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White Night

Mod review by Burnout6010 0 agree 0 disagree

White Night brings a lot of original ideas to the Amnesia modding scene and creates an unique atmosphere.

However, the level design can be quite confusing / frustrating. Saw quite a few bugs also.


Painful Reality - Interval 02 - Unexpected visit

Mod review by Jonathanbergekvall 0 agree 1 disagrees

So many "trolls" here
Why can't the go and die and make the world a favore?!
To everyone else that have played our "Painful Reality" series, thank you so much :) We really enjoy making them and in Interval 03 there will be some voice acting
Thank you guys


Blood of Balkan

Mod review by RW_D!CE 0 agree 0 disagree

Nice idea i like it i very enjoy that mod its change the atmosphere of the game and enjoy that :D


Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Mod review by TriniZero 0 agree 0 disagree

Its an ok mod, takes some getting used too since you have to change your whole playstyle from vanilla.Early rush strategies still work in 1 on 1 but anytime the players are 4 and up you gonna have to make a fortress and hold out until you get super weapons. I'm still in training with this mod but i do believe in time i can enjoy it. Can't wait for the future updates and please buff tau a little :)


Fallout 3

Game review by IgorPoulpupov 0 agree 0 disagree

Fallout world brought back to life, in a first person perspective and with shooter elements. Action-RPG. That's what can be said by looking at the game for the first time and that still holds after playing it.
After 100+ hours playing it, what else can I say about it?

Fallout 3 feels a lot like Oblivion with guns.

Fallout 3 is long, very long. And extremely repetitive. Whatever your quest is, as smart as it can look at the begining, it will always end up with a boring gunfight. And after hundred gunfights in Fallout 3, all I can say is: they all felt exactly the same.

The world is large, 99% grey, and graphics are very repetitive. Only the main quest and DLCs have, sometimes, original graphics.

Fallout 3 is average as an RPG. Level cap occurs after playing maybe 1/3rd of the game. Except for lockpicking, repairing and "science" (hacking, that is), there is no feeling of progression. Basically, all the fights are the same whatever your level is. As said above, quests are meh. Main story is pretty much the only developed story and it's very average, with totally awful parts (eg the ridiculous ending of your way through the Enclave HQ).

Fallout 3 is not a good FPS. The engine is not smooth at all. You can look in your inventory at any time during a fight and the gamme will pause: repair your weapon, change your armor, heal yourself, go look at your map and go back to fight whenever you want. The VATS system (pauses the game and lets you aim at any part of your enemy for those who never played a Fallout) is too powerful, and kills the tension too.
Your adrenaline level will never go up while playing Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 is not better than Oblivion concerning discretion, meaning it's average.

DLCs: Point Lookout is ok, the Pitt not too bad, Broken Steel brings nothing really new, Anchorage looks ok but is just a terrible FPS and Mothership Zeta is the same, in worse. So, Point Lookout is the only one worth, with a bit of Shivering Isles feel, to keep with the Oblivion comparison, but really no place in Fallout 3 feels as good as Shivering Isles.

Conclusion: Fallout 3 is a very long, very repetitive, very average FPS/RPG. (Way better) alternatives: Morrowind for very long action RPG, STALKER series for FPS/RPG in post-apo setup.


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review by RedSlug 0 agree 0 disagree

I stopped playing this mod in chapter IV deciding to continue the game when it's completely finished.

This game tries hard to be like a classic HL-mod. I've to admit to be used to modern games which usually have the habit to tell the player what to do, so I needed some time to set back on the classic HL styled mod scheme: The player - Major badass D. Wilson - is thrown with no to little backstory in the midst of the Resonance Cascade chaos of Black Mesa as another point of view with no instructions what to do. This works with the classic HL-mods, where the player has to figure out what to to, usually supported by the simple level geometry.

The leveldesign is ok, with a lot of attention to details (fire prevention!), somewhat Black Mesa styled mixed up with own ideas and resources.

The audio: Considered this is a beta, missing voice actors seems to be an issues. Overall the characters seems to be quiet, absent and interaction isn't noticeable at all (like the quicksave). I lost my security guard somewhere in the elevator.

I've had some issues with the weapons: Valve isn't known to replicate exact weaponbehavior int their games, but why doesn't the 9mm Glock and the 9mm MP5 (which sounds like an AK) share the same ammo-pool? The weapons trying hard to sound pretty beefy, but the feedback feels kinds stale. The out of sync sounds and animations are quite annoying as well the slow switch to the ironsights/crosshairs.

Enemies and AI are mediocre balanced, some (like the marines in BM) feel pretty overpowered compared to HL, some just got stuck or faced to the opposite direction without noticing the player at all - which is unfamiliar in source-engine games.

The game has an - understandable - unfinished feeling and I'm not sure where to put the inconsistent art style, which is kinda mixed up, so I'll try it again when it's polished.



Mod review by Derp12465 0 agree 0 disagree

It looks good, however I can't start the game with it. I've tried to reinstall several times and everything. But from the comments people praise it, so I won't dock it for that.


Aeons of Death

Mod review by SwiftyMagee 0 agree 0 disagree

The pure randomness of this gameplay wad is what makes this a blast to play. Most times, anyway. Sometimes the randomness causes you constant death, which is always the downside of mods like this. If you go into AEoD with a mindset of you not caring about winning or losing, you can get addicted to it. Don't play it to try to win; just try to have fun, and you'll enjoy yourself.


Republic at War

Mod review by Nothing_1991 0 agree 0 disagree

Not a bad mod, not at all, a nice adaptation of Clone wars into FoC.

However, there are certain AI balancing problems....most notably, the ridiculously over-powered CIS, and the ridiculously under-powered Republic, at least when it comes to space combat.

Even on Easy difficulty setting, the Republic is so ridiculously under-powered when compared to CIS, that it is almost unplayable.
This means that the FUN FACTOR (which is supposed to be, idk, a main point in a video game?) goes down the drain real fast if one happens to be playing with the Republic.

Examples in space/galactic map: (note this is EASY difficulty, i don't even want to imagine what's it like for the Republic player on medium, or God forbid, hard)

1.Massive ship number starting advantage for CIS side.

2.Quite a large ship-class starting advantage for CIS side.
Obviously CIS just so happens to start with a but ton of capital and semi-capital ships. As a Republic, you will be lucky if you get 3 Venator star destroyers at the start of the game. And good luck trying to use Acclamator class ships to repel any decent CIS attacks (and 90% of attacks CIS does ARE in "decent" category), since Acclamators have a tendency of exploding like popcorn when faced up against anything that can even marginally be called strong.
Oh, and did I say that CIS absolutely LIKES to spam Droid fighters, like it has a infinite number of them.

3.CIS can magically jump to one of your planets which is not connected with a CIS world in any hyperspace way. I, and I bet a nice number of other players, have a habit of retreating a fleet from a planet that can't be jumped to by the enemy.(No need to keep a fleet above a planet if an enemy can't jump to it in the 1st place.) Now imagine my surprise when a CIS fleet just jumped above one of my planets, which I have marked as safe(after examining all hyperspace in-out routes that were connected to it, and concluding that it was not directly connected directly to any hostile world).
Now, From where did that CIS fleet pop? Magical Hyperspace jump?
And this had happened to me at least 4 times, maybe 5.

Ok...I personally could live with the points 1 and 2, IF NOT for the point 3.
Because CIS can oh-so-magically-jump to planets he isn't supposed to be able to, you as a Republic player, simply can't afford to leave planets unguarded. Because of this, you can't effectively focus and distribute the your fleet over key planets and thus make effective anti-CIS choke points.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review by messer992 0 agree 0 disagree

beatiful great


Evolution of Combat IV

Mod review by RebelWinds 0 agree 0 disagree

Too much fluff, cumbersome menus that don't always seem to work, takes a step back for every step forward. Customization in SP could do with being much more robust.

It looks great, but it plays terrible. Not just the bugs but with new 1.6 some people can't even start a new game. Campaign is to chaotic and unexplained. But like i said it looks great and has a lot of potential. The interfaces were unique and stylish the models well done and even the voices well put together.



Mod review by tommacool 0 agree 0 disagree

I can tell that this mod has taken a long time to make and has a pretty interesting storyline.
But the level design is very confusing making it hard to progress / understand what to do next.

And the insta-kill from the Aliens and that they always seem to spawn right behind you makes this really tedious.

I gave up. It's boring to have to quick-save and quick-load all the time to learn the pattern of where aliens spawn before progressing


Down the rabbit hole REMAKE

Mod review by Z0D14CS0L 0 agree 0 disagree

This mod its quit unique.

There are a lot of imaginative stuff in this custom story. And this alone its for what this mod is soo important.

The maps are mix between some really large and annoying, and others still a little big but entertaining. And some have again, really imaginative stuff to offer.

The events are amazing, with a lot of things happend around all the time.

The voice acting was, at first, laughable, then a little monotonous. It could be a lot better. And i found strange that the character talks to himself so openly...some expression when he saw smething are splendid, we all would say something like ''oh, F***'' when looking something disturbing...but most of the time he is just speaking sane men talk to himself that way. Thinking that way, when founding something, maybe. But not talking.

The plot is somewhat good, not excellent, but neither bad. But a better voice acting and a much better ending song than the ''back to the future'' one, will make it a lot, really, a lot more serious. For times, i don't know if something was made properly for the player to laugh or if was so bad acted that it caused me to laugh.
The not-so-serious-but-still-serious approach is not too easy to handle.

What this custom story really lacks is strong challenging and frightening moments. While i played it, i never feel overwhelmed by fear, or tension. And thats not good. We are looking to feel scared. Thats why we love Amnesia.

The mod is, beyond all the stuff it lacks, quitly enjoyable. Because there are details and things interesting in every map; twist in every corner that make the gameplay atractive and joyful.

I think that the developer has a lot of potential, but he/she must decide before doing a mod, what approach to take when telling the story.
If this was a serious-serious mod, maybe it could be one of the best around here.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

Mod review by GObonzo 0 agree 0 disagree

I give it a 7 considering it as a complete game by a development group.
I give it a 9 considering it as a SoC mod by unincorporated gamers.

If you've already played Shadow of Chernobyl and would like a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. experience Lost Alpha is a great option. With new story lines, new NPCs, and very different ingame options it is a totally different experience.

I would never recommend this over the original GSC developed game. But to any that played and enjoyed it, you should definitely play this also. I am glad it is here for us since I don't see S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 coming any time in the near future.


Battlefront: Evolved

Mod review by ElJorgeツ 0 agree 0 disagree

está muy bueno,I´m not speak english very well...but I think this mod is enjoyableツ


Garbage Day

Game review by MARCUSBOSS 0 agree 0 disagree



Wilson Chronicles

Mod review by shepard62fr 1 agrees 0 disagree

I finished the game in Hard in 4/5 hours and here's my personal opinion (taking in account that it's still a Beta).

What I liked :

- The quality of level is above most of Source games/mods.
- The 3D HUD.
- Integration of some HL1 NPCs (with sometimes different behavior) within Source.
- Unlike a lot of Source mods, optimization is done very well.
- Some of the puzzles were very interesting.

What I disliked :

- I would have loved to drive the Ford Mustang Fastback at the intro, it's a shame considering Source has support for vehicles. Also, the steering wheel not turning made my eyes bleed.
- The blur when you are low HP is very annoying especially when fighting large amount of NPCs at the same time.
- The HEV suit "watermark" at the top right was good when you get the suit but it's annoying to have it all the time, it feels like I'm playing in some kind of "take a screenshot" mode.
- More animations variety for some weapons would have been nice, the G36C and MP5 were using the same animations.
- Ironsights were totally useless and buggy with the M4, sorry for being direct but I've never used them within the whole game.
- I know that you encounter few NPCs within the game but having a security guard saying "Gordon" instead of "Darren" or "Wilson" is VERY weird.

To conclude :

Wilson Chronicles is a great HL2 mod for those who like running, shooting without taking much care about the story. I know this is Beta but more polishing would have been great.


A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Mod review by ashevil2 0 agree 0 disagree

A world of Ice and Fire Review by Ashevil2

Main Loading screen: it's simple but at the same time fresh. Most mods go big and flashy on the loading screen and it's simply a waste of time enjoyable loading screen.

Main menu: Yet again simple but detailed. It's another fresh piece of this mod and guides me further into the module.

Prelude: another new looking variation of the character creation screen. The prelude allows non experienced players to learn quickly about westroes before they venture into the mod.

*Note, small glitch appears on lower left side of screen during prelude. First viewing was a negative debug message now replaced with glitch.*
The preference between show and books is confusing for self but this is because of inexperience with the difference. Will forward view show for this review.*

Character Creation: The new character creation screen is electric and simple all in one. Another fresh product that gives more hope for the features of this module. Some skins lack detail, one such has no eyes.

Opening sequence: Another fresh feature is right in the opening sequence, a small scale group combat. The quest that follows is also new.

Map: The map is large and intricate with great detail and design.

Quests: Require more detail, the Quests in the notes section do not give directions or instructions. Farmstead give option to leave and nothing else. Wandering band of free folk found, Overly large for a starter quest even if they're weak troops they simply over run your troops. No way to hand in winter is coming quest.

Troop tree: The nights watch infantry upgrades to knights watch veteran rider?

Battle: hostile and allied forces simply sit there unmoving. Breaks combat play-ability

Final Notes:

The mod has a large scope and has much promise but in its current state does require much work. I look forward to seeing a completed version in the future. Perhaps help should be sough out from other modders in the community to fix issues you lack experience in.


Followed By Death

Mod review by Z0D14CS0L 0 agree 0 disagree


This custom story its pretty good, it doesn't have custom assets or anything, but it does an awesome job using the original ones.

The maps are really good, nothing to complain about.

The events are almost as good as the vanilla game.

The story its a little joined-with-glue but its brilliant to se how a simple idea can be developed in good ways.

The bad part of this mod, its that its just the first chapter. For a first part is very good; the second part must be better.


This custom story, along with chapter one, are really good. The maps are well made, and the event are top-level.

There are no jumpscares and thats good.
Again, there are almost little to nothing of story, but it fill the space with good tension and blood chilling moments.

What is a little sad is that this chapter two has no flollow up till this time, almost 4 years from the first chapter.

Its a shame, because this trilogy could be the best custom story with original assets and no custom content.

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