5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 29th, 2015

Storyline-based custom stories are often excellent, however this one is not. Lemme start from the map design - big and empty areas. I didn't understand why the prison at the beginning is such a big area, this has no point in a story-based custom story. Overall gameplay is boring. A story-based CS has to immerse you into the story and into the story's atmosphere. Alma was just unable to impress me in any way.

Napoleonic Wars Super Add-On Pack
5 Review

Mod Review by aztir77 on Jul 25th, 2015

amazing mod best ever

Persistent World Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by Oddekalven on Jul 24th, 2015

Good made, the map and everything. You join the server, join a faction, get killed and lose all your money. That sucks. Plain and simply ********. They kill the new guys that come in, to get your stuff. Not fun. 5/10 Rating

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
5 Review

Game Review by cannonismahname on Jul 22nd, 2015

I just felt like if scott spent a little more time on it, it could have been a hole lot scarier

Jane Live story PART I
5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 20th, 2015

I'm Czech but my review will be in English so everyone can understand it. I think any time there's a CS in an other language than English, it should be translated into English. First of all, I'd like to criticise Czech CS's - they contain packs of awful "i/y" mistakes. Second of all, you are either lazy to type the diacritics or you type letters with diacritics. I cannot understand why you put half of the text with diacritics and the other half without it. By the way, Amnesia fully supports all of the Czech letters. Then the buggy design - they "apologize" a bit at the beginning, but I don't think they should be present in ANY custom story. Teleporting naked guys crashed to each other - I don't think that needs to be commented. I have a retail Czech version of Amnesia with Justine. Custom stories are in English and there were texts like "Sebráno Room key", so I installed the English 1.3.1 patch so the whole Amnesia is in English. With this CS it's vice versa - "Picked up Klíč od bytu" so I helped it a lot with the patch :D . I didn't finish the CS because I don't think it's good. But you cannot say it's that bad. It's still playable. There's no subtitles for the speeches, that'd be okay, but it's quite hard to understand even for a native speaker. That should be fixed.

Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
5 Review

Mod Review by AdamVikingen on Jul 19th, 2015

Took me a VERY long time to download, far to long to be honest (More then 24 hours!) It is very fun and awesome...but for gods sake upload it somewhere else!! Here on 'moddb' or as a torrent PirateBay, i dont care but somewhere where it wont take several days to download! Its torture having to wait so long to play something this awesome! (hence why i only give it a 5! Would have been much higer otherwise!)

Half-Life:Black Guard
5 Review

Mod Review by FaZe_Backlash on Jul 17th, 2015

very unbalanced and not original 5/10

Half-Life Halloween Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by Turpow on Jul 16th, 2015

This is more of a comedy mod than a horror one; it's hard to give this mod a proper rating. It has some sweet level design at the start, some nice houses with Halloween decorations and scientists dressed for Halloween. At a certain point you will read a book and the mod goes downhill. Monsters will spawn everywhere, massacre scientists, and you will have to kill them all and get in a portal...and then the mod goes REALLY downhill. You will explore places with boring level design, but most of all, EXTREMELY hard combat: monsters have extremely high health points, you will waste huge amounts of ammo to kill them and eventually run out of ammo. Then you will have to cheat your way out. I got bored and skipped to the ending, which was better than most of the mod...get this mod only to see the initial part in the village, because everything else is not worth it. The multiplayer section of the mod was interesting, but completely dead!

1860s Old America
5 Review

Mod Review by croorc1 on Jul 16th, 2015

didn't fed my expectations, and need more work but it mabe be a great mode

The Sacrifice
5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 14th, 2015

It's... weird to play this, I don't know why. Didn't enjoy.

Counter Strike - Ultimate
5 Review

Mod Review by denni1236 on Jul 13th, 2015

need improvement.

The Dream: Chapter One
5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 13th, 2015

Didn't enjoyed it much, but the score is lower because of the teleporting naked guys.

The Haunted Stairwell v1.0
5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 13th, 2015


Penumbra: Requiem
5 Review

Game Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 13th, 2015

The previous chapters of Penumbra proved to be one of the best horror games, along with Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I was very disappointed by the third chapter of the series, as it offered no horror, only physics-based puzzles.

5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 12th, 2015

The description of the storyline gave me a feeling this would be a good custom story. As it turned out, it's not. Quite empty mapping and often sanity loss. I didn't even finish it.

Persistent Lord of the Rings (PLotR)
5 Review

Mod Review by ZerF on Jul 12th, 2015

Mod isn't bad,but community is awful.
Admins do nothing to help player being rdm'd.

5 Review

Mod Review by Sultanofottoman on Jul 11th, 2015

First of all we need to say this mod is realy different than others. So do not compare this rate (6) with other mods which are rated by children mostly...

Ok all of you know that there are many many new items, graphics and other things in this mod.. I'm not going to write about the things you already know. Let me tell you about the negatives now...

- Mod has very complex atmosphere.. You see one very nice fantasy armor with very bright colors like in cartoons on a soldier just next to another soldier which has an armor with realastic appearance (matt colors) like in a movie. A lot of different color tones, armor types, mount types which you don't feel nice when you see together, are together...

- And weapons are not well balanced and characterized. You see a very very long sword with a fantastic appearance but when you swing it all your dreams are ruined. 34234 kg sword is like a paper in your hands, swinging very fast even able to race with a ferrari.. C'mon let us feel that this is a big sword, a heavy one, a special one... They would be with high weight and high damage and low speed.. Then you would see a weapon like in 'Lord of the rings' movie, if you remember Sauron's mace.. Recall that he was swinging it very slowly but it was hitting very very hard.. And we were feeling that 'f.ck this is a realy have mace'.. Not a paper made weapon..

- Some armors are realy stupid. You see a very huge body armor with very thin leg parts like in stork.. C'mon, use fantasy movies as a model for your armors and make them more realastic..

- There is an intense work here. You make a good work which most of the people are not able to.. But why not making it much better while you can... Let us feel the weapons, armors...

This is just a small part of my review.. Maybe I'll write another one if you take this seriously.

Gamma Energy
5 Review

Mod Review by Scutshakes on Jul 10th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

Gamma Energy offers (according to the level select) 26 main chapters with a relatively quite long escape from Aperture at the end, that doesn't seem to be split up into selectable chapters for some reason.

It also includes 9 advanced chambers, 17 challenge chambers, and 3 advanced challenge chambers, all of which of course are modified versions of existing chambers, and 3 bonus chambers (2 of which, unfortunately, are also modified versions of existing chambers)! There's quite a bit of content in this mod. But is it worth it?

The game reuses all of the dialogue of the official game (and even reuses lines more than once..really?), yet somehow manages to make a disconnection between Glados and the player. Perhaps this is purely because I know this is a mod that deliberately reuses dialogue instead of taking it genuinely. Or because I heard all the grin-worthy lines before and they don't have any charm here. Regardless, as a returning player it just feels lazy and ineffective. I suppose it's better than no dialogue at all. Actually no, I would have preferred that.

Now there were a few chambers that I thought were genuinely pretty good, and I felt that a couple were quite elaborate in set-up, but that doesn't necessarily make them complicated. Obviously this is different for everyone, but I found most of these to be very easy, and this is coming from someone that thought vanilla Portal had some tough ones. Many of the later chambers are easier than the ones at the beginning, and they become increasingly less satisfying to figure out with uninteresting solutions. These puzzles also fail to properly combine, or even attempt to combine, various elements together. For example, there were a few puzzles that are almost entirely of the "use momentum to jump up really high a couple times" variety.

This may be a little contradictory, but I really enjoyed a couple of the puzzles focused entirely on cubes and switches..those were fun when I had epiphanies. Again, subjective criticism here.

There are many puzzles that focus on glass breaking. Yes, you remember glass. Now breaking it is a core mechanic! And let me tell you is it TEDIOUS. Especially when you have to grab a robot and tip him over to get him shooting...that actually happens quite a bit in the game. Not fun or satisfying at all. The pace is slowed down in another when you are forced to gather about 5 items and then drop them one by one into a room of robots to tip them over. No I didn't really give away a solution, it's pretty obvious thanks to ceiling markers and conveniently placed platforms that scream "shoot me!".

Another new mechanic in addition to breaking glass is controlling the flow of large tubes that carry spheres or cubes. Once you figure out what you're supposed to do, these are braindead simple. A complete waste of an opportunity. I felt like, instead of being challenged as a competent player, I was treated like a child. "Okay, play with this toy for a little while now." Sorry dad but this toy sucks.

The final boss...oh..the final boss is not redeeming unfortunately. While Glados, with her childish berating and comical "personality spheres", carried you through a tedious game of "point the rocket through the portal", nothing saves you here as you try to blast apart pneumatic tubes in this climax. If you want to call it that.

I will admit that I had to consult a walkthrough a couple of times, but this was not due to not knowing how to do something..but trying to figure out WHAT I was trying to do. So many times I thought to myself "Is that really all I had to do?", "That wasn't so clear", and "Do I really have to do THIS AGAIN?"

I can tell a lot of effort was put into this, but the end result, personally, was mediocre. If you're just wanting more portal out of your portal, give it a shot, but it's not challenging or engaging to this returning player because of its near-identical plot, subpar chambers, and unclear journey through Aperture's depths.

Number 1
5 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Jul 7th, 2015

It's simple - jumpscares, chase... Nothing to expect. Hardly possible to get away from the "red organic stuff" while stuck and it reaches me, it can't kill me, just keeps splashing and I can't see anything.

Empire Earth III
5 Review

Game Review by terminator-9724 on Jul 6th, 2015

good graphics but........
its the worse game in the series, if theres a mod that can change this....
will make it better.

I still playing this game, the units are awesome but its a ****... some units get stuck in the wall, or dont want to move..

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