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Mod Review by Bizona on Nov 27th, 2015
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Ok, so I finished the game today, 27.11.2015. I played the Overhaul 3.2.5. version. Naturally I was very excited for this mod, it had such great reviews and STALKER is my favorite series ever. I was left disappointed. I am not the type of guy to obsess over graphical changes, animations and models etc. I wanted to play Priboi Story because it promised a new and exciting storyline (or so it said) In my opinion the story is terrible ! My arguments - If you don't download the walkthrough and play by it you will almost certainly end-up sequence breaking the story, finding documents that you're supposed to find later and clearing ares that you should also do later and since the respawn rate is low the remain empty. The so-called story basically gets backtracking until your fingers bleed from pushing the arrow keys, because you cleared the area and there's nothing to do anymore. The story is one big fetch quest to find different documents in different areas back and forth. I never got attached to Lt. Priboi, I don't give a **** about him, he's as empty and bland as a character that you can imagine (not that the characters in the other games are super likeable, but they gave you enough so you could imagine the rest on your own, they had PERSONALITY). And the story in the documents is just lazy, some zombie mumbo-jumbo, not interesting. Then there's the things from the lore. You kill Strelok in a raid on the Freedom base. That's it. The game doesn't even indicate that you did it in some way, it doesn't show up on the PDA, it's NOT EVEN QUEST-RELATED. He dies in the raid like common bandit, maybe not even by you. He is mentioned in the Encyclopedia and t and the vague info there suggest that he might actually be important to the story, but no, he's just there so you can take a ****** flash drive from his corpse, that's the fate of the most iconic character in the STALKER universe. As you can see I am deeply affected by this I think it is THE WORST solution possible for Strelok. Also the Monolith is in Garbage, but it's just an empty model, there's no interaction with it whatsoever. At the Sarcophagus there's like a ghost monolith or something and there'e no interaction with it either. One major things that I think the original failed to address properly was the monolith phenomena (lack of detailed explanation) and I thought the development had a great opportunity, but no they just moved the model and that's it. TOTAL ****. Also the final level (after sarcophagus) is the most anti-climactic ending that you can imagine, and if you're not careful or don't read the walkthrough you might even think that you are stuck or something, but you're not, the story is just ****. Last but not least the AI is bad, as others have said they shoot through bushes with pinpoint accuracy, often pile up on doorways and are unrealistic as a whole. The ending is just plain terrible, so lazy and cliche I won't even get into it. Other than that the game is stable, there aren't CTDs, a few new weapons which are ok, but everything else is about the same as the original game, It's not a total conversion, just there's a sleep mechanic and some cars, which are no integrated very well, because of bad spawning and mechanincs.

Rating out of 10

Story - 2 (Siderovich's story is also very poorly done)
Gameplay - 6 - because the mod promises something new but it's not there
Graphics - 8 I think it's better than the original but Priboi isn't meant to be a graphics mod
Effort - 9 - you can see that there's loads of effort put into this mod, but it doesn't deliver. Priboi Story's selling point is supposed to be its story, but that's probably it's weakest aspect. Extremely disappointed

Dan prison
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Game Review by DarkBloodbane on Nov 27th, 2015

Aside of too hard, the game is buggy and unfair
I said buggy cause sometimes zombie can't fall down from the very first table. Worse, jumping on that zombie can kill Dan
I can see the idea of stomping to kill but it's not implemented well cause if Dan tries to stomp group of zombie, he gets killed instead. I was hoping he could make stomp chain but instead he's killed instead :(

And I don't understand why knife which is important for survival is placed in hard to reach place

Overall, I didn't get any fun from this game. This game needs alot of fix and improvement

FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
4 Review

Mod Review by jashinbiebeh on Nov 21st, 2015

While this is my favourite mod on EAW, this is also one of the most frustrating mods as well.
-A LOT of ships from both cannon, non cannon and legends sources.
-Addition of new factions makes playing the game seem more "star warsy"

Now lets get to the frustrating parts.
-This game is VERY VERY unstable, expect it to crash like the windows 8 version of internet explorer.
-it is as unbalance as it is unstable. I defeated large fleets with only 3 EX-F star destroyers.
-More bugs than an anthill.

While most people would stop reading at the unstable bit and download a better mod.
Im more forgiving with the Cons because i was gaming in an age where they were a common part of the gaming culture.
But what i don't find amusing is the dev's attitude towards criticism. It not only reflects the views of the EAW modding community, but the future of this mod as well.
He bans people who points out flaws bugs and even those who show slight distaste for the mod, showing no integrity.
And with no bug checks or testing, the dev is just going to add more content and more bugs to the game, eventually rendering it unplayable.

In a quick TL;DR summary, Don't waste your internet quota on this mod unless you are patient and forgiving of bugs and glitches.

4 Review

Mod Review by Satiam on Nov 21st, 2015

The chambers and puzzles are sometimes impressive and really intriguing. However, a lot of the chambers seem broken...

The Hunted
4 Review

Mod Review by 23-down on Nov 14th, 2015

I'm afraid some of the bad comments are actually true.
Because this mod is literally offering nothing of interest in it's current state.

While the principle and concept behind this idea are solid and surely sound like a lot of fun. I must tell you that the actual execution of it is simply unfinished.

The whole mod offers one tiny map which you will have explored in under 2 minutes. Now it certainly makes sense to make the maps smaller in a hide and seek game but that small is too small. I guess it is what it is just a minor university project which hopefully helps the author into a proper job future. Anyway below I will post in short notes why I've given it 4 out of 10 points to justify the score.


+Interesting idea behind the mod.

+Some effort went into this but not enough.

+Lovely main menu music and graphic background which set a good atmosphere.


-Only 1 map to play on.

-The map itself is much to small & also suffers from partially badly chosen textures such as certain plants which reminded me of sprites of the mid 90s.

-Also regarding the map: Annoying alarm sound not many other sound sources at all. While it sets a good atmosphere it gets repetitive rather soon and shortly after turns just into an annoyance.

-Another point regarding the map: To little diversity of course that's what you get in a small map. But basically 85% of the entire map are covered in red alert lights which toggle on and off. There are other nice
atmospheric events possible. Broken steam pipes for example etc..

-The mod didn't come in it's mod folder. I had to check inside the to find out what the author choose as his/her mod name and had to place the contents manually in that folder "the hunted".

-No servers to play on. As author of a multi player focused mod I would've tried to find and contact server Admins for my project. Prior to the release that is. There are more than enough gaming networks out there.


I can't tell anything regarding the actual game play since there's no one to play with. But I'm sure it would be fun for a while a least.

With more effort put into this and more gaming content to play on plus few servers running 24/7 this mod surely could become somewhat decent. So should the author ever want to expand upon it.. I'm all up for it and would love to give this mod a second chance play testing.

All in all for a first mod release it's still not bad and above average regarding the mapping. But still below anything you could even call closely a full version release. It's not a demo even.

If you like games where you're getting hunted I suggest to stick with Hidden Source for the time being. Another Hl2 mod with tons of content.

Anno Domini 1257
4 Review

Mod Review by Seekkr on Nov 7th, 2015

Really wide and different from native, but the map is really buggy and the mod overall feels very cheap. I understand it's done without any money but still the quality seems very low for this popular and so old mod.

4 Review

Mod Review by MitchCat on Nov 3rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Too much crashes, but don't worry, you works for us, we must be patient.

Napoleonic: Total War 3
4 Review

Mod Review by XerifeKid on Nov 1st, 2015

Well, they did it right on almost everything, except, in my opinion the combat, units no longer talk when you click them or order them to do something which to me broke the imersion. The muskets, oh god, i know they are supposed to be imprecise but damn 100 pricks firing at the same time at a distance of 30 meters at another tight formation os line infantry and NOBODY DIES, sometimes 1 or 2 one them die, what the hell.

Pathways Redux
4 Review

Mod Review by haywan on Oct 26th, 2015

Amateurish, short, unfinished. Might have evolved into actual Pathways into Darkness remake, as it is this is merely a not so tasty bite of a long abandoned project.

MaxCraft Of DOOM's Brutal Doom
4 Review

Mod Review by Rus_Demo on Oct 26th, 2015


4 Review

Mod Review by AlexG01 on Oct 25th, 2015

Don't get why it is so popular. Makes infantry useless and allows Maxson emplacements and 4o mm boforos to knock out heavy tanks from the front.
Barely enjoyable .

Deus Ex: Revision
4 Review

Mod Review by Magmarock on Oct 24th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

This mod requires you to use the Steam client. So what about those of us who prefer to use GOG or something.

Shoker Weapon Mod
4 Review

Mod Review by Mustang_Esp on Oct 24th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

I think this is a mod with a several hours of work, but I think the result it's so poor. I mean the animations looks so good, the scopes are 3d models not 2d sprites and this is wonderful, and beggin scene is awesome, unfortunately play this mod can be boring.
Many times I try to sneak crouched through the FPS falls (I know this can be a problem by my PC, but in other mods this isn't a problem), some characteristics included in the mod like the "bipod mode" are so confusing and complicated, and the weapon improvemen it's horrible.

I repeat, this is a mod with a lot of effort behind and has a lot of good ideas although there are a lot of mods with similar projects with best results.

Half-Life Halloween Mod
4 Review

Mod Review by Skreemer on Oct 20th, 2015

A lot of the nastier reviews have it wrong. It's not that the models suck. they're actually pretty cool and creative considering they were made for a 20th century gaming engine. It's not that the levels suck per se, either, though some definitely do. Like the levels with mazes. The last thing you ever want your player to think while playing your level, is that they don't know where to go next. THAT'S ALL A MAZE IS, NOT KNOWING WHERE YOU ARE. Put a maze in your level and I'm cheating my way through if I bother to continue at all.

Aside from the fact that the game clearly wasn't play tested much if at all, the big problem is that Halloween is rife with logic flaws. Why is it that when I shoot an animated statue of a woman, it taunts like a grunt from Black Mesa and then drops a submachine gun? What sense does that make? I guess it's supposed to be funny? . . . but it's not.

Clearly a lot of time and effort went into Halloween, and the mod has some neat ideas, but as of this writing it has a 7 rating on here, and really, it doesn't deserve it.

I like to play around with levels as much as play them, and if you like doing that, then fire up the cheats and mess around with it. If you're looking for a solid playing experience, though, look elsewhere.

Deus Ex: Revision
4 Review

Mod Review by friedcod on Oct 17th, 2015 - 3 people agree 4 people don't

"free dlc"


ive spent countless hours modding
greedy suit marketing nerds messing with My hobby cheeses me big time

4 Review

Mod Review by legendrobotmaster23 on Oct 7th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

i wanted to like this mod it looked cool but jesus what the **** is with you and maps. your enternal confusion mods had awesome maps but the scripts in maps were broken with game breaking glitches you refused to patch and now this mod has maps so large i feel like everything is a maze. oh and dont forget your lost and monsters just come up and kill you. also no batteries and your phone battery dies after like 5 seconds really? i dont man all your mods just are broken

Victoria Ultimate
4 Review

Mod Review by Ruebin.Murphy on Oct 6th, 2015

dosnt let me play it

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
4 Review

Mod Review by HooTmAn on Oct 2nd, 2015

i just have to say, one of the best mods.
keep up the good stuff, for bannerlord 2 i think it would be just awesome! just think about it. :).... well, Cozur is a damn mofu so it is a 4.

Five Nights at Freddy's
4 Review

Game Review by ST6 on Sep 28th, 2015

This game cause my brother and my sister become unstable(let's just say crazy)

World War III Missions 1, 2 & 3
4 Review

Mod Review by Weperlol on Sep 23rd, 2015

This mod is just meh... the maps are basic and blocky, this mod is ridiculously hard because there is a shitton of marines and barely any supplies for you...

also 10/10 voice acting -ign

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