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Game Review by Uxernome on Oct 25th, 2014

I'd like to point out I like how I like the atmosphere of the game and the general sound effects, which include all and everything I've heard in-game, which isn't much since I couldn't get past the first "level".

The controls are counter intuitive except for walking and jumping. It's impossible to change them, Well if you can change them, it's too counter intuitive to change them.

It'd be a lot more newbie friendly if you could at least have enough batteries to active your flashlight, because the game is too dark to see a darn thing.

I saw 3 big bugs which discouraged me to play. First one is a pain in the neck; getting suck in some walls and not being able to get out unless you have jumped for hours. Second one is a pain in the ***; it tells you to look for the code even after you find it (it's 573322 as a proof) and you keep getting stuck in that small room because everything's locked (or what seems to be door entrances). The third and final one is more tolerable; your mouse will stay visible, there is actually a way to hide it so it's not that bad.

And I'm not even mentioning spelling mistakes...

The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)
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Mod Review by joe1017 on Oct 24th, 2014

The mod is pretty much broken and unfinished. Crashes every other battle, almost impossible to start a new campaign because for some reason after the war breaks out there're no friendly armies and hardly any patrols, only enemy armies which attack you time after time. Weird screen bug where it freezes and you cant look/go in certain places and also graphics and audio quality aren't exactly great..

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
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Mod Review by deliensthomas on Oct 24th, 2014

First of all, not being a native english speaker, I might make a few mistakes but I will try write my short and honest review as clearly as possible.

Good points :
*Really happy to play a new Stalker game after so much time. I never doubted Dezowave would make it. I just simply was no sure about the result.
*Maps are hudge, that's a good and bad thing for very specific reasons.
*After this modd, I' m happy to see that the interest for one of my favorite game series never faded away. That also means there's a lot to come.
*Considering the leak, It was brave to realease the game, but maybe not the wisest decision.

Bad Points:
*Where has gone the unique charm of stalker? The whole thing about stalker series was the atmosphere, oppressing, melancholic, sad but also intense, deep. Once in the zone, you just can' t leave the zone, every character seems to be alive and have his own personnality. You connect with them and the world around you. In LA, nothing. I don' t feel any thing toward this game and that crashes half of the pleasure to play.
*Anyone there? Why are those maps so empty? Running 30 minutes to pick an item in a far away map, then coming back to deliver it and being sent to another place do some boring stuff is not fun, it's just frustrating and destroys the dynamic of the game.
*Map design: The bar location and access is the perfect example of what not to do when you are designing a map: over complicated, uneasy access and not user friendly. This is the bar for christ sake, the place you are supposed to feel "at home" and access easily!The underground tunnels are often frustrating: most of the time, you never really know what you are supposed to do, where to go, and finding your way out can be really challenging. Be out of batteries and you' re sead.
*Cars: They are useless and cause more problems than solutions. What we do need are guides who can fast-travel you in different areas (like CS and CoP). Maps are big, which is a good thing but they also are desperatly empty and walking from point A to point B quickly turns into a chore.
*Illuminati? Seriously? who came up with this idea?
*"ghost scientist" thing and spooky elements: can be intense and scary if used once or twice. when it's over-used, it's counter productive and breaks the atmosphere. Things should come slowly, piece by piece..
*The main quest/side quest dynamic: It just simply doesn't work. do this, do that, pick this, etc. In stalker, you had the feeling the scratch a piece of the puzzle every time you accopmlished a quest while here, it's just a series of time consuming quests. I don' t see any "global vision" in what I do.

I think I covered the main issues aside from bugs and crashes. I am confident things will improve in the future. that's why I uninstalled the game and will come back to it laster, when things are better and more stable. I have a lot of respect for the team and the hard work they have accomplished. I would not be honnest if I gave a 8 to this game, at this point. I think all the critics, even the harshest ones think the same.

March of Rome
4 Review

Mod Review by UltimateHobo on Oct 18th, 2014

Basically a re-skin of vanilla. Not awful but doesn't do anything special. Balance is pretty poor though.

Hotel 13
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Game Review by Rokcet on Oct 12th, 2014

I think everyone here knows this already, this are all fake shots or just random pictures that have NOTHING to do with the game. The banner is a repeating picture and the boxshot has nothing to do with the game, neither does the demo picture.

Now for the game, FPSC is a okay engine but nothing to use when creating a good game.Some objects in the game are misplaced, such as the lamp on the door. The menu is VERY blurry and pixelated and obviously has no screenshots showing or involving the game whatsoever.

In my opinion, Learn Photoshop or Paint.NET or atleast use in game screenshots. Redo the engine, something like Unity,Game Maker(better than FPSC),UDK. There are plenty of tutorials out there.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2
4 Review

Game Review by H@mm£R on Sep 29th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

Same old Game! but nice Graphics.

4 Review

Mod Review by MitchCat on Sep 29th, 2014

Too much crashes...and these colors, my god, it's multi fruits jam !

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
4 Review

Mod Review by magnus87 on Sep 28th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

So much potential. Such a shame it is ruined by the worst A.I i have ever encountered in a game.

The environments are incredible, they are beautiful and well crafted, they are large and feel like they are a living location. Unfortunately the A.I that inhabits these spectacular locations are so dumb and broken that it feels completely worthless spending any time or effort into completing quests.

There are sections where you finally get underground into a research lab and you are supposed to be hunted by a bloodsucker, only to find that as long as you stand in the doorway, they don't know how to react and run in circles in the room you have not yet entered. This ruins what should be an atmospheric and rewarding section.

As you wander the atmospheric countrysides you'll be reminded that it is all for naught as when you finally come across the military or some bandits, they sometimes don't even respond to the fact you just shot there buddies in the face, they'll keep on strolling around. Also the economy is broken, it is way too easy to get gear and money, those rewarding moments in vanilla SotC when you finally find a decent weapon are gone as you'll easily take out a building of military and have a loot fest on your hands.

The quests are too simple, you just run there grab that and run back, which would be fulfilling if the maps were filled with a little more than just a handful of dumb folk.

This Mod could be saved by a talented programmer, if they took the environments and injected some smart bandits who learn how to flank, clever mutant that no when to hit and run, and bloodsuckers who actually know how to hunt, it would be 10/10. like i have said throughout, i cant speak high enough of the hand crafted maps, they are stunning, but it just makes this game a walking simulator with annoying enemies getting in your way.

Saying all this, i still applaud the team for spending their own time and effort on this and i app

Call of Duty: Black Ops
4 Review

Game Review by Profligate1396 on Sep 23rd, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Gets 3 points for atmosphere, and an extra one for being in the Cold War.

Five Nights at Freddy's
4 Review

Game Review by themosinmaster on Sep 21st, 2014

This is a waste :< I beat liked it then hate it now.

4 Review

Mod Review by BenAbdallah on Sep 12th, 2014

it shows a bit of work ... but the whole idea of the Zombies in CoD4 was done before, twice, once better than the other ... but sadly they made this mod seem like a portable version of them, lacking in some extend but worth a shot

4 Review

Mod Review by LysanderTheGreat on Sep 8th, 2014

Perisno.... Well it was cool in 0.6 and 0.5, but they seriously screwed up now. Everything is overpriced and the merchants don't have enough money to buy all the junk you need to sell to get a pair of ******* boots. I love the new additions, but its just not as cool or fun anymore, now it's just annoying trying to play. I have completely deleted any trace of Perisno, and I don't care what you think so bitch at me all you want.

4 Review

Game Review by themosinmaster on Sep 6th, 2014

Garbage strait up garbage

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer
4 Review

Mod Review by 702041 on Sep 6th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
4 Review

Game Review by Alerman on Sep 5th, 2014

Story is interesting, but tragical, and very few humor; player can't use all of race's units, most of WoL fails are kept. Advisor makes anger.

Oblivion II: Die To Live
4 Review

Mod Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Sep 5th, 2014 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers


- Some creativity
- Custom music


- Bad level design
- Very confusing
- Game crashes everytime I click on "continue" for some reason
- The walking speed in some maps (annoying and boring in lenght)


I was disappointed while playing this story.

You uploaded the first part over two years ago, and the level design is just as bad, if not worse? How is that even possible?

No work on the lightning at all, most of the maps have glitches and holes everywhere, floating trees, almost no sound effects at all etc. It looks like it was made by a pewdiepie fanboy basically.

I actually played the first part but I didn't understand what the story was about at all actually, except the part about the main protaganist.

The puzzles are very confusing, like when you have to get in through the window and the key that was lying under the stairs in the mansion map. No indication about them or anything else for that matter.

The game crashed everytime I clicked on "continue" after saving and exit. First time that ever happens in a custom story.


The story was okay, you used custom music and the ending was pretty nice, but the level design is under average and the puzzles and gameplay in general is frustrating.

4/10 - Okay

Scarecrow Escape
4 Review

Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Sep 5th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

The lights and the the shadows of this game are absolutely amazing.
Sadly, this is basically the only really good thing about it. The tps character in the game is a built in Unity figure. All we see is him running around in an endless, empty and terribly textured, pointless maze. Than eventually there is a door, with a rather funny than scary, cheap jumpscare. Here and there, I also found a few TVs, which made little sense. Alltogether, the game was boring and pointless.

The Gate 2
4 Review

Mod Review by SPY-maps on Sep 3rd, 2014

There is a lot wrong and not working well in this mod.
Specially at the start of the mod it crashed all the time,
it was that this made me want to play it for some odd reason
otherwise i would have stopped playing it.
The list is to long with issues that made it no fun to play
beside the crashes and i have to agree with what someone else
here said, that it looked like how much the maker could put in
to this mod with assets from other mods and games.
A lot of times models or npc's simply didn't make sence.
And, i love hard gameplay, but a lot of maps were so difficult
that is was insane. In the end i just played with god mode on
about half of the time, till the crashes again. Had a lot of
work to stop it then with ctrl+alt+del/. For some odd reason
i couldn't get out of the mod then. When i started it after that
again the mod crashed righ away and this stayed.
First i thought, i will reinstall it and play on with the old
saves. But then i thought, why bother?

It is clear that the maker did put in a whole lot of time and
effort. But, it felt to me like it was all over the place,
story wise, texture wise, model wise, npc wise. A lot of times
i didn't even know what to do, i couldn't hear what was said
most of the times because important dialogues were said right
in the middle of action. So i had to back track and check all
corners again, just to find a door open that was closed before.
So, sorry, but i really couldn't give more as a 4 our of 10.

When this was your first mod i would think it as ok.
But you clearly have experience now with modding and mapping,
that makes this a bad mod then.


The Visit
4 Review

Mod Review by Humeba on Sep 2nd, 2014

It was a too short and very confusing.

Operation Hummingbird
4 Review

Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Sep 1st, 2014

Completely messy and buggy. The textures of the hands are terrible, the combat is boring it makes no sense. The enemies hit you while they are out and they can also hit you four yards away with a baseball bat. There is no story, you just wake up somewhere, possibly in a nineties fps, over and over again. I am not even sure what this has to do with Operation Hummingbird. There are only two totally identical rooms. A lot of other fps-creator games at least made an effort to show new scenes. This one has nothing new in it.

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