5 Review

Game Review by manumanuel1998 on Nov 26th, 2015

Grinding game with a nice community, lots of skills to level, antibot system, no p2w or p2p, it gets better the more you play it, give it a chance

5 Review

Game Review by BoxTurtleEnterprises on Nov 24th, 2015

It's just a stupid expensive candy crush

The Unknown Menace
5 Review

Mod Review by Turpow on Nov 22nd, 2015

Feels very incomplete. Mediocre weapon and character models, boxy level design, and very hard to play because of the realistic damage. Not really worth playing.

Tag: The Power of Paint
5 Review

Game Review by ofihombre on Nov 22nd, 2015

This game is the anticipated prototype from Splatoon.

VTMB: Clan Quest Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by arsxc on Nov 21st, 2015

Sadly i am disappointed with this mod. After all this hype and (high!!?!? #@) scores i was expecting something good but... no. Firs of all it lacks atmosphere very badly. There is too many "LOLs" and "*****" and sexual themes. It felt very childish and premature. After couple of quests i wanted to uninstall this crap and start with the fresh install. To create quality video game there is some proper IQ required. And this chick date-quest thing, really??! (I am talking about the clan mod thing only, not the other like arsenal mod or patch which are great!)

Duhexin's MOD
5 Review

Mod Review by G1GN on Nov 19th, 2015

Well, this mod may be bad, but i am not giving it a 1 star rating unless i play it.

MaxCraft Of DOOM's Brutal Doom
5 Review

Mod Review by BOTCH_CARA on Nov 19th, 2015

The description itself is very bland and less descriptive, making people scared of clicking the download button. I, myself too am afraid to click that download button, fearing that it might be a terry trap or whatsoever. Overall, give this mod an appropriate description so that I will download it and maybe help you in testing the mod and report bugs. :P

C&C: Tiberian Sun
5 Review

Game Review by fir3w0rx on Nov 18th, 2015

Still an awesome games 16 years later :)

For those interested in playing online vs other people, we have a great C&C community that play all the classic C&Cs; (including Tiberian Sun). After you get bored of single player mode, visit:

and battle it out with hundreds of other classic C&C fans online!

Gateway 2
5 Review

Mod Review by Weperlol on Nov 18th, 2015

The mapping isn't good and rather dull. but it has some cool cut-scenes. however the mod is very short but it also has some new weapons "kinda" and a new enemy. I have to say the ending is pretty darn dark...

Wanted! The Western Mod - STEAM
5 Review

Mod Review by Turpow on Nov 4th, 2015

Ugh. I don't know. I'm a huge Half-Life mods fan, and I love Absolute Redemption, a mod made by the same creator of Wanted!...but I just don't like this. It's somewhat confusing, hard to play and plain. Meh.

Amnesia: The Riddle of Vova
5 Review

Mod Review by legendrobotmaster23 on Nov 1st, 2015

i wanna say i like i wanna say this mod is epic because it looks wonderful and the atmopshere is awesome but i cant. and one reason why ******* keys. i cant play a game where i have to repeatably look up a walkthrough or get immersed into a game because i gotta look for a walkthrough to find your ******* atrocious key hiding spots. so im giving this a solid five and im not gonna finish this game either because its ******* me the **** off so i give it a five its really good for your first mod but next one you make dont ever make key spots like that what the hell is wrong you

5 Review

Mod Review by ☣GenezisO☢ on Nov 1st, 2015 - 4 people agree

unstable :/

Amnesia: The Riddle of Vova
5 Review

Mod Review by prenz on Oct 28th, 2015

Nice game so far, but nothing of new.
The same "search the key", seen millions of times.
There's no puzzles, just the usual maze (seen millions of times).
The story is long and good, some details denotes a female touch much appreciated.
But some events it's not connected.
Like the acid jar, and the jar filled of hashis.
It's not an attempt to make a non-linear game, it's all put in a scene, as a luna park: if you want to play again, explore more without know anything, or get the door to the exit: the result it's the same.
It is not the game that I expect, but... not bad.
Go further with Soma.

5 Review

Mod Review by Ruler-of-Salt-Flats on Oct 27th, 2015

Gonna have to be honest with this one, Despite this mod being pretty fun to play, it has extremely jarring flaws that needs to be fixed. First off, it is horribly unbalanced to play. Many of the factions have either overpowered troops or complete utter **** troops. There is no in between as far I've seen. Second, the mod is just flat out unfinished. It feels like there is just something missing from the mod but I will forgive this as the mod is still pretty early. Lastly, you gain money way too easily in this mod. I managed to rummage around 600k by the 200th day in the world. Sure money isn't as important in this world but honestly it really should be important. Overall this mod is just alright so far but I'd check it out anyways. At least its not that goddamn assassins mod.

Inferno modification v1.0.1 for Quake one
5 Review

Mod Review by Rus_Demo on Oct 26th, 2015

I do not understand on bug -_-

Hopeless Night
5 Review

Mod Review by flippedoutkyrii on Oct 20th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

I can see a lot of effort went into the level design, as the detail levels are quite eye-catching, and darting around hordes of zombies with little ammo is quite pulse pounding.

I just feel it relies too much on cliche, and it can be quite frustrating at times when you are forced to melee zombies with an infective pipe, as they do incredible damage in a short time.

Direction was also pretty crap, the constant key hunting and the jarring cutscenes sucked me out of the tension and gameplay very often.

Not to mention the ending comes out of nowhere, with characters that were never mentioned beforehand suddenly being the only reason for the main characters drive through the apocalypse.

It's well made, and I might play it again for sightseeing, it is just flawed :/

Europa Barbarorum 2
5 Review

Mod Review by firesaw on Oct 18th, 2015

Amazing. Mod. Ever
good textures.
good animations
new later updates
not much melee swordsmen...
good new cities.
Based on true Weapon history.
nice shields.
shame that I crash when skirmishers shoot.....
to much bugs...
crash every time from skirms throwing spears....
Patch has a bug for me not loading and still crashing with the throwing spears.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Oblivion Lost 3.1
5 Review

Mod Review by theamonisis on Oct 15th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

The mod works fine, graphics are really amazing, but I didn´t like the gameplay changes at all (according to OL2.2, which I played and loved before). The game loses almost all the fun as a result of the cut out story parts. Pripyat is totally empty now - just a few Monoliths and some creatures (Very sad, cause I really loved that part in OL2.2) NPP ist totally overloaded with chimeras, burers an bloodsuckers - no human enemies at all. Playing gets just annoying at this point so I quit. Can´t say anything about the new story part after final. New levels have the same trouble as NPP. A-Life changes at all are terrible. Spawning also.
Just not my cup of tea.

5 Review

Mod Review by flippedoutkyrii on Oct 14th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Great mapping and excellent use of textures aside, the gameplay is WAY to difficult with little resources, an over-abundance of enemies and way too many cheap death-traps to ensnare even the most perceptive players.

It's not entirely unplayable, however. But the only people I can really recommend this game to are masochists and those looking for one hell of a challenge.

I hope the mapper doesn't take this the wrong way, as he has a keen eye for details. I just hope his next map or mod takes it easy on the enemy placement, and leaves a little more resources for the player to use :)

Deus Ex: Revision
5 Review

Mod Review by dex46 on Oct 13th, 2015 - 9 people agree 13 people don't

**** Steam! DRM is EVIL! No respect to all Deus Ex fans. If there be no solution for all who own GOG or retail version, I will lower rating even more.

Update: The World is not without good people and they made cure for us. So far mod looks for me not so great as I expected, but atmosphere feels much better than original. So, 5 is my rating for this mod. Why? Because shame on you, Caustic Creative, that's why!

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