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Mod Review by jasperz0r on Apr 18th, 2014

Let's start with the English. Or rather the lack of it.
Yes, this is a Spanish language mod, one where they thought it'd be a good idea to completely rape, butcher, and then rape the corpse of what was once the English language.

Let me give some examples.

"Control has happend to *insert name of faction to *insert name of faction*"

Every asteroid field, and The Maw now have their Spanish counterparts (forgive for not memorizing the names)

Let's not even begin with unit names and descriptions. Most are either half-done and stop somewhere mid sentence, or they're missing.

Now to move on to gameplay.

It'll crash on anything else than the intel integrated video card, so let's just forget about playing a smooth game with decent graphics.

It WILL crash every 15 - 30 minutes.

9 out of 10 times the installer is corrupt.

Of course, it's not all bad,

It's a good mod idea, the units look very nice and they even added a whole new semi-destructible environment.

The planets have been upgraded as well, now it feels as if you're truly fighting OVER a planet, not just near it.

The weapon effects look very nice and the ship models where done expertly as well.

Every unit is up to scale, (so a Venator is FAR smaller than a Dreadnought)

the heroes are OP, but not too OP, and are still fun to play as or against. No longer will you be able to conquer the whole galaxy with your hero units only.

So in the end I'm gonna go ahead and give this mod a 6.

If they patch it with proper English and fix some of the bugs I might give this a 9 or even a full 10/10.

6 Review

Mod Review by OvenSlug on Apr 17th, 2014

i think that it had a great story.
all of the weapons were awesome,
i wish i got a grenade though.
i like the zombies new skin, good
gameplay. awesome I'm gonna play poke646 vendetta. :)

IW Engine
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Engine Review by *Pro*Noobkiller2 on Apr 14th, 2014

Old as my granny!
In Call of Duty: Ghosts its existend IW 4.0
Can you either update this engine.
Aren't you ashamed by this old engine?

Dawn of Immolation Angevin Crusade
6 Review

Mod Review by Skymaid on Apr 14th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Not bad looking at all, sure it's fun :)

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Game Review by SkyNinja on Apr 13th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Poorly optimized, crashes every once in a while, loading times are extreme, and the attempts at political humor are stale and detached. Otherwise, gameplay is pretty fun, graphics are really nice, and the branching story isn't terrible, at least when standing on it's own.

Grand Theft Auto
6 Review

Game Review by AlliedGuardianTank on Apr 13th, 2014

Nice game very nice. But it isn't nice around these days

SRt3 Mipmap 2014
6 Review

Mod Review by Danisen on Apr 12th, 2014

Pretty not bad, but it's low quality and not working with RoSA Project :(

Mass Effect Reborn
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Mod Review by conran7 on Apr 10th, 2014 - 7 people agree 1 person doesn't

The mod itself seems to of been a victim of it's own hype. Visually, it's very well done, the shading, the models, all quite nice. The issue with the mod itself is simply gameplay or lack there of.

Anyone familiar with HW2 will know of the depth of the gameplay, the research arms race, the mixed fleets, the roles and abilities of the variety of ships and such. Unfortunately, this mod lacks any real depth. With only a small line up of simple ships with somewhat artful descriptions never explaining their main role (example; the Geth Destroyers description is "Powerful and durable warship" rather than it's actual purpose in game terms). While in itself is not truly an issue, it rather makes the mod feel lower in quality, with a hap hazard description just thrown in.

Tying into the above issue is the actual lack of variation in any of the sides. The only side that has any kind of moderate variety is the Council with Cerb following a close second. The issue is though, they all play mostly the same, with ships only growing partially in price and power for those two sides, while Geth and Reaper are pretty much just lacking in anything interesting.

Throwing in a complete lack of research means that the lack of variation and unique units is even more stale as it's a simple case of tedious gameplay. For instance, there are no probe, and your brief selection of fighters have appalling sensors, meaning the only way to scout is ironically a slow frigate or capital ship, meaning any kind of planning beyond "build x of same ship type" is pointless. The maps themselves are also fairly mediocre, with no real depth or interest to them.

While yes, the issues above do take away from the mod, that isn't to say don't try it. Visually, it's a treat, and while the gameplay is very basic, it's still playable.

I'll close by simply saying, if your looking for a polished, final product, you'll be disappointed. But if you look at it as simply an early beta, you'll see there's potential

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Game Review by ShoopLor on Apr 9th, 2014

A journey. A weird one. A scary times...a lonely one. This atmosphere was intentionally created, thus as a short indie game I give it 10 out of 10, but because I respect the author of this game and think he can do much better I give him a 6 to motivate him to continue doing even more wicked level design because Singularity isn't just a short indie's much more!

Singularity offers atmosphere, does not provide answers and the ending does not reveal any enlightening finale (or maybe I didn't get it -which is quite possible :D ) It leaves a lot of questions and if you're the creative artistic leaves even more!

The almost complete absence of music was also intentional to preserve the distant lonely atmosphere, but a basic foggy, blurry theme in the background could have hit the spot, a basic goal for the cube gathering is needed also, and a sense of progress would be good.

For example, player gets one cube, the whole room gets brighter and the player gets the sense that the cubes are a power source, when he gets them all, the whole floating "island" starts moving and then the player reaches a new mysterious island which is bigger and also floating. There in the distance he sees a bright person and the game ends leaving players waiting for another part.

What I am trying to say with this example that the game is a good basis, has a nice variety of a really simple level and hits the jackpot when it comes to atmosphere (said that like 10 times :D )
It just lacks depth. And I'm sure the great man who made this game already has the power to do much more.

I wish you all the best sir! I will follow your progress as a fan and as a fellow game designer :) All the best

The Red Wars, Calradia 1923
6 Review

Mod Review by DiscreetPenguin on Apr 7th, 2014

I gotta tell you: I haven't even played this, but you made me laugh so hard I spat soda all over my keyboard. Thanks a bunch.

Age of Empires II HD Edition
6 Review

Game Review by ***Geroj*** on Apr 7th, 2014

Meh, I have old age of empires 2, it works, so why to pay again for same game?
Or it is just entering to new age of gaming for old game like aoe2? Useless paid dlc packs, frequent expansions, nothing new, lots of bugs
Thank you, but no

SCP: Containment Breach
6 Review

Game Review by brolee on Apr 6th, 2014

Eye candy does not make or break a game but it does help with the immersion. Graphics sound and animations look ultra old. However the game does have its moments. Needs a port to a better engine or something, damn this is an ugly game.

The Train
6 Review

Game Review by brolee on Apr 6th, 2014

Sadly as a "game" it is not very entertaining due to the very limited gameplay mechanics. Still a nice showcase highlighting the devs obvious talent for cinematic style and creative direction. Very atmospheric and kind of spooky with some jump scares (ooh). Looking forward to more projects of the same type but with hopefully a bit more depth to the "actual" gameplay too.

The Call From Another Dimension2: Herman's Revenge
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Mod Review by impala-of-mayfair on Apr 5th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers

I liked the first in this series, but this one kind of disappointed me.
I just feel like the story is lacking detail in general.
Why is Herman carrying out these Satanic rituals? Does he suffer from psychosis? Does he actually worship the Devil? You have to give your characters reason and motive for the things they do. For example, Alexander in ATDD was the villain, but he had reason to do what he did. It doesn't make it right, but he had reason. He tortured human beings because doing so produced the Vitae that would bring him back home to his love. Herman seemed to be doing things just for the lulz, which isn't very realistic.
The theme was also very uneven. There are quotes throughout the game talking about how compassion is more important than revenge, and that revenge in the end is only harmful, but the characters all carry out their revenge anyway. What's the moral of the story, then? Is revenge right or not? There is never a clear or definite answer.
Voice acting needs work. William spoke only in monotone even during emotional parts of the game, and Herman's voice was way overdoing the "mwaaahahaa, I'm the villain" act.
Don't get me wrong - it's a good custom story - so much better than most. Still, there's always room for improvement.
The mapping is well-structured, and the music in the Satanic pit right before the sewers was wonderfully spooky and atmospheric.
I'm a fan of lots of MatiaSika's work, but this just isn't one of their best, in my opinion.
MatiaSika, you have my full support and I very much look forward to your future custom stories. Keep working hard!

Two Worlds II
6 Review

Game Review by Slayer68 on Apr 5th, 2014

Forgettable plot, but interesting fighting style makes this game worth the play-through. The enemies, items, and ability to ride a horse make it more enjoyable, however it lacks a certain 'polish' that would have made it a classic.

Azure Sheep
6 Review

Mod Review by Aublak on Apr 5th, 2014

I was really excited about playing this mod again. Back in 2001 it took me forever to download it. Eventually I got stuck and there was no reliable walkthrough to get me through it. I never finished it back then.

So I decided to replay it. And I regret to say that I am underwhelmed. The levels are very straight forward and linear. There is a ridiculous number of locked doors. I hate locked doors. Having Kate as an ally is more of a hassle than a help.

I find that a good mod/game is best played on the hardest difficultly. This is where the mechanics and maps should really shine and where you can really experience the intelligence and thoughtfulness of the mapper. I didn't feel that way about this mod. At times I was at the end of my rope and at other times I was breezing along. I had to use godmode several times to push through.

Enemy placement was either very good or very poor. I was often being ambushed by Vorts with reliable cover and at other times I was too much in the open, which I though was unfair. I was often exploiting the grunts weakness of extreme range by sniping them with my pistol. The 'Aliens' pulse rifle made the MP5 obsolete. After I got the HEV suit, I should have never got the MP5 in the first place. There were basically no puzzles aside from 'find the button'. The map transitions were also pretty lame.

With that said, I enjoyed the beginning most of all. Headcrabs were always well placed. The part where you had no weapons and had Kate protect you was oddly very fun. I really enjoyed my attempts at distracting a zombie while having Kate shoot him down and at the same time dodging Kate's shots. That would have been fun if that section was drawn out longer. Maybe the player could have only been given a melee weapon for a while longer. The Panthereye battle was a bit of a joke.

I don't know. I feel like there was a lot of lost potential. A lot of effort put into it. I wasn't bad really, but I had higher hopes. Blue Shift was better.

1860s Old America
6 Review

Mod Review by DavidTap on Apr 4th, 2014

why do you reply to any comment and because the bugs

6 Review

Mod Review by Zombiestubble on Apr 4th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Let me tell a little story to express my opinion:

> Load the game. Takes for ******* ever, but eventually I'm in.
> Start off at the most godforsaken part of the swamps.
> Look around, and notice some zombies. "This must be the zombie farm."
> It's called a farm for a reason. I subsequently clear it out.
> Loot of the day: A nearly broken Sig Sauer with 4 rounds, 13 9x18 and 6 9x19 rounds, two breads, and a can of tuna.
> Feel good, seems like a notable achievement for Misery 2.2.
> Find some loners, kill said loners for loot.
> Loot of the last 10 minutes, of which 8 was spent in loading screens: A nearly broken Sig Sauer with no ammo, 2 AK74s, 22 9x18 rounds, 2 rounds of 5.45x39, and some rotten meat.
> Probably should make my way to Sadovorovisoisorovisk or whatever the hell it's called. I just call it "Good Boat".
> Meet beard. Browse. Feel shame for not being able to afford anything.
> Meet Owl. Browse. ****** at him for high prices. Notice AK going for 20,000 RU and Military outfit going for nearly 40,000.
> Notice that beard pays more for literally any item sold, and also accepts items with <98% durability.
> Dump what I can on Beard, accept "Obligitory 1st quest of CoP"™.
> I know the drill. Notice that radiation is off the charts.
> Better take a quick sippy. Stumble around drunk, fall off into numerous anomalies, instantly die, reload, and die again.
> Eventually pick up boat steering wheel. Climb out, meet the guy, give it to him, chase him, then stab him in the back far enough away from his partners.
> Get greedy and go back for his partner's loot.
> Attempt to snipe with my mosin nagant. Miss horribly, and find out they have perfect aim. Die repeatedly.
> Get frustrated, decide to deal with them after I get to Beard, if they're still around.
> Nearly at the boat, going along the hilly side. Stupid me, walks along the top of the hill.
> Pack of dogs sees me from burn farmstead. They run. Really fast. 12 of them.
> Get frustrated. Ragequit.

Yuri's Revenge Rule change
6 Review

Mod Review by Be7AMod on Apr 2nd, 2014

Rule change... Did you mean Rules change?

Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
6 Review

Mod Review by ElectricEye on Mar 30th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

First off, you have some really cool map designs. They were not without problems though. I like large maps, but these had some lag almost everywhere. I think there's simply too much stuff going on in them. It almost looks like the maps were overstuffed with items and effects just to avoid the common complaint of being too barren. The atmosphere was also good, although more so in the mansion than later.

The story made no sense at all. First I'm in a mansion with Japanese ghost girl scares, for some reason, then I'm at the Mandus processing plant being brutalized by manpigs - for some reason. I was actually pleased to see all the MFP assets, and manpigs themselves instead of Penumbra monsters for the thousandth time, but it didn't seem connected to the first half at all, let alone with the time period the game was set in. And please get someone to proofread notes and subtitles.

Almost every single puzzle is illogical in some way. The first one has you breaking into your own desk, and it only gets weirder from there. Oil dripping from a hole in the ceiling? That convoluted key code puzzle where I get the correct order of the wall paintings messaged to me (if you're gonna help me anyway, why not just message the code itself?). I can drag a car without leverage, but not climb over the hood? The main character often knows what must be done before he possibly could. He knows he must get the grate flower before knowing that it is important, and that he must break into the locksmith before even learning of the key...yeah, a car key used in a factory door. Or is it vice versa? Who knows? Nothing makes sense.

There are also not enough mementos. I'm going somewhere because it's the only place to go, or doing something because it's the only thing I can interact with - not because the story calls for it. The flashlight is the strangest thing of all. It casts insignificant light and fully drains or recharges in less than a minute? What's the point? I didn't use batteries once.

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