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Mod review by OrangeOz 0 agree 0 disagree

Game freezes very often, glitchy npcs and dialogue, not enough ammo to complete the beginning of the game, fov locked at 60, viewbob and tilting screen that makes me feel ill (can't be turned off), unnecessary and badly made aim down sights mechanic.


Haunted Memories: Episode 2 Remake

Mod review by ryan1431 0 agree 0 disagree

Egh. bad map design and kinda boring. sorry.

Maybe working on fixing first of all the outside sky, and some of the missing pieces all over the map that show dead space.


Shoker Weapon Mod

Mod review by kaseywolf878 0 agree 0 disagree

i give this mod a five because there are no clear instructions in english. i just want WEAPONS but you have a download that replaces the story. which i dont want. i assumed the first download was a fix for glitches withguns in the story without english subs the story is USELESS to anyone who cant speak russian. and at this point i STILL havnt played the guns yet!!! because your LAUNCHERS are **** your instructions are **** and everything you did is **** as far as i can tell at this point. i gave it a five because i was at least able to get it to run for 5 minutes.EDIT: i uninstalled what i thought where the mod files but i was wrong so now i need to do a fresh install because as far as i can tell you dont have an uninstaller for your stupid mod. rating down to 2. NOTE: if you can speak russian fluently this is a great mod, otherwise its ****.


Amnesia: Rise Of Nightmares

Mod review by H3R0-Jontskuuuu 0 agree 0 disagree

Um.. just finished the story. No story. No atmospheric. Not very great mapping. Random monsters. Very short. Also so much items. Like what do I do with 12 tinderboxes if I can't use them anywhere?? Also really "wtf" ending. 2/10.

P.S. Who the hell can rate this CS 10?


Old Republic at War

Mod review by crakus64 0 agree 0 disagree

it is true that the space mod is beautiful, it's true that we appreciate the era kotor but no GC , no real ground fighting , no heros ( hero helps the balancing of the game ) balancing ridicule.Sans mention all the missing icons , yet it is always the origins of units ?? !!
In short my lack of heros as charismatic as revan , it's not happening.
This mod is not even in my mod Watchlist.
If I 'm so hard is that the download version is registered compléte .
This is just a demo no more.
Otherwise I would not have said all that and I would have expected but it is not possible as it is considered finished .
Sorry but forgot mod like many of the old republic.


Emily Wants To Play

Game review by KrustiClawn 0 agree 0 disagree

I can not recommand this game for several reasons. Review may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

First of, the game isn't necessarly bad, but the game is pretty terrible based on my own preferences.


- Creepy at first
- Freedom to explore


- Small map
- Obvious scares
- Ridiciously difficult to survive (for me anyway)
- Cliché and uninspired story-line
- Very basic level design

This is what happened when I played:

I enter the house and start exploring. I see a few scares here and there, most of them obvious onces, like a stalking doll, or a doll that gave me a jumpscare when I walked up to it. Scares every horror gamer out there have seen a thousand times before.

I read a couple of notes from, what I guess is Emily. She feels like her parents never loved her and now she is haunting the house. I listen to a couple of cassettes from her mother that apparently delt with psychological problems, basic horror story settings. Nothing very intresting.

Then, the clock tics and I notice it's midnight. From nowhere, a doll jumps at my screen and kills me. Game over...

I restart from latest checkpoint and decide to move away from the killer doll. Apparently, she followed me and killed me again. Game over.

I restart from the latest checkpoint again, knowing how to deal with the doll this time, or so I thought. The doll only moved when I wasn't looking, so I was constantly looking her way to assure she wouldn't kill me again. I entered a room and closed the door. Apparently, she could teleport past the door and killed me yet again. Game over.

I restarted from last checkpoint again. This time, I decided to pretty much run around so that ♥♥♥♥♥ wouldn't catch me. I ran into a room I had not yet been in. A second doll appeared out of nowhere and killed me instead. This time I gave up and turned off the game.

I died 5 times in less than 10 minutes.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I gave up too easily, I don't know, but this game was just too frustrating for me. Even without the annoying dolls all around me, the game wasn't intresting. It's way too cliché and offers nothing new to the table, at all. Level design is basic, story is unoriginal, scares are way too overused.

2/10 - Would rage quit again.


Full Invasion 2

Mod review by soldiermarine09 0 agree 0 disagree

Mod itself is good, great concept and idea but the developers and some of the community are very foul towards newer players... Considering it's a multiplayer mod, it means you need to play with the pathetic "elitists" who have played the mod since the start... If you don't believe me, all you have to do is read the comment section of this mod on Moddb.

For example, one man/woman quite rightfully said "There is like 1 server and it has a password whats the point of downloading if we can't even play :/"-commander-wolf
The reply he received was "its to keep out people like you"-Steven_Brule

Now if that doesn't sound like a "**** heads answer" then I don't know what does.... A simple question was answered back with quite hostile people which includes one of the Creators of the mod... Unfortunately, the creators replies can't be flagged or down-voted because it's his site/mod so therefore can't be reported... How pathetic

They aren't any better on the game either. Therefore, a waste of a download.

Now because I have given the mod a low rating, it's forcing me to write a "review" which requires about 1,000 words. However, the fact that the mod is basically a "wave/survive" based game where you have survive for as many waves of enemies as possible, it's quite hard to make a review of it. Therefore, I am going to talk about how I joined the server and left after about 10 minutes because of the disrespectful "staff" and community. I would rather play Napoleonic Wars than with these poorly mannered **** heads.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Oblivion Lost 3.1

Mod review may contain spoilers by ZikShadow 6 agree 1 disagrees

Somehow finished this insanity, i think i broke down in tears a couple of times from the frustration.
Simply put, this is the kind of mod i'll never replay ever again, ever!

Revised con list :

- Grammar in this mod is bad.

- The weapons of this mod are mostly hit-scan.

- The AI doesn't respond well at long range.

- Too much military (literally all maps have some military), Duty is reduced, Freedom even further.
This also means 5.45 weapons with GLs practically rule.

- Blowout safe areas are not marked, sometimes open areas provide cover, sometimes closed areas still kill you.

- Some weapons don't match real-life counterparts.
Example : The VSS has almost hit-scan like accuracy while having an astounding 30 rounded mag.

- Traders sell ammo for weapons that they don't sell, how much sense does that make?
Have the trader sell more unique but expensive things.
At the very least have them sell the lesser versions of them.

- Spawning is ********.
At least 5 minutes after i killed everyone, they respawned, there are multiple dozens of dead military bodies lying in front of the Bar as i'm typing this.

- Enemies spawn in front of you, point blank range right after you load a new map, Pripyat to Radar is most guilty of this problem, multiple maps suffer from this problem too, be alert and expect immediate gunfight loading a new map.

- Item description need to be gameplay specific, copy/pasting online is not good enough, Saiga claims that it can use the PSO, that is false.

- Sleeping in the open is not dangerous at all, i slept in front of the NPP and was not attacked, i even managed to recover most of my lost health sleeping mid combat.

- Add "ZZZ" icons when you're getting sleepy for clearance, i can't tell if the blur's because of sleepiness or because of constant psy attacks (similar effects).

- I understand that Oblivion Lost was supposed to "emulate" the beta version of SoC, but please improve the weapon graphics, even "SoC Beta-like" mods like LA knows to implement CS/CoP's model system for people to HD mod it.

- Controller. I've learned a new level of hell from the mod's overuse of them.

The controller sound after death bug is not fixed, of course, you had to made it worse by literally throwing dozens of them in one map.
I was killed multiple times because of controllers i can't even see!
That aura killing thing was already annoying and you people had to amplify it a notch.

- NPP was arbitrary difficulty, especially if you count in the respawns.
An entire armada of burers, chimeras, and bloodsuckers.

- Of course, "LAB X26" is the WORST of all.
Literally all of the most dangerous mutants including multiple fire poltergeists packed in a small map.

Stressful, frustrating, not even tense due to most enemy's OP ability to destroy your health in mere seconds.

I was yelling obscenities the whole time i was down there.

- The new storyline. Sod. Off.

The hints were very poor.
At the very least you could have described the building it was kept in.
It took me countless boring & tedious hours finding them, and was not even glad when i did.

The final boss fight wasn't even worth it, he's just another military personnel but surrounded by his controller friends, which is easily fooled by running straight for the sand bags and snipe him.


And then the ending was sudden, abrupt, and didn't feel satisfying in any way, it was just talk to this guy, talk to another, that's it.
No conclusion, no nothing.

Basically the mod's way of saying "**** you" after going through hell and back.

- NPCs from other games cameos, they feel worthless, they just stand and talk, nothing else. Not even custom NPC models, just existing ones. They could be just a randomly named NPC and i couldn't care.

- Finally, sell a weapon to Priboi and marvel as it floats around him, beautiful.

And that was it.
Oblivion Lost.

A mod that should have just stayed lost in oblivion.


Company of Heroes: Back to Basics

Mod review by siemens33c 0 agree 0 disagree

You can see the rifleman squad harder to beat a Volk squad , even with BAR in any range , The early game become a damn grenade war . Then the AI side group more and more . The balance is ******* crap AGAIN .
Friendly unit won't give enemy a finish because they are establish a goddamn line ! And friendly also give half territory to the enemy there they are too strong in nunmbers . AI works stupied and just know how to spam .
I give up this mod and back to play the vCoH .



Mod review may contain spoilers by Richyro0 1 agrees 1 disagrees

Sorry to give only a 2 however I found multiple problems that were easy to find, walking out of map, undrawn textures, text overlaying on other text. Then I walked into a sign and the game ended?

Didn't get to see the lighthouse upclose? Screen flickered like mad when I used the rocket boat. Poorly optimized with bad FPS.

Turned on wire-frame to see that the tunnel and the archway has an obscene amount of polygons that are just not needed at all.

Also no idea how to find the code for the door that leads to boat and how the woman gets to the room with the controls?

Sorry bro.


The Investigation

Mod review by Boss-DOS 0 agree 1 disagrees

I don't really know what to say. I'm really rather disappointed.

These maps were huge and had nothing in them aside from a few lone pieces of furniture and no lighting to speak of or really any scripting aside from a few kinda badly done jumpscares. This would've at least been visually pleasing if there were lighting or fogs, and if you dressed the levels up a bit. No one's home is as empty as this. Unless completely, 100% abandoned and even then there should be grime and such. The maps were way too big. Spread your custom story over more maps that are smaller in size, and please, for the love of god, keep all your maps under 5 MB. There's no way to make anything run smoothly without culling from level fogs.

The effort put into this was very minimal. Which made me rather sad.

You did a good job with the monsters' path nodes. But you need to spend more time on things, work out a story and play with it for a little while. Play other mods and use the original game as a way point to how things feel. Play with the level editor and script functions a bit. It might take a bit of time to work out the scaling for levels. Almost everyone starts out with really big maps. With a little time and effort I'm sure you guys can make a really good custom story.


It's 2 because,despite all the good stuff in this mod,the shity player status lowering unnecessary and permenantly stable harmful/irritating penalties in this game ruins every joy i would get.Indeed although there are so many optional new stuff that the mod innovated,this ruining permenant penalty isn't optional.Actually that annoying obliged trait was in A clash of kings mods of cozur too,so i was to leave that mod too and this trait in also this game makes the game useless and unplayable for me


Sins of a Galactic Empire

Mod review by merlin-apprentice 0 agree 2 disagree

No zann consortium, No hero's, not enough research projects!
If things change Ill change my Rateing up 2 or 4 points each!
make add on mods!


Pusher: The Story Of Logan

Mod review by lpfreaky90 2 agree 0 disagree

I've completed this mod in ~35 minutes.

I don't like the mod for various reasons, my biggest issues with the mod:
- By default, the game sound doesn't work. (need re-building audio-cache)
- All levels are fast compiles (thus lighting looks bad)
- Most levels are just PTI levels.
- Assets from Portal Stories are used without requesting permission first.
- Some levels from Designed for Danger are partially re-used.
- The voicelines are constantly repeating every level.
- The puzzles are way too easy for my taste.


The Investigation

Mod review by prenz 0 agree 1 disagrees

Sorry but...
Bad light, just another search the key.
Monster really easy to cheat and their no longer fear does.
Boring cheap scares (their no longer fear does).
Stupid mazes to search a stupid key (go back, go forward, then go back and forward again to open another empty room).
Empty rooms.
Old environment.
Definitely, there is nothing to add or create on Amnesia game.


The Investigation

Mod review by KrustiClawn 2 agree 2 disagree


- A few creative ideas here and there
- Story was longer than I expected it to be


- Very basic level design with zero details
- Cliché storyline we have all heard a thousand times before
- Story had no plot twists at all
- 100% key quests
- 100% jumpscares
- No music, almost no sound effects
- Monsters always spawn when you enter a certain area or pick up a certain object. Hiding spots are always nearby. Way too easy to escape/hide from them

Level design and scares:

You have a few creative ideas here and there, but besides that, the mapping is way too basic and every room is way too big. I don't know why every new mapper make rooms 3 times larger than they need to be. Instead of making huge, empty rooms and corridors, make the rooms smaller, or add more furnitures and details.

I would love to see more details, but also more work with the lightning. Every room was pitch black, or had a few candles here and there.

The only scare you made is jumpscares. I promise you, everyone with amnesia experience have seen that kind of corpse jumpscare a million times before. Not only is it overused, but it ruins the atmopshere. Jumpscares can work if they are cleaver and used in a good amount, but they should never be the only type of scare in a story.

Story and puzzles:

The story is also very cliché, but what ruined it for me is the fact that everything was so obvious. One note and I knew exactly what the story was about. No plot twists whatsoever. You guys tried in several notes to make it mysterious "what is this place?" "Who could have done this?" but it was obvious from the first note who the responsible was.

The puzzles are almost non existing. A story with the same quest (key quests in this case), used over and over again will also ruin the experience, because, like with the story, there are no surprises. Next time, add more quests. You need to find a code for a door, you need to find a secret lever, even the crowbar quest is better than using only keys.


Silence. Everywhere, in every map. Add music and sound effects please. Adding appropriate music can make maps so much scarier.



You said it's your first story and it shows. Everything, level design, story, scares and scripting is very basic.

I suggest you practice more, and perhaps open maps made by other users and look around, see how they made their maps, see what opportunites you have. I think you can learn a lot that way.

I know the score is low, but that's because I rate every story the same way, regardless of the authors experience. It's not a bad start, you know the basics with scripting and level design. Now, improve it and your next story, if you make another one, will be better for sure.

Oh yeah, one last thing. No need to start a sentence with "but". Every sentence in the notes are very short. Instead of writing like this:

"I don't know where he went. But I know he is here somewhere."

Write like this:

"I don't know where he went, but I know he is here somewhere". Just a tip ^_^

2/10 - Very bad


The Investigation

Mod review by FrictionalDaily 2 agree 2 disagree

I have made the review in video form.

I apologize ahead of time for stumbling over a few words in the video.


Der Schwarze Nebel

Mod review by OddDoc 3 agree 4 disagree

A great bunch of nothingness. Full bad taste and lack of any logic. I can name it only as a compilation of everything from different sources, but not as a "modification".


Deus Ex: Revision

Mod review by Lamarr1208 0 agree 0 disagree

A mod that requires that'll you buy a game that you already own on steam? THIS IS UTTER ********! GMDX > REVISION


New Creature Framework

Mod review by Ziemian 0 agree 0 disagree

beznadziejne, nie polecam, moddb to ciota i chuj, moja recenzja musi miec przynajmniej 100 znakow, dragon is the new gorbi.

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