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Mod Review by Weaboo on Sep 28th, 2014

Very bad, very bad indeed. I require a map fix and also less crashing. Every time I try to play this mod, it crashes on every 10th minute. I utterly despise this mod (except for the shootings and all).

Divide et Impera
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Mod Review by yashasvi2 on Sep 26th, 2014

unbalanced... spartans get their *** whipped by civillian hoplites and battles takes toooooo long.

1860s Old America
3 Review

Mod Review by reviewbot10923 on Sep 25th, 2014

I'm giving a 3 because i can't go lower since i'm new. I used to play the 1866 mod on mount and blade 1.011 and i was very excited when i saw this mod up for download thinking i could finally quench my thirst for shootings, western style, until i actually played the mod. Lots of work need to be done here, i'm far from enjoying myself as i was with Highlander's 1866 mod and that's because of mountains of small issues like texture quality, the overall map and the bad habbit of ennemies getting stuck running in a wall. Its also sad to see the narcissic nature and lack of manners from the dev to the point people actually talk about it in reviews, what is personnal should remain this way. Anyway i hope this will be worked on so it can be given a better review, western mount and blade is awesome and it should never have been spoiled like this

Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles
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Mod Review by _Nem on Sep 23rd, 2014 - 2 people don't

I found this mod to be short and not very interesting. The puzzles aren't very difficult, and the "frogger" section dodging the trains goes on far too long.

There are some bugs with the robot that follows you around through the mod. At one point it was switching position all over the screen as I left the area with the train points puzzle.

Maybe this just isn't my kind of mod.


3 Review

Game Review by JasonTGamer on Sep 22nd, 2014 - 2 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

I really wasn't expecting anything from this game rather than a quick LP to do (which I did, uploading soon) and that's pretty close to what I got. Most (if not all) of the 3D models & textures were either taken from free 3d model websites or they were already in the default Unity dev package. The background music was most likely ripped from an online royalty free music library. The only thing that I can fully believe was made by the developers (art/music wise) was the horrible "scream" effect near the beginning of the game. The game itself was buggy, scripts were horribly written, and level design was extremely basic. Despite all that, if you guys improve on your 3D modeling/sound design, this could be a pretty decent horror game. There is definitely some potential in this game that was left to die, but hopefully I see more from you guys in the future. Good luck!

the Far East War
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Mod Review by SPIDAMAYUN on Sep 21st, 2014

I dont know if this mod is still being worked on but if it is from what ive seen japan needs a serious buff... the chinese lecturing division is possibly one of the most OP things in any mod ive ever seen since nuke launching tanks in red alert 2, the models are good and the only other problem is that my chinese soldiers speak ridiculously good engish the only problem i have is that honestly the leaning tower of pisa is more balanced then this mod.

Kingdom Management.
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Mod Review by Thorusus on Sep 21st, 2014 - 2 people agree

Disapointed... I was expecting a mod with lots of new features for the Kingdom Managment ( after all, that's the very concept of the mod ) but all I could do is what could be done with Diplomacy... It's like if you just changed the name of Diplomacy mod, changed the troops and added items ( which doesn't have any relation to the Kingdom Managment )

Suitcase Bomb
3 Review

Mod Review by dangtuyen2001 on Sep 20th, 2014

Great mod

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
3 Review

Mod Review by Qoherys on Sep 15th, 2014

Every update this mod gets worse and worse.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
3 Review

Game Review by MHI_Spider on Sep 12th, 2014

It's very heavy and difficult to play! FIFA 14 is better because it has more better graphics, players and many things. The players in PES 2014 look a bit the same. Don't play this game, it is too heavy and no FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 League I see in the PES 2014 game.

NO RETURN Open World Survival & Hunting Simulator
3 Review

Game Review by OldRusty on Sep 11th, 2014

This game isn't good, but it does take skill for you to make it this far. This game would make sense if you're a 10 year old and you was forced to go on a computer and make a game.

3 Review

Mod Review by z/tp on Sep 9th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

I climbed out on the roofs, and the fastzombie abominations were standing under me and I couldn't progress any further.
Also, the beer bottle is a joke.
No one can hit this fast.
I didn't like the gun as well, you know, on the left side, no one has ever done this.
I couldn't see a skybox, just plain black.

The Gate 2
3 Review

Mod Review by thedeadcamper on Sep 4th, 2014

I hated playing this mod. Not solely because it's bad, but because it has so much potential. A few small but absolutely vital fixes to gameplay alone that could have improved my mood considerably, but as it is it falls flat and then serves to anger. This is not a fun mod to play, and the positives do not outweigh the negatives in this game.

- There is a lot of play value in the combat sections of this mod. The combat sections in this game, specifically against soldiers and other enemies, is almost solid. The balance of health and weapons is met, assuming you want a serious challenge from time to time.

- This mod explores many locations and literal time periods, due to the time travel nature that this mod plays with. You will visits areas such as Nazi Germany, North Korea, Prehistoric periods with dinosaurs, current day America, the frozen tundra, and Area 51.

- The driving section at the very beginning of this mod, although buggy (you can die from physics), is extremely fun. I loved this very beginning because it made this mod feel so huge in scope. I was a little lost at the part where you are ultimately blocked from progressing, but up until that part, it was fun.

- Sneaking. There is a small covert section of the mod where you have to sneak through an army base, disguised as an employee. During this part, I was engaged. I liked the ability to run around this general and sneak by him. It was fun.

- Puzzles. I don't have puzzles in general. I love Portal like everyone else, but this is puzzle design at its worst. Even parts that were supposed to be quick pretty much stopped the progress of the game because I got stuck on how to open a door. This is even worse than I'm making it sound, and I had moments just getting stuck with no help until I gave up and pulled up a walkthrough. Even with clear instructions on what you're expected to do, you will still fail because the instructions you were given were either vague or were given at least a

Bloody Russian Battle
3 Review

Mod Review by NESHV on Sep 2nd, 2014

What is this?

Minor Factions Revenge
3 Review

Mod Review by massi123 on Sep 1st, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

Dopo un pò che la uso, non mi si caricano più le partite salvate!!

Edain Mod
3 Review

Mod Review by Stormlord on Sep 1st, 2014

A lot of options don't work, especially in Isengard. Heroes are frustration. Units look like ones which came from an older game than BFME 1. Ok i respect for labor but people exaggerate this mod too much.

The Myth of a Legacy
3 Review

Mod Review by manson123abc on Aug 31st, 2014

After i almost killed the slave leader i went to the city and i am stuck there because i do not know what to do there. I asked the ship captain to sail to Oranos but he said i do not have enough gold. Now i do not know what to do because i can't even get pass the first part so i am giving this a 3 for now until they fix this.

3 Review

Mod Review by thechap909 on Aug 30th, 2014

A ****** mod that's buggy, looks like ****, plays like ****, has balancing issues, and is missing almost everything that makes Warhammer 40K good. There exists no form of melee, although the NPCs in missions can apparently do it (Sometimes), All swords or powerfists are decorative.
The units are incredibly unbalanced, stupidly so. A single guardsmen with a lasgun can take down a terminator within 7 shots or less if he doesn't miss. A single guardsmen. Granted, a terminator is still more likely to win, but that's still pants-on-head retarded that a terminator would die so quickly.
Furthermore, with the lack of melee, assaults are non-existent, and with Flashpoint or Cold War's ****** AI shoot-outs are also boring, throw in some ****** weapons and ****** controls and you have a steaming pile of ****.
I'd rate it lower if I could, don't be fooled by the fact that it's old and has "Warhammer" in the title, the mod is ******.

C&C Generals Zero Hour : Enhanced
3 Review

Mod Review by userz on Aug 28th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

I would have given this mod a higher score if it actually work.
The mod crashes after 2 to 5 min in game making it impossible to play and the readme is of no help to fix this problem. Tried everything he suggested and nothing worked.
I have installed many other mods before and this is the only mod that i have problem with.
I hope he fix this someday.

Absolute Redemption
3 Review

Mod Review by Elitesse on Aug 28th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

I just don't like it. I can't believe that this was included in the official Counter-Strike and Half-Life CD! It's badly made. The design is not linear, and you can easily get lost. I really hate running everywhere, even backtracking just for finding the exit. I also hate checking every corridor for something! It's too difficult, in the first mission you must fight lots of grunts with very little supplies, and then fight in a Temple filled with Assassins! I almost died there. Finished with 20 Health Points, and then got attacked by an entire swarm of Baby Headcrabs. Uh. Then there was a mission in a Park where I always got lost, and had to noclip when I had to escape. The third mission was so boring and confusing that I deleted this mod. Too hard and too confusing. I had to run everywhere to find something, and then deleted the mod. Waste of time.

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