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Mod Review by JimmyWhite on Mar 5th, 2015

- ugly animation
- voice acting is really poor
- constant car flips
- dumb NPCs (bandits are often just standing and do nothing when i shoot at them)
- ugly textures (on food, water etc etc.)
- boring quests (story was a way better driven in original SoC)
- poor immersion

Only good thing about Lost Alpha is nice map desing.

FNAF|The Final Night
3 Review

Game Review by FreddyFazbearPizza13 on Mar 3rd, 2015

Bro really

Flappy You: Fly Your Face Free
3 Review

Game Review by Trevor11 on Feb 28th, 2015

Another FB clone. Not interesting.

Pokemon Planet
3 Review

Game Review by uchihajerry1 on Feb 25th, 2015

Screenshots look good but the Moderators don't explain how to play the game AT ALL.(And they wonder why no one is playing..) i had to figure out how to play on my own. And when i actually try launching the game there are soo many errors. Give 3 just because the videos actually look cool. Found this on Popular games and clicked because it looked good but they don't do anything to keep people playing. Don't explain anything if they did they would have more players because their game would ACTUALLY WORK.

Republic at War
3 Review

Mod Review by Irisviel on Feb 23rd, 2015

Due to the lack of communication between the developers of this mod to their loyal fans, I have grown tired of having to try and pray that I don't get swarmed at one of my core worlds early in the game since the CIS apparently has an armada on some planet in the core.

The balancing issues are still huge, I cannot get any progress made ON EASY as the Republic. Strategy or not, I should not be losing star system after star system by a swarm of enemy ships on easy mode, that I cannot respond to fast enough despite having no issues whatsoever when I am fighting them on my own term.

Apparently every CIS world also has their space stations maxed early, as even with four venators and a huge array of other ships and fighter types, I still suffer extremely heavy losses. Why? Because one droid carrier can take out an entire Venator Star Destroyer, and those frigates that droids get in space by garrison units? Those are the make or breaks, as they just keep coming.

I am being generous by giving this a three, I should only give it a 1, but the content in Instant Action is fun to play, and that is this game's ONLY redeeming quality.

Escape from Brackenburg
3 Review

Mod Review by Maxleyo on Feb 23rd, 2015

Lame jump scares, lame story, almost no story line, mapping failures(1.3 patch). Totally not worth playing

The Barn's Secrets -Full Release-
3 Review

Mod Review by BrennenburgBrother#1 on Feb 21st, 2015

The story didn't makes sense.
Not scary.
Well detailed.
Very short story.
1.4gb with no content. It doesn't make sense.
Monster had no animation and wasn't scary.

Feudal World
3 Review

Mod Review by Sunny_Beach on Feb 14th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

It's great. The crafts such as smith, from I've seen, require so much more interaction, and I would then see smiths gathering the swords and wares they've produced, walking through the town anouncing the sale of their products.

I played it a short while, but I know I'll be playing often. Try it out!

UPDATE: There are many features, but good luck trying to engage in any of them without being RDM'ed. RDM is so out of hand, and the staff makes no attempt to help, as I have been RDM'ed at least 10 times in 1 hour, and each time I would request the admins to intervene only to find the RDMer later on, walking free, and have to kill him myself.

Until the staff improves, and the horrible playerbase is managed, my review will be as it currently is.

I do not recommend playing this in its current state, unless of course you find RDMers easier to deal with than I would have.

Project Visitor
3 Review

Game Review by justsomerandom on Feb 13th, 2015

This game is a joke. It is excessively outdated. Extremely hard for new players to pick up(not that any would want to play this)

The guy running it, yes 1 guy, is a joke. It took him about 4 years to put out actual new content that people were waiting for. Updates come out infrequently, with little to no discussion with the community. People will email him constantly directly crying about what other players do, and he wil punish people without any warning or discussion.

All in all, this game used to be great. Has been destroyed by a dwindling community of whiners and people who aren't interested in keeping this game alive.

Forced to give it a 3 as I am a new user.

The Few
3 Review

Game Review by kizapet on Feb 8th, 2015

If you do not command plane who to attack he will just go straight even if enemy is shooting at it, and you will not see who is enemy until you zoom in on its wing to see markings.

Squadron can fly over airfield and crash because it is out of fuel, and all pilots are killed.

Design is pretty basic and not very user friendly.

It had the chance to be very good game but this way it is only quarter of game. There were much better games on Spectrum.

Ottoman Empire Mod
3 Review

Mod Review by Goats11 on Feb 6th, 2015


3 Review

Game Review by drudge02 on Feb 6th, 2015

it is buggy and i lost around £70 on this game because of bugs

C&C: Red Alert 3
3 Review

Game Review by MustaphaTR on Feb 3rd, 2015

I hate this game because of three reason;

Story of RA and RA2 is deleted. This game has a new story that i don't like.

All of playable heros are female.

Soviets has War Bears instead of Dogs. In RA Soviets was only has Dogs, In RA2 noth teams has. Soviets should continue to use dogs.

3 Review

Game Review by mmoye9 on Feb 2nd, 2015

it keeps telling me that software emulation is not allowed, until i find a soulution i will keep a low rating

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
3 Review

Mod Review by darkendmoon on Feb 2nd, 2015

Mod is decent, but holy hell the developer of the mod, Cozur, is probably the biggest ******* I've ever seen. Plain rude, and decides to create multiple accounts to bash on other mods. I honestly think people should just stop supporting this guy.

Republic at War
3 Review

Mod Review by Sierra-025 on Feb 1st, 2015

before I get into it, I Will say that this is a BEUTIFUL Mod, and I WANT to run it...

but there's an Issue; and this is why I gave it such a low rating:

- The CIS is designed to win, the Republic is designed to lose.

I say this because such imbalance is IMPOSSIBLE to accidently create.

Now, I'm not saying you guys are A-holes, this mod is otherwise AMAZING!! but I gotta wonder what the thought line was here...I just got off of trying to play a 'Outer Rim Sieges', and the CIS blew through me with one fleet that was a little bigger that the one I had started with on the planet they attacked(but they had a Lucrehulk, which meant that I was going to loose), and a doom fleet.

I don't know what I'm on about... I'm hoping that 1.2 fixes the issue...

Generations Arena
3 Review

Mod Review by Metal__Head on Jan 26th, 2015

Was a fantastic layed out mod. It's nice to see all the classics there. But the lack of bots was a substantial problem.

sgt.sev3n´s BF2 texture modification
3 Review

Mod Review by BurnDemDown on Jan 25th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

This "mod" is nothing but childish EA bashing and blatant propaganda, why is this crap even on Moddb?

3 Review

Mod Review by CroatianKnight on Jan 25th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

I hate the fact that all the file are at OneDrive and OneDrive sucks!

Roma Oritur
3 Review

Mod Review by bluevine246 on Jan 23rd, 2015
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