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Totaler Krieg: 1939-45

Mod review by ´╗┐╬╗pone 5 agree 1 disagrees

Cool skins, weapon models, and awesome FX. Weapons feel powerful.

But a lot of the time, the gameplay feels completely broken - Units see each other from across the map, through buildings and foliage; there's almost no point in trying to hide or take cover, tanks remain completely static, sniping each other from 1000 meters away.

Though, you could probably easily change this by editing some of the vision files.


Bellum Imperii

Mod review by Arda19309 0 agree 0 disagree

I think this is the best mod you can find if you want to play as rome and the other factions that existed in the same era.But when i played it it felt like something is missing.I think some stuff like missions which give you rare items or stuff like that.And i think German,Celtic tribes' troop tree must be expanded.


Extreme Singleplayer mini-mod

Mod review by chikinator 0 agree 0 disagree

I only unlocked the special forces maps, a little confused and disappointed


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review by Crypt 2 agree 0 disagree

First and foremost, I want to be fair in that this review is based off a Beta build. However, Beta being a near-complete state, I doubt too much will change in the final release.

Unfortunately, some very pretty level design is this game's only real saving grace. And that's all the level design truly is: Pretty. It doesn't play particularly well, objectives or purpose is pretty much never conveyed and some obstacles aren't obviously obstacles until you figure it out by accident. For example, you may not know you need to go through X door until you stumble across Y button, and later realize X door is open. Not to mention an instance where a once-closed and locked door opens for literally no logical reason. Or perhaps you didn't know you needed to pick up a key that looks like plain decoration. There's lots of this type of stuff throughout and it's incredibly annoying.

A big facet of level design is to use some cues, either obvious or subtle to nudge the player - often subconsciously - in the right direction. That never happens here. You're essentially left to your own devices and end up simply walking into areas you haven't already walked to and hope you end up somewhere new, or something happens. Even things that should be easy to get right, such as whether a door is locked or even usable or not also follow no obvious standards. A usually unusable object is now usable with no indication, an invisible wall on obviously surmountable objects, that sort of thing.

Asset quality ranges from high-quality, to low-quality, to outright stolen. Some models and textures were clearly made by a very competent designer, others either horrendously rushed or placed in the hands of a beginner. With that in mind, I'm very conflicted on game's visuals. On the one hand, a lot of the maps are pretty nice to look at, but it's hard to see passed the overblown lens flares and insanely opaque explosion and smoke/dust particles. Firefights are hell because you can't see anything.

Additionally, some rooms don't look detailed so much as dirtied. It seems every ceiling is covered in dirt, every floor is ridiculously broken and papers are everywhere.

Sound design feels like an afterthought. As does music, which is usually unfitting or badly timed. Soundscapes are basic, but at least present.

Big points for Xenian enemies brought back from Half-Life 1 era games, but I have to take some of them away considering they were never used in ways they should have been. It seems the enemies weren't placed in spots where their behavior is complemented by the environment, they were just placed at random. Obstacles slapped into environments at random as an afterthought. A lot of the enemy placement is strange like this.

Story is non-existent. Any information about anything comes from prior knowledge of Half-Life games. You're just wandering and killing things trying to kill you. I can count all of the friendly NPCs in the game on one hand and none of them have anything to say.

Overall, some ideas were nice and I can appreciate the projects scale and ambition. I'm a sucker for total conversions. Buuut it's hard to have fun amidst the level design frustration and big issues with visuals. I understand the team put a lot of effort into the game, and I hate to dock points with that in mind, but it's just a very conflicting, frustrating experience. The game's worth a play if you want to look at something nice for an hour or two, but don't expect to really enjoy playing. Level design is aesthetically far above average, but too much else is sub-par to warrant a high mark from me.



Mod review by Z0D14CS0L 0 agree 0 disagree

This custom story is short.

The new models are pretty good.

The maps are strange, a little bit messed up, but playable at least

The story is not so wonderful, rather simple. I will be a lot better with more back story.

I didn't enjoyed this mod so much. I liked the differents endings, but, in terms of gameplay, it doesn't offer anything new

The tension is almos inexistent here, there is no build up, the encounters are predictable, the monster is super fast to cause a big bumpscare, but that alone is not enough to make things scarier, then you reach the end...and the come up for the end is a really big let down

I think that the new models needs to be part of somthing better, not a simply made mod with almost no story.

And again, its almost insulting short.



Mod review by Z0D14CS0L 0 agree 0 disagree

I will made a review of this mod solely based on the gameplay atmosphere and maps.

The reason is simply as the story is somewhat ungraspable to me because of the distorted voices. They are quite difficult to understand, even for a native english speaker who played this story and tried to explain it to me.
If this mod have subtitles, then everyone could understan it properly and rate it right.
This reason is, for me, the mayor outback of this mod

This one isn't an Amnesia experience, its more like a playable short story.

The maps are perfectly detailed and with an exceptional design.

The atmosphere is excellent, creepy and eerie with a touch of melancholy to add more flavor.

Its rather short, less than half an hour of gameplay, but this is not bad, it seems to be a good story (couldn't properly say, because there are tons of voice recordings distorted by gramaphone noise and other dreamlike echoes that difficults the understanding of the story).
The notes some add to the (ungraspable) story, and others only help to understand what is needed to do for advance.

This is not, again, an amnesia experience. Its a creepy and interesting adventure type mod.

I expected a lot more, maybe, if the developers agreed to add some subtitles, then, maybe, the score will go up.


Andrux adventure

Game review by Luigimonfort 0 agree 0 disagree

The gameplay is very well implemented, the music well at first, but would lack something more pace. As for graphics defects, the problem would be in the resolution of the screen, especially if you play in Windows 10.


Half-Life : Residual Life

Mod review by marctimothymoses 0 agree 0 disagree

the game kept sending me off the map dead after loading


Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic

Game review by D1W474 0 agree 0 disagree

This game should have been great, but Ubisoft released SH5 broken!! After 5 years they haven't addressed some issues and to be honest, this game blow unless you mod it. AI sucks and no TDC tutorial, firing a torpedo with a 1-2-3 circle is just plain stupid! I suggest if you want this game then mod the hell out of it and you'll know what I mean.


Half-Life Invasion

Mod review by Killbuster 0 agree 0 disagree

Check out my full review of this, and other Half-Life mods on my blog, the Modzone!



Mod review by starfleet86 0 agree 0 disagree

This mod was a pretty good mod, I enjoyed it quite a bit, however it was way too short and the destruction in it lags the game a bit. Rachel was a pretty decent, character, though I think she could have fleshed out a bit, especially since the biggest area she is not even involved in. The ending is very anti-climatic, I just really wish that there was more content - it ended just as it was getting good.


Half - Life 2: Calamity

Mod review by OffyGhost 0 agree 0 disagree

Too much enemys for HL2, get boring for killing them.
There is not enough of atmosphere and sounds on the levels.

But here there is a small story, the plot, so I put 6.5 / 10


Classic Doom 3

Mod review by antdude 0 agree 0 disagree

Great mod back, but it is dead now. :(


Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Game review by yoshipower879 0 agree 0 disagree

it's ok.
The jump scares didn't even phase me though so that's a huge problem.
Custom nights aren't back and I am disappointed by that.
The phantom felt forced in at times and I would fix that.
The cameras are very blurry and it's hard to see SpringTrap that way.
so 6/10 it's good


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review by metroid13 1 agrees 1 disagrees

A fairly decent experience that recalls a lot of the pulse-pounding adrenaline of the original Half-Life. The maps look beautiful, albeit terribly designed from a gameplay perspective (unless I'm just an idiot, you'll spend a lot of time hunting around for doors that'll work. Expect to press "E" a lot.)

Story is thin as thin gets. You are man. You work at Black Mesa. You get HEV suit. You get gun. You shoot soldiers and aliens. Rinse, repeat. Dialogue is clumsily recycled from HL2 in a way that would have been excusable during the early days of modding for this game, but now just comes across as lazy and incompetent.

The penultimate map (a clerverly redesigned version of the Hazard Course from the original HL) fails to link up properly with the last map, which itself is a tonally inappropriate gun battle against hordes of soldiers. It's a masterstroke in losing player confidence, and I was rolling my eyes as the "to be continued" blurb flashed across the screen, as if I should be waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of this shoot-man chronicle.

I'm honestly not sure what compels mod makers (and hell, even studio developers) these days to release buggy, half-finished products. Is it a lack of discipline? A need to drum up hype among players? Why even release this as a beta when they could have had a slam dunk with more fine tuning and patience?

Anyway, all of this may seem to contradict my assertion at the top that this is a decent experience, but I'm going to hold myself to that. The gun fights are solid, the difficulty is appropriately slanted against you (at least on hard mode,) every gun you hold feels solid, just waiting to spit hot lead into aliens or soldiers, and the map aesthetics successfully recall the Black Mesa of old - aside from a few rather baffling anachronisms and pop culture references. I'm lookin' at you, Little Big Planet dolls.

It's just... kinda disappointing, in the end. But hell, for the low-low price of free you can do a helluva lot worse than this. My humble recommendation is that you wait until this is actually finished before playing, but you wouldn't be wasting your time if you played it now.

Still, give 'em a few months, I say.


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review may contain spoilers by Meraqel 0 agree 0 disagree

Ok it's 'beta' But! well... eh. *In my personal feeling, if somebody releasing something it should be at least not boring *for 1 reason and one reason only: You want to make this person play it second time and if it was just 'meh' so this person will not replay... ever.* And... 1st 4 chapters are just 'gameplay-empty and boring, i must admit that i was expecting a lot of action from the start, but it's a fault of developers which released excellent demo and set for themselves the highest bar ...

I probably won't be playing this after full release, but i'm still hoping that 'things' will be fixed.
ps. I just think that developers didn't even start to make real gameplay for first few maps, which is weird tactic for making a game/mod. // Wilson is pretty playable after 'demo' chapter... *btw demo version was a lot better, why change things that was great? ps2 I would wait another 2 years for those first chapters to be ready. I'm pretty sure, that my '1st time experience' would be better then.

*btw big minus for 'communism glorification picture on map wc_06*
really guys? really? I mean its a us government science institution, and a fucken big red sickle and hammer is just siting there on the wall... because: **** logic...

I give it 6/10 because many gameplay related things are just for sake of something being there. that first few maps are not really needed for story, this mod would be alot better in 'action pack, clusterfuck with soldiers setting'. Because developers are good in making such gameplay, and this was that feeling that developers was promoting Wilson Chronicles from the start.


The Alien Wasteland

Game review by MouloudDeLaStreet 0 agree 0 disagree

Cool graphisme


Life's End

Mod review may contain spoilers by Loulimi 0 agree 0 disagree

This is not a perfect mod, I'd rather say it's a average mod.
The main problems of this mod are related with the gameplay, a complete lack of voice acting and a quite poor mapping at best boring. However, its end shows quite an improvement, with an unexpected twist. The mod also features very original and new mapping concepts, so that's a plus. And it has a big duration.
To sum it up: great ideas, great duration, but not a very enjoyable mod IMO.


Star Made

Early access game review by stoarch 0 agree 0 disagree

I'm fan of minecraft and played corneroids before. And as game is good, physics model is absent. You can fit anything in one place and it will fly as well balanced ship. In space engineers/corneroids this is implemented by weighting engines with modules. And if you have invalid engine positioning will make your ship go awry.

Maybe this is a feature and I should concentrate more on building bases/mining resources instead of ship building. Ship fighting is good, but I want to see message: "Your right cannon is damaged/destroyed" e.t.c


Independence of Chile

Mod review by StartNewGame 1 agrees 0 disagree

i give a 6/10 i dont like the idea of this mod... who cares abou chile?!

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