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Mod Review by MountBladerC on Apr 27th, 2015


Call of Juarez: The Cartel
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Game Review by Blackfalcon501 on Apr 23rd, 2015

Very Mediocre for a COJ game with average AI, boring story, missions, cliches everywhere and the whole game only took me roughly 6 to 5 hours to finish. To sum it up go play Bound in Blood or the original COJ heck the newest one does and even better job at sticking to the roots of what COJ is.

The Night I Went Insane
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Mod Review by ShiningBlader on Apr 23rd, 2015 - 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers

Disclaimer: Alright, I want to start off to say that I haven't finished the CS yet and as such, this review is TEMPORARY meaning there I will be willing to give it a higher rate somewhere in the future but this score reflects my opinion with the current state of the CS. For all the purposes, I'm playing the Custom Story Version, not the Full Conversion one.

The reason I'm giving this CS such low score is because of two things: One, is frustrating to play and two -and perhaps the mos important- the CS cannot be completed in its current state. There is a game breaking bug that the creator needs to work on. Fortunately, it is nothing to difficult so it really makes me wonder how much testing this CS had.

To start off with the bug, it seems that once you acquire the key #2 in the cellar and go back to the previous map, the door to the cellar should be locked and the door to the main map (a.k.a the hub map) should be unlocked (it locks for no reason once you enter that map for the first time). However, both functions to lock and unlock the doors are switched which means that the door that leads to the hub map will NEVER unlock and the door to the cellar which has no purpose to come back to still remains unlocked and you can keep entering and leaving that map for infinite sanity. I don't believe ANYONE has completed this CS without modifying the map's code.

But after that, I went to the Map number 3 (since they have no names to go by, another little annoyance that you should fix) and I found 9 levers. So it is a puzzle, easily enough but the point is that the game offers NOTHING for you to figure out how to solve the puzzle. You're supposed to use the crowbar in a near door that gives you 5 hints about the order in which you should pull the levers. So you pull the 5 levers and what happens? NOTHING happens! The levers revert back to their initial state after a few seconds and as the player you're left in a "wth?" kind of state. Like, what am I supposed to do next? Some pointers would be good.

But I've managed to get pass that part by pulling all the remaining levers in the opposite order and it worked! Did I know it was going to? Nope. Totally random.

After that there is a room with a bunch of keys and you have to pick up the right one and what not... that room was awfully made, with the walls all disjointed and crocked and the keys and paintings floating in the air. If the argument for the room to be so deformed was because of the main character's insanity then that would be reasonable except that all the other rooms where well made so it doesn't make much sense.

And lastly, this leaves me in the part of the map where I just rage quitted: a pool of blood where the invisible monster lurks. Like, what am I supposed to look for here? I looked everywhere and only found a note in blank which apparently didn't trigger anything. If it did, then there is no pointers. No pointers anywhere! Wherever are the maps having no names to go somewhere without knowing what to do... like, ok, maybe I am missing something but this isn't supposed to happen! I ended up dying to the monster and after that he didn't spawn again so I had all the time in the world to look in the blood for something but I found nothing. It was frustrating and I left the game there.

Suggestions: Give more pointers to the player to know what to do. The lever puzzle was -sorry for the harsh term- bull****, the water monster part was infuriating because I was totally lost and let's not forget that those parts of the game would have been unreachable if I hadn't go and change the code of the game myself. So I hope that the creator fix all of these issues as the CS clearly didn't have enough testing.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3
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Game Review by DominatorBoy on Apr 23rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

The Games not scary :(

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Mod Review by SpogZallagi on Apr 22nd, 2015

Unfortunately there's more negative than positive with this mod.

First off is the music. It's just so cheesy. Sounds like the soundtrack to an old PS2 JRPG or something. Please, if you're going to do synth orchestral music... don't, because it doesn't work. I have a feeling that the music might've actually been good if the person who made it just replicated Kelly Bailey's (the man who did the music for Half-Life 2) electro style. It would have fit with the HL2 setting, and not sounded like the score for a lame RPG.

Second is the voice acting. Dear god, this mod should've just subtitled all the dialogue and not have enlisted teenagers trying to sound like grown men in their 30s and 60s.

As for the level design, the best of them are just okay. The layout of the maps themselves are decent, but they're just so sparse and uninteresting, barring that naval compound, which was pretty cool; and the wintry scenery when you're outside. The rest were just confusing, causing me to noclip through half of them to try and actually finish the mod. The Citadel was the worst offender because of that absolutely God awful fog. I couldn't see where the hell I was supposed to go and got a migraine about five minutes in.

The story was disappointing to say the least. I had high hopes in the beginning, when post-pubsecent-voiced Mossman said Adrian had to return the gravity gun to Kleiner in City 17. That would've made for a good climax. But, instead, you just blow something up and... well, no spoilers, but the 'payoff' feels more like 'I' paid for wasting ten minutes of my life downloading this, and another hour downloading the SDK required to run this mod.

The combat was just... okay. Not bad, not good. Probably works well that way since this mod is so short, but it would've been a big issue had the story carried you far beyond where it actually ends. Then again, HL2 combat/AI in general is getting pretty dated, so I can't fault the devs too much for that.

My final verdict is going to have to be a 3/10. I had no fun with this mod whatsoever and was severely underwhelmed by it

Warsword Conquest
3 Review

Mod Review by iceberg12serry on Apr 16th, 2015


The Forgotten Ones
3 Review

Mod Review by thedeadcamper on Apr 14th, 2015

I played the Steam version of this mod, and I hate to say it, but I had a really bad time while playing it.

It feels like the entirety of the game was rushed and that it needs much more playtesting than it got before release.

From extremely-fast, bobble-head zombies, to near moon logic puzzles, to enemies that will kill you from full health within one second (this is no exaggeration and this is almost every enemy in the game), this game seems to do so much wrong that it's hard to pinpoint what went right in the whole thing.

It tries very hard to be similar to the original Resident Evil, giving the player a limited inventory, limited save spots, even a very similar looking mansion to explore near the end of the game. However, when weapons are so ineffective as in this game and zombies can kill you in less than a second, I found myself pretty much using every exploit in Source just to survive. And still, this game will kill you by unpredictably spawning enemies from the middle of nowhere.

The voice acting is not particularly great here, but I can let that pass as the highlight of this game was the bad acting (everyone talks to each other in English with "ze German Accent"), though it was probably also unintentional. I feel like this could have been more tongue-in-cheek with the dialogue and I would have had more fun with the cutscenes.

The mechanics are the real killer here, though, with weapons that are extremely weak, to certain tabs not pausing the game even though they completely cover the screen, to binding keys in ways that aren't familiar (I died so many times trying to use the health kit because I would accidentally hit tab and couldn't get out of the menu in time.)

In the end, I had to give up, just before defeating the big bad Nazi boss, and the walkthrough I ended up using even acknowledged that getting past him boiled down to pure luck, hiding behind a wall, and just hoping to get a headshot with one of the rifles.

I feel bad and I wish this thing had more feedback before release, but it's at version 2.4.0 now and it still feels unplayable.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
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Game Review by IgorPoulpupov on Apr 8th, 2015

How do you turn what would be a great game to complete boring sh*t? Don't search, CoC: DCotE gives you the answer.

Great gameplay ideas in this game, many being quite original, yeaaahh. A mix of FPS, adventure, infiltration, survival, and all of this in a lovecraftian universe, yeaaaahh yeaaahhhh. Your vision and your motion will be affected by fear and madness, by acrophobia, by located wounds (broken leg? you'll move slowly, won't jump and will need a splint to fix it) and more. Yeaah yeaaah yeah.

Ok, these were the nice points. Now everything else is all you don't want to see:
- Bugs. Plenty. From small ones to bugs that break the game, you have to unofficially patch it to be able to finish it (the "no reef bug" is genius, same for the last fight unswitchable switches bug).
- Easy tricks to increase the game duration. The saving checkpoints system will get you spend most of your time redoing each 10mn game part 3, 4 or 5 times. Lots of trial and (insta-death, sometimes random) error enigmas. Also, lots of cutscenes that you can't pass, so you have to watch them 3, 4 or 5 times... The game counter at the end says 8h. This is the only duration that counts, and it's way too low.
- Repetitive atmosphere tricks. Ok, the atmosphere is overall better than in most of survival games, but these tricks get extremely boring with time.
- Stupid AI. FPS and infiltration games are good when the enemies are not stupid, and when they hit more easily from 2m than from 50m. It's not the case here.
- The way they're used, the original gameplay ideas are nothing but gadgets.
- Very slow gameplay.
- Very linear, extremely scripted.
- Infinitely respawning enemies in several places.
- Ugly for a 2006 game. Meh voices, too.
- It started on XBox and you can feel it.

In the end, quite good atmosphere, and everything else is good for trash.

Hopeless Night
3 Review

Mod Review by mangana on Apr 8th, 2015

Good mod but you must check weapon zombies texture

3 Review

Mod Review by ST6 on Apr 8th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Sadly to say, I wait this mod for many times. Almost every time I open and I check this mod. I think it will be the funny, but.... NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Is worst than the SSH Mod Messup WTF 1. Better not download it.

The Reckoning : For M&B
3 Review

Mod Review by Chronomay on Apr 6th, 2015

Not at all finished cant recommend it yet, however with a lot of work I think it will be a good mod

The Reckoning : For M&B
3 Review

Mod Review by FissionChip on Apr 6th, 2015 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

I don't believe this mod as it currently stands deserves its rating in any way, shape or form. It's abysmal right now and I don't suspect it will get much better. You can fix the bugs (though that might take years), but I'm not so sure you can fix the immaturity.

The game crashes a lot. There are missing textures that causes the game to crash, run-time errors that will stop you from even starting without changing setting pre-launch. Even if you get it running, I don't think it's worth it. Practically no new dialogue, the factions are kind of ******* stupid (Neo-Nazis, seriously?), the guns/ammo don't work properly, I had to restart a bunch of times due to game breaking bugs (like not being able to hire anyone), there are no collision meshes on the vehicles, Zombies do no damage, etc.

Then there's the women, who all have breasts bigger than their heads and in some cases their arms are clipped right through them. It looks retarded. I went to hire a companion and she was wearing nothing but a bra and stockings, which when I went to get her proper clothing, it turned out the bra and stockings were more powerful than any of the full clothing I had found. This is clearly an attempt to make the player to opt to keep her half naked, because "I'm 14 and lol". It's just childish and totally breaks any hint of immersion there might be.

Then there's the other weapons. You can attack people with dollar bills, plastic butter knives, candy canes, cardboard coffee cups and they all do far more damage than makes sense. Again, "I'm 14 and lol". I don't mind one or two Easter-eggs but come on.

This is all tragic too, because the world map looks amazing and really promising. Even the villages and crash sites are unique and must have taken forever to do. I really wanted to enjoy a Fallout meets Zombie Apocalypse style game and instead I got... well, not that.

I honestly do not understand why it has a high score.

Five Nights at Freddy's
3 Review

Game Review by davaco0 on Apr 6th, 2015

It's funny not scary. Very bad horror game. Better is Penumbra, Project Zero, Cry Of Fear, Silent Hill first trilogy, Alien Isolation, Amnesia etc. Good is just gameplay.

VtM: The Final Nights
3 Review

Mod Review by Cykodelik on Apr 1st, 2015

I do like how the mod up the difficulty a bit and the (very limited) additions are actually really good.

That being said this mod is broken to hell. To begin with investigate is a totally worthless skill... I think I had to get to level 7 just to find the watch in my initial haven.

Second all of the drops have disappeared, the skill books, one of the artifacts. Yes you can still buy everything but now the game can be beaten by upping your haggle skill and focusing on grabbing all the cash you can get. That is literally the only winning approach.

Seduction is practically useless. I've got a 5 but I can't chat up a woman in a bar for a quick feed? THEY ARE MORTAL! Seriously broken.

I've just finished fighting the Tzimize (second encounter). It was absolutely arbitrary, my active disciplines just disappeared whenever the mod felt like it and since that was the whole of my character build I had to sit around and wait for a clipping bug to snipe the thing to have a hope of winning.

This is a W.I.P. at best. Honestly, give the extra content to another modder because that is the only redeeming aspect here. Sorry :/

Jeff: Origins
3 Review

Game Review by CatacalysmicStudios on Mar 20th, 2015

The game did not have good aesthetics. The models in it were poorly designed. The game did not run well. There seemed to be little point in playing, you might as well just put the game into the recycle bin as soon as you get it. It's apparent that the developer did not have any decent wall textures because there is little diversity. I rate this game a 3/10 for those reasons. I would rate it a 1/10, but unfortunately I'm a new user and I can't rate that low.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2
3 Review

Game Review by Mordekhay88 on Mar 15th, 2015

I bought this because I'm a fan of this series, this is a conveyor

3 Review

Mod Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Mar 14th, 2015


- Some scary moments
- Some areas are designed decently
- Custom items
- You can interact with stuff around you


- Story is almost non-existing
- Maps are way too short, inluding the story itself
- Most parts lack details
- Nothing makes sense

What to improve:

Since you're a new level designer, I'm going to go into detail and explain what you should think about untill next time and why.


Some areas are actually decent and I like the penumbra style some of the maps have, but most of the maps lack details and are way too short. Each map took me 5 seconds up to max 5 minutes to complete. Not only is it annoying to have to sit through a loading screen over and over again, but we never really get to immerse ourselfs into the maps, since they end so quickly.

If you're only going to make a corridor and nothing else, make that corridor into the map you already have for example. You don't need to make a whole map just for one short corridor.


I would also like to see more puzzles. Puzzles that makes sense! I saw a locked gate, went into the office map and did absoutely nothing in there, since there was nothing I could do, went back and the gate was suddenly open. Same thing happened in a different map. A door was locked, I ran around the map a little bit, exploring. Suddenly, the door unlocks itself automaticly.

Be more creative. Make up something more realistic. Maybe the player can activate the gate by using a computer? Or finding spare parts in a storage room? Hell, even key quests would be better.

It would also take a little longer to complete each map if you added more puzzles.


Add a little more details to your maps. Can be anything from fog, some debris, decals etc. You did add some sound effects though, which really increased the creepiness.


The story is very cliché. "You don't remember who you are or where you are" is so overused. It can still be intresting though if you add intresting plot twists, an antagonist and good character development. Sadly, this custom story really lacks all of that. I understand it's just chapter one, but the story barely developed at all.

What you did good:

Player can interact with stuff. Like, if you click on the bed, a computer, a corpse etc, the character will say something about it. I like that.

The dark map with all the corpses was actually really scary. I also like the build up. It took a while before the monster showed up. First it was okay, then a little creepy, more creepy, then that really dark map, then the encounter. Good job on that!

You also added a short intro and some custom material, something not a lot of new mappers do.


Average maps with a cliché story. While it had it's scary moments and has some creative ideas, the story in general doesn't offer much new on the table.

3/10 - Bad, but okay for a first story.

3 Review

Mod Review by ZhuleCRO on Mar 14th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

Interesting trailer, nice idea and design... And that's it.

No singleplayer, but it's on webpage that there is one, STEAM reads it like "Pokemod Battle Demo" even if download says it's full version, no servers and games online (it's not developer fault) so I couldn't do anything except walk around map that I barely started (pokemon selection is confusing).

Too bad, this mod could be great...

Breaking Point
3 Review

Mod Review by heytonally on Mar 14th, 2015

The mechanics and gameplay of this mod are probably the best out of all the ARMA 3 mods. Unfortunately, the moderators and admins are aloof and act like petulant children, playing favorites to their friends (usually Australians) and banning those (usually Americans and Canadians) who get the better of them. It's quite a shame... 3/10

*I want to point out that it wasn't until recently that the admins became this bad. I have over 1300 hours in this mod and only the last 50 or so have spoiled the game for me.

Sebish's Diablo 2: LoD modification
3 Review

Mod Review by ox777 on Mar 13th, 2015

This mod was a disaster and totally ruined my game, Plugy just does not work with this mod, period, so all the stuff that was in my stash was completely gone plus the mod just straight up doesnt seem to work at all, and yes i'm on patch 1.13c. it wouldnt be so bad but if you could just uninstall the damn thing but now every time I click PlugY it opens up the non working sebish mod and I no longer have access to my huge stash or the items that were in it. what a pain and now all my items are lost. what Wasted time and effort.

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