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5 Review

Game Review by Grayhound on Apr 15th, 2014

A great concept, but unfortunately way too much overloaded technical information and details for you to manage (or you can completely surrender the features to the AI) and far too little historical detail/freedom (Chinese Civil War?). Stick to HOI 2.

Emma's Story
5 Review

Mod Review by Killermark on Apr 14th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

There was some good ideas like the reskinned poofer in the prison.

I liked the level design and the story, but the fact why I gave this story a 5 is 95% of the puzzles are from the original game.

Dawn of Immolation Angevin Crusade
5 Review

Mod Review by Jk_Lord on Apr 14th, 2014

I give it a 5 because it's not a master piece, it's okay, I don't see many new units, or titans, or just many new anything, plus the squad needs to be able to be increased WAY more, but, maybe in the future you will get better at moding! Just keep doing and keep trying to get better! It needs A LOT more added though. Just keep going and trying to get better!

Deus Ex: The Fall
5 Review

Game Review by Mr-Gency on Apr 13th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

If you want to sneak around guards on you iPhone and Android phone, then you can't do better than Deus Ex: The Fall. Well, you also can't do worse, since there isn't really anything like it. So winner by default, I guess. But the stealth gets a C+, so it's not the worst game ever for stealth fans.

Also the game is episodic and mentions this ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.

Survival Games
5 Review

Game Review by amiradams777 on Apr 13th, 2014

The maps look good but the people look cheesey. It could be more realistic.

C&C Generals: Zero Hour
5 Review

Game Review by Morinehtar on Apr 12th, 2014

It's an alright game,I invested many hours on it,but mostly only on lan-parties.
The problem with the game,just like with Battle for Middle Earth is that EA games made it ;P seriously thought,it's as if they didn't even try..there is no real difference between Easy AI and Hard AI except that it's scripted that Hard AI gets more money at the start and it's buildings and units cost less and take less time to produce,and that's literally all. It uses the same tactics as easy would,it can just master more armies,so it can spam them at your base while you gather your ranks and destroy their command center. This is the point where you won the game,because no matter how much money the AI has it won't re-build it's command center,which means that they won't be able to build almost anything,so once you destroy their last few builders,you are done.
Other then that I would like to point out the obvious OP-ness of USA,but this game has been out for so long,everyone knows that. I'm not saying you can't defeat them but they have some units and abilities which are simply superior to anything the GLA or China can offer.

All in all,this game can provide you with many hours of fun if you are ready for some compromises around balance.

Mass Effect Reborn
5 Review

Mod Review by deathcall090 on Apr 11th, 2014 - 3 people agree 2 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

So this is my 'honest review' of this (version of the) mod.

Ships models and animations were excellent done.
Game music is pure awesome-ish.
(Personally) Mod was easy to install,no problems.

Non existence of research abilities.
Lack of challenging AI.
Graphic glitches on some nvidia cards(planets flicker).
Production of larger capital ships takes up huge amount of time.
Races need more balancing.(issues with anti-fighter ships)

Needless to say this is my opinion. I tried to stay objective as much as possible,personally I think this mod is a victim of so much hype that formed around it. That said,I like the mod, being a mass effect fan and all,I really enjoy being able to play as the Citadel races or the Reapers. Its not that I don't appreciate the time and effort the developers gave so we can see the light of day for this mod,cause i do,but there are quite a few issues that need fixing. Hope that this is a beta and not the final product and that there will be many more patches and updates coming. So guys thanks for a good mod,and I really hope that you will improve it.

Mass Effect Reborn
5 Review

Mod Review by ElSofaFuerte on Apr 10th, 2014 - 5 people agree 7 people don't

A very shallow game. There is no research tree or sensor units eradicating whole facets of gameplay you expect in even the most basic of modifications. Two of the races(Geth and Cerberus) are half baked with severe balancing issues, and the maps are unbalanced for multiplayer which is their flagship aspect of the game. Most people can't get the game to work for game reasons which the developers are deflecting by implying that its the users fault. Meanwhile, 80% of their time seems to be put into the OpenGL32 graphical enhancements which won't work for more than half of their player base. The game itself lags severely during battles(which could be a game engine limitation) even on my Eight core 5.7ghz FX-9590 and 2x SLI'd GTX 560 Superclocked.

Needless to say I was underwhelmed and disappointed with the amount of time they put into the game and the time they put into preening their "company" with their "press releases". The release was half baked and for that it gets a half score.

I will say this, the modeller should really try and get a job with a real development group if he hasn't already. Good job to the modeller for these are excellent models.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
5 Review

Game Review by helo49er on Apr 9th, 2014

It's an alright game, the Campaign could have been better along with the multiplayer. But multiplayer was fun and so was Zombies, so with it's good and bad things I give it a 5/10

Darkest Hour
5 Review

Game Review by pederchina on Apr 9th, 2014

great gameplay but multiplayer is broken and ai cheats literaly
(spam atacks and he teleports your troops)

Colonialism 1600AD
5 Review

Mod Review by KlaussMarcellus on Apr 7th, 2014

The mod doesn't work for me .

I tried to install this mod 3 times , and I failed .

1- In the first time , I put the archives in Data , and use the Modmanger . The games run , but I cant found the new units .

2- In the second time , I tried to re-install the game and install the mod again . But I found the same problem like my first time , I cant see the new units .

3- In the last time , I tried to use my other computer , but I found the same problem .

I give 5 because the the creator tried to help me , and show respect .
But the mod Doesn't work .

5 Review

Game Review by brandon4117 on Apr 6th, 2014

I figured I'd stop by and take a look at this game.
Disclaimer; this isn't my kind of game really at all, but it did look a bit interesting.
I'll be doing a different style of reviewing this time, and probably stick to it for other reviews too.
NOTE: I only am able to review the demo, as I can't buy games currently. No cash.~

Art: For a game of this kind, it's relatively nice. Not something that made me cringe, but not something that makes me want to stare at it all day and all night. Though, most games aren't like that.
7/10, it's pretty good for this kind of game.

Characters: They're alright, at times a bit bland. Not the worst I've seen in gaming by far, but definitely not the best. The main character looks pretty cool too, which factors into the art part, but in terms of how they act and what's said in the demo, it's.. decent. But could definitely be better.
6/10. Could use quite a bit of work to be wonderful but as is.. It's alright.

Story: I'll be honest and say that I found the story to be a bit boring, right from the start. There was nothing that REALLY caught my attention immediately, and while I stuck through anyways, as I don't expect ANY game to start off fantastically, the dullness I felt remained throughout the demo gameplay. I can't really recommend anything you could do for this because I go back and revise my games all the time, and always find something to nitpick.
3/10. Too dull for my tastes and could use a lot of work to make it more interesting, though this could just be a problem due to the type of game it is.

Controls: Pretty standard. Nothing to complain about or compliment in this area.

Sound: Definitely the best part of the entire game. Title music and others were wonderful.
8/10, very good.

Overall score is 5/10. With a lot of work this game could be GREAT, but this demo makes it average, but not terrible.
Still, fun to play and I'll be looking out for any other releases of yours.

To the woods
5 Review

Mod Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Apr 2nd, 2014


- Some creativity
- Level design is decent


- Extremly short
- Due to it's extrem shortness, there isn't much scripting, mapping or gameplay
- Not much challange
- Not very scary
- The lever makes the screen shake so much so I was litteraly outside the map for a couple of seconds


The biggest issue is the fact that it's way too short. The story isn't that bad, but because it's only 5-10 minutes long, it isn't much to see. You have potential though and can surely make something good if you spend more time on it.

5/10 - Average

Dungeon Survival
5 Review

Mod Review by AndrewAllStars on Mar 29th, 2014

Although you have a long way to go, you seem to grasp the basic concept of level designs and lighting quite well. There were a couple of buggy walls in the room with all the beds (see video), but your placements and such were solid, although perhaps a darker atmosphere would be preferable for this game type.

Other than that, there really isn't much else to talk about.

With regards the idea of a 'Survival' game between the player and monsters, try and make your next Map alot bigger with more variety in rooms, objects and perhaps open spaces/more than one door to each room.

Also make the monsters follow a path, as having them just stood still kinda breaks the game and immersion. Once they lose interest in finding the player, have them return to their set path of walking around. This adds a stealth element to the game.

Also have the monsters reset when the player dies rather than not return.

I had a good 10minutes play around with your mod, but i wouldn't really call it a Custom Story as such.

Project Zombie Reality 2 (PZR2)
5 Review

Mod Review by s0vi3t_on1on on Mar 28th, 2014

I guess this might become something even if it had a bad start, hope it gets better.

Amnesia Hill Series [Reboot]
5 Review

Mod Review by ElectricEye on Mar 28th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Doesn't really work, does it? I'm being teleported from place to place, can't find much of a story, and with absolutely godawful voice acting. Some setpieces, such as Jefferson Street, are great, though often too barren. The custom music and sounds are also pretty good.

I see a lot of shady advertising here. No flying naked guys, no, but a lot of Penumbra dwarves appearing out of thin air, and other wheelchair scares. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not, and less often as the story progressed. Map system? There are regular notes with non-updatable maps drawn on them, hardly an original enough thought to boast as a "feature". The new HUD is pointless. Why is there even a "tubes of matches" box, when that never comes into play?

Battle system? Interesting in theory, but inferior to the already awful combat in Silent Hill. Sure, hiding in closets is a little stale, but you're still not indifferent to the Amnesia monster encounters. Even trying to run from one of these skating mummies would be more enjoyable than jiggling your mouse back and forth. There is some intensity in trying to locate an item as you are being Pearl Harbored the instant you walk through a door, but it has a very scripted feel to it, as you are relying on the stuff the mapmaker has preplaced for your use. The enemies also die too easily.

The fact that you remove all interactivity from chairs, etc. in areas where you want to force a chase scene (which equals all monster encounters after the first "boss") only enhances the feeling that you are being played by the game. I would have prefered a "weapon" to be more of a getaway aid than a monster killer, in the same way that you can stagger a grunt by throwing a barrel or something at him, but perhaps slightly more efficient.

I can appreciate the effort, I really can, it's just that the different ideas (and you certainly have some good scripting talent, no arguments there) form no coherent whole.

Well, at least 90% of the doors are not "jammed".

When Life No Longer Exists
5 Review

Mod Review by ElectricEye on Mar 26th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Not really my cup of goat's blood. There are some interesting settings here, but mostly it's just pulling levers. Boy howdy, will you get used to pulling levers. There's not much else, such as a narrative, going on. Writing "666" and drawing upside-down crosses everywhere is not storytelling (more like "Satanism for dummies"), and the voice acting is painful.

It's always neat with custom material, although it's a bit too blocky and shiny, and stands out from the default stuff. Love the candle though, even if you rarely need it, and will end the game with something like five spares. It also doesn't do much to immerse you in the time period, since everything else is anachronistic. There were no pianos or grandfather clocks in the 1500's, let alone steam engines.

Outpost 16
5 Review

Mod Review by Meki on Mar 25th, 2014

Too short. I spent most of my time on the ledges and that wasn't fun at all :(

The Brotherhood
5 Review

Mod Review by ElectricEye on Mar 24th, 2014

The mansion looks very good, but it's really nothing but key quests to show you the next room, with no story to speak of. Just running back and forth in poorly lit hallways. The maps are way too small. I hate loading screens and actually dread clicking on those doors because it breaks the flow of the game all the time. No wonder enemies have to be silent - who needs closets when you're never more than a sledgehammer's throw from a level exit?

Mobile Forces
5 Review

Game Review by Elitesse on Mar 24th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

Not my kind of game. (I will copy paste a comment i made on a user's blog in Moddb). It's basically Unreal Tournament with vehicles, boring! Counter-Strike is more tactical, more infantry-fighting oriented, much better in my opinion, it actually takes SKILL, not just taking a big kickass Rocket Launcher and blowing the crap out of everyone! That's why i love Day of Defeat, too. Battlefield 1942 sucks, you get a big plane, you drop bombs and everyone dies. You get a big kickass tank while your friend handles the machinegun and you kick everybody's *** out. Wow, cool. Day of Defeat is better 'cause you simulate more tactical infantry-battles, you basically become for example a MP40 Axis soldier and you have to be aware of the errant recoil, low damage, or maybe a K98 Mauser rifle, extremely powerful one-shot kill weapon but also a bolt rifle weapon meaning that you have to be very precise when shooting. Counter-Strike is the winner. I'd make a more detailed review like the other ones made for other games but i'm quite tired now, and when people are tired they have to sleep mmmkay?

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