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4 Review

Mod Review by Xylemon on Jul 31st, 2014 - 2 people agree

I personally feel this mod adds a bunch of unnecessary content, such as internet memes inserted at random with no context (simply there to just "provoke" humor). The maps seem pretty lackluster and overall there's nothing very unique or interesting about this mod besides a few new gamemodes and really ugly/out of place playermodels. Mediocre at best.

4 Review

Game Review by Lunaticraze on Jul 31st, 2014

Graphics: 1/2★
Gameplay: ★
Story: ★
Music&Sounds: ★
Atmosphere: -
Fun: 1/2★


Being compared to games like Gothic and Morrowind, this game got me really excited about being able to play it and try it. But once I got a fewminutes into it, I got really disappointed. It wasn't at all like those famous and amazing games it was compared to in the description. The graphics were okay, after all graphics aren't everything, but firstly the animations were horrible. You couldn't even really see that you were attacking, it was way too slow, every weapon had the same animation for attacks even if they are different weapon types, and the entire combat system is just terrible. You have absolutely no chance to get to level up except with walking around and waiting for your skills to get random boosts. Walking is animated like a frog really, which wouldn't even be too bad if the rest would be okay. Jumping is impossible in the game, and every instance is surrounded by green walls making it look ridiculous and taking away any kind of atmospheric advantage the game would have otherwise been able to gain. The map is limited to one side of the screen and it is majorly difficult to understand how the travelling works. I thought this would be open world, because that is exactly what Gothic and Morrowind are, but this game has absolutely nothing in common with either of the games. If I was generous, I'd compare the travelling system to that of Dragon Age: Origins, but that is really the only thing it can be compared in with other major games.

I know that this is still in alpha, and that I might sound like I am a bit too hard on this, but for a game that looks and works like this, I would not advise you to compare it to superb AAA games in the first sentence you read about it.

4 Review

Game Review by Lunaticraze on Jul 30th, 2014

Graphics: -
Gameplay: ★
Story: -
Music&Sounds: ★
Atmosphere: ★
Fun: ★


This game totally exceeded my expectations. I liked it a lot and despite the simple concept it wasn't boring or tiring. The graphics were sadly extremely plain and the story non existant. The sounds were decent and all together the game was quite fun to play. Unfortunately the rating can not be higher than this, because there is a lot of unused potential which leaves room for the better. With some edits and more graphical effort the game would be a lot more enjoyable. I also believe that the game ends too soon. There is no way to resume gameplay after those 108 days which turn out to be extremely short - about 20 minutes of gameplay. All together: Good idea but the execution still needs improvement.

Half-Life: Source
4 Review

Game Review by Phantron on Jul 29th, 2014

SteamPipe update broke the game and Valve didn't care.

Lost The Lights
4 Review

Mod Review by Kois on Jul 23rd, 2014

Мод так себе. Поначалу вроде неплох, но примерно с середины начинается какой-то идиотизм, сюжет ни о чём и запорот напрочь. Не советую его проходить.

The Legend Of: Revenge of Altair
4 Review

Game Review by theraterdabater on Jul 21st, 2014

character are shabby and made in character creator, story is not vey original, and its been a year when I see people make this stuff in a month. No download on indie, and scripts are copies of others its not a bad game it would get 6 if guy who mad this wasn't mean or helpful and would get a 5 if wasn't only in Spanish.

Men of War
4 Review

Game Review by Shrektacular on Jul 21st, 2014

They keep making the same game over and over, Faces of War, Soldiers: Heroes of WWII, Men of war, Men of war 2 now.

All the same engine, same sound effects, same voice-overs.

Anyway I find the games a nice idea but I don't really like how you only ever control a small amount and the battlefields never really feel alive to me. The AI has terrible path finding and takes stupid routes, the animations are kind of bad.


Night at the Office
4 Review

Mod Review by Morelianos_attacks on Jul 20th, 2014

The well made mod's menu raised my expectations. However, when I started to play the mod (if you really want to understand story, it's better start with the training room), reality was completely different. Modelling is crappy, as much for people as for weapons. Some of them are not original, but if they are they look horrible.

Although are original and some of them are worse than another, they don't reach a decent level. Gameplay also isn't exceptional, because in many parts there is a high chance that you can't continue the playing without cheats. In some way, mod force you to follow a specific path, but you realize that when you screwed it up several times before (if you aren't too curious, this may not be a problem).

Voice acting is lousy. Sometimes budget for making mods can be a problem, but this is no excuse for this homemade voices. At times I couldn't understand what they said because of the accent or because was not well modulated. I'm sure you'll agree that terrorists voices don't scare or remind a tense situation. They are just plain bad.

Story wasn't really solid. You engage it just for pure coincidence if you understand everything they say, but even when that occurs, voice acting ruins every potential of making the story thrilling.

However, not everything is horrible. Although is very short, the artificial way of making it long with a 16-floor building to explore as you please gives it the enough length. At times, terrorists spawns surprised more that once, which was really scary. Also, AI is not really terrible, specially in hard difficulty.

In sum, Night at the Office is a barely decent mod if you want to kill time, but I wouldn't pick it as a must-play mod in HL because it lacks many things to be a decent mod.

Control Network
4 Review

Mod Review by loganhickling on Jul 16th, 2014

Wow this map is BRUTAL. Enemies spawn in with no warning, and with very limited ammo and weaponry this is not a fun time. I think I died about 10 times before I gave up. Your two marine "assistants" don't stand a chance either. Is it just me or are the enemies harder too?

abandon castle(insane manor) demo [released]
4 Review

Mod Review by SwedishGames on Jul 15th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

I understand the fact that this was your first custom story, but still the cs was pretty linear and empty. Other than some jumpscares here and there (which is very atmosphere-killing) this cs was nothing out of the ordinary.

The ending was sort of interesting though. I know that is the Video Tool Mudbill made (no credits given for it either) but it was still something new.

But thanks to the swear words, poor story and lack of detail in maps, this only deserves a 4/10 to me. I believe you can certainly improve.

Amnesia: Lifeless_The Abandon
4 Review

Mod Review by impala-of-mayfair on Jul 14th, 2014

I really liked some of your mapping, it fit the atmosphere well. The tunnel sequence in the beginning was nice.
However, I just feel like everything else needs lots of work. The story has little to no meaning, the grammar is poor, and the voice acting almost made me cry.
You have a lot of potential with this story, but it just needs a lot of improvement in those areas. Your mapping is truly great. Keep working at it!

4 Review

Mod Review by pabo1 on Jul 13th, 2014

The story made no sense. The puzzles made no sense. The ending made no sense. Buggy, bad graphics, abuse of jumpscares and scripted spawns. I fail to see why people give it a 9/10

Donald: A Horror Story
4 Review

Game Review by zeanomuttmk2 on Jul 13th, 2014

I am aware that FPS creator is a very basic engine and it can be hard to compete with those made on unity but i simply did not like this game. The mechanics were poor there was little atmosphere and went i transitioned to the next area the game crashed on me and believe me it wasnt my computer.

Within Hells Torium
4 Review

Game Review by zeanomuttmk2 on Jul 13th, 2014

This game is very similar to SCP-087B but this one although not as lengthy dint have much fear factor. Granted that the atmosphere got progressively worse and the odd jumpscare occurred i didnt think this was particularly great.

A Fellows Diary
4 Review

Game Review by zeanomuttmk2 on Jul 13th, 2014

I gave this a 4/10 because of its hard difficulty and the fact that there is no direction or objective and i gave up eventually although i have to admit the hooded figure scared the **** out of me on occasion

The neighbours house
4 Review

Mod Review by legendrobotmaster23 on Jul 13th, 2014

eh.....its a good game its got something their...but..the lack of...a ceiling and a sky..that needs to be fixed..i would like..idk more plot more story...mapping is good but some parts felt boring and no monsters nothing going on..its a good try if this if your first mod..but it needs work

IW Engine
4 Review

Engine Review by ShouldBeNew on Jul 11th, 2014 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Call of Duty 2 to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 had the best of the engine. Now it totally sucks and yet the AI is outdated and there are a bunch of crappy bugs.

4.0 / 10 - Bad

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
4 Review

Mod Review by LukeFerreira on Jul 7th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

I feel that stability is the most important thing in STALKER mods, and this is exactly the worst part of LA.

+A refreshing start from ShoC.
+Beautiful maps, even if most of them are empty.

-/-Inventory needs a lot more micromanagement, especially with putting ammo in your belt, I personally don't see the point in this much detail but others might enjoy it.

-Extremely cheesy story and dialogues that makes taking this game seriously almost impossible, even the dialogue of random stalkers seem too lighthearted, most cutscenes also feel unecessary as they don't really help with the immersion.
-Bugs everywhere, I hope your wallpaper is pretty because you'll spend more time looking at it than the game itself due to the absurd amount of crashes.
-Rats are so powerful that your game crashes if one hits you.

I sincerely hope that this mod receives a lot of care and patches from both devs and community, a lot of people spent years waiting for this only to be disappointed... A little roadkill on the current cheesy story wouldn't hurt either.

Wake Up
4 Review

Mod Review by BadcatDoesAmnesia on Jul 7th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

It had too many jumpscares now and then in my opinion, and I don't like seeing that in good custom stories. Some of the maps where quite empty.

For now I give this a 4/10

Gone Home
4 Review

Game Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Jul 7th, 2014 - 2 people don't


- Every moveable object is interactable
- Pretty nice design
- Touching story


- Way, way too short compared to what it costs
- Even though the story was touching, it wasn't developed very well
- No challange


For starters, Gone Home is not really a game. Yes it is a game, but there is absolutely no challange (the puzzles are basic "find the key" and find the map so the hidden path you couldn't open before suddenly can be opened) and the only thing you really need to do is explore and click on certain objects in the right order in order for things to happen.

Is the story emotional? Yeah. Is it well developed however? No, not at all. The main story (about the protagonist) is touching, but it is a cliche teenage love story with no real plot twists. The main character is ****, which is perfectly fine, I am in no way against that, but it doesn't matter at all. It could as well have been a guy and a girl, or two guys. It makes no difference. Most of the names are even gender neutral. It is that extremly cliche.

And when I say it wasn't very well developed, I mean, for instance, that a huge part of the story felt repeditive, and the whole "psyco house" thing was only mentioned once. Other students from Sam's school said she lived in the psyco house, but it was never even once explained why.

The biggest reason why it wasn't as good as I was hoping for is the lenght of the game. I have played for around 1.6 hours and I have finished the game from start to end, and I went into every single room. Someone mentioned that it is possible to remove the puzzles so you freely can move around the house from the beginning. The game would literally be a minute long if you went straight for the end.


In conclusion: Is it worth buying it? No. Not for 19 euros. I suggest you watch it on Youtube if you want to know what the story is about. 19 euro is a ridiculous price.

4/10 - Okay

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