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7 Review

Mod Review by kennystn1 on Mar 26th, 2015

By playing this game, I am amazed by the player models. Even though there are certain missing textures and meshes, such as the nurses and the town elder clothes, it still looks great. It would be better if the towns were remodeled to their corresponding features,such as Minas Tirith's streets or Baradur's streets and city wall colors. Besides that there are still a bit of bugs and lag. I crashed nine times when turning to look at my soldiers during a battle. All of these problems are just minor issues. They can be completely blown away in just one update. This mod is truly amazing for such work put into to it. I am looking forward to it in a complete state. Hopefully the multiplayer can be fixed! After the fact I give this game a 7/10. A true mod in my book.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War
7 Review

Mod Review by KATSUMOTO-7 on Mar 26th, 2015


7 Review

Mod Review by Res1 on Mar 26th, 2015

Well recreated maps, though poor performance issues and a forced hardcore mode drag it down.

7 Review

Engine Review by Themanwithideas on Mar 26th, 2015

It's pretty good but there are better.

The Reckoning : For M&B
7 Review

Mod Review by gregi567 on Mar 26th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

Many things need fixing

Blood in The West
7 Review

Mod Review by wyrmfather on Mar 23rd, 2015

it needs a lot of work keep doing it so awesome!!!

Azgad - A Story of Calradia
7 Review

Mod Review by zerdest10 on Mar 19th, 2015

I think this mod got a good potencial. It's yet simple but it's a good way to improve the gameplay of mount and blade. If this mod won't die so fast i guess it could be a good mod later.

Ultimate Academy
7 Review

Mod Review by MizoreJedi on Mar 18th, 2015

This mod for Jedi Academy shows us a series of unconnected maps in which the only goal is to kill all enemies.

The maps are fine only if you want a challenge for the single player and do not concern the absence of a story, because the difficulty is high. Although I think Jedi Academy is not intended for these difficulties, because almost never fights are balanced: enemies with lightsaber usually have many more health points that you (besides having infinite Force points), in some maps you do not start with the Force powers most suitable, among others. But paradoxically, maps can be very easy because sometimes you can possess any enemies with Force trick to level four but in this way combat is tricky. Which makes me want your character to have radar and self-regenerative health and shield, to give examples. If it is basic in many other games, why not going to have it some super psychic warriors from space age?

7 Review

Mod Review by umbakarna on Mar 16th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Rating this is quite hard, but considering that this is creators first mod and it does not have any big mistakes like clipping textures, it is fine.

+ A lot of custom stuff, mostly from Penumbra but still
+ Not boring
+ The style, design, interaction and gameplay is good and fluent
+ Just because the maps are quite small, there is no chance of lags

- Over 800mb of data and only about 15 minutes of gameplay? Really?
- I do not really mind that but the story really could be a bit more deep
- Even for a small mod, only one monster encounter and a few scares
- Some minor problems like some doors not having locked/unlock sound and things like that...

So what to say... If someone wants to play fast mod without much puzzles and does not have much time to play longer mods and wants to play something fresh and kind of unique, it is worth a try. Unless you have slow download speed because the file size really does not correspond to the length of the mod and the download could take longer than mods gameplay.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
7 Review

Game Review by broadfilms on Mar 14th, 2015 - 4 people agree 1 person doesn't

Not the best game, but its still Five Nights at Freddy's. Its disappointing that there is no night 7, and that only one animatronic can kill you, while there are others that can distract you. Overall, I'll give this series a couple more chances. Hopefully there will be a night 7 in FNAF 3. Plus the other disappointing thing was, there was a lack of Bonnie in the game.

"Mysteries" Trilogy
7 Review

Mod Review by MobOfTheDead on Mar 13th, 2015


Doom III
7 Review

Game Review by Butebyes on Mar 13th, 2015


Arktwend - The Forgotten Realm
7 Review

Mod Review by Trainwiz on Mar 10th, 2015

Biggest problem I have with it is the level design and writing. It’s clear that there was more than one person on the team doing interiors, and one of those people should not have been allowed near a computer. Like, ever. I almost want to say it was the lead dev's little brother or something, because these interiors were just that awful.
Writing is kinda boring, and feels like a lot got lost in translation. On the plus side, the main quest in terms of design and gameplay is great (skiing, airship piloting, wars, yay!) even if the plot is kind of loose.

7 Review

Game Review by SilverGames on Mar 9th, 2015

Make better optimization! For example, if a player leaves the room with the light h light turns off, write a script and put into a variable GameObject your light source so that load on the system.

7 Review

Mod Review by Orzie on Mar 9th, 2015

Although this mod has a very crude intro and outro, I seemed to enjoy it. Some new objects and graphics were definitely a positive spot.

I also noticed that this mod has a completely stolen training level from Cleaner's Adventures mod. That's why my rating for this mod is lower than it could be.

I enjoyed pretty much the feature with things turning upside down after a certain moment. This was definitely new and added a lot to the mod impressions. Also, an idea of a Black Mesa room partially teleported to Xen is awesome as well.

Overall difficulty of the mod seemed weak because of almost every crate containing ammo. This is not realistic, to say the least.

Dark Saloon
7 Review

Mod Review by DeathXD01 on Mar 8th, 2015

It's good, but to many jumpscare and that's why it is not too scary. And some jumpscare ain't scary and some people don't recognise it.

Half-Life : Residual Point
7 Review

Mod Review by TurboFX on Mar 8th, 2015

The mod starts great (1st third) but after an hour I got a bit bored. Repeating level design crowns it. The mod has its moments but way too many headcrabs and should have been shorter overall imo. Still pretty solid achievement.

Rise of the Reds
7 Review

Mod Review by GLAGeneral on Mar 7th, 2015

I give this mod a rating only to say the truth word as I didn't play this mod :it not working with me and your mod challenge mine but yes this mod is the best

Silent Hill: Alchemilla
7 Review

Mod Review by PratherC on Mar 6th, 2015

Personally, I was hoping for a lot longer of a storyline, but overall was a pretty engaging mod for not having "action" per say.

Below the Ice
7 Review

Mod Review by thedeadcamper on Mar 6th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

This is an interesting mod, with a setting that isn't something you see explored a lot. It attempts to combine the Portal and Half-life 2 universes into a single game, and then expands upon it by telling the story of an unrelated facility with strict entrance requirements, done in the form of simple but easy-to-fail puzzles.

However, it's very flawed as a mod: the level design is flat and extremely basic, the puzzle design is mean spirited, and the endings make no sense of the story, even together as a trio. It's as though this was the modders first or second attempt at both game design and the Source engine.

It pulls a lot of bad design choices overall, making it very easy to skip entire plot relevant sections of the mod (for example, the entire South Wing is easy to miss with no repercussions; I had to do a second playthrough to see it).

The puzzle design is cruel in places, turning most of the first puzzles into a mean spirited trick on the player, including a broken first puzzle that involves a running puzzle to activate two buttons simultaneously. Failing to do this within the time limit breaks the buttons it seems, and the player is unable to progress. Ironically, despite this mod being aware of Aperture Science, it seems to miss a lot of the forgiving nature in Portal's puzzle design.

But I've been negative enough. There are actually a lot of positive elements that make this mod worth playing. The story behind the facility is interesting, and it puts an interesting distopian spin on an already downtrodden HL2 universe in the facility it creates. The cruel tests at the beginning have a purpose to the story and it seems even the mod maker is aware of how mean the tests are.

Despite the basic uninteresting look of the mod, the set pieces still do a good job at instilling a sense of dread in the player. With the large facility and living quarters being suspiciously empty, it makes it clear that something is wrong. Also, I can't deny the strange satisfaction of randomly carrying things into the incinerator while trying to find the next area to explore. Small details like this are fun.

I feel the best part of this mod is the facility itself, The second puzzle section is great too, showcasing some of the more creative puzzles the mod has to offer.

The weakest part is the strange, short parking section of the facility. The car seems pointless and unnecessary even. I also hated the endings because they all left me confused and disappointed, but loved the video tape sequence during the hardest ending.

This mod is both unsettling and yet fun to explore at the same time. If it works out some better endings and improves the brushwork, I feel like my experience would be even more positive.

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