therefore should be close to the start of the difficulty curve.

Right after you fight Acid Antlions which do come in droves but they're relativley easy to fight so it's not too much of a problem, the problem arises when you get ambushed by them and escape under a door my health was low at this point so when I saw item crates I ran towards them only for the floor to give way under me and then have me attacked by more than 5 HeadCrabs at once which killed me.
One of the more ridiculous combat encounters happens soon after wherein you fight spitting Antlions, a guardian and a Gunship all at the same time, meaning very little cover from the gunship as you need to be constantly dodging projectiles and hitscan to survive.
Killing the sniper with a canister would've been very satisfying and inventive but I just shot a rocket at him and he died long before I could do that so the effect was taken away.

When I reached the river I jumped in to avoid enemy fire only to get a game over from the 2m drop into water, this water being toxic would've stopped me from doing this and having to replay from the fireable canister.
I don't have much of a problem with the river, it looks good and plays good apart from one area near a secret area in the pipes where I didn't realise there was a second switch so I went exploring and found my way out of the map by jumping on a container like I did with a secret area found previously in the mod, this was how I found the secret room with the word "Borealis" written on it, I wish I found this legitimately instead of by easily getting out of the map.
The Strider battle was weird, the ramps made it seem like you had to jump into the Strider with the boat to kill it like in the R&D mod but it didn't seem to do anything but shooting it felt much more effective and easier so if it did damage the Strider shooting it was much more viable.
Being dragged through water is a highlight of the mod, it is a well made setpiece with a few surprises on the way but it's unfortunate that it's the last part of the mod that I liked bar the bridge collapse.

The ending map was very painful, for one you have to fight about 20 soldiers at once (one with a shotgun and (2?) with AR2s) and then you have a hold out battle with very little warning and time to prepare your health/armour, it turned into a game of "find the exploit", this time being hiding behind inside the armour charger house and poking out to take potshots with a shotgun until the ammo runs out and you are forced to run around like a headless chicken to get smg ammo until the helicopter arrives which was enough time to play three 2+ minute tracks. The final battle doesn't really feel like a finale, there's no big bad and it's almost like the same combine battle i've had atleast 5 times in this mod before but longer.
It is a shame I had as many problems with this mod as I did since it is well made and polished minus dropships visibly disappearing but this is probably gonna be HL2 MOTY'15

Alchymist's Rush
7 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Sep 25th, 2015

It's obvious it was made in two hours, but I get it was a challenge. It's quite fun to play if you keep in mind the time put into the creation.

7 Review

Engine Review by yamoh91 on Sep 22nd, 2015


Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles
7 Review

Mod Review by Cvoxalury on Sep 22nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Liked the overall idea, level geometry, design, custom assets, and generally enjoyed it! On the downsides - some areas could use smaller lightmap scale i. e. better global lighting, and in a couple of places it's possible to get to the edge of the level and witness the great NODRAW.

The Attic
7 Review

Mod Review by EricAlvin on Sep 20th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

I liked the idea, but it was not executed so well. The game was not scary, and some parts of the walls were not aligned correctly. The scene were there was voice was cool, as well as the scenes were you are flung everywhere. But the jump scares were lame, the enemy AI was glitchy (The 1st grunt let me run around him while he would attack an indestructible table, ignoring me.) Im not sure if this is a glitch (I have not died in the main game yet), but when I died from the suitor and I respawned, it dissapeared.The part where I was outside was fun, but when I entered and left the 1st house (which had nothing in it), The game crashed.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy
7 Review

Game Review by Hels on Sep 19th, 2015

Great game to be a basis to modding, without modding is fun, yes, but feels a little bit uncomplete. In adittion, the game could have a little more of length, and I would love if it was open universe-like. Still a good game, though.

Half Life 2: Deep Down
7 Review

Mod Review by wookiehead on Sep 19th, 2015

It is pretty good as a whole- but I encountered some pretty bad bugs that left me stuck.

Doom Reborn
7 Review

Mod Review by An_Unknown_Player on Sep 19th, 2015

It's a good Modification but i can't say it's the best, There's another mod which recreated the Classic Doom Episode 1 in an accurate way (Same gameplay and Enemy AI) and Polished levels that's a better one IMO .

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