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Mod review by Roger_the_mutant 0 agree 0 disagree

buggy mod. but has potential once it is polished.



Mod review by Magic_Nipples 2 agree 0 disagree

Mess up mods are garbage, and this isn't an exception.

You do get points for making a campaign that was mostly "ehh.." but not much.


The Briefcase

Game review may contain spoilers by DevanMist 0 agree 0 disagree

This game is a lot shorter than you're probably thinking, but they definitely got the ambiance down really well. Play this game alone, at night, in a dark room, with headphones, and you'll probably get scared just from standing in the game. The audio in the game is great. The reason I'm giving this game a middle of the road score of 5 is because nothing happened when I played through it. There weren't really any puzzles apart from "find the only door that isn't locked, get a key, and go to another door, to get a key, etc". Also after reading some comments it seems as if there is a monster, or threat, in the game, but I never got to experience this threat on my playthrough. I simply walked around collecting the items to advance through the next door, got the briefcase, went through a vent, and casually walked out the front door. I never saw any sort of threat or menace which made it seem a bit boring. Again, the ambiance is great, and if this game were re-made or worked on more it definitely seems like it has potential to be a really good short horror experience. That being said, in the current state I would not be able to recommend this game to friends.

Side Note: Pressing "enter" for the use action button to open doors and such is inconvenient and would be better if it was mapped to be the mouse buttons or any of the keys around WASD.


Absolute HD Mod

Mod review by Valkinsenn 0 agree 0 disagree

Graphically, the mod is excellent and boasts some serious visual refinements and overhauls that breathe new life into Doom 3's horribly dated visuals. However, technically, the mod is nothing short of a complete disaster. Unavoidable crashes related to certain characters merely speaking to the player is a glaring nuisance that I'm entirely unwilling to forgive. It's made worse by the fact that these crashes occur EVERY SINGLE TIME these characters go to speak. The first crash occurs almost immediately during the first few minutes of gameplay, specifically the "welcome to Mars" phrase the first encountered NPC utters. Afterward, since I had to skip to the next level, I hoped in vain that the next NPC dialogue section wouldn't cause the game to crash again. I was wrong, as the NPC in question attempted to do a "Mars Sec radio check," which promptly caused a crash. Every. Single. Time. I even attempted to tweak some of the settings before loading the aforementioned sections again. No dice, any time.

I really wanted to enjoy this mod, but sadly, it's unplayable due to a glaring level of technical ineptitude on display here.


Mount and kill

Mod review by Flatcaps 0 agree 2 disagree

its an alright meme


The Reckoning : For M&B

Mod review by dgfsdgsdfgs 0 agree 0 disagree

As other reviews indicate, it's interesting and ambitious, but not even close to finished. The bugs and half started ideas in this mod are extreme. When it does work, it can still be fun.


Endless Sky: Jump to Lightspeed

Mod review by Prof_Sir 0 agree 0 disagree

So it does what it says on the tin...but its horribly unstable

crashes caused by


Creating a new character

occasionally jumping between systems

this makes it fairly useless to have right now... wait until its stabilised


Half-Life Invasion

Mod review by Loulimi 0 agree 0 disagree

This is one of those mods like Paranoia 2 where it clearly appears that developers have great potential and could have released something awesome, if there were not so many obvious problems. It's one of those mods where you have to be very tolérant towards awful flaws in order to enjoy the mod's qualities. To sum it up, one of those mods with very cool, new, original features ruined by very basic, annoying, obvious problems.
From grunts sniping you in the smoke, an RPG auto-aim system that forces you to aim 1-2 seconds towards an helicopter which doesn't wait this delay to kill you (and the auto aim sometimes fail), a garage door that takes ages to open when you are under the fire of an helicopter, grunts appearing all of a sudden sometimes behind you and shooting at you, an air vent that explodes causing you damages with no way of foreseeing it.


Rise of the Reds

Mod review by ELC_AMX 0 agree 0 disagree

I want tip for GLA and Unlock Please


Vice Cry

Mod review by RenanLazarotto 0 agree 0 disagree

Sweet mother of god! This mod has made Vice City look like a completly new game, even tough it retains some things from the Rockstar engine (nothing that the team behind Vice Cry could do). It is a must have mod.


Men of War: Condemned Heroes

Game review by GhostWarrior595 0 agree 0 disagree

Boring game but good in some way.


Azgad - A Story of Calradia

Mod review by DeepDarkPhantasy 0 agree 0 disagree

This is a very intereting and potential Mod. But there so many bugs are.

I accomplished purpose of quests, but questa are not finished. Some quests is disappered suddenly! Next quest isn't appear, too.

I restarted this mod over and over again, eventually abandon this mod and give 5 digree.

But if bugs are fixed, I recommend this mod.


Hazard: The Plague

Mod review by Fedex5 0 agree 0 disagree

At this time, is a Bad mod...
I don't know in the future (all the time saying that a lot of features are going to be added).

It's just survival, whit small maps, i can undertsta that, but...
Bugs every where.

Firts i get some yellow stuff (soo easy) and i win?
i need to put that thing in some tank, but nothing happens, can't leave it in the tank, soo i never win...
Then, in the same map, y kill everything and in the dark end, there is a black wall, nothing happens... just too lazy to put some texture or something?

All the zombies are Dumb, and can teleport instantly like 5 meters to aboid your first bullets, thats strange...
your people can hurt and kill you.
And they walk strange, some of them only have 4 sprites, soo they walk doing funny stuff XD

New Guns are a good idea, but the interface are bugged...
a knife in the 4 slot, looks like a shotgun, but you select it and BAM, a poor knife.
Some guns Recharge are booged too, but works fine.

in other map, alone, i played it like fine (the map is a square floating in the void) and then night comer from nowhere, instantly all dark and you can't see nothing, but they can soo... what do you do whit a shutgun and 50 enemys, alfo that slowed mi pc.

also, i hate when a giant fat overpowered Zombi spawns from nowhere in my back...

this Mod needs more work and biger maps.

I hope for this to update!


Escape from the darkness

Mod review by λntonio285 0 agree 0 disagree


Big Scientists

Mod review by Killbuster 0 agree 0 disagree

Check out my full review of this, and other Half-Life mods on my personal blog, Modzone!


Half-Life: Before

Mod review may contain spoilers by PMDLEADERSHINX 1 agrees 0 disagree

Half-Life mods can be a dynamic Piece of work:Some may explain themselves overtime while others take the plot and hide it in plain sight. Some mods are good, Some are bad, Some are.. Utterly useless.

Half-Life:Before isn't what I'd call a bad or good mod, It does however really struggle to get off the ground and make a case to be called a mod in the first place..

Half-Life:Before is a short mod about a crystal, Which is believed to be the opening key to a portal of an unknown world.. In the mod, Gordon Freeman is after this Crystal to stop the military and an alien boss from getting the crystal.

The basic Half-Life weapons or HD pack weapons are all here with new sounds and physics:Jump damage will hurt you more then usual.. Gunshots disorient you and explosions shake the screen.

The overall mod took me about 10 minutes to complete and even after I did complete it, I had to play it again and after that, I haven't really played it again because I thought a mod from 2009 would appeal to me.. But Before? It doesn't excite a player long enough to enjoy what story or gameplay there is. This is a mod that only Half-Life mod collectors will enjoy.


A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Mod review by UncleSamuel 2 agree 0 disagree

1. Bugged Equipment
- the bronze Plate Helmet cannot be equipped

2. Faulty Capitalization
- "peasants" instead of "Peasants"

3. Continuous Spelling Mistakes
- "its" instead of "it's" (consistent usage of faulty contractions)
- "your" instead of "you're" (faulty contraction)
- incorrect usage of Saxon genitive

4. Continuous Punctuation Mistakes
- example from "The Dornishman's Wife": "The Dornishman's wife was as fair as the sun, / and her kisses were warmer than spring[.]" (The next line clearly indicates that a full stop is missing here.)
- a sentence such as "mind your own business old man!" is very bad English

The mod needs some thorough revision in terms of style and grammar, including syntax, punctuation and spelling.

5. Inconsistencies in Names and Titles
- Peter instead of "Petyr"
- Bards such as Whitesmile Wat or other NPCs such as the Mystic Merchant address the player as "sir". The correct form, however, is "ser".

6. Inconsistencies in Lore
- Why, for example, is the old faith hated in White Harbour? It belongs to the North where the old faith is still existant.
- Gift-giving is a hallmark of the Germanic lord retainer relationship and not of the feudal system as depicted by Martin.
- Not directly a problem of lore, but many of the items you use are ill-named. The plate helmet [sic] following the steel sallet is a sallet as well. The Baratheon Plate Helmet is a German sallet with visor. The two plate helmets following the Baratheon Plate Helmet in the item list are close helmets, the first English or Flemish, the second Italian. The plate helmet preceding the steel sallet is simply a great helmet ("Topfhelm"). There is no term such as "plate helm" or "plate helmet". The helmet following the Hound's Helmet is a burgonet with visor, the three following "steel helmets" are English and German variations of the great helm (1 and 3) and a bascinet with an early dog-faced visor (2). The plate helmet following the mail coifs is again a close helmet of English origin. Again, most players won't get the differences as their sources of information are Wikipedia and the Total War franchise, but please correct these mistakes. It is like confusing a Winchester rifle with an M16 or referring to the latter as AK47.

7. Bad Design Decisions
- wound system enabled but too few maesters
- King's Landing is too small, not elaborate enough (compared to the books, the HBO series and ACoK)
- the Wall (the castle itself) needs more work
- mod could use some OSP resources such as additional weapons and equipment (right now, the weapon diversity is very limited)
- the brothels are annoying: first, the whores' bodies don't fit their heads, and secondly, they're simply too lackluster (no customers, only minimal interaction with the NPCs)
- Some castles are pretty lackluster and don't fit into Westeros, such as Runestone in the Vale, others, such as the Eyrie do not fit their descriptions at all and need to be completely restructured.
- Instead of using the bridges, the player's party crosses rivers and bays on their ship, thereby losing morale and money. Pathfinding could be optimized and bridges prioritized.
- Parties shouldn't be able to simply switch from land to naval units.

1. Good Performance
- no CTDs so far
- battles run well with a battle size of 300 and character details and textures at maximum (compared to ACoK which only runs with a battle size of 150 and character details and textures at minimum)

2. Good Design Decisions
- some of the castles are very well done
- Wildling settlements beyond the wall
- Giants (could use a good 3D artist for some decent giant models and textures though)
- some very nice armours and helmets (however, the diversity of helmets is limited as well, and, as I already said, their names are horrendous)
- nice music tracks
- companion complaints can be turned off
- companions can be exported / imported

A nice mod, but it still needs a lot of work and polishing.


Bellum Imperii

Mod review by chankahappy 0 agree 0 disagree

Hugh map with nothing to show for, spent an hour only encountered 3 groups of bandit. had some sweet armor at the start of the game but can't effing wear it because it requires 15 effing sth, wasted an hour of my time for this boring piece of garbage. 5/10


Republic at War

Mod review by ImTooLazy 1 agrees 0 disagree

The game is too imbalanced. I only get a few days to build starships for my fleets which is only about 4 because by then all of my money is gone. That's when the CIS comes in and knocks out my fleets one by one with 2-4 of those big droid command ships and swarms of droid fighters which makes me not even want to play anymore. Other than those problems this mod is very well made and I hope to see some kind of patch for this soon.


Star Wars: Jedi Unleashed mod

Mod review by TheMastermindofMaom 0 agree 0 disagree

Needs some improvement.

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