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Game Review by skatos on Apr 26th, 2015

While it has suprisingly impessive graphics for its time, it is also made by the redneck rampage/kingpin life of crime devs which means unfair level designed unbalanced damage system and cheap deaths.

The devs couldnt decide between oldchol and reallistic, so while you are not aiming down the sights and fight big tought enemies, moving fast means you gonna have to use your stamina by sprinting, weapons have recoil, you cant aim with a scope unless you completly stop moving and there is scope sway.

At one hand you have human enemies that die are you, then you got undead and big super soldiers that the only way of beating them is cheating or exploting the ai due to the fact the amount of damage they output is far higher than what you can possibly cause them and since you cant avoid their attacks you will die before managing to kill them.

The weapons being relatively innefective against them apart from the venom gun make this worse.

The venom gun is a mingun with very limited ammo, so you save it for them, the rocketlauncher is useless , the flame thrower has very short range and since you die fight by gunfire and like every flamethrower it takes time to kill an enemy, it is relatively innefective and you better off using guns, the tesla gun also has slow range and when acquired you are up against super soliders to which it is useless.

Other weapons like the dual pistols are pointless since they do as much damage and have the same capacity as the pistol, but use the rare 45 ammo. So you better off using the tommy gun. The silencer is pointless for the pistol since by that time you get a silenced smg which does alot of damage but overheats fast. A ka98 without a scope is crap, with a scope it does more damage and the semi auto rifle is vastly superior.

Aside from that there are a few crappy stealth levels and the later parts of the game are repetive bunkers but the last parts of the game are a very padded out undergound area that offers nothing new or interesting.

In the end the sp is fun for a few hours but really drops the ball later on in every way possible the multiplayer is much better but no one plays.

Vastly overrated game.

Republic at War
7 Review

Mod Review by DarthJamek on Apr 26th, 2015

hey i wanted to stay something. I have got this mod for a month or two now and i would like to say that it's awesome...But i would also like too say is, Why is it so damn frustrating?! it weirdly harder than the original game on Easy! it also has alot of lagging and frame drop, but that maybe my fault. I just found it unnecessarily hard and difficult too work with. If there is a way that I can make it easier for myself and others with out doing some crazy MLG **** please talk to me.

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Game Review by FVGames on Apr 25th, 2015

Great game, it just lacks in features and functionality

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet
7 Review

Game Review by Matteo311 on Apr 24th, 2015

A fun RTS Rogue-like mix.
Check out my full review here

7 Review

Engine Review by viejodani on Apr 24th, 2015

This engine is perfect when you want to prototype games or make simple ones. The feature list is very powerful and the scripting standard that is used is very straightforward. put a game object on a scene, put a script that you made on that object and you are all set. You cannot get any simpler than this!

As you might guess by now there is a big bad BUT. I reached this after working with unity for the past 6 years and many don't notice it or refuse to notice it because they already paid for this so there is a kind of "marriage" with the engine. If you remove the veil of what the engine can do for you graphically, you will start to see the problems this engine has from a more objective standpoint.

- writing monobehaviour scripts encourage bad programming practices that will make new programmers sloppy with many game code with many inefficiencies. You need to have some programming background to not fall into this trap.

- Simple scripts are the best choices for games with Unity. But then you need to add some complex code in order to add uniqueness to your game so it does not fall into a formulaic kind of game. Unity will eventually start fighting back and when it does, you are writing code workarounds instead of actual code features since you cannot control how the engine works, you just have to make the best with the behaviour of your game code.

- MonoDevelop is the default IDE (VStudio on Windows). MonoDevelop is very unstable and may crash while you are editing or debugging your game. I had to resort to use code text editors instead of IDE's for better performance and less crashes.

- Flexibility is a loose term when it comes to Unity, because many assets and plugins work on top of Unity's "black box" so your game performance can take a very serious hit.

- Games made in Unity, although powerful, they can turn your computer into an energy hog even though the game is graphically simple. The engine is not very efficient

- Unity Editor is way too centralized for an editor that does not edit game code without external editor, but you may find it almost impossible to debug an unity game from the code editor alone, you have to start the debug from the Unity Editor and look at the code in another program. This is not very programmer friendly.

If you want to start making games and you have little programming experience. Unity is more than enough for you. If you plan to develop simple to low complexity games. Unity is right for you. If you are an experienced programmer looking to make something extremely unique(game or application), I recommend you to go to another engine

Forgotten Hope 2
7 Review

Mod Review by Dingoshalomo on Apr 23rd, 2015

Almost everything about this mod is great, except for one glaring issue. In conquest, the flags don't show up anywhere on your screen. This is a very necessary game mechanic, as it is a key component in NOT GETTING LOST ALL THE TIME. I understand it isn't very realistic, but sometimes you have to sacrifice realism to actually make your game/mod enjoyable. It keeps this game from being a full 10/10, which I was expecting from seeing all of the extremely positive reviews this mod was getting. Maybe it's only me. I dunno.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
7 Review

Mod Review by FioritoBrâ„¢ on Apr 23rd, 2015

My note is 7, the following:
The mod is not bad, on the contrary the mod is beautiful, but some of his friends have robs you, and you guys have to release it early, then came with some bugs, my grade is 7 because of some bugs, taking it the mod is beautiful

Mario Kart PSP Homebrew
7 Review

Game Review by -Hiruko- on Apr 23rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

too much stolen content it seems? It was kinda plain and boring repeating the stages, but I did enjoy the multiplayer

Singleplayer sucks, multiplayer is OK

7 Review

Game Review by TheGamer90 on Apr 21st, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Great. I like it.

7 Review

Game Review by TheGamer90 on Apr 19th, 2015

So far is a good game. There are some mistakes about it. But lets let the critics away, i have some fun with this game. And this is all that mather. In final i apreciate the work of @mcsyko. We need some time to play this type of game. With love from Romania, TheGamer90.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
7 Review

Game Review by GetPowerdUp on Apr 14th, 2015

I have to be honest with you. To all fanboys, please do not get mad. I LOVE FNAF games, but this.. might just be the least best. When FNAF 2 came out, it surprised us all, No, not because of the early release, but because of the CONTENT. SO MANY FEATURES! So much NEW THINGS! Here.. it's almost MORE limited than FNAF 1. Scott just made this so he can make it a trilogy. I wish he worked on it more so it topped the content and replay ability as the second, because once this game is done, you won't touch it. Ever. again. The only major improvements I can say are detailed animations, and how each and every cam is useful unlike the last 2 where you would stay on Pirate Cove or the Prize corner.

7 Review

Mod Review by flippedoutkyrii on Apr 14th, 2015

For what it's worth, the level itself is detailed and the combat is tight and close, so those looking for a challenge should be in for a treat.

It's over before you know it and the voice acting could have been better, but it's still got some charm. I just wish the author continued with a decent follow-up.

In Lucy's Eyes
7 Review

Mod Review by PatPeter on Apr 13th, 2015

Just finished this TCM on April 13 after two or three nights of gameplay. I have to say, this custom story was 10/10 up until the last 15 minutes of gameplay... then it tanked

+3 for that wife sprite. I literally couldn't look at the screen.
+3 for TWO CUSTOM ENEMY MODELS. So impressive! I couldn't believe it.
+2 Best voice acting in any custom story/total conversion mod that I have ever played.
+2 Map design was incredible.
+2 Match animation was incredible.


-1 Substituting matches for both tinderboxes AND the lantern? No. I can understand using matches to light candles, and then still having the lantern
-1 Night vision is broken. This happens in total conversion mods where for whatever reason it's near impossible to see without light sources.
-1 No autosaves.
-2 Using pictograms for the ending instead of maps? Terrible. Ruined the custom story for me.

Forward to the Sky
7 Review

Game Review by E_Glyde on Apr 13th, 2015

Fun but short game. The combat is simple and does it's job. The same can be said for the music, the puzzles took some thought but are not to complex. The music is enjoyable, and I never got tired of it(maybe because of the short game length). The writing and voice acting is doable but somewhat cringe worthy at moments.

So if you came for a cute, small enjoyable game then buy this game.

Transmissions - Element 120
7 Review

Mod Review by l0p on Apr 13th, 2015

This mod has some great looking maps and visual effects along with a new weapon to play with which you can use to kill enemies or bounce yourself into the air. Pretty fun but way too short as it only took me about 30 minutes to finish on the first try. Interesting concept though, need more mods with different Gravity Gun variations.

Persistent Sagas 793 AD
7 Review

Mod Review by Elite5363 on Apr 13th, 2015

Looks like a great mod but having it be released with no download link on the main page is kinda annoying. I've been waiting a while for this to come out and it's out, but without a download link. I know that te mod is being worked on still but, yeah.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
7 Review

Game Review by Pikamortar22 on Apr 11th, 2015

It's good, but not amazing. It's basically just the first two games, only there's only 1 animatronic to look after. While it seems like a neat idea, I feel like the game series is just becoming stale, That's all. Not a bad game, but would have been better if Five Nights at Freddy's was put to rest, and have the game release a little later on.

Operations 1942
7 Review

Mod Review by kwan on Apr 11th, 2015

very hard mod, but good work.

Energy Mod v4.0
7 Review

Mod Review by suparpzeropinta on Apr 11th, 2015

Fun To Play But Need More Improvements.

Transmissions - Element 120
7 Review

Mod Review by Ciirulean on Apr 11th, 2015

Short, but fun experience. Mapping is pretty alright, looked about as good as it could have given the graphical limitations of the engine, however not very optimized (only got like 20FPS in a few areas and I crashed once or twice on my playthrough).

There were a few things that were not so fun to look at, such as the lens flares/dirt and really high specular on a few viewmodels (most notably the crowbar). Level design was generally good, had some fun-but-gimmicky interactive bits in some parts but also did poorly in drawing attention to where the player really needed to go.

The gravity-gun-rocket-launcher is probably the most memorable thing about this mod; rocket jumping is a lot of fun and its too bad you don't see it very often in games. It's a lot of fun to use in combat too but the game basically discourages using it by dumping so many weapons on you between battles and not requiring the player to use it at all in the final one.

Overall, it's worth a download if you've got nothing better to do. Just don't expect it to be what some other people claim like to claim it is.

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