4 Review

Mod Review by legendrobotmaster23 on Oct 7th, 2015

i wanted to like this mod it looked cool but jesus what the **** is with you and maps. your enternal confusion mods had awesome maps but the scripts in maps were broken with game breaking glitches you refused to patch and now this mod has maps so large i feel like everything is a maze. oh and dont forget your lost and monsters just come up and kill you. also no batteries and your phone battery dies after like 5 seconds really? i dont man all your mods just are broken

Victoria Ultimate
4 Review

Mod Review by Ruebin.Murphy on Oct 6th, 2015

dosnt let me play it

Five Nights at Freddy's
4 Review

Game Review by Silver-Bird on Sep 28th, 2015

This game cause my brother and my sister become unstable(let's just say crazy)

4 Review

Mod Review by fastrunnin on Sep 23rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

I have very mixed feelings about this mod. First off, the production quality is amazing. There was obviously a lot of thought, and work put into this. The atmosphere is great, the environments are beautiful and the story is mysterious and intriguing, BUT...

... the forest maps make my frame rate drop into single digits even on low settings ( not claiming my computer is beast: GTX 750 Ti, i5-4440, but I've never had anywhere near that type of lag in Amnesia before, and trust me, I've played some nice looking mods).

Now, that was my only minor grievance with this mod, and I was more than willing to give it an 8 or maybe even 9 just for the production quality. Until a few days ago that is, when I learnt that this mod used stolen assets, directly from other mods including models from A Coward's Debt, The Great Work, and even some assets from White Night, meaning three of the best and most successful Amnesia mods of all time got ripped off just because the developer was too lazy to make his own models. And that's not the worst of it. The developer actually asked one of the creators of The Great Work if he could use their assets and the request was denied, and he just used them anyways(a bit of a **** move on the other developer if you ask me, but it's still, now, not only are you using someone else's work without permission, but you are actually stealing). And that's not even the end of this. Damascus ( creator of A Coward's Debt and co-creator of The Great Work) called him out on this and the developer proceeded to post a comment on A Coward's Debt's page, criticizing HIM of using stolen assets from Premonition and that his mod should be deleted immediately. And none of this is just rumor, I've seen the stolen assets myself and you can too, as well as the comment on A Coward's Debt's page. Simply put, the mod itself may be great, but this whole situation makes impossible for me (or anyone else with any sense of morality) to recommend others try this. DnALANGE, I've lost a lot of respect for you

World War III Missions 1, 2 & 3
4 Review

Mod Review by Weperlol on Sep 23rd, 2015

This mod is just meh... the maps are basic and blocky, this mod is ridiculously hard because there is a shitton of marines and barely any supplies for you...

also 10/10 voice acting -ign

4 Review

Mod Review by JAsmine-ja2 on Sep 22nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't

I'm not discussing the quality, which seems okay.
But the new outfit of JC seems totally out of place.
Seriously, a blue coat with floral patterns paired with some sneakers and blue jeans?
Sorry, but this doesn't fit into DeusEx universe...

4 Review

Engine Review by Rpatterson(Zstudios) on Sep 21st, 2015

Needs more info about it, excluding website.

Amnesia - The Fugitive - Episode One
4 Review

Mod Review by cryptid85 on Sep 20th, 2015

It's full of recycled scenes (as in recycled environments complete with the same puzzles they had before) from the original game and the monster encounters are pretty lackluster. Not worth the time.

Medieval World
4 Review

Mod Review by Weperlol on Sep 18th, 2015

Honestly, not too bad of a mod. the mapping is weak and plot isn't very imaginitive, the monsters and weapons are reskinned and a bit re_scripted I think which makes up for a good change, this mod is very challenging but the final boss is just stupid honestly...

4 Review

Mod Review by E8S on Sep 12th, 2015

This mod had so much potential!

Portal: Vocaloid Edition
4 Review

Mod Review by Secret_Coming on Sep 11th, 2015

Just start the game at the chapter of the chamber 19 rather thn the entire game, it's pretty boring

4 Review

Mod Review by forestfur147 on Sep 11th, 2015

My issue is the same as Nobelissimos' and some others. The mod works fine in most aspects (little to no lag, all units move (when you are any faction), etc.). Just one of the problems: the skirmish and Galactic Conquest AI does not work.

Let me explain: As Nobelissimos pointed out, none of the AI for the extra factions works on any difficulty. They just sit there and wait for you to destroy them. Rebellion, Empire, Consortium; they work fine - they even use some of the new units, though not many (and I have noticed that in space, they will spam the special capital ships IF they have access to them, and will not build the little starbases needed to access them even if they reach starbase level 5).

As Nobelissimos also pointed out, there is a HUGE issue with balance. Most of the new units will positively steamroll the vanilla units (with one of the exceptions being the Canderous "Death" (my nickname for them) Tanks. Canderous Tanks have always been OP.).

"The mod is REALLY unbalanced, a lot of units are utterly broken, and a vast majority of units are just different sizes from their original units with different stats." - Nobelissimos

The above is true (in the land battles, at least), though, I'm kind of restating what I said in the paragraph before that quote. I want to like this mod more, but if all of the issues are not fixed, I will only play this mod occasionally.

4 Review

Mod Review by Weperlol on Sep 11th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Honestly not sure what to say, it's isn't bad but it can be confusing I guess.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War
4 Review

Mod Review by bshuman on Aug 25th, 2015

this mod is great overall. however coming from a professional standpoint here the mod isnt nearly what it could be at this point in time. there seems to be a lack of custom and accurate settlements. not much in the way of voice acting, some units iether lack certain important details or accuracies, such as shield size for certain imperial units, and the lack of texture on other units thus far. also some units just look not only completely inaccurate but also very poorly designed, (mainly talking about some of dargerfell's, heavier/more elite units) don't get me wrong the mod itself is great. and i enjoy playing it. but in the amount of time that its said youve been working on it its evidently clear you could have done alot more with it, this mod while being well done thus far has not lived up to its name. again so much time said to have been taken to work on this, and this is all you got? i mean it would be different if youd have supplemented the lack of work by adding some new and inventive features to the game that add another spin on gameplay like many other successful mods have done in the past but you didnt. and lets say you were working on other projects at the time then i would give it an even lower rating because simply put. whenever a modder decides to work multiple projects at once the quality of his/her work suffers greatly. more often than not the mods that have gained the most support, or have had the largest following, been the most beloved, etc. are iether cut short, or canceled, or even simply ruined because the developer simply decided to do something else. now im not saying thats what you guys did here. though im pointing out that it is a notable flaw nearly every modder on moddb seems to posses. there has been more than ample time to at least fix or add onto and even redesign certain units. there was also more than enough time to work on (some if not all) custom settlements. furthermore i find it odd that youve made some factions unplayable. such as the undead and the deadra. now i can understand how on a historical standpoint (game wise) and how things like politics, command structure, economy, family tree, as well as settlements and worlds, etc would be tricky, however by not making the attempt your mod suffers because you have decided not to push the boundaries. simply put your being to conventional. while the deadra would easily be the hardest faction to implement. the undead would be easy, considering that they could be made into a playable bandit faction, or rebel group. also adding things like mages to the game was a big step but doing it half-assed is just shameful. i would suggest fixing the animations a little (mainly fireballs being thrown like spears) i may be coming off as rude but dont get me wrong, i love this mod, and im a huge fan/supporter of it. however i feel the constructive albeit harsh criticism is necessary because i do not want to see this mod be cut short or to fall short of its potential like so many have before it. also try listening to the suggestions of the community. just because something is hard or tricky to implement into the game, doesnt mean you shouldnt take a crack at it. the more work you put into this mod the more widespread and well known it will become. and by doing so you only stand to gain.

Half-Life 1 The Complex Alpha
4 Review

Mod Review by NoNameBadass on Aug 23rd, 2015

is this a joke?

Aeterni Tenebrae - The Darkness
4 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 18th, 2015

The beginning was enough to stop playing this nonsense.

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
4 Review

Mod Review by skyrimplayer991 on Aug 14th, 2015

well i dont really like this mod why do i not like this its not fun yeah the graphics are pretty good but i just couldnt enjoy this mod it was kinda boring i know alot of hard work was put into this but its just not my kind of mod sooooooooooooooooooooooo :P

Black Heart
4 Review

Game Review by HenryT77 on Aug 12th, 2015

Too short but very good atmosphere.

Breaking Point
4 Review

Mod Review by Ag3ntDboy on Aug 8th, 2015

Great mod but unplayable. If you have a VAC ban on steam, no matter how old it is or what game its in, you will not be able to play.

Marble Maze
4 Review

Game Review by SamFisherRF on Aug 4th, 2015

Ok Game. I love marble games and this one have a good level design.
But the ball control is too slow and not precise enough.

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