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Mod Review by Kyle_K_ski on Sep 30th, 2014

Review for Version 1.3003 - Sept. 30, 2014

Try as I might, I can't bring myself to finish exploring Lost Alpha's greatly expanded Zone. The new scale is staggering - virtually every map that I've been to dwarfs the locations that we frequented in the commercial releases of every STALKER title.

That is both a blessing, and a curse.

It's a blessing in that the scale now feels "reality based," and it's a curse because of how the developers decided to populate it. Or, more accurately, not populate it.

Even before an encounter, the maps are literally kilometer after kilometer of walking. Visually, the sites can, for certain, take one's breath away. But after one has traveled across a map several times, with extremely little/nothing to do? The awe inspiring sites lose their luster very, very quickly.

Anomalies are always in the same location. It would be nice if their presence changed even semi-randomly every 24 hours, so as to keep the player on his toes. Numerous mods have integrated this feature in the past, and it would be nice to have it now. Make sure, of course, that however the randomized system is setup, that it's programed to avoid making it impossible for one to drive an automobile where one needs to go.

Likewise, artifacts seem to always be in the same location. And they rarely, if ever, respawn.

The vehicle that one can attain after 4-5 hours' worth of effort should be made available before one even leaves Cordon for the first time, as many of the maps feature extremely long corridors that greatly restrict exploration. If one can't explore these corridor-like regions, then provide a means to speed the player through them. Even an auto in severe disrepair is far better than nothing at all. And if its suspension system is barely functional, please, oh please, don't make it as bad as in this build, as there is NO way anyone in their right mind would ever drive such a death trap.

And fuel. Please increase its presence, as it's so severe

Ninth of October - Continuation
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Mod Review by DnALANGE on Sep 27th, 2014 - 2 people don't

Not that special.
Overall Mapping = very nice!
Some of the maps did lag for me and i have quite a good pc..
The scripting was very weak imo.
The ideas were simple and not really challenging..
1 BIG minus = NO sanity potions..
Was very annoying!
In every map at least further in the story there were so much glicherydoo \ clipping!
Fix that man.. you SHOULD have seen it, there are so many of them.
Overall 6\10
Nice job.

It's Eggs
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Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Sep 27th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Well, this game was kinda weak. There was nothing but a single jumpscare three times and a very anticlimactic ending, which didn't really made sense at all.
Every model in the game was downloaded from somewhere else, in fact, I've seen other games with the same models on indiedb not long ago. The eggs are stolen from aliens for some reason.
The game mechanics are pretty lame too. This is more of an interactive movie, because the player has no freedom at all. This linearity kills the mood. We have to follow a path and if we don't we bump into an invisible wall. This definitely needs work.

Now, to the good things; the story is okay at best up until the ending, which -as I've said before- doesn't make sense. But it had an interesting start. On of the interesting elements of the game was the note in the church, because it connected spirituality, Christianity and aliens, and it was a absorbing subplot. Sadly, we never heard of this again, although it would've been a much more interesting story.

All in all, this was not an amazing game, and I am giving it a six mostly because of the game mechanics.

6 Review

Mod Review by Qwertyus on Sep 25th, 2014

Level with leak - Grunt meat - Simple puzzle - Alien meat - Next level with leak - Alien meat - Simple puzzle - Assasin meat - Next level with leak ... and so all remained 20 levels (moreover, some of levels look like modified clones of each other). The only positive thing is that mapping and scripting are not bad in overall. But the gameplay is boring and annoying (especially if you chose difficult mode). Also if you tried to open a door with eyescanner (which is intended to be opened by NPC), scripted NPC will not be able to open that door for you. So be ready to load your game from autosave and replay that level from beginning.

Lurk the Horror Game
6 Review

Game Review by JasonTGamer on Sep 25th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Me and a buddy did a duel commentary on this game (uploading soon). The game was definitely something worth recording amongst the other trashy "horror" games found on this page. Anyways, onto the review.

For some reason most of the text in the game was very difficult to read. Also there really is no threat in the game until the end, which really breaks the intensity of the game. Also the "jumpscares" where the image file of Mr. Clitorus Face (me and my friend came up with that name. we think it fits the look) would pop onto the screen for a second while a random noise played. #3spooky6me
The game also had a few moments where it just got dull, as in walking from one place to another trying to find the spotlights. Also the story of the game is completely unintelligible unless you feel like looking up the page on this website and reading it for yourself. The atmosphere background music was pretty decent, and the map layout is exactly what you would expect from an indie horror game. Also the "boss fight" at the end was just stupid. I would have made the stab button Left-Click instead of the T key, which is way out of the way of the buttons you should be pushing to move your character. I think you should keep this up, and try other genres of games! Good Luck!

Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles
6 Review

Mod Review by gvazdas on Sep 23rd, 2014 - 2 people don't

The storyline is definitely interesting and there's some good level design here and there, but the bugs and glitches I've encountered throughout have spoiled the experience for me.

Aliens vs. Predator 2
6 Review

Game Review by Rus_Demo on Sep 23rd, 2014

The Dead Linger
6 Review

Game Review by Darkening_Demise on Sep 22nd, 2014

A game that's FAR too early in the works to be judged. But they're charging money for it so I have to speak up. It's a idea of unoriginality, everyone is doing zombies and always will. BUT they're more focused on PVE and cooperation between players. The world is randomly generated and no two worlds are the same. It just lacks content and needs to be polished more.

Calradia: Imperial Age
6 Review

Mod Review by warrior_1 on Sep 17th, 2014

I like the idea of the mod, but i just could not convince myself to rate this higher.Come on, i know this is beta but, muskets shooting arrows? There has been several release, but it is still there.It is unplayable for me when i see an high speed arrrow flying out of a musket.

Salle 502
6 Review

Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Sep 16th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

This is a review for the English version of the game!
This is a short story about an adventure in an abandoned military base, that for some reason also houses a maze and greek architecture.

The textures of the walls don't always look unwrapped and the rooms seemed a bit empty, but this game actually had a meaningful story. A story, which was presented during the loading screens, with parts I didn't really understood. But the game made sense, the plot was nicely executed!

The objectives in the game are fairly similar to other horror game objectives, for example we had to start the generator, to get the lights going, but strangely, the lights were already on, plus the whole place was very well lit, even though we were in a dungeon or something. Anyway, this was just a little odd. Just like the controls....

Please note, this is not a horror game, since -apart from a single, non-scary jump scare- there was nothing terrifying in this. It's a nice adventure game though, with not so great visuals.

Five Nights at Freddy's
6 Review

Game Review by TheDoomLegend on Sep 14th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

For a one man venture, this game is pretty atmospheric. The sound design is probably it's best aspect besides the overall graphic design. However, while it is interesting the first time you play, this game has all of zero replay value. There are 7 Nights, each one getting progressively harder than the last. However, that's it. The animatronics just come after you faster. They don't change any scares. Once you've played night 3, there's nothing radically different for the rest of the game. Night 7 lets you customize the ai, or how fast they come after you, but that's it. Theres no extra content past that. In fact theres not even a pause feature or an options menu. If nothing else, this game reminds me of the good ole mid 90's DOS games, and for something like that it's not bad. For the sequel, I just recommend more content. 4 monsters wear thin as early as night 2. It still remains a great indie title, but other than that, I didn't really feel interested to play it after finishing it.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
6 Review

Mod Review by Argoon on Sep 9th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

To buggy to give it more right now, will not say more because others already said what i wanted to say.

Oblivion: Drops Of Wine
6 Review

Mod Review by Heksiz on Sep 9th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Vulgar custom story with poor english. The end was fun but it had some obvious spots and many unnecessary supplies. And I really do not understand the role of those levers before the last map... Just saying...

Against the Darkness
6 Review

Game Review by VladFox on Sep 9th, 2014

Nice work. But after had beaten this game, I don't think I ever return to it.

[Basement - The Horror]
6 Review

Game Review by CHiCKENLiiTTLE on Sep 5th, 2014

was good but light ran out pretty quickly also the objective was rather confusing. but overall good jumpscares in the beginning got a little stale later on in the game.

The Forest
6 Review

Game Review by Semiy on Sep 4th, 2014

Игра вызвала очень неоднозначные впечатления. Очень сырая, баганная и кривая, так или иначе, она уже довольно неплохо смотрится. Тем более, что, надеюсь, баги, что я заметил, исправятся патчем через две недели. Если нет, то, пожалуй, отложу до релиза. Постоянно слетают геймы из-за багов в игре, а не из-за моих ошибок. Атмосферно, мда, уж очень...

Romae Bellum
6 Review

Mod Review by sambob on Sep 3rd, 2014

Excessive Diplomatic Spam [Border incident, Peace agreements, etc], scarcity of bandits, buggy jobs from town mayors.

The Monster House
6 Review

Mod Review by Humeba on Sep 2nd, 2014

Not very long or scary. But it wasn't bad either.

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
6 Review

Game Review by Draken147 on Sep 1st, 2014

While the original Majesty: Fantasy kingdom Simulator was a game that I just sunk into and could not stop playing it's sequel is much worse.

While it retains the unique gameplay and brings some fancier graphics [which I didn't like, I just preferred the original 2D but that's just my taste] it completely failed to impress me and live up to the expectations I've had after years of playing the original.

And my expectations were high since Majesty was nearly perfect with it's great quests and possibility to play a custom quest it had great replay value. Here there is no custom quest and not even an editor for someone to make something, just the main storyline, which I found boring.

While the game is not bad, it's definitely not even close to being as good as the original.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
6 Review

Mod Review by JPTR on Sep 1st, 2014 - 1 person agrees

- Empty overscaled worlds.
- Stashes without loot till you have coordinates. Totaly senseless and kills motivation for world exploration.
- Stash system not working, only after the first load you get sometimes coordinates, after a reaload no new stashes from dead bodies.
- No weather changes. Another broken fact. No rain, no thunder, no emissions... this wants to be Stalker?!
- Weapon/Item upgrades are totaly bugged. Wrong descriptions, wrong stats. Mostly weapons are getting worse when updating. Recoil - 233% realy?
- Artifacts lying arround everywhere. easy to see at night, impossible to see at day. There is no search for artifacts.
- Traders/Engeneers are very rare.
- Stupid Level design, lots of huge passages which leads to a dead end. Labyrinth design without sense. Invisible walls. And still, a lot of situations you can jump out of the map easily.
- Elite detector makes sounds... unbearable to have it on the belt all the time.

There are a lot of other inconsequences i will update this "List of stupidness", when i'm playing on.

Thanks for the work you've done for us, but this is definitly nothing you should aks for donations. You talked about releasing this as an Add-On? Sorry but that must be kidding.

And yes, it makes me angry to see such an huge amount of wasted potential.

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