3 Review

Game Review by SeroTheHedgehog on Nov 22nd, 2014

Good idea, but a little bit buggy.

I played this game mouse only and it is no problem, to play this game without a keyboard in 3 minutes.


Hope you can fix this. You really have many good style images, but there are not in this game.

I really, really, really hope there will be come an upgrade.

Sorry for my bad englisch.

Rage of Dark Gods. (Warhammer FB)
3 Review

Mod Review by GameTimeNow on Nov 21st, 2014

pay to down load ruins this mod basically making it unplayable. You would think they could figure out how to get it uploaded to this site.

Dark Room
3 Review

Mod Review by sarahholmwood on Nov 19th, 2014

No story, no lantern, bad spelling, I give you a 3 for effort.

The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)
3 Review

Mod Review by Elitekiller901 on Nov 18th, 2014

crash crash crash ... **** this mod

Rikintosh's Advanced Graphics Settings Mod
3 Review

Mod Review by cpldingo1987 on Nov 17th, 2014

Detailing is nice, which is why he gets some points. But not very user friendly, and full of bugs. Crashed after a few minutes of gameplay

Wanted - an Amnesia custom story
3 Review

Mod Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Nov 16th, 2014

This story makes no sense whatsoever and I will explain why further down.


"You are Aidan, an electrician"

1: Electricity does not exist in the storys timeline
2: His job doesn't change the story in any way shape or form. He could have been anything and the story would still be the same
3: He goes back to his apartment and sees police cars, and decides to leave the estate? What?

The story wasn't too wierd untill I went to the cellar, on the second floor. The door locked itself and Aidan instantly assumes that someone else must have locked it even though no one else is in the castle.

I found a sparekey and a key to the prison.

I go to the prison, see that every door except one is blocked by walls and enters the only room that isn't blocked, picks up a key and leaves the map.

I use the key I found on the entrance door. It breaks and I decided to try to unlock the door with the sparekey instead and it worked. Why not use the sparekey to begin with, instead of going to the prison first?! And who the **** have a prison inside an apartment building?!

I go outside and instead of just running away, decides to go to the hospital, steal a crowbar, magically unlock a office door like a regular key, get scared by body parts inside a closet before opening it, finds a secret tunnel, enter a room with 3 pictures and a door, nothing else, enters the door and climbs up a well without a ladder (by the way, the area around the well is so terrible glitchy it's probably the ugliest thing I've seen in a story ever) and goes back to the estate...

This time however, I go to a different area of the estate only to find a hole in the ceiling I climb up to using a rope I found lying on the ground. The one and only monster in the whole story spawns but is too slow to do any harm at all, I leave the estate yet again and the story is over.



The story makes no sense at all and the level design is below average. You have a long way to go before you can make a good story.

Work more on the story and make it more logical and practice more with the level design.

What saved you from a 1/10 is the fact that you don't have a **** load of lame jumpscares like many mediocre stories have, don't use the names "Daniel and Alexander" and you don't have glitches everywhere with a few exceptions, like the part with the well, but it was okay otherwise.

3/10 - Bad

3 Review

Mod Review by TGHI on Nov 15th, 2014

Only rated 3/10 because I am a new member.

I'll start by saying that I've played all sorts of COP mods: Swartz, SGM 2/2.1/2.2, I Work Alone, Dead City, SRMTR to include a few. Having said that, I have no idea why MISERY has such pomp and fanfare behind it.

As everyone has already mentioned, the economy of the game has been completely broken and nigh impossible to make any sort of profit. Any armour that you wear is made of paper, making firefights a game of quicksaving and quickloading as you're cut up in no time - compounded by the fact that your character sprints at about a third of vanilla's speed and all the mutants now move twice as fast, so you can't even retreat when the odds are against you (which is 99% of the time). In the unlikely event you happen to get the jump on your enemy, you'll spend at least a dozen or so rounds to be rewarded with no usable loot on their corpse. Who decided "let's make a mod for a first person shooter that makes firefights tedious and in no way ingratiating!"? If that was the aim, then my hat's off to you.

My biggest gripe is one that includes other mods, not just MISERY, and I apologize beforehand for taking it out the devs but why change something from vanilla when it worked perfectly well to begin with? Case in point: the inventory. MISERY includes all sorts of crap that has the same muddy brown colour icon as the next! I have no idea what any of the garbage is without mouseovering it - but it's not like I can remember what one muddy unintelligible item is over the next, I have to check. Every. Single. Time. The icon for all of the bullets have changed from vanilla, and none look the same - why!? So I can waste more time mousovering it? Medkit icons have changed - why!? So I have to mouseover more stuff in the middle of a lopsided firefight while I'm bleeding out the eyeballs? "Oops, I accidentally used the green/brown looking tree branch instead of the green/brown salad tongs". The UI inconsistencies and added fluff is possibly the most annoying thing about MISERY.

All the negative aside, I did not have any performance issues and the mod played fine, it's just not fun. At all.

I would suggest trying SGM instead, which actually has new maps, plots, loot, and makes sense, even after it being translated from Russian.

3 Review

Game Review by LoftStudio on Nov 15th, 2014

i cant play it, but it looks kewl

Riot in Progress
3 Review

Mod Review by ZhuleCRO on Nov 15th, 2014

Idea of using Daikatana-saving gems ruins almost everything... that plus ineffective weapons, high difficulty, no fun factor. Too bad, beacause I liked the screenshots and start of the game, music and secret areas.

The Mutant Factor
3 Review

Mod Review by daniell411 on Nov 15th, 2014

I give this a 3/10

I really like the atmosphere, and the story looks promising... but there is one huge flaw, I found it since I started the mod, and it just ******* me off throughout the entire game...

You guys totally forgot add SUBTITLES, what about the deaf people out there or the hearing impaired like me.

It a pain in the *** to try hear what they are saying and keep up with the story, and the deaf gamers wont be able to do that at all. This flaw totally ruined my game experience.

Please fix this and the rating will go to 10/10

to make this mod go to a more broader audience you guys can make subtitles pack in different languages instead of whole voice acted pack. Witch is harder to make since this method require voice actors.

Five Nights at Freddy's
3 Review

Game Review by Eagle_Wings on Nov 13th, 2014

...................I dont like this game much so 4

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
3 Review

Mod Review by fructdw on Nov 7th, 2014 - 2 people agree

Wow, what a disappointment.
First of all, that mod took about 36 hours and 2\3 of that was running from point A to point B. Note what I ignored pretty much all side quests.
Only good thing about this mod is updated\new locations, and even then most of them feel so empty, its not even funny.
AI is dumb, unskipable cut scenes and voice acting is cringe-worthy, ammo management is annoying, main plot is childish, most of quests are simple post quests and involve going to another location for some stupid reason and then going back. And don't even think about driving, that helicopter chase was so frustration, so I never touched cars again. Performance and crashes was another huge issue for me (v1.3003, i5-4590\GTX 750 Ti 2GB\8GB).
Overall its suffers from horrible pacing problems, I can't even recommend it to anyone over old COP. I hate to say it, but this mod shows what sometimes cutting content is justified if it cripple gameplay and pacing.
I guess you can play it for about 6-10 hours maximum and adore changed starting locations but then immersion shatters and it will become some kind of endurance test.

Ultimate Apocalypse mod
3 Review

Mod Review by ZSHADOWWOLF on Nov 7th, 2014

While I do not see 1.7.4 you can forget about 10

Lumber Island
3 Review

Game Review by Th3GreenHornet on Nov 6th, 2014

Lumber Island is full of many disappointments for me, the graphics are great but really laggy and buggy. Lumber Island would of been better if you were able to run.

3 Review

Game Review by AngryTalon on Nov 5th, 2014

A easter egg is not a feature


3 Review

Game Review by guenosnolife on Oct 31st, 2014 - 1 person agrees

No modding, no campaign, expensive, no in store steam (it's on origin, it's ****), texture in robot is bad.

Gameplay little good

3 Review

Game Review by Pisstaker_General on Oct 29th, 2014

The story was ripped straight from some Inu-Yasha-loving teenage girl's Deviant F-art account and takes a steamy poop all over the previous games.

Garret is a wuss.

Tits? Really? It was a brothel, not a Steampunk convention, keep it classy, come on. Great marketing for pubescent boys, though.

You call it a Thief game, it will be judged like a thief game. End. Of. Story.

Repetitive gameplay.

Thief, being fantasy was always a little ambiguous about the time frame it was based on, but the gap this time seemed to invoke both 11th century and 19th century elements...which is just too goddamned much of a difference.

No "Taffer" to be heard.

Audio programming was bad, no ducking during dialogue. Highly annoying.

You ruined everything...

City Life RPG
3 Review

Mod Review by djbrombizzle on Oct 28th, 2014


This right here should tell you the mentality of the admins on this server. They are so power hungry that they create a nice little banned website for you to watch. I invite everyone to check that out and look at all the people they have banned, what they fail to mention is not all of those people listed are for legit reasons such as hacking, cheating, etc...most of them are because the admins just got mad!

Stay away!

Doom RPG Build
3 Review

Mod Review by nanaranananarananana on Oct 23rd, 2014

Nice recolor , i got the idea of that maps like, but no textures, poor weapons , no characters no history .... but how do you recolor them ? I am interested in that

Pizza Delivery - Interactive Fiction
3 Review

Game Review by minecraftgamer015 on Oct 22nd, 2014

this game sucks

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