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4 Review

Mod Review by frodoswaggins420 on May 26th, 2015

Dont make people pay to download it

Project: M.L.P
4 Review

Mod Review by Gore33 on May 23rd, 2015

I had to play it for my own curiousness. I swear, this is a hell of a mod.
The maps are extremely linear and this "mod" has no "story" at all. It barely has any good parts of plot and it's very unoriginal, uninspired and very dull. Intro cutscene didn't even explained anything, it was just for ***** and giggles. I started to be bored just in 10 minutes! I just went through 4 maps and they were boring as hell. The author didn't even bother what he was doing in these maps, I think that's how he made these maps: "Huehue I am making a mod for Half Life lelelel I don't know what I am doing lool" I also downgraded because it is based of series that suck. If there were no MLP at all, I would give 6 or 7 but the idea of this mod is just sickening. I am dissapointed.

4 Review

Game Review by killerkoyd on May 17th, 2015

==Notice, this review was originally posted by me on Steam Greenlight==

Übergame is by all means a bad fps game. The sound for each shot is off, I shoot 10 bullets, see 10 flashes and shells, but only hear 6 shots being fired. When switching to the pistol the running animation in first person is absolutely hilarious. Strafing in third person, equally bad. The fact that there is only one map and the difference between the four maps is how light/dark it is and how much fog there is in the map. With the game on max quality there was nothing to awe over and the map felt dry and not interactive. The map itself contains copy and pasted buildings so it appears as if the game is more complete but it actually isn't. The map editor is hidden in the game, exposed by pressing F9, even though there is an Editor mode, the map editor button is hidden from the controls. Something that should be hidden however is the 3rd gun which has the ammo of 1/0 and shares the model with the assault rifle but the gun does not fire. I also found a mine in the game that was hot-keyed for the number 4, the mine itself must be activated by pressing some button on the keyboard because when I restarted the map the mine was gone. I never got to try P.v.P. because nobody was on the game, for good reasons too. This game is bad. The developer is trying to sell this game solely on the fact that it will be free. This game overall is an unfinished nightmare of an FPS and should have stayed in development rather than being put on greenlight.

Half-Life Ultra Definition Model Pack
4 Review

Mod Review by ST6 on May 16th, 2015

If didn't create by you just don't upload here.

Battle of Empires : 1914-1918
4 Review

Game Review by Bravo121 on May 14th, 2015

this is a mod not a game buggy and overpriced 25$ for a mod **** that hell if you want you don't even have to pay look on youtube to get for free too bad i didn't get find that out until i bought the mod the only waty it would be worth a buy is if it went down from 25 to 5

Project Reality: Battlefield 2
4 Review

Mod Review by Dingoshalomo on May 10th, 2015

This is absolutely ridiculous.

After seeing endless positive reviews for this mod, I decided to pick it up. Little did I know that it would be a mess of confusion and screaming 8 year olds. The objective given is very vague, and the enemy's points are not shown anywhere. There is no minimap, so you have to constantly go in and out of the map in the menu to make sure you aren't going the wrong way. On top of that, when you're capturing an objective, the progress isn't shown anywhere, giving you no indication whether you're actually doing it or not.

The gunplay works fine, I suppose. The graphics are excusable, given the older engine the mod runs on. It's pretty cool that the servers are still up, despite the recent Gamespy shutdown.

Overall, this mod is just a whole lot of confusion and frustration. I cannot recommend this to ANYONE. Unless you're a die hard Battlefield 2 fan.

VtM: The Final Nights
4 Review

Mod Review by Darknessimmortal669 on May 10th, 2015

I can respect all the hard work over the years on this mod, but it seems that work is barely resplendent, the new clans are essentially re-skins of the old ones with new disciplines that weren't properly implemented in the game. As for new content, there honestly wasn't a whole lot new to notice, basically the same storyline as the Vanilla Bloodlines with the exception of a few side things.

But the main reason I'm giving this a 4 is because of how horribly unbalanced the game is, the player is literally penalized for playing, ridiculous aspects that need an overhaul include clan weaknesses, masquerade violations, the buggy anti-cheating mess with Jack (I never play with cheats, but it was assumed the character had done hardcore cheating for some reason) and much more.

Not to mention, the creator of the mod is known to be a bit spiteful and immature toward other modders, but that's not as important as judging the mod itself.

Blood of the Divines
4 Review

Game Review by BrokenEntity on May 8th, 2015

There's quite a few problems with this, unfortunately.
I played episode 1, and noticed several things I didn't enjoy.
Here's a list:

- I was able to fall through the world on contact with a carpet...
- The enemies glitch out when killed, causing them to stay standing.
- The spells do barely any damage, making them useless, which is a shame.
- The enemies have terrible hit detection, giving them strange ranges.

If this were a demo, I wouldn't have bothered reviewing, because then these issues could be considered issues that could be fixed, but this is a full release.

I would've given it a 2/10 if not for these:

- The game had a pretty cool dialog system.
- The game was original, and had some interesting design ideas.
- The spells were cool, although incredibly ineffective.
- The story isn't a copy off.

It had good concepts in it, and the dialog system is new to me, but this game needs to be reworked. Now that GameGuru's out, you should give that a try for this game if you ever decide to come back to it.

4 Review

Mod Review by Z0D14CS0L on May 3rd, 2015

This custom story had an interesting concept, the name its attractive...but this story fall in the middle.
Its very short, the atmosphere is good but there are not much blood-chilling moments or good implemented scares.
For moments you really doesn't know what you have to do and there is no mementos at all. The map its good but a little annoying.
The idea of the plot was good, but could be expanded in a mounstrous way to make it extremely better and enjoyable.
This mod feels rushed, and what could be a superb mod, falls in a miserably way.

The most annoying part was at the climax, why don't you put subtitles there? I'm not a native english speaker but i can
understand i, so i had no problem, but not everybody can.
So Please, fix this.

In short, good idead, not much developed so feels like and incomplet custom story

EXQ: Execution Quake
4 Review

Mod Review by StavrosSk on May 3rd, 2015

Most enemies are simply retextures of the original ones, with their coloring being somewhat out of place. With all source ports I tried though, all enemies are textureless (white). Probably an issue with missing textures?

The Night I Went Insane
4 Review

Mod Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Apr 28th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers


- Some nice scripting
- A few areas looks decent
- Good voice acting for the most part


- The level design is mostly terrible
- Super repetitive gameplay
- 80% key puzzles
- A huge amount of glitches and bugs
- Can sometimes not hear diary readings because of the music
- Lack of mementos
- Often not clear what I have to do

Neutral: (Does not affect the score)

- I didn't like the custom music. It felt like a lot of soundtracks didn't fit the maps, or was way too loud which caused me to not hear the voice acting sometimes

What to improve:

Level design and glitches:

I know it's not "reality", but even so, the quality of the levels are really low. For the most part, at least. Some areas are decent, like the church. Other maps on the other hand are so glitchy and bad it makes me wonder if you even tested your story before you uploaded it.

For instance, a lot of areas have "holes" in them (floors and walls not correctly connected to each other). I went into a prison cell only to see that only half of the cell have walls around it. Are you serious? Then I look up at the ceiling and sees that it's made of 0.01 meter thin wood.

The worst bug I found was when I went into the church, the suitor spawned and a cave in appeared at the corridor I came from. I ran into the room and the suitor got stuck and couldn't do anything. Eventually, I decided to let him kill me so the chase music and his glitchy *** could go away. I respawned behind the cave in and could not continue.

Lack of mementos:

I have never been in the level editor so many times to finish a story as I did with this story. The lever puzzle made no sense to me, and many other puzzles seriously lack mementos or made no sense.

I turned three valves in the sewer and thought the water would drain. Instead, a key came down from the pipe. Since it was under water, rusty, and no memento was given, getting that key took way longer that it should have.

Another great example is the village map (with the graveyard). I found three ladders and had to place it against a wall. You gave me no mementos at all or no other hints where I had to place the ladder. I thought I had to climb over the fence to the graveyard and eventually decided to check the level editor after ten attempts to use that dam thing.


Find a key, solve a puzzle, find a key, chase scene, use the key, find a new key.

It was really difficult for me to continue. If it wasn't for the voice acting and the storyline, I most likely would have stopped playing after 2-3 maps.

Every map is the exact same thing. You should variate a little more, or it gets really boring after a while.


If you are looking for a story with great level design or intresting gameplay, this story is not for you.

However, if you want a special story with good voice acting, this story might be for you though.

All in all, the story is below average and needs a lot of fixing to be good.

4/10 - Okay

The Night I Went Insane
4 Review

Mod Review by JPMsupreme777 on Apr 26th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter.

(cuz some glitchy bullshitt stopped me)

SSH : Mod Messup 1 : WTF Mod
4 Review

Mod Review by usbpetrock on Apr 24th, 2015

The messup mod that started it all, and oh boy, I wish it hadn't. Taking a couple of new obscene recordings, the scream of a scientist, and a clip from Britney Spears' "... Baby One More Time" and running with almost exclusively them for most of the game's first hour after the tram ride, this mod occasionally comes up with a new bit of "material" consisting of little more than a naughty word or pop culture reference (because everyone knows how funny those are, right?) only to drive what little appeal it had right into the dirt as it repeats it over and over and over for the rest of the game.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZEQ2
4 Review

Mod Review by UltraGoku218 on Apr 23rd, 2015

I say 4/10 because there are several broken characters, skills, and shaders. It just feels very imcomplete and messy, but I will give it a higher rating if 1.2 comes out and fixes everything.

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
4 Review

Mod Review by Vonestoner on Apr 21st, 2015

This mod is so full of bugs is even funny, the armor models are nice but not great, the amount of crashes this mod produces is ridiculous.

Edain Mod
4 Review

Mod Review by Dross_1989 on Apr 19th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

I like that its fully in english now (although it was still pretty playable), but we lost the play-style of bfme 2. 3.8v was amazing and I would have liked if that could have got finished. You had such a cool thing going there, with the ring hero system (even if there was some unbalanced heroes) and the way Sauron leveled and the lack of leveling for Imladris. It all made sense to someone who's read all the lotr source material. But now all the buildings are static, and I get no tactical way to place buildings. It really tied my hands for strategy and overall thinking in the game. A well placed arrow tower with upgraded, elite archers could make the whole difference in the game, as well as a strong siege unit to blow that tower up. If I wanted a modded version of bfme 1 I would have got a mod for bfme 1. 4.0 was a step backwards for me and I hope others see it this way so we can get back to what 3.8 was doing which is going back to bfme 2 rotwk roots!

A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
4 Review

Mod Review by theodamus on Apr 18th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Just go play acok 2.0 is infinitely better than this.

Master Hero Mod
4 Review

Mod Review by Metalpixel on Apr 14th, 2015

Sorry guys but i didn't like so much this mod :/ It's too messy, the game isn't clear and the lotr's soul is getting away, but you did an huge work, all of us can consider that.
Prefer more "realistic" mods

A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
4 Review

Mod Review by Elite5363 on Apr 5th, 2015 - 2 people don't

I downloaded this mod just to have a bit of fun, I found out this mod is missing almost EVERY FECKING FILE NEEDED TO PLAY IT! I copied all of the .brf files from M&B to this mods file and I still can't play it. I need to add a file that my computer doesn't even have! I can't play this mod... Creator of this mod; add the files needed for it. I mean it...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
4 Review

Mod Review by jspcrepair on Apr 2nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

The graphics are great and the areas, though changed, now look more like the Zone of today, being over grown and a real disaster area...

More Bugs that an exterminator can handle!!!

Constant crashing to desktop, with or without MODs added.

Terrible acting and pittiful AI!

It isn't even fun trying to play it anymore and I'm ONLY 3 days into the game!!!

Give Me a Break!
This game if far from good in any way except Visually!!!

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