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Mod Review by Ehd420 on Oct 28th, 2014

Note: This review isn't based on the gameplay because I haven't played it yet - it's based on the artwork and graphics style alone.

Mod looks impressive and ambitious and has some very cool looking units, but has some pretty glaring artistic problems as well.

First off is the Guardians of Islam faction - most of their buildings are based off of traditional Middle-Eastern architecture (even the base defenses look like they're made of stone) and don't look like anything you'd ever see in the middle of a battlefield.

The Brummbar super tank is another issue - the tank is just too big, or the scale seems to be way off on some of the units (I see pickup truck-styled units shorter than this tank's treads). Not to mention the turret on the tank looks too similar to an Abrams.

Lastely - what's up with the UN faction using "advertisements" as a weapon on the battlefield? Even the advertisements at the base look a little strange - but using "Burger King" ads to defeat enemy soldiers is something that should be reserved for a comedy mod - not a semi-realistic mod.

Overall this mod looks like it has some impressive new designs, but some of these design choices are so unfitting that they stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the incentive to play it.

Mission Impracticable
5 Review

Mod Review by DrRosenberg on Oct 28th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

I gave this a 5.
+ Gameplay, Combat, Challenging
- Leveldesign, Story, Playtime

< Leveldesign >
It was rather short (15-30 min) and the leveldesign is missing some detail. Rooms and area's should make some sense in placement and layout in my opinion. In this mod some of the rooms made no sense at all and didn't have to be there because it added nothing special. The same goes for the layout of some area's were the simplicity makes the area looks unlogical and unrealistic. It has an overal cheap and simple look. I think if you want to have an enviroment for practicing speedrunning you should try this mod. The puzzels were done well without too much backtracking or searching for stuff. Also some scenes were done pretty well.

< Story >
There isn't really a story other than the usual incident from HL. I assume that you begin the game before the RC. However no evidence is found that you experience the RC during the game other than a strange transition in an elevator. before enter this elevator you are in a peacefull working area and after the elevator you end up in a room with corpses and aliens all of a sudden.

< Combat >
The combat difficulty was pretty good however some enemies were placed inconvenient. The amount of pickups were also done well, you get just enough health and weapons are there to pickup from enemies mostly.

5 Review

Mod Review by KaiserLouis-PhilipV on Oct 28th, 2014

The Codex mod is ambitious for what it claims to accomplish: bringing all the codex-certified units into the game. However, at the same time, that's a very small goal and is basically all you're getting: new units and races. That's cool, but when it comes to doing more than staring at the models and nerding out over them in Army Painter or in an ease-mode Skirmish match or a multiplayer game with friends, the game falls flat. Most of the units and buildings lack any description, leaving you to guess what does what. But granted after lots of trial, error, and guesswork, you'll figure out what does what. If you're familiar with the tabletop it may be easier for you to remember.

While adding everything from the codex might seem like it would open up possibilities, it also leaves gaping holes in unit rosters. Grey Knights, for example, don't even have turrets. That means any kind of defensive strategy is shot for a Grey Knights player. Space Wolves have no anti-vehicle units or abilities (this was according to a friend who was playing as Space Wolves in a multiplayer match with me), so when you're fighting say LD who's Stalker Tanks can tear apart whole squads like they're tissue paper it makes you regret rolling your faction you were looking forward to playing as. While it's cool to see a lot of the units make transitions from table to game with some sexy models, the fact the mod is limited almost exclusively to what the tabletop can offer means some factions will be more viable than others.

But before you're thinking you can add in new races to fix these issues using the combine feature, you'd be wrong. There seems to be something wrong with the combiner feature, possibly involving that these race mods have experienced updates since this one was released which now make them incompatible with the present combiner system. I've seen videos of other people doing it, and I don't believe the mod team would purposefully put out bad tutorials, or they would've been called on it. I believe the mod just needs a minor tweak to fix this, or perhaps an update on a hotfix to get around this problem in the combiner system. I've also seen videos demonstrating a broken Tyranid AI. I cannot confirm this from personal experience. I have some AI mods anyway, so maybe that will fix it on my end. I personally have not tried playing against the Tyranids on Codex.

I get the impression this mod is intended for those heavily familiar with the tabletop and its armies and their units, mechanics, and tactics. That's cool for those who are intimately familiar with it, but everyone else might be left out in the cold. I'll admit I am familiar with 40k's universe and have a library of its literature and fluff but I've never had the people or disposable income to engage in the hobby. But for those who do and play DoW, this will be enjoyable. However I feel even they would like it if the same imbalances which notoriously plague the tabletop were corrected in this mod. Or maybe not. I don't know.

If you just want to look at cool models, you know enough about the tabletop to know what everything does and how it works, and you don't want any extra units in anyway, then you think this mod is perfect. But for those who aren't any of those things or who only partially meet these requirements, it's an average mod at best and the only feature that puts it on par with something like UA or Legion is that it has some of the same game options/special rules and you can import race mods in. But with that feature broken, I can't rate this mod above average. I don't rate it this way because it's bad, but because it's average - pending if they ever fix the combiner feature or provide a hotfix.

Alien: Isolation
5 Review

Game Review by Filizitas on Oct 27th, 2014

The controls are hardly and sometimes overpowered soft...
Story telling is great but implementation of features is not that good.
Its a linear game and it feels like the alien is scripted to be always where u are... i mean the station is a giant one and the alien is right in your space...

It comes to one sentence: This is a bad game but a great Alien.

Horror is fully functional and Story is good. The rest is just "good to have"

:) Alien fans have to.

Amnesia:Grandpa's mansion
5 Review

Mod Review by cav8000 on Oct 26th, 2014

Typical house to cellar Amnesia story with a major bug that made me lose ALL interest. The goo/flesh wall that you can just click on to go right through. Absolutely unbelievable. That made getting any keys and solving any puzzle completely unnecessary. I proceeded a little while longer after that only to get lost in a dark maze. Needs some work. Should be deleted from the released section until the bugs are fixed.

5 Review

Game Review by Uxernome on Oct 25th, 2014

The first level is too easy and too small, while the second is too big and too hard. In fact, I never got pass the second level. The droids are difficult to outrun, it's quite impossible as a matter of fact. Their lazer seems too always touch you once fired, even if you're not touching them. Crouching, jumping or simply trying to get out of the way... it won't do any good. Not mentioning the fact that there is no speedrun at all.
Overall, I fully like the concept, which pretty much makes me remember of the first portal game.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback
5 Review

Game Review by ***Geroj*** on Oct 22nd, 2014

-Mediocre TBS, lot of cover system is missing like hide behind corner of building and shoot from it (its driving me crazy, whole urban fighting is just pain in AZZ)
-without jagged alliance soul
-no attachments, whole gun porn is missing where you can customize your guns
-various munnition is missing -like hollow point, FMJ etc...
-few skills
-few sectors
-small, unsatisfying micromanagment
-cant fight together with militia
-cant exit map when battle start
-unfinished, in alpha state
-from start I was sure you cant make JA game in short time and I was right its just too complex game to make, devs not skilled, from small studio and run out of money (?)

+Still lot better than JA Back in Action
+-Have potential, have no idea if they ever finish it, but I dont think so
They probably release free dlc with laser pointers and scopes and move on to make some other shiat

As I said its mediocre TBS 5/10 but if you slap "jagged alliance" brand on it then its 2/10
Do not buy least for now

The Evil Within
5 Review

Game Review by TheUnbeholden on Oct 16th, 2014 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

This needs some kind of tagline... hmm Outlast but not a survival horror (theres one section where you hide and sneak past then a few instances where you need to hide a locker) the rest is Resident Evil 4 styled shooter, but not really a horror shooter because the controls are to sluggish to do that well, and all mixed up with a below average story set and a bunch of clichè Silent Hill/Hostel-style gore/monsters, and it felt like it was trying too hard to be "hardcore horror" ie combining survival and action-horror but failing to deliver any sentiment of that. Giving us perhaps the most disjointed story I've seen, one of the worst console ports I've played getting locked in at 30FPS, controls do not allow you to do anything easily, its all so god damn clunky you can't pick anything up easily, you can interact with the environment without struggling to highlight it and you can't aim without the entire screen zooming into to this 50 degree angle, terrible Ai, cut scenes every 5-15 minutes breaking immersion, not able to save when you want and graphically its on par with a Xbox 360 game... when the 360 was first released.
The biggest disappointment since Duke Nukem Forever because I thought this was going to be the next big horror title. But really its just a triple A game pretending to be like Outlast superficially whilst trying hard at pretending to be Resident Evil 4.

Horror outside of Indie has really gone downhill, I can't see the triple A industry getting any semblance credibility. No professional standard for releasing on the PC. And obviously the main critics are saying nothing but nice things and obviously pre-orders are trying to pull you in based on the game being made by a 'industry veteran' and all this pre-order bonuses ********.

Talentless hacks trying to sell us into the horror craze. Well guess what.. you need actual talent to make a good horror game.

Alien: Isolation
5 Review

Game Review by Cilitbäng on Oct 16th, 2014

Nice game. But, once you know how to handle the A.I. The magic is gone. It´s just a survival game.

Strogg Universe
5 Review

Mod Review by AmDDRed on Oct 15th, 2014

This mod broke original Q4 installation with it's own .exe, so you can't launch mods, only this one.

BioHazard Alert
5 Review

Mod Review by Glisp on Oct 14th, 2014

The mod is poorly constructed and installation instructions are trash.

Battle for Middle-earth II
5 Review

Game Review by H@mm£R on Oct 14th, 2014

hmmm i liked the previous one more.

Red Faction II
5 Review

Game Review by Timvorixos on Oct 12th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

A normal game when bored

Hopeless Night
5 Review

Mod Review by Adeco22 on Oct 11th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

for those who would read the review section before playing this mod... SPOILER ALERT!!!

[+]nice custom data, no major bugs on skins, zombies, and weapons

[+]has a real "spooky" theme even though there are no "There's nothing you can do... BOO!" moments

[+]has no glitches(not that I'm aware of)

*[+]is ported to Source 2013 (I still dunno what good it has but you know... "new is always better" :P)

[=]audio and grammar are "meh", but I can't blame you because of the warning at the start of the game :D

[=]has an attempt to a good ending, you may either know if he committed suicide or maybe just killed the ******

[=]only has 3 weapons (3 weapons all around an URBAN city), but the realism is there because who can carry like 5 weapons or so without being totally exhausted (except those people with a HEV suit, HECU combat gear, or Black Mesa standard security outfit or so)

[-]has no final boss (oh Good Lord Almighty :/). I know it may be "cliche" but it is one of the things that makes us feel rewarded on finishing a game

[-]the maps are "too clean", some traces of blood over there, some dead zombies, I know it doesn't cope well with other pc's
but that's what zombie game addicts are looking for :D

[-]the story is short but that is to be expected from a mod. but the story itself... A recent zombie apocalypse with NO(and I mean NO!) instance of survivors running about in the streets, no sign of the human race about to be doomed, just you, some zombies, and some other zombies, some survivors (and one of them is a crazy *** mofo >:D) and a hell lot of zombies

[-]the characters on the story are like freakin' brainiacs because they know what the hell you've been through those past few minutes(in playtime of course) for example:
~(Le crazy Harry appeared) "oh, another survivor... [blah3x] ... I know you read the letter from the hospital" (he wasn't even in the hospital and the letter was written by an unknown dead guy)
~"My lock is a weak lock [blah3x]... He puts you inside an arena with zombies to fight" (even though she'd just arrived and there were nobody else) and the two cages really made that part "scripted" because there are exactly two cages(one for you and the other for the girl)

[-]like other reviews I've seen, you don't get to face the sniper guy :'( I really wanted to eliminate that guy from the face of the Source Engine xD

[-]the running past zombies part doesn't play well for source players because we tend to stay and fight(all those dead zombies [sob]) :''|

Anyway, it's a good mod :D if I were to summarize it:

Maps------------------------- (*)(*)
Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (*)(*)(*)
Customized Data---------- (*)(*)
Characters~~~~~~~~~~~~ (*)
Realism----------------------- (*)(*)
Simplicity~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (*)(*)(*)(*)
Weapons--------------------- (*)(*)
Effects~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (*)(*)
Distinctness(from HL2)--- (*)(*)(*)
Game play~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (*)(*)(*)(*)
Horror------------------------ (*)(*)(*)

Conclusion: A good mod (Y) :D nice to play so enjoy playing :D if there is a sequel... I'm gonna allow it ^_^ and just improve the effects and make it more "international" instead from "for our Mother Russia" (dude, I'm not racist -_-) and add some more maps before the ending (please add a "kill that sniper" part because I would really love that :D) and we have ourselves another contender for Steam Greenlight :) hehe

Medieval Kingdoms: Total War
5 Review

Mod Review by Rokulda on Oct 10th, 2014

Can't ******* wait for this to be finished, Medieval 3 here we come!

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
5 Review

Mod Review by miloguvesel on Oct 10th, 2014 - 2 people agree

The mod is pretty good but since is very demanding on pc resources it should have (like on floris mod) 1 high-graphic version and 1 low-graphic version of the mod.Also Cozur is a bit arrogant (he is from Denmark after all) and he gave a 1/10 to the other game of throne mod without any comment just because it was a game of throne mod which is rude.

Autumn Aurora 2
5 Review

Mod Review by Jaegder on Oct 9th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

While it's a great idea, there are many many flaws that make it a Misery (AKA unfun mod)for SoC.

1) The Grenade Damage and Range, way too high and ridiculous, IRL I could throw a grenade into a room, and stand to the side of the door, and survive with no injuries, in AA2, I can't be within 50m of it or I die.

2) The lack of visibility, yeah I get it "Muh immersion" but the ******** that stems from being shot from places you can't see, even if you look directly at them, is ridiculous. The enemies can snipe me from 120m away through dense bush and I'd be lucky to even see a tracer.

3) The fact that you can take 1 - 3 shots max before either dying, bleeding heavily or having to disengage while enemies (So far I've noticed this with Bandits and Mercs) Can take upwards of 6 bullets to the chest is clear artificial difficulty.

4) Rad drugs taking health away makes this incredibly difficult in the end stage of the game. Another bad design choice.

I recommend modifying some .ltx's and stuff to make it more enjoyable for yourself.
There are many other small things that I noticed that irk me, mainly how bad the AI is in escort missions and what have you. All in all it's a great idea that seems very rushed. I love the way it looks though.

Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by Sobutai on Oct 6th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

I’m doing a Let’s Play if you would like a first impression:
Premonition, the Amnesia Custom Story is about ... I'm not really sure.

Story Analysis:

You start off with a nicely written poem in the beginning that gives a good enough of an overview of the story. The actually gameplay starts off in a Manor with incredibly unsettling atmosphere and some good scares that aren’t actually there. Once you get further into the bowels of the manor you’re bombarded with jump scares from what would seem to be the girl from the Grudge or the Ring. With some odd fog monster showing up here and there. Regardless the entire time you are in the manor you are on edge, terrified of what is around the corner or in the locked closets.

Then you leave it and the entire story has a huge disconnect. You go from trying to find your fellow detective to wandering the streets of some city chased by pigmen. With some man wearing a hat guiding you along with riddles and odd notes and puzzles. Once you leave that manor the mod loses its atmosphere and becomes something different and I’m not entirely sure what that is. The town you are in is filled with questions but no answers. Why was there a little boy ghost, why are all of these pigmen just rampaging through the streets? Why do I need to burn dead pigs to open a door?

Afterwards you wander around a mine with no explanation of what to do, the only clue is “Don’t go in the water.” You actually need to climb up a hard to see and hard to reach rope. Only to get “assaulted” by some weird oversized leech thing that is never explained and never mentioned again. Then you go home to your wife to give her some mysterious flower that apparently is a cure all … for some reason. Except you don’t, because I guess one of your detective partners was actually a bad guy, pretending to be a detective because … reasons?

Then you find out that that your supposed detective partner was the protégé to the man who created the pigmen who was actually the father of the other detective… and you’re the only one who can stop him … because you’re the righteous one trying to save your wife … I guess. In the middle of this you get stuck in a very frustrating memory where you are in the little Grudge girls room. Once you somehow manage to solve it, you get some story that explains nothing.

In the grand finale you find yourself stuck in a frustrating “puzzle” with the teleporting Tesla Pig trying to kill you. With your only explanation being “overload the machine.” Which explains nothing. Once you manage to figure out what that means, you are greeted with a nice explosion, a sewer to crawl through and the Hatman explaining that he isn’t from our world. Which again raises more questions than answers anything.

By the end of this mod, I understood very little of what I just played. I also had a mission from near the beginning of the game that I never finished, and somehow managed to continue on.
Final Thoughts:

If this mod had focused more on the Manor and kept it in there, the atmosphere would have been the strongest point of this game. However that’s lost about 1/3 of the way. Major story points are barely explained and I felt very lost in it all, not in a good way. I did enjoy playing it, except for the part in the city. It bugged on me twice. I needed to reload an old save. Then sneaking around the pigs was very irritating and buggy.

I look forward to what comes next from these guys, there is plenty of potential. I just feel like the mod needed more focus and explaining.

+ Good Voice acting, from the main characters
+ Decently planned puzzles
+ The Manor had great Atmosphere
+ Innovative aspects
+ So much Potential

- Horrid voice acting from minor character notes.
- Some puzzles are poorly executed
- Incredibly Buggy
- Loses atmosphere about 1/3 through
- No explanation to so many things

If you would rather watch, I’m currently uploading my let’s play:

5 Review

Game Review by ScreamScreen on Oct 3rd, 2014

It's was a pretty boring game, but there is NO clue what to do after the pentagram drawing.

Quality: The graphics are just fine to me, there is a bit of atmosphere there but I'd like to see more of it.
Story: Well I didn't get anywhere before the pentagram drawing and just killed myself by one of the enemies.
Scares: The enemies are not scary at all, if there is meant to be creepiness in it, there is none. Very boring. The enemies are very low quality with no animations or a scare factor at all.
Length: I don't know how long it is, considering I didn't finish it.
Lag: No lag.

Quality: 5 - Story: 5 - Scares: 1 - Length: 5 - Lag: 10 - All in all. I don't know what the heck to say, but it was just plain boring. I know I'm being pretty harsh but that's the truth of what I think of it.

The Cursed Maze
5 Review

Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Sep 29th, 2014

Got bored after finding the first key... I didn't see why I should run around in a terribly modeled and textures maze for some keys.
I understand that this only took 10 hours to make, but still, this needs more work.

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