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Mod Review by OperationIvy on Oct 13th, 2015 - 2 people agree 3 people don't

Rather poor performance (30ish FPS) on a machine beyond the recommended specs (FX6300 4.0GHz, 8gb RAM, HD7870XT). Not a fan of the map additions to the Liberty Island and the music kinda lost something, not really sure what. All in all I must say I'm a bit disappointed but since I didn't pay for it I have no right to bash and complain, just giving my personal experience.

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens
5 Review

Mod Review by jakefreeman on Oct 12th, 2015

the mod is great love that the tau is added and a lot of stuff has been added but my negatives are more then my positive like you have to play on ultra setting to play the game or it will crash my next is the tau is listed under the imperial guards so all there voices are guards men and the tau have no melee units (i know they don't have any) so any melee units would just destroy them taus units i also felt that the tau were under power i was facing against chaos and i was just fighting a losing battle there melee and heavy squad just tore through my huge force i sent to there base (i had like 40 guys sense the pop cap is at 500 and all squads had all the upgrades they can get)it took me a good few mins before the ai rushed my base and i couldn't do anything to stop it (just to note im not bad at this game i play against the ai all the time i fight them are hard and i win all the time and this was a easy ai i was fighting)so im giving this mod a 5/10 if you can play on the ultra setting them by all mean get the mod and try it out if you cant then if the mod creator can change it the setting so you can play on low setting (for low running pc) then this would be a higher rating but where it is only being able to play on ultra and the tau (the only race i could play) were weak made me sad about the hole thing

Pusher: The Story Of Logan
5 Review

Mod Review by Lanode on Oct 10th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Bad gameplay, bad story, bad mode

But very good bonus level

Wulfen Texture Pack
5 Review

Mod Review by hemebond on Oct 9th, 2015

Nice textures, some technical issues (broken textures and GUIs).

Bloodlines: Antitribu
5 Review

Mod Review by sonofplasam on Oct 6th, 2015

seems great and still a ton of potential but laggy and a bit buggy as they/you have stated tho i found it funny when at mercucios i hit F12 for a screen shot and i found myself at the peep show in a window haha idk if im special or if anyone else had that happen but i found it entertaining tho it caused a few issues seeing as i hadent finished any missions yet and wound up in downtown lol.....i was tamizki (im sure i misspelled that)

Tetris Runner
5 Review

Game Review by ofihombre on Sep 26th, 2015

I will say the bad points of this game: 1. The sound is pretty fishy, the conversations of the people is heard, and that is not right for the game during gameplay, and 2. the concept of indies vs. gamers is a stupid stereotype that gamers only play company games, and there are gamers of Indies.

5 Review

Mod Review by SwedishGames on Sep 22nd, 2015 - 3 people agree

You removed the copyrighted files in the new version, which I sincerely appreciate. I'll up the rating a bit for the kinda quick fixed issue.

I will maybe play this at a later time, mainly to see how the mod itself is which will hopefully up the rating even further.

5 Review

Mod Review by the-red-mark on Sep 21st, 2015

well the troops for the empire are okay. i mean i would rather have the zero troopers and commandos and snipers over storm troopers because one they are in two different groups and i thought it was cool at first than after playing a skirmish match to look at the factions i did not want to have storm troopers in my empire.

KrazIvan777 MOD
5 Review

Mod Review by Gattobuono on Sep 20th, 2015

A quick review after having played for about 15-20 hours with this mod

+ Best sound that I have heard in any BF2 mod
+ Best effects that I have seen in any BF2 mod

- As other have pointed out, running causes injury, can be modded if you know how.
- Exaggerated zoom turns even an aimpoint into a 4X marksman scope, useless for cqb,can be modded if you know how.
- AI are all marksmen and will headshot you from 200m even with an AK
- AI medics hardly ever heal and almost never revive you as the player, but the enemy team is always full of AI medics who run around reviving EVERYTHING that you kill. You'll see clusterfuck of enemy AI reviving each other as fast as you can mow them down!

Summary, I really enjoyed this mod for a while, but in the end, the cons mentioned above became really frustrating.
This is a shame because it has the potential to be a top notch mod if it was finished properly.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Oblivion Lost 3.1
5 Review

Mod Review by 0ktober on Sep 19th, 2015 - 2 people don't

Something old, something new. Keeps crashing in an important point of the game. And I miss the artifact activation.

Doom 1 as 1 level, Doom 2 as 1 level
5 Review

Game Review by Thorir on Sep 18th, 2015

Runs really poor, with low FPS, even on a recent PC (8 Gb RAM, i7 CPU, SSD), so it ruins the whole experience.

But I really appreciate the attempt, because when I google'd for a mod that merges the DooM 1 levels/episodes to a single map, this project came up, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Divide and Conquer
5 Review

Mod Review by EpicJimmy123 on Sep 14th, 2015

Best idea in the world for a Medieval 2 mod (alongside Rage of the dark gods) and gameplay from youtube looks amazing but it crashes every time i get into a battle with no error message. campaign map works about 25% of the time as it sometimes crashes for no reason but it crashes 100% when it reaches a battle either from custom battles of campaign. I don't want to give it a bad review and will happily change it if someone could help me out.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Battles of the Storm
5 Review

Mod Review by [GT]Anakin on Sep 14th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

I just played the geonosis map yet. Lorul did a great work on this. There are very detailed places and he has great ideas how to take existing things and put them together to a new experience.
But the map(s) are too big. On many parts I thought ok Lorul didn't know what to put in there to fill the map. It takes very long to explore the map and find the places you need to go.
If you want to play 2 hours on one map, that's a great choice for you. If you don't, I wouldn't recommend this map.

Amnesia Black Death
5 Review

Mod Review by Nyct0Reap3r on Sep 9th, 2015

Unresolved backstory, game-breaking bugs and too short. The only things i could find "good" about this custom story were the surprisingly intense chase moments and the amazing voice acting, could have been cooler, aside from this, terrible.

5 Review

Game Review by Turpow on Sep 7th, 2015

Meh. I love all HL1 games and mods but this one...boring even with bots. Not worth the money unless you enjoy this kind of game...

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
5 Review

Mod Review by Varanmaran on Sep 1st, 2015

For some reason all the armors in game are some peasant robes and some crappy armors.Same thing with horses and arms

Eternium - Prologue
5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 30th, 2015

The lantern doesn't give any light, it gives some kind of gloom. No real beginning and nothing makes sense.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
5 Review

Game Review by Cossack-HD on Aug 27th, 2015

****** campaign.
Infinite enemy respawn is back from singleplayer.
Obvious enemy spawn triggers in SP.
****** sound design.
Slightly improved graphics but overall graphics style is just GREY.
****** music.
Shotgun is more effective against heavy armor than sniper rifles? YOU W0T M8?
Weapon sounds are very similar to each other.
Some silenced weapons sound like some weapons without silencer, WTF.
****** multiplayer with lags even at 4/4 bars connection (good luck finding a good server).
9/10 of people I hear on voice communication are growling - not possible to understand a thing.

Render quality: Low -> Normal -> High -> Ultra -> Native.

The guy who named those presets is a retard, here's how it's supposed to be:
normal = native, all above is downsampling.

Coop is fun for a while, but max 2 players in survival - Activision are too greedy.

Battlefield 4
5 Review

Game Review by Cossack-HD on Aug 27th, 2015

Too much useless stuff, still laggy in 2015, too much chaos.

I played BF4 on high end PCs with 144hz screens with super smooth network (10 ms ping), and you know what? It doesn't feel smooth with all that stuff either.

Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
5 Review

Mod Review by ericfromsouthpark on Aug 27th, 2015

Outside of expected bugs and mechanical flaws inherent with mods, it's decent and worth a play-through. Just don't expect any support from the developers in the event bugs present themselves and do dare not give any suggestions or criticism about the product on their official forums (despite being requested to and provided a platform) lest these devs or their militant fan-boys, who they apparently can't control, take it as a personal slight and lash out.

I played through the mod over the course of a week, thoroughly enjoyed it, spent a good hour or two writing a cautiously worded review explaining particularly what I liked, specific problems which -gasp- I provided solutions for, and a bit of just personal opinions on balance issues, all couched in excessive pleasantries and concessions and then submitted it. They didn't like that one bit.

If you're not looking to have your morality and integrity challenged by some anonymous douche for an earnest review of a mod, just by-pass this group and their products for one run by adults.

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