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Painful Reality - Interval 02 - Unexpected visit

Mod review may contain spoilers by DnALANGE 1 agrees 1 disagrees

Super simple!
Copy paste rooms.. no copy paste FLOORS!
Rooms wich dont make any sense at all.
A very simple story.
Almost no scripts.
No checkpoints.
IF you make a chase, make it that people actually can MAKE it!
Grammar mistakes.
You couldnt fix the notes voiceacting?... You were just too lazy in my opinion.
You could easel ask people here or ont he FG forums, there is enough in Youtube as well... BIG minus for me!
Overall simple and quite bad.
I think if you calculate the textures, there are maybe 5 textures used (floors, walls, ceilings... NO variety)
4\10 for me.


Empire III the Campaign

Mod review by ProudFinn1 0 agree 0 disagree

This mod can only be described as a shiny turd. It has plenty of intricate features taken from mods and then some. From the very start. You have the option that ranges from being a street urchin, to the inheritance of kingship of a current country in Calradia, LIKE SWADIA. What causes this mod to be a shiny POS firstly is that the morale and relations system is BROKEN. Troops consume WAY TOO much food. Let me break it down mathematically for you. When you buy food for your troops, say chicken. You get fifty whole chickens. In native warband, one whole chicken will approximately feed about 5-10 troops daily. In "Empire III The Campaign" One troop DEVOURS an ENTIRE unit of chicken. Which is pretty much a whole chicken. When happens when you run out of food and you can't feed your troops. Say it with me, "Your party loses morale and your troops start to desert your party.". Hindering your ability to effectively mobilize your army, Secondly if you chose to inherit a current kingdom like I did. Your vassals Will not do jack ****! Even if you become the marshal. They won't do a damn thing but sit in their and your own castle, and especially if you have bad relations with them. Regardless of war. The mod has some other great features, but if you plan to inherit a kingdom or create your own, don't. It's a waste of time. If your looking for something like that. Download the Floris mods. This one will only disappoint you.


Divide and Conquer

Mod review by Wikzon 0 agree 0 disagree

Even tho this mod does alot I personaly felt like the expanded map and added features dident do alot for me. On windows 10 its a buggy, laggy and not at all as fun I would have hoped it to be. Maybe this will improve over time, but for now, naa... Definitly worth a try but i will go back to "vanilla" third age.

But it wasent all bad and i want to point out some of its really good stuff.
Fist of this mod gives the third age UI, loading screens and gameplay lore a mutch needed facelift and i enjoyed this alot!

The new units looks great and plays well in the game!

more cities and more stategic options to choose from both in campaign and battle.

The worst thing in my opinion about this mod is the map! What happened to the beautifull Third age map? for a comparrison look at the mountains surrounding Mordor....

Keep updating the game and in the future im sure it will turn out great!


The Elder Scrolls: Total War

Mod review by TheHobbe 0 agree 0 disagree



A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Mod review by modsandrockers 0 agree 0 disagree

Lack of diversity in units, poor optimisation, laggy world map, unintuitive quests and basic spelling errors abound. I'm not a fan of the direction ACOK is being taken but it's still a better GoT mod then this one. Much more work needed before I can recommend it to anyone.


Amnesia Black Death

Mod review by Z0D14CS0L 0 agree 0 disagree

This custom story is one that many player that like jumpscares will like.

Little to no story, and with little sense.

The maps are there, not good not bad, playables.

Don't offer much, but have some scripted event that are interestings

Nothing more beyond that.


Total Annihilation: Devolution

Mod review by Ethorbit 0 agree 0 disagree

I killed a ******


Republic at War

Mod review by jennaida 0 agree 0 disagree

It looks very visually appealing, but the AI needs to be turned down, especially in the early game on easy. They somehow have hundreds of ships already, I'm pressed to even hold Coruscant and that's taking nearly every bit of ships I have remaining, while I lose world after world.

That issue with GQ is disappointing, since I was looking very much forward to the mod.

"The enemy is producing massive amounts of war machinery." No $#!+, they already HAVE massive amounts of war machinery.

At this rate I might just uninstall it. I'm not playing a mod to lose as Republic simply so someone else can jerk themselves off to how 'awesome' the CIS is.

... Then it crashed to desktop when I tried to save to exit.



Mod review by Loulimi 1 agrees 0 disagree

Firstly, I have to say I gave up at the beginning of Chapter 2. Here's why:
This mod is one of these mods that focused too much on visual aspect and on an original atmoshpere, but forgot the most important thing: the gameplay.
* A "pistol" that sometimes doesn't hurt monsters
* Monsters killing you when you're stuck inside a reading terminal
* Sound: The music quite annoying, the 2 second noise looping when you're reading a terminal, the "new message" sound looping permanently driving you CRAZY
* Try-and-Die: Vortigaunt appearing all of a sudden somewhere around you in a big chamber with no place to hide sniping you, headcrabs that appear all of a sudden on your side giving you no time to avoid...
* The story, worse than Star Wars VII.


Star Trek: Armada 3

Mod review may contain spoilers by imac5k 0 agree 0 disagree

Let me first preface this with the fact that I've spend a solid 30-40 hours with Armada III, so I would say this far in I have a pretty good grasp of how things work, I'd also say that given I played for so long I still thoroughly enjoyed many parts of it. I'd consider myself an above average player, I often play (and win) on hard/Hard+ AI across 4-5 star systems.

I've played 4 races, the Federation, Borg, Romulan's and Klingon

Ultimately my rating is based on a critical by fundamental problem given this is a mod for a 4x, and that is that this mod Is very dis proportionally balanced in the end game toward one race, naturally perhaps; the Borg.

This mod in the beginning and even mid-game has a lot going for it. There is a very high level of attention to detail. Explosions, phaser and photo torpedo effects are wonderful. Even the ship explosions are tailored toward every individual race. The mod goes in almost painstakingly accurate detail to ensure even the most minute and obscure referece is made. Truly in this aspect it is a masterpiece.

Obviously this is enough for most, but if the purpose of any 4X is ultimately to be a strategy then in my opinion this mod fails.

It would frankly take more time than I care to give to explain the multiple problems but there seems to be a kind of ''no win'' scenario militarily against the Borg. Maybe that's what the author was going for, it is a bit fitting, but for me it's just very unsatisfying and worse frustrating.

Basically the entire problem can be summarized as follows;
The Borg units (& structures, including a massive 400K hitpoint starbase) have;
Four and Ten times the hitpoints of other race's (yes, that's correct, between 4-10X)
2-3 times the armor
typically 2-3 times the firepower
Cost no more than any other Race's ships
The Borg can (of course) assimilate your units with special abilities.
The Borg can research the ability to purchase command levels on capital ships all the way to level 9.
Yes you read that right. In the end game when you or the AI is rolling in the dough, loose a ship? No problem, here's a new level 9 unit...
The mod attempts to offset this with a couple of things, Borg units cost more fleet capacity (but have equal number of capital slots..) and they have no shields (Frankly this is irrelevant, they have more hit points by far and more armor by far)
They have relatively few abilities.


We are talking about a race that can pump out titan destroying capable units, over and over and over.

We are talking about a race that can plop a 400K Starbase which can obliterate more than a couple of capital ships , assimilate the rest and is so physically large that structure destroying units can't get out of range of it's weapons.

I can see where he(or she) has intended abilities contained by the other races is designed to offset these advantages, but in my experience they're simply no where close to being enough.

Tonight, I spent 5 hours (as the federation) trying to take some ground from Unimatrix 001(that I had to set to an *normal* difficulty,) and I went through about 1000 fleet capacity, a couple of dozen capital ships and made exactly.... 0 headway. I didn't capture a single planet.

This mod has defeated me, more so than my beef with the Borg is that the mod attempts to force the races into their stereotypical roles, which done subtly would have been an achievement but this mod makes no such pretense. The Federation has to make an alliance with one of the races to get into a whole level of research tree, The Borg do not do diplomacy, at all(it literally says, "Diplomacy is irrelevant" in the tech tree, hilarious!..

This means that basically though, what you're looking to accomplish in a game has to be decided when you're selecting your race in the beginning.

Military victory? You *have* to pick the Borg
Diplomatic? It's a bit of a tossup but The Federation would do.
Research? Romulans
Each race seems specifically tailored to ac


The Citizen

Mod review by nickybond 0 agree 0 disagree

Nothing absolutely astonishing



Mod review by milkychancess 0 agree 0 disagree

It's a great mod, great semi-fantasy setting, creative mounts and equipments but there are so many bugs in this mod that break the game :
- Drachen caravans are all ship and they are stuck in lakes or ocean
- City of Grund is inacessible and caravans or parties are stuck there forever
- Sometimes during siege units are stuck on a ladder and can't unstuck/proceed until he/she die

There are other bugs I forgot to mention I will update the bug list I found later.
I will give better review later if these bugs are fixed.


Star Wars BattleFront Commander

Early access mod review by FrostyMnky 0 agree 2 disagree

I can tell that it's great but I don't know how to use the mod. There's no description on how to mod the FoC like most mods come out with. Could someone please send me a message explaining how to use the mod?


The Old Republic: Ultimate War

Mod review by crakus64 0 agree 2 disagree

Too ambitious , too much faction balancing is too complicated, and the demo is not developped enough to do an opinion .
I want to believe in this project, but output end 2016 is too long and too short for the job ahead.
Another mod that will fall by the wayside .


Republic at War

Mod review by captainx54 0 agree 0 disagree

its an ok mod but alot of its units need reblaniceing



Mod review by SerrateWing 0 agree 0 disagree

There is no real fix on the issue of text missing from the main menu after I installed the mod. I have tried everything on the forums.

Huge bummer

Gave it a four because I have played Underlords and if this mod builds on that,it 's only gonna be more awesome.


Time to Run

Mod review by Weperlol 0 agree 0 disagree

A mediocre mod with barely any story and very blocky map design.


Sector Six

Game review by SpaceWizard1012 0 agree 0 disagree

Another generic indie game. Bad artwork hiding behind an unappealing "style," boring gameplay, and overall terrible design. Not worth playing, even for free.

The ship's controls are floaty and unsatisfying.
The enemy firing patterns are simple and boring.
The enemies have no reaction when you're firing at them.
The music is generic as hell and totally forgettable.
The game's tutorial is long and boring, and the meat of the game isn't well designed enough to be worth slogging through the tutorial to get to.

Basically, this game is like 90% of the other crap that comes from indie developers. The developer thinks he has a clever idea here, in this case "an RPG shoot 'em up! Wow!", but he fails to realize that that doesn't matter when his whole game is boring and badly designed. The game sounds good on paper, but is terrible and empty in execution.

Four points for effort, though. It's obvious the creator tried on this one. Too bad he lost the script when it comes to making a game that's actually worth playing.



Mod review may contain spoilers by beyond_ltd 0 agree 0 disagree

You are playing as a construction worker and your goal is to escape the Black Mesa Research Facility. In your journey you are facing both, the Xen creatures as well as H.E.C.U. soldiers, even Black Ops are trying to stop you. Lone worker against all the evil to save his life, will be succeed?
Before you play the game, you have to understand that this is GlitchyMerz's first mod, so don't expect professionally made content. Most of the time you are navigating trough similar looking rooms and coridors while fighting your enemies. The enviroment is not as detailed as you would expect either. There is no music or custom weapons/enemies, but there are a few props that I believe are custom, as well as Conditinion Zero sounds, which adds something new. The ending is... Well, there isn't really any ending, once you reach the outside, the game throws you back to the menu. Now, speaking about good things, I really liked the way games becomes harder as you progress, the pickups are scathered around the place nicely as well. What this mod needs is a bit of story telling, nicer and more unique enviroments as well as better polished ending.



Mod review by maxhenri9 2 agree 0 disagree


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