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Mod Review by TheUnbeholden on Nov 23rd, 2015

Was it worth the wait? To put it simple, no. Really really was not. This to me seems like a first attempt at improving Deus Ex. Not a final version or full release, but rough around the edges beta that was never meant to be released but kept between the devs as they steadily work on it more. Why spend 7 years improving Deus Ex only to have 70-80% of the levels remain relatively untouched?

-Intro is awkwardly changed. Same level just with tv screens placed in there.
-Batterypark is the same
-CastleClayon is the same
-Osgood and Sons map is the same
-Prison is the same
-Airport is the same as well as the base before it
-Hongkong hanger is the same
-Hongkong maggychow apartment, tunnel and cannal level are basically the same.
-Mole people hideout is basically the same with some small changes
-The Paris Chateau is the same As well as the Cathedral after it
-Naval level is the same as well as the boat
-Everett building is the same
_Vanderberg and the sublevel are the same.
-Wasted opportunity to show us what was in areas that where blocked off before, like Gunthers safe, the do not cross police lines in NY area abandoned building, Paul Denton's secret room.
-Extremely buggy, the team has a Q&A guy and it seems it wasn't properly tested before release, has had some serious game breaking bugs.
-First part of the Ocean lab and is the same and has terrible performance, as does the outside of Everett's place.
-Area 51 is the same in the first part, the burning 2nd part is different but the 3rd part is the same and the last part is a combination of old and new which is alright but I would have preferred more done with the endings. All 3 Endings are a real let down, they are the same looking.

-Realistic difficulty has ridicolously good AI, they can not only spot you a mile away but always land headshots and miss maybe 1/10 of the time. That ruined the game. Also alot of stuff in the realistic difficulty like halving ammo you find on corpses, halving time they are immobilised by pepperspray/gas grenades, or improving their reaction time should have been put into hard difficulty instead since its not 'realistic' it just makes things very difficult. Realistic is supposed to be about upping damage weapons do to you and enemies, and making skill investment much more important by decreasing how much you get from main quests and upping rewards you get for completing side objectives for greater risk vs reward... So that you constantly have to choose whether its worth pursuing something potentially life threatening, hard mode is for people who want fights/stealth to be more challenging overall.

-Orange filter on some maps... why? Human Revolution was its own thing. Have your own style or stick with the original, don't skip between DX:HR and Deus Ex awkwardly.
-I don't like the music although this one is more subjective, moving on.

+Unatco looks pretty good, mostly changed
+NYC hells kitchen is completely different and better
+The HongKong hub is different somewhat and split into 2 sections, I have mixed feelings on it though. Shame the rest of HongKong was barely improved on though or the hanger before it.
+Paris is completely different and better
+Subway level is completely different and better
+Gas station is completely different and better
+Balance wise this was really improved in terms of health/items/ammo found in levels are much more scarce. Big plus for this but I feel like this isn't enough to redeem the mod.

Its a let down overall and not the overhaul it was promised. Its just to damn familiar. I had a similar issue with Black Mesa but atleast Black Mesa remade all the levels, here most levels have been barely touched. What would have been nice instead of giving us a orange filter on some of the earlier maps and throwing remixed tracks from the original was doing what was PROMISED. Remaking/re-imagining levels in a more realistic manner. Trying to overhaul the gameplay on realistic was a extremely bad move that alienated a part of

Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack
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Mod Review by FlyingFlames on Nov 21st, 2015

I was looking for more content for Star wars battlefront 2, found this highly rated mod on Moddb, I did enjoy some of elements added yet most kotor elements seem hugely out of place for me and for areas like hero and villains feel out of place.

Gman Island Part 2
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Mod Review by Weperlol on Nov 20th, 2015

Better than the first one in my opinion. the level design was ok and it has some good buildings in some places (like the temple) and some cut-scenes which are ok.

and the ending was satisfying and the epilogue was funny XD

however there is some bad parts like the 3 mazes one after the other which was irritating.

Amnesia - The Fugitive - Episode Three
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Mod Review by CraackerTraash on Nov 15th, 2015

Maybe I'm cynical. Maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Maybe I was just in the wrong mood.
Whatever the case, I didn't really enjoy my time with The Fugitive - Episode Three, and I think that counts for something.

This is going to be a long review, as I have much to talk about. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but I'm not here to be witty.
The Fugitive's shortcomings are largely matters of design, and game design is a complicated subject, so I hope you can bear with me.

First, a bit of background:
Before playing Episode Three, I decided to play Episode Two, so that I could get a sense for how much progress was made between the two parts.
I skipped Episode One, though. I don't think anyone can blame me for that.
I stopped playing Episode Two between 30-45 minutes in, finding that it's level design was largely uninspired, and it's various puzzles and obstacles were rather trite. I didn't care if it got better after that, because it's introduction failed to inspire anything but apathy in me.
So, in a slightly soured mood, I booted up Episode Three, hoping for something a little more invigorating to get me going. I had followed it while it was in development, and I was excited for something truly special.
It was here that I opened the notepad on my phone and started taking notes about my experience, so that I could more accurately represent my feelings in this review. I ended up writing so many notes that I ran out of space and had to start a second file.
The following are a handful of those notes, as I wrote them while playing:

- "Aside from some bright splashes of color, the levels I've encountered within my first half hour of playing The Fugitive Three have proven rather generic and, at times, even scatter-brained. Worse, two are very blatant copies of levels from The Dark Descent. namely the Old Archives and Storage."
(Note: While the layouts of the levels weren't 1:1 duplicates of the originals, they were too similar for me not to be suspicious of less than savory practices. I would go on to find areas that were similar to the Back Hall, Prison, Sewer, Choir, and Machine Room, as well as a level from The Great Work.)

- "Tasks to go about within the levels are also nauseatingly dull, involving mostly running around and finding objects to be used in a manner that requires no thought. This is the exact opposite of how tasks should be handled in an exploration-driven game."
(Note: To clarify this note, I'm saying that finding objects should be an intuitive and logical process that drives exploration, not a tedious scavenger hunt. Figuring out what to do with the things you've found should be trickier, but would presumably make sense. Penumbra: Overture understood this very well.)

- "Tasks are shaping up to be glorified key quests. Not the worst thing in the world, but it comes off as padding."
(Note: Padding is a term we'll come back to later.)

- "I want to slam my head against a wall until I stop feeling anything."
(Note: I'm exaggerating of course, but this note came after a very frustrating encounter with a Kaernk that had a very poorly communicated solution. Poor communication is another term we'll come back to later.)

- "Found a small cabin in the woods. This area is very serene. Love the atmosphere here."
(Note: One of the few places I actually wanted to explore, and I was never allowed to return.)

[Last entry]
- "I've stopped playing at the Nest of Hunger. I'm tired of being told nothing about what I'm meant to do. As far as I care, this ended when I escaped Marius Castle."

Hopefully you've gained a sense for how I felt while playing, as well as what my more common complaints were, better than I could hope to explain to you.

With regards to poor communication:
One of the biggest pitfalls of game design is not letting the player know what is expected of them. It is nothing short of sheer ignorance to assume that the player will see a tinderbox and assume it points

The Subconscious Trials
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Mod Review by cav8000 on Nov 15th, 2015

This WAS one of the best custom stories I ever played UNTIL the freakin' JUMPING sections! What's up with all the jumping? The jumping sections just go on and on and on. You can either save after making a successful jump to each platform, which completely RUINS immersion, or you can try and make all the jumps without saving and fall to your death over and over and over again. How is that fun for anyone else? I really don't understand how it could be. Also, I experienced a lot of crashes with this story and I never have any crashes in any other story I play. This is still one of my favorite stories because it's so unique but the decision to include way too many jumping puzzles, the crashes, and it going on for a little too long lowers the score to a 6.

The Reckoning : For M&B
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Mod Review by ayichenw on Nov 13th, 2015

- Extremely Innovative features
- Visually Stunning
- Awesome lore + environment
- So so so so incomplete
- Some things just don't work
- Did I mention incomplete?

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod
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Mod Review by aleksandar032 on Nov 12th, 2015

Too many bugs..

Revenge Mod
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Mod Review by AntiEvil on Nov 9th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Not bad for your first mod, but anyway it's need more work. It's need propper weapon icons in inventory, neew some fixes (shell just disapper).
P.S.: Thx for crediting.

Deus Ex: Revision
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Mod Review by mkaelus on Nov 8th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

It seems about right. Its not terrible. Its not the best mod ever.
While it changes a lot of things, this is not a total overhaul of the maps. Adding slightly changes to some levels and then make totally different maps isn't my choice for a total overhaul.

I came for the maps though, so they are cool when you are exploring new stuff, they aren't uncool when you are exploring the same old maps with just added trash cans and trees.
What I didn't came for, was the totally broken AI.

Seriously? Enemies snipe you away from across the map with machine guns and pistols? Not only that, but the devs knew it was broken

It would have a 9/10 or a 10/10 if it wasnt for the stupid AI changes AND the steam exclusive fiasco.
Really Moddb? A DRM mod here?

The Forgotten Ones
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Mod Review by MetalDragonOnModDB on Nov 7th, 2015

It's a pretty ok mod, but I just don't find it to be anything new when it comes to scares and gameplay. Not saying it's bad, but it's not the best, but it's better then Half-Life 2 Substance because any mod is better then Half-Life 2 Substance.

Battlefield 1942
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Game Review by Turpow on Nov 6th, 2015

Weak graphics, weak sounds, weak gameplay...I don't understand why so many people like this game...

6 Review

Mod Review by TrustFundKid on Nov 6th, 2015

It is too complicated. You have too many items to worry about. The game is just too complex. PLEASE, PLEASE make it more simple you can add some level of complexity, but don't over-complicate things, because it's getting ridiculous. Please improve the economy as well, it's too hard to earn money and you can barely buy anything in the game. I understand you are trying to make it realistic, hard and very challenging, but make it so that we can enjoy the game. Also think about newbies that will play this mod. For average person it doesn't make sense, too hard to play to earn money, you cant buy anything. By far this mod only gives me depression.

Drakensang Online
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Game Review by Argomir on Nov 4th, 2015

В общем, 6 баллов начисляю только за хорошую и приятную графику. Художники - единственные, кто "работает" над этой игрой.
Эффекты красивые и действительно завораживают. Приятный интерфейс.

Сюжет чуть менее, чем полностью отсутствует. Персонажу предлагается его пройти, но из-за бесcмысленности и вялого вознаграждения можно этим не заниматься, а просто "чистить" локации.
Существует интересная игровая аномалия "лоу-лвл" - нежелание игроками качать уровень своего персонажа. Связано с непродуманной системой прокачки (на мой взгляд).
Новые патчи тестируются отвратительно, что приводит к бесчисленным багам и дисбалансу.
Недавно (август 2015) разработчики решили запилить новую систему скилов и талантов, т.е., по сути, игру вернули в состояние бета-версии с обратной связью ("Нам очень важно ваше мнение").
Несколько слов о ПВП: фана очень мало, баланса тоже нет, хотя его можно компенсировать крупными денежными "инвестициями" в персонажа. На мой взгляд - арена провалена.
В игре присутствут лохотрон (избавляет игрока от "накопившейся" игровой валюты) в виде шутников (нпс). К ним приходят безутешные игроки в надежде выйграть 1м иномантов (игровая валюта, без которой жизни не существует). На ютубе хватает роликов, которые неплохо было бы смотреть перед такими походами;).

Вердикт: игре требуется капитальный ремонт, главным образом, по части сюжета, баланса и стабильности геймплея.
Играть не советую. Даже ради графики.

Dear Esther
6 Review

Mod Review by MetalDragonOnModDB on Nov 3rd, 2015

It's very strange, yet the writing is pure, and the map is actually pretty well made! One of it's problems is that it starts very slow, and sometimes the mod gets buggy.

DARTHY - Simple Pixel Platformer
6 Review

Game Review by eelstork on Nov 3rd, 2015

Darthy is a platformer; it's not pretentious and it is fun to play. Not for the faint of heart, I wish I had time to stop to read the little captions that pop here and there.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter
6 Review

Game Review by TehTemmehMLG on Nov 1st, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

It's decent i guess, But not everyone can play it. (Coz of needing headphones)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
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Mod Review by 0ktober on Nov 1st, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

Sandbox-like STALKER is a good idea, but hard to accomplish. Too bad this one is almost as buggy as 90% of the community mods. I had lots of fun, but I had to start the game 7 times over AND I had to drop it ultimately since it becomes a bug farm the deeper you go into the Zone.

Download & play with caution. I really wanted to like this.

Antlions Everywhere
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Mod Review by flamingcrows on Nov 1st, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

not bad)

6 Review

Mod Review by PMDLEADERSHINX on Oct 31st, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

When Modding for Half-Life began, Many made new folders for Half-Life mods but a few out there like Dav Train and Sub-Humanity were made as a Pak file and this made it a little hard to play then most..But this is a mod worth keeping.

As with many contiunation mods, This one puts you in the skin of Freeman after he rejects the Gman's offer. The mod acts almost like Deliverance and Rescue 9-1-Freeman but it can get annoying due to the amount of ambushes.

You have all the classic Half-Life weapons along with a powerful new shotgun for those time when you need to explode an enemy onto a nearby surface...Or on the floor.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
6 Review

Game Review by Nyct0Reap3r on Oct 31st, 2015

The choice of having the Purple Guy / Springtrap serial killer as the main antagonist is great, buuuut hes the only REAL animatronic, which sucks.

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