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5 Review

Mod Review by DelFaz on Mar 29th, 2015

-Nice idea.
-Runtime error
-Runtime error
-Only pure luck decides you can play it or not.
-Runtime error.

Cant really write anything about the game cz after 45mins of struggling with the config, ive seen the menu. And then ctd. But still, its a nice idea.

Azgad - A Story of Calradia
5 Review

Mod Review by dragos13 on Mar 27th, 2015

I'm giving a 5 but it's not because of that the mod is not that good. Frozenpainter is such a talented modder and I believe that he will keep developing the mod and it's gonna be much more better. However, the promotion of the mod must be more attractive in my opinion and that's why I'm giving 5 :) I wish all the best to Frozenpainter.

The Reckoning : For M&B
5 Review

Mod Review by Arianx on Mar 26th, 2015

PLEASE FIX!-Im on a mac and when I load up the game to is no text just buttons iv'e had the same problem with perisno also please!

The Reckoning : For M&B
5 Review

Mod Review by t0md0n0v4n on Mar 26th, 2015

This mod has a bunch of great ideas going for it, but really fails to deliver on most. Alot of textures don't load in, people are missing heads, or their legs jut out from their torsos, etc. Automatic weapons, like light machine guns and modern assault rifles, fire in a really uncontrollable and strange way, eating up ammo. No this isn't realistic, it's just ridiculous. I think something similar to the Hellsing crossbow (can be found here, which is semi-auto, would work alot better. Stick with shotguns. Finally the women. The women in this mod are all given enormous breasts, that seriously, could never exist naturally. They're almost all in high heels, and slutty revealing clothes, it's just plain silly. Like they were designed by a pubescent, extremely *****, 14 year old boy. Fix that crap. In the end the good things are great ideas, great map, great items, cool zombies, DECAPITATIONS!!!

WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
5 Review

Mod Review by Joseca on Mar 24th, 2015

This shloud be called "World in Confict Missile Warfare".
This mods locks NATO units, forcing you to choose US or Russia. I got tired looking AA batteries firing contacts after a week playing this. If I want aerial warfare I can play "Wargame"....

The Reckoning : For M&B
5 Review

Mod Review by Yeevivor4 on Mar 22nd, 2015 - 11 people agree 9 people don't

-waited 2 years for game
-got hyped today 5 minutes before "opening time at 7 GMT"
-waited 1.5 hours for download to be open
-downloaded game
-chrome blocked it
-downloaded again, chrome blocked it
-turn malware settings down
-downloaded and got it
-started as a county police man
-saw zombie and tried to kill it
-used melee wep cuz gun failed
-saw zombie started to box me and trying to block
-laughed at it and died while it kept punching my face
-respawned as same character
-killed zombie
-hired ex-maurader with no body (lolwtf)
-went to gather resources
-fought 10 zombies with my baton
-got surrounded.. and didn't die
-travelled to aryan brotherhood
i r8 8/8 m8

Now, this is the real review. I waited so long, 2 years for this game to be made. When you look at the map, it looks amazing. Nice forests, coastline, city. The thing that bothers me is the black specks that are suppose to be marshes or something. It looks like a 3 year old went to and made a black circle(not a pretty one too). I started to play, and went to the shop. I looked at the horse shop, and it said that I didn't have this horse thing. Anyways, it went back and I saw a Tank and an elephant. I moused over the tank and.. I laughed my *** off. I saw a Stubborn Tank and a spirited elephant or something. I was like 'wtf bro'. After 1 hour, it was pretty boring. You just go to a place, run to a specific spot and grab resources by pressing H. Not much to do. If it takes 2-3 years to make this, it's probably going to take 4 years to get it into a good game.

PROS: Very nice environment, nice guns, nice mounts (stubborn tank), nice intro screen and character making
CONS: Black spots on map, can't fight Bounty Hunters, some Native M&B screens, boring resource collecting, zombies box you instead of biting, third person bug,

Don't forget, if you want to purge zombies from a village, you're actually going to fight random medieval villagers who have bow and arrows and somehow kill gun-wielding soldiers..

But as this is an Alpha, i still r8 8/8 m8 :D

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
5 Review

Game Review by Shadow_Micha on Mar 18th, 2015

Armymen is good, but you ... Sergeant Hawk ... not

Original Sarge in first Armymen FTW!!

Paranoia 2: Savior
5 Review

Game Review by Hezus on Mar 15th, 2015 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Visually, this is game is a great achievement! Everything breaths 80's and 90's USSR style and it's full of small details. Map layouts are a bit straight-forward but still offer a realistic feeling. The engine can't hold up with today's tech, but gets close to Source, although performance and stability needs to be improved. This is really how far you can push this old cart.

And then gameplay. The AI is stale and offer no challenge even on Difficult. Some monsters just don't make any sense (huge spiders? 0_o) or where you have to crush a giant. He just redicilously runs around following you and when you finaly get to crush him under a pounder (which are there for what reason? It's not a factory..) he just disappears into small gibs. The game could have done without this 'boss fight'. Also, the infected soldiers (I guess that's what they are?) don't make any sense. The virus makes them brainless zombies, so why can they use weapons and tactics?

Also, finding certain objects is a pain in the @ss. There's a clever system indicating which items can be interacted with, but for some wierd reason certain vital items are not included in this system. And so you walk around for 15 minutes finding a certain piece of paper in a hall full of paper. Anyone found that keycard in under 10 minutes?

Story is also very thin with characters popping up all of a sudden. I press a button on a pc and suddenly a cutscene comes up and there's a surving scientist.. who's been there for 20 years? Who is she? What? Where? Then the start and end in the hospital seems like something 'borrowed' from a certain movie.

Clearly, there are some really talented people on this team. Visuals and audio are great! But the 'underground-lab-virus-outbreak-zombie-thing has been done a 100 times now. For Paranoia 3, have a sit-down and a drink and come up with something new, something fresh: story-wise and gameplay-wise. Take all you know about zombie-outbreak games and movies, then turn it around, shake it up and lets see what comes out.

Skeletal Dance Simulator
5 Review

Game Review by MechaTrickster on Mar 15th, 2015

5/10 for what it is. Could potentially a full fledged tower defense game if the devs really wanted it to be.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
5 Review

Game Review by lazatoy on Mar 14th, 2015 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers

The game is interesting, and the concept of having JUST ONE bot following you seems interesting. Sadly, the game tries it's best to do multiple endings, but what follows are just slightly modified pictures, and in order to get the good ending you have to play mini-games in a certain order. There's an good alternate ending if you play on a harder difficulty, but still, it's not too great.

5 Review

Mod Review by HumiliatoR on Mar 14th, 2015 - 2 people don't

Wow, that was quick I finished chapter one in like 10-15 minutes, really short and disappointing and bland.

First of all I liked the atmosphere, but it was really rushed design, like there was nothing to explore at all, pretty non-linear gameplay and just running through maps, beginning was nice start, but when I progressed more and more it becomes bland and boring a lot, there's no detailing at all just hallways and corridors and just walking and walking. I mean it was little scary when I reached final maps and that encounter comes, but everything is just planned blandly and boring experience, glad there was not cheap jumpscares, I know you builded only nice atmosphere, but I expected a lot more! Like more scares, puzzles and many scripting events.. overall there was like 4-5 scripts coded. I have played hundreds of stories and this wasn't that good at all, mapping was okay, but story didn't make sense at all. Really quick chapter to play and make me want discover even more, well if you split those chapters like " example. Chapter 1 this is just exploring and player reveal dark secrets" then "Chapter 2 contains more events and more complex story, what Chapter 1 didn't show at all.. and so on" if this is you're plan, great! Otherwise I expected much more. It was okay story, but you really need more detailing and a lot of more interesting gameplay to make this mod more enjoyable. Sorry if being little harsh, but I'm just critizing a lot when I write a review.

Playable, but needs much more work and interesting gameplay - 5/10

Blood in The West
5 Review

Mod Review by MBG322 on Mar 10th, 2015

not complete... fix the dang Goblins and Trolls, and it could be a decent mod

Fairy Empire(Yaodu) Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by ProdigyToby on Mar 9th, 2015

Beautiful ships, nice tech tree and effects, amazing trading mode. I would given this a 10/10 if the skirmish mode wasn't so imbalanced. The mod lacks any real AI (an AI that actually uses resources and builds facilities and such to build its ships.) and instead has some strange script that just endless spawns ships one after the other. In fact this script actually kind of cheats because it is able to get high tech ships it could not possibly afford very quickly and send them straight to you in a line without having even scouted you, so I would have to give this a 5/10 because It feels more like the game is not completely finished yet, as skirmish mode is undoubtedly the most important mode for a homeworld 2 mod.

City Life RPG
5 Review

Mod Review by sirben on Mar 9th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

i have been playing city life for the last few years and i can honestly say it's the best life mod i have played on arma !

5 Review

Mod Review by ZhuleCRO on Mar 7th, 2015

It looks beautiful, great textures, awesome architecture, but the gameplay... IT SUCKS !! So many enemies, little resources, cheap deaths (falling on rooftop)... Veeeeeery difficult, even on easy :(

1860s Old America
5 Review

Mod Review by Flatcaps on Mar 2nd, 2015

It's an OK Mod, but if it was more polished, it'd be perfect.

Bloodlines: Antitribu
5 Review

Mod Review by epeternally on Mar 1st, 2015

An ambitious mod that misses the tone of the original with frustrating frequency, is moderately buggy, and focuses way too intensely on increasing the overall difficulty of the game at the expense of both its flavor and fun. The modeling is good, the new classes are cool even if the absence of histories for them is disappointing, but at the end of the day there's little avoiding that it makes the overall experience of playing Bloodlines worse. Worth trying if you're a die hard who has already been through the game multiple times (like me), but don't use this for your first playthrough, and don't expect it to live up to the hype.

Paranoia 2: Savior
5 Review

Game Review by SysOp. on Mar 1st, 2015 - 17 people agree 3 people don't

People play games, read books, watch movies, for the solely reason: experience emotions. There are a wide range of different ones. A few of these are positive and keep us feeding what the brain wants. However on this game, 90% of the time I experienced frustration, confusion, boredom and anger.

Level design, while decent, doesn't give the player proper visual clues. Most of the time is uninspired and fails to set the mood properly.

The combat aspect was improved, and broken, at the same time. Iron sights do not work properly. The AI (which is default HL one) fails to deliver and most of the time I played, it glitched. There's plenty of ammo to spare, and most of the zombies are not a threat at all. No tension, no nothing.

Story wise, it was a good shot but executed poorly. And the ending left me with confusion. We don't want open endings and ambiguety, we need proper resolution for the characters, so we think our time spent was worth it.

Of course there are new graphical effects which are very welcome (except that drunk camera -- gosh), but aside that, there's not much interesting content.

I really wanted to like this project given all the talented people who worked on it, but delivering a good game is always hard. It's a pity, because most of the issues could have been fixed, with some additional development time.

I hope the devs can read the players' feedback and provide an additional patch, with fixes, for future players.


Ion Domination Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by Tesla_commando on Feb 28th, 2015

This mod is..... Fine. Not bad. I don't say 'I hate it'. It is just..... normal

Paranoia 2: Savior
5 Review

Game Review by JohnSmirnov on Feb 27th, 2015

(Note for english users: I am sorry I wrote it in Russian, some of us, ukrainians etc just do not understand English, so I decided to use Russian instead of English, I hope (online) translators will help you and you will understand if not everything, than at least most of that what I wrote. Thanks).
Кстати, данная рецензия - лишь моё мнение, вы не обязаны соглашаться.

Ну вот и она, долгожданная вторая Паранойя, которая сначала начинала как мод для Халф-Лайфа, но потом переросла в самостоятельную игру. Казалось бы, что может выйти плохо, пусть хоть Баззер и не принимал участие в разработке, зато за неё взялись наши украинские друзья? А вышло почти всё довольно средненько, но начну пожалуй с плюсов:

1) Локации выглядят вполне себе хорошо, к примеру мне даже очень понравилась мелкая зона с бараками и статуей Ленина.

2) Новые враги и интересные фичи (к примеру враги, могут выбить из ваших рук оружие, хотя эта фича скорее минус, чем плюс, если честно).

Ну тут, плюсы с моей точки зрения заканчиваются, перейдём пожалуй к неприятному, к минусам:

1) Разработчики, очень много контента стырили из остальных игр и местами даже фильмов. К примеру: части тела из дум 3; зомбированные советские солдаты используют одну из внешностей (и кстати ту же самую бледную кожу) зомби оттуда же и анимацию зомби-воинов из Возвращения в замок Вольфенштейн (у них даже присядка есть, хотя я не понял, почему было просто не взять анимацию обычных зомби, ибо когда эти скажем зомби-советы ходят в присядку - это выглядит крайне смешно и нелепо); толстый большой зомби - просто рескиненная версия Оларика из того же Вольфа. Ну и так далее, всего не перечислить.

2) Зомби-офицер почему-то в игру не попал, не знаю, может разрабы посчитали его лишним или комичным для игры, но с другой стороны, почему бы и не включить его в игру? Ну хотя бы специально для той секретной зоны, где можно найти снайперку.

3) Это лично мой минус, но ИМХО, учёных зомби-женщин ну чересур многовато, а учёных зомби-мужчин ну слишком мало. Я не какой-то сексист или ультра-феминист, смотря что вы подумали, но это как-то ГЛУПО с моей точки зрения. Такое ощущение, будто вирус (или что это?) может только женщин-учёных массов поражать, а мужчин-учёных - очень частично. Ну это реально глупо.

4) Игра слишком короткая, из-за чего порой задаёшь вопросом, ЧТО тут разрабатывалось столько лет (как я уже говорил, очень давно игра начинала как мод)!? Да, я понимаю, что у разработчиков есть личная жизнь, они не обязаны мне прям делать огромную игру, но блин, лично я ожидал большего.

5) АИ у напарников, ну просто ужасный. Они либо застревают в объектах или на месте, или вообще палят по вам.

6) Озвучка, ну просто тошнотворная, к примеру у меня уши чуть блевать кровью не начали от переговора солдат по рации, ближе к концу игры. Мне только голос Алёны показался ну хоть в какой-то сепени нормальным и терпимым.

7) Солдаты иногда отпускают ну очень тупые шуточки и фразы, и это немного раздражает, если честно.

8) Алёне зачем-то сделали пусть и неплохую, но новую модель, а зомбированным женщинам-учёным отдали и рескинули её модельку из первой Паранойи, и это если честно как-то странно.

9) В некоторых местах просто хрен поймёшь куда идти и что делать. К примеру некоторые документы читабельны, некоторые нет или вот ещё к примеру самый бесящий момент, это поиск ключ-карты.

10) Очень клешированная для игр и фильмов на подобную тему концовка, которая ещё и является клиффхангером, намекая на третью часть.

11) Враги-монстры выглядят не так круто и пугающе в отличии от врагов из первой Паранойи. Вот например пауки-мутанты (которые кстати на концепт-арте выглядят лучше). Пауки? Вы шутите чтоли?

12) Кстати об Алёне, в игре очень много сюжетных непоняток. Например как Алёна умудрилась выжить на едине с зомби за всё это время и почему клоны ещё активны?

Итог: Если в кратце, то в отличии от шикарного экшн-хоррора которым была первая Паранойя, вторая - просто средненький боевичок с элементами этого хоррору

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