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Mod Review by warmachinea7x on Mar 3rd, 2015

(subject to change) honestly this is like my 2 favorite games married and had a baby. yet i will only rate it as such for now. i cant figure out how to install it, yes i put it in my mods folder (i have a steam copy of med. 2). someone told me there was a installer in the file yet i can see none. and well there is no instructions on how to install it let alone on how to get the bloody game working once it is installed. im not mod installation savvy so it would be nice for someone to help clear things up for me and others.

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Mod Review by Z0D14CS0L on Feb 16th, 2015

Not bad follow-up to the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but it gets repetitive, found key, go to next place, repeat.
The level are simply boring, there are no details, and are way too large so there is a lot of unused space.
The story is average, don't spect nothing out of amateur scriptwriting skills level.

Total War: Rome II
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Game Review by ***Geroj*** on Feb 16th, 2015

Just got it, worse than empire total war ...
Wow I dont even know where to start with list of bad things made in this game but most obvious are units and arcade battles where units just mix into one huge crap of ants
They have no collision, no mass ...just nothing, they cant even fight two vs one, if 500 soldiers attack one soldiers that one soldier will fight one on one which is ridiculous
and ******* flags marking absolutely unnecessary parts of map, no hills or roads but random piece of land that have no strategical value at all
Its horrible crap and poor excuse for more than one year of public beta testing and 40% larger budget over last total wars

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Mod Review by Freeman665 on Feb 16th, 2015

Hard, respawns houndeye.

Stronghold 3
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Game Review by GatesmanOfAvenna on Feb 15th, 2015

This was truly a tragedy for gamers. There are so many things I could list that I hated about this game, but I'll try to briefly sum it up. Stronghold 3 was released before it was ready to be played.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla
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Mod Review by Dido_o on Feb 8th, 2015

Wheres is monsters ?! Only noise, only steam, only puzzle, and a bad end ! This mod are not finished! I'm bug fan of Silent hill, you miss something on your game.

Bloodlines: Antitribu
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Mod Review by ThisModIsShit on Feb 6th, 2015 - 5 people agree 15 people don't

+ New PC & NPC models, really well made
+ Enhanced graphics & music (love the blood stains)
+ New quests with professional-level voice acting
+ New/different bosses that require you to use your head

- Random crashes
- Balance issue (Giovannis are underpowered, Setite are overpowered)
- Artificial difficulty (random groups of vampires in various locations)
- No blood buff/blood heal customisation
- Koldunic magic is tricky to customize and lacks spells descriptions
- Some new mechanics are wonky/glitchy (casting a spell stuns you in first person mode for a couple of seconds, Obtenebration 5 doesn't make you invincible, Serpentis 3 makes you impervious to bullets...) or don't last long enough to be useful (Hags' Wrinkles for instance)
- Unstable performances (not the modders' fault)
- Combats are forced and aren't an option anymore, which sucks for an RPG
- What's with the xenomorph model? I mean, seriously?

All in all the mod is great but needs some really serious polish. If they keep updating it and manage to add everything they plan to, it'll be no doubt the best complete overhaul mod for VtM Bloodlines!

Men of War: Assault Squad 2
4 Review

Game Review by ugopierini on Feb 2nd, 2015

Nothing new here, many new problems.

BFME: Tactics
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Mod Review by franzhauberger on Feb 2nd, 2015 - 3 people agree 2 people don't

Great graphics, but its to Warcraft-like for me. To much colours and i dont like the gameplay.
Additionally there are much issues ingame. I know its a beta, but there are still to much bugs for me. And...dont copy every terrain-texture from other games! Make your own ones.

Goofball Goals
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Game Review by kikolobo on Feb 1st, 2015

An awesome game concept, but the demo of the game just WANTS your money as it is only limited to 1 MINUTE MATCHES...1!

That, in in itself is ********. The devs could have limited changing the size of the ball or increasing and decreasing the filed, but no. They have to limit the time that you can play the match.

Utter ********.

Chernobyl Underground
4 Review

Game Review by IHasKilled on Jan 30th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

Nice Game,and the graphiq is good ok

Big Scientists
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Mod Review by TheUnbeholden on Jan 29th, 2015

Ewwww. Scientists are big but not their hitbox. Lightning and mapping is beyond bad. For a joke mod it ain't even done well.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla
4 Review

Mod Review by OffyGhost on Jan 25th, 2015 - 7 people don't

I don't like silent hill.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla
4 Review

Mod Review by mickobe on Jan 23rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't

NOT SCARY AT ALL.Puzzles have somewhat obscure clue's.It would be nice if the mod have inventory and map.

Battletanks II
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Game Review by johnlan on Jan 19th, 2015

need a lot more work tbh although i liked the premise and some of the gameplay battle feature but the rest needs incluyding adding a mp mode i saw this from youtube and the potential is there but everything is just poorly executed

Silent Hill: Alchemilla
4 Review

Mod Review by QBob on Jan 19th, 2015 - 11 people agree 10 people don't

Dull quest (not horror or adventure) in the scenery of the famous horror. Puzzles are not bad, level design too, but apart from them there is nothing. Empty and very boring.

4 Review

Game Review by TheUnbeholden on Jan 18th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

P2W aspect. The air drops are still p2w, its just theres a 10% of a gun spawning in them. You just have to buy more crates to be able to kill everything, caught out on a lie:

Zombie AI are unable to do simple pathfinding, there is barely any loot, you get hungry every 10-15 minutes so you spend all your time picking berries.

The worst launch of a game I've ever seen. Going to have to see how this turns out over the next week or so with its patches.

Week 1 Updates: AI seems to be working and the zombies are quite tough (headshots only for a clean kill) but thats as far as it goes in terms of noteworthy improvements. The crafting/basebuilding/farming is no where near level of Rust or 7 Days to Die, so no H1Z1 isn't even in the same league. The houses are copypasted, in an attempt to make it look like they've done alot of work on the map. Base building is useless in PvE, other players can knock your door down and steal everything without you being able to do anything about it (no unbreakable doors or locked chests). Base building is useless because you can't save your spawn point. As soon as you die you basically will never find your place again. Hasn't blown me away at all, Its a shame FRANKIEonPC promoted it before it was even released. If the patches fix this I'll comment back to it.

Rhinocrunch, Lirik, shizzle, PartiallyRoyal covered it and the only good thing I can say about it is there is some bears, rabbit & deer and decent weather system. Rust or 7DtD has the features this game is claiming. I don't even understand why a SONY game is in early access.. ow wait I see... Cash grab on the zombie craze. Another game that can't be bothered to finish so they release as quickly as possible to cash in like Warz. This time instead of having a cash shop, they allow you to air drop crates with a 10% chance of having a gun. Yeah, it encourages groups of players to call in crates to get armed quickly as possible and then go around killing everyone. Team deathmatch. The developers lied about not making this P2W. I can't believe they released it in this state to us for $19.95.

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Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Jan 17th, 2015

This was a rather boring game.
So many badly placed jump scares and they are usually the same. This building we enter makes no sense, in terms of room placing and the whole thing is basically one big empty labyrinth. Seriously, there is almost nothing in the rooms, which means naming them is just as pointless. Not one innovative scare was put into this game, and I don't even know why I died.
Also, there is no running option which makes the gameplay longer and it is very frustrating.

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Game Review by Patres87 on Jan 17th, 2015

* Well to sum it up, the problem of this game is that is just plain boring, it fails to recapture the ridicolous morbid fun of its predecessor.
* The graphics are good, it runs on Source Engine and looks alright to me, although there some mighty performance glitches with frame rate dropping.
* The open world is there partially, but you cannot complete missions as you like but have to stick to the main story line.
* You revisit the outdoor locations several times during the game, which gets repetitive and the task you get are one stereotype.
* You collect something, then all of sudden there is a riot by some of the minorities or some other group of extremists, which you have to eliminate.
* You cannot get inside any building, you can take a look indoors only during missions, which is a nice change of pace, then you go back outside to one of the three main locations: downtown of city, mexican border or some kind of farm.
* I loved Postal 2 for not being the perfect game, but for trying not to be convetional and yet entertaining, but this one just couldn't hold up its potential.

Two Worlds II
4 Review

Game Review by 3clips3 on Jan 10th, 2015

The game has very exciting and wonderful graphics. The combat is rather dull with lousy fighting animations and fx. The magic side of the game is cool with you being able to combine "cards" in different ways to do different things. The quests are horrendous. I've done dungeon delving to retrieve items only to return them with out any sort of reward or so much as a thank you. To sum it up, this game just looks good.

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