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6 Review

Mod Review by TheDark.StalkeR on Aug 29th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

Cool mod. Most of weapons stealed from STCopWeapon pack 2.5 and remaked sounds.
+ when is going blowout outside, you will die even in skadovsk... Weapons too big and some of them bugged. Fail with addon ''Hostile Bandits'' - you can't talk with sultan cus he is enemy and other bandits are neutral.. some of them.. So.. thanks for this mod. I'll give 6.

6 Review

Mod Review by bluman855 on Aug 29th, 2015

Great in every aspect, but the Skirmish AI is Broken. If it is fixed, instant 10 rating. Keep up the awesome modding work Yoden!

The Deluge
6 Review

Mod Review by Dwarfbeard on Aug 28th, 2015

I love this mod, it's props, it's items, it's design and idea. Lots of accurate item models, Accurate Armours, Clothing and lots of gunpowder.... LOTS OF IT!

here comes my rant:
I think the stats a lot of the items are a bit too off, unlike a rapier is 32P and 15C that is completely right, i love it, but than i see something like this Halberd 32C 29P 78 speed. WTF? that speed, that damage? no wonder nobody ever takes Halberds again after they have used it once, they always take pikes or bardiches.
Now to the curved swords, i see Karabela doing 23C? seriously? that sword is ment to cut beastly and this is why it removes it's ability to thrust, while frickin turkish daggers do 31C, DAGGERS. and than all the straight bladed swords who do about 42 to 26 Piercing damage at thrust, 27 to 35 cutting. What? Look, Curved swords are ment to cut and do that better than Straight swords, not a lot but enough to be really noticable.

Now to the Armours, i love the armours in this mod, they are detailed to the point, look practical in all forms. My Complaint is, the stats! Alright one example: Scottish Breastplate 27 Weight, 22 body armor, what, there are some cloth armor higher than that, Hussar Helmet 32, really, a hussar helmet? With the big noseguard and the thick steel on top? Are you serious?

That was my rant, if there is a better guy at handling stats i would gladly give it 10/10, easily the best mod of warband if the stats are fixed, it actually probably hurts me more than you, to make this big of a post and feel sad seeing these beautiful modelled items do **** or just do a lot than they should have been doing.

The Earlier Versions on the stats if without the bugs where ten times better than now!

Pokemon Planet
6 Review

Game Review by SoulWolf759 on Aug 25th, 2015

It's a good game overall, but nothing very special. It has some bugs that need to be corrected.
Dialogues are not fluent at all. Everything seems printed on the screen, plus the game lacks of animations and the sound is totally absent, this makes it very bland and unappealing.
I gave 6/10 because they've already a working IVs/EVs system and they're planning to add interesting features though. As far as I have played I haven't noticed any pay2win item so far.

Farming Simulator 2013
6 Review

Game Review by ermaccer on Aug 20th, 2015

First of all FS 2009 was a diamond back there.Then was 2011 something like 09 but with animals and fancy mod shop :).
Then came like a horse 2013...
Yeah here it is the Farmer Simulator that people is buying and buying without end.
First of all graphics are great but (maybe) are missing real-time reflections on machines (maybe i don't see them on medium-high setting of game).This is game with no plot and quest are given randomly :).
Models and textures of game are very well done.
Time to tell the bugs.How the hell tractor can't pass out some trashbins?Or even fly in air?That's the driving-system of game.
Quest(missions)are random and same every time so don't hope for some fun rather than move-it-here,move-it-there.
Tutorial is well done and explains more than must of game aspects.
Sounds effects are great(I don't number music,that is only main menu).
I don't hear them loud or something.
As for "open-source" thing.Fans created tons and tons of add-ons for this game!
It just sounds cool.Some modders just put hell lot of scripts on one machine instead of giving simplicity of game(Who the hell needs opened doors or some other cameras?).But there are also others who design mods like GIANTS himself :).
Also GIANTS software GmbH has relased some DLC's for game!
You should check it out!(I recommend personaly Ursus DLC)
Also there is free DLC Farming Classics!

Drinking Game
6 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 19th, 2015

Nothing too original, but I respect the idea.

Office Horror Story - Arrival of the Chainsaw Kill
6 Review

Game Review by 115spt2 on Aug 19th, 2015

Omg not your most polished game but still pretty fun man them notes and keys where hard to find but hey i say 6/10 would play again? Maybe....If im in the mood to chop that motherF*ckers head off again! Anyway NO GUNS LOVE THAT IT MAKES IT FEEL LIKE A SURVIVAL HORROR INSTEAD OF A COD CLONE! Cant Wait to play PORTAL OF DOOM!

Dylan's Far Cry 2 Realism Mod
6 Review

Mod Review by Warhead77777 on Aug 18th, 2015

I started this mod up and did an assassination in it.

The weapons sound the same, the recoil feels the same, the ammo is just as unrealistic, and well it felt the same. There was a few changes.

Yes, everyone talked more. That was good.

Yes, the range and damage of weapons has been increased. The silenced Markov is actually pretty effective, you can clear out eight guys with just it now.

However, on Normal it only made the game to easy. The enemy doesn't have increased damage and range. I was picking them off with a pistol or shotgun with increased stats, but they couldn't hit or hurt me with the same weapons.

Everything picked up still jams very quickly and they still all have weapons they wouldn't be able to afford. The G3 still has 30 rounds and still feels like an HK-33.

People talk more, weapons are cheaper or more expensive for no reason, and I am overpowered with weapons now. The mod isn't a realism mod, it's an easy-mode mod.

Ninth of October - Chapter One
6 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 17th, 2015

First of all, why do you suggest what the gamma setting should be? Don't you understand that each player has a different monitor? Each monitor needs its own gamma setting. I personally use 0.85, my old laptop needed 0.75 and our old computer needed 1.1. Everyone has to set gamma to the appropriate setting that suits the monitor, not the setting suggested by the custom story maker. You're not the only CS author who do this "gamma suggesting".

Now for the CS itself. The areas are big and empty, all of the room is not used. Why? Why not at least put some objects around? Puzzles - of course, we have the very common combo of keys, crowbar, acid and needle. Nothing to be stunned by. I took me a long time to find the acid. It's nothing you pass by without noticing. Why is the basement so big?

I expected a detailed storyline. In the basement, I barely knew what the story is about. Not even the notes contained much of a story, just some diary pages.

In conclusion - no. It's rather disappointing. The beginning was long and slow. The gameplay is just about to find something to unlock a door or a padlock.

Amnesia : Dark Past
6 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 17th, 2015

It was a rather simple custom story until the end. I quite liked the end. There's no lantern, and all the areas (except the storage and the ending) look the same - "bluish".

Andrew's story
6 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 16th, 2015

6/10 because:

+ Didn't look bad at the beginning
+ Something good can be found in this custom story

- Not much of a real story
- Simple puzzles (most of them)
- Little originality
- Scary sounds connected with no events
- Flashbacks from original Amnesia game
- C'mon, a mushroom in an office? Doesn't make much sense. And it's hard to pick up the poison gland
- Too many "common" monsters are spawned (those just to kill you that lurk in the darkness)
- Prison section is big and looks empty
- Barely any oil in the prison section The prison is the darkest area. I have to search for a key and you don't put much oil to that section? What are you trying to prove?

I would suggest replacing the words "metal fence" with "iron bars" in the memento that says the metal fence is blocking the sewer entrance.

Assassin's Creed V: Unity
6 Review

Game Review by Kark-Jocke on Aug 10th, 2015 - 4 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

"Assassin's Creed: Unity is not entirely problem-free"

After two Assassin's Creed chapters on the American continent, it is time to put everything pirate ships, George Washington and frustrated Indians to do aside. With Assassin's Creed: Unity drag Ubisoft us back across the pond to the French capital Paris, and at the end of the 1700s.

Assassin this time named "Arno Victor Dorian", a guy of noble rank who grow up right beside the royal palace in Versailles. The game gives you the opportunity to explore the whole Paris. The game gives a whole new story, with many new different equipment and for the first time "Multiplayer tasked with friends" so you have opportunities to do side missions with friends online.

The positives of the game: Striking reconstruction of revolutionary days in Paris, a lot of new uniform choice, challenging combat system, freer mission structure and greater sneak focus, sometimes very exciting, entertaining cooperative mode.

The negative of the game: Horrible clumsy control, can not use the two swords or two guns anymore, struggling to engage well the first few hours, technical issues, the story seems little ambitious.

So my full scores for this game is - 6 / Good game but has some bugs and errors.

Dead Space 3
6 Review

Game Review by Thanoshld on Aug 5th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

Dead Space 3 is not a bad game but it's worlds apart from the two previous installments. It lacks the horror elements, the mystery, the isolation you felt in DS1 and DS2.

-I liked how Clarke was a man of few words. I liked that you did not come across many NPC's and were most of the time alone. But, in DS3 they've turned Clarke into a totally new character. He comically commented on everything and he was roaming around the planet's installations like it was a ride in the park. I mean, come on. He survived two absolute horror scenarios, how can he be so apathetic? They could at least have kept the visions as part of some horror flashbacks he had from all the horrors he has gone through, rather than the Marker's influence on him. I loved DS1-2 Clarke, but I didn't feel 'attached' to this one. In some cases, I even liked his partner more than him.

-The story was the less intriguing of the three games. Many things were overly explained or explained in a very early stage. There was no climax for certain news or events. Like, in the end, where the bad guy was explaining everything to you. It was like the writers had so many things to explain and no clever way to deliver it to us, so they had the main antagonist explain everything at the end. And I don't think they worked on the characters very good. This love triangle made me think I am watching an episode of 'The Yound and the Restless', with some undead creatures thrown in. It just felt 'forced' and cliché. Also, I think they could have expanded the story a bit towards how the Unitologists managed to defeat EarthGov so easily. I thought the later one was much more powerful than the Church.

-The gameplay (and the levels themselves) felt repetitive. Same areas (especially on side-missions) and same objective: you find your team, talk a bit, get separated from them, find them again, they sent you on an errand, you find them again. This happens the whole game through. Also, DS3 based its gameplay heavily on scare jumps and countless waves of enemies. I was in an area, vents broke, and the only thing I did was killing Necromorphs the one after another, like it was a practice range. Sure, the previous games had scare jumps, but not so many. And the enemies were placed a lot more strategically in the levels.

-And universal ammo? Really? I think this change totally broke the continuity between the three games. How is it possible that everyone is using universal ammo now? It would make sense if they made the switch the years between DS2 and DS3, but this is not the case since you find them on the SCAF derelict ships/ planet too. Also, if you run out of ammo, your run out of ammo for all your weapons, something that got me in trouble many times. I know it's a game, and I know it is a practical feature , but it just doesn't make sense.

-Also, I do not know why they changed the save system. I was playing for 3 and a half ours on a side mission, clicked on the 'quit and save' option, only to find out that I have to replay the mission because you should wait for the 'saving' icon to appear, in order to get your game to save.

All in all, it was a good game rather than a bad one. I liked the new weapons system, the scavenge implementation, the new Necromoprhs and the setting itself. I just wish they had stick to some things that made this series what it is (horror, isolation, mystery), rather than exploring and implementing features that were not part of the games' series. The two first games made me think, search the web for answers, read the comics, see the anime. But not this one.

Five Nights at Freddy's
6 Review

Game Review by iAmaPIE on Jul 31st, 2015

6/9 will cri vry tim

Republic at War
6 Review

Mod Review by BernieBerns on Jul 26th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

Great and all but they get a little bit lazy and sloppy. Like they reuse textures and models from the vanilla game rather than making new models. That alone would give it an 8, but the game is just very very VERY hard. Even on the easiest difficulty, Galactic Conquest is just unplayable when you have an attack every minute after the 14th day or so. If you are able to last a few battles it would just be toO hard to even attempt to fight, they AI because extremely overpowered, especially the CIS who begin to attack with the most powerful units. This has been such a large complaint in the community but still, there is no fix or any tips to decrease the AI difficulty ourselves. The developers should really attempt to fix this.

A Daughter's Rescue
6 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 26th, 2015

Maps are too open, with large empty areas, and the custom story is quite boring. The positives are the voice-acting and storyline, which seemed good at the beginning, but nothing else.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
6 Review

Game Review by TheCosmicBrownie on Jul 21st, 2015

Kind of a disappointment...When the 4th one comes out, I want to be surprised.

6 Review

Game Review by Sporical on Jul 18th, 2015

Very good first attempt at a game. Of course there are bugs, inconsistencies, and some questionable design choices. However we all got to start somewhere right! Can't wait to see whats next on the agenda for this dev!

Napoleon : Conquest Europe
6 Review

Mod Review by SaulGoodmann on Jul 14th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

Still needs lots of development, but looks promising.

A New Dawn
6 Review

Mod Review by godarcher on Jul 14th, 2015

Could be a Great mod but a unfixable rubrieken error

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