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7 Review

Mod Review by Major_Morris on Oct 25th, 2014

I would rate this mod 10, but I can only rate 7 until my account on mobdb is a week old :)

7 Review

Mod Review by lukenxn on Oct 24th, 2014

Im giving this one a 7 based on my play-through, after spending some time trying to just get it to work, i managed to complete it in 2 hours.
The Pro's
+ Excellent use of the source engine and HL elements
+ Excellent implementation of modder created models
+ A grade atmosphere and survival horror tension
+ Start & End Animations are flawless, aswell as trigger events.
+ Stunning Visuals and Sound

The Neg's
- The conclusion
- The Performance issues (while this isnt related to the gameplay, spending 1.5 hours trying to find work arounds and even having to put up with texture glitches for the game to run is irritating)
- The Story Progression & Back Story (Im a nut for that kind of thing and saw alot of missed opportunities to expand in this area)

Overall this was an awesome mod for what it is, and i thank the developers for their time and effort in producing it and would gladly recommend it to others

Ghostly Tales of Lordly Manor
7 Review

Game Review by aheeheenuss on Oct 23rd, 2014

Couple of recurring graphical glitches aside, this was a pretty enjoyable game from start to finish. Funny atmosphere and nifty challenges make this game a bit of a laugh to play through which is great.

Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles
7 Review

Mod Review by medve on Oct 23rd, 2014

rather wierd, but in a funny way

7 Review

Mod Review by umbakarna on Oct 22nd, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Sorry, level design, scripts and everything is OK,
but overally it wasnt very interesting.

There is too much keys/hammers/drills/hollow needles for its own good. The mod would be even shorter if you didnt have to search for things but I get it, this is more like puzzle-solving mod with occasional Grunt, Brute and also the Suitor appears. The pickable torch is big plus and teleporting naked guys were quite fun. Good mod but not even close to excellent.

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
7 Review

Mod Review by andytwo on Oct 22nd, 2014

A good mod, but not without its flaws.

Fairy Empire(Yaodu) Mod
7 Review

Mod Review by Dreadp1r4te on Oct 21st, 2014

Fantastic graphics and ships designs, but balance needs some freaking work hardcore. I think the AI was tweaked severely as well, as even playing against "Easy" level AI, you'll be swarmed within the first 10 minutes of a 1v1 by an endless stream of corvettes, followed quickly by a swarm of very OP frigates that will rape anything you can field that early in the game (as Hiigara, anyhow.) I haven't tested other races yet, but this severely needs a balance pass or seven.

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
7 Review

Mod Review by kilertrtr on Oct 19th, 2014

An awesome mod, but if you have an old pc, don't even download this. :(

StaudSoft's Synthetic World
7 Review

Game Review by micromil on Oct 19th, 2014

I have only played a few hours and so far the Game has a lot of potential, but is still very much a work in progress.

This game has a great engine, the terrain works really well. Looks nice and digging out dirt leaves stone in waves and realistic ways.

The Mobs need a lot of better animation.
Sound needs work.
Movement is fine however the caves are a bit quirky often you can get stuck in low ceilings.

Crafting system is quite standard. I hope to see some improvements to set it apart from others and reduce micromanagement.

Overall good, but wait a little longer if you want a game that is more complete. But if you like a crafting building game with a little more realism definitely worth a look.

Try the demo first and make up your own mind.

The water physics definitely needs work. But still fun.

Divide and Conquer
7 Review

Mod Review by thousandsons15 on Oct 19th, 2014

good work

Five Nights at Freddy's
7 Review

Game Review by dog199200 on Oct 17th, 2014

Could have used a little more work in the scare factor. The game play was good never the less!

Darkfire RPG
7 Review

Game Review by xtobal12 on Oct 17th, 2014

no ahy sonidos,espaƱol porfavor

Half-Life Invasion
7 Review

Mod Review by ZhuleCRO on Oct 15th, 2014

very good mod, but very hard most of the time

Republic at War
7 Review

Mod Review by Senanthes on Oct 13th, 2014

While I'm impressed with the depth and effort in this mod, I really can't give it high marks for playability. As others have pointed out, it's balance is incredibly lopsided in favor of the CIS, and after playing both skirmish and GC, I have to wonder... Where does the AI get the credits for the capship spam it likes to do in the first few minutes? It's not from the mines in skirmish, or it's holdings in GC, so where is it getting these monster fleets from?

Until these issues are addressed, I feel that I'm better off removing the mod and playing EaW: FoC as is. At least it doesn't feel broken that way. However, I will be revisiting this mod once 1.2 comes out, with high hopes. Individually, I think the units, mapsm and scenery are well done. Very well done indeed, with great attention to the canon abilities of ships, soldiers, etc. in most instances.

Some tweaking required, but it's enough as is to have me interested.

Allied Intent Xtended
7 Review

Mod Review by D3sTr0yeR on Oct 12th, 2014

The squad leader request is always denied please fix it. Great mod though good job :)

Supreme War
7 Review

Mod Review by Sid0035 on Oct 12th, 2014

i like it :)

Calradia: Imperial Age
7 Review

Mod Review by Road_Warrior on Oct 10th, 2014

A pretty cool mod that adds a lot of new factions/lands and most importantly transforms the game into a more "Napoleonic" experience. It does what it says on the box and it does it well, there's quite a few "16th/17th" century calradia mods, but this one feels the most genuine.

DC Updated Campaign Mod
7 Review

Mod Review by deathteam15 on Oct 7th, 2014

I like the idea of being able to play as the Inquisition in the campaign, although some the new textures could do with a bit of improvement :)

Republic at War
7 Review

Mod Review by Major-Maxhuni on Oct 5th, 2014

The aI for the cis wont attack me even on hard they just sit there and the republic just attacks not that often

7 Review

Mod Review by Daemorth on Oct 5th, 2014

Just one look at the weapons and the uniforms got me dazzled. The gun smoke sure is realistic but when aiming down the sights it drops the fps down about 30 frames which is kind of odd. Also a whole lot of annoying bugs were found as well.

Spotted bugs:
The campfires look like blowtorches and starlight, it looks ridiculous quite frankly.
Anything other than Static Lighting seems to crash the game.
Whoever uses flashlights in the game leaves a neon green radius around themselves, including the character himself (not pretty).
Some NPC handplacements around firearms look like they wish they hade a mounted grenade launcher.
The reticle while using the binoculars or the VSS Sniper (more?) seem to be panned around 2cms to the right, making the scope almost completely useless. (I did set the correct settings for my in game resolution.)

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