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Mod Review by prenz on Nov 30th, 2015

Sorry but...
Bad light, just another search the key.
Monster really easy to cheat and their no longer fear does.
Boring cheap scares (their no longer fear does).
Stupid mazes to search a stupid key (go back, go forward, then go back and forward again to open another empty room).
Empty rooms.
Old environment.
Definitely, there is nothing to add or create on Amnesia game.

Der Schwarze Nebel
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Mod Review by OddDoc on Nov 22nd, 2015 - 3 people agree 1 person doesn't

A great bunch of nothingness. Full bad taste and lack of any logic. I can name it only as a compilation of everything from different sources, but not as a "modification".

Deus Ex: Revision
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Mod Review by Lamarr1208 on Nov 20th, 2015

A mod that requires that'll you buy a game that you already own on steam? THIS IS UTTER ********! GMDX > REVISION

New Creature Framework
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Mod Review by Ziemian on Nov 16th, 2015

beznadziejne, nie polecam, moddb to ciota i chuj, moja recenzja musi miec przynajmniej 100 znakow, dragon is the new gorbi.

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Game Review by Lazorinc on Nov 12th, 2015

I'll go ahead and jump on the bandwagon of advertising my gameplay to get myself more popularity before I actually start talking about this thing. Here it is:

Now on to the actual comment (I'll just say what I haven't already said in the video.). Holy god what happened here. The concept art had npcs and combat. How could a game take such a blow that it loses all of it's rendered models, and turns into "Hallway walking simulator." Whatever happened happened, and boy did the end result sting.

I believe this game's main focus was an abstract platformer, but the abstract was nonsensical and the platforming was garbage. Even for something to be odd, it has to flow smoothly. Nothing seemed to correlate with any other part of the game *coughslendermancough*. The platforming, again, was ****. The segment near the end with the dark red tiles had no way to reset if you fell off of one of the platforms, forcing you to restart. The WORST part in my opinion, were the attempts at horror, specifically jumpscares. There were a total of 5 jumpscares throughout this mess, and every one of them were so wrong. Two of them were so slow that I almost didn't count them for how dull they were.

And the ending...... wow...... how does one even process that as being ok. I won't describe it if you haven't seen it yet, you MUST experience it for yourself.

If there was something that I had to like about the game, there was a visual effect in two parts that distorted your judging of distance, and it was ok, but I don't know if that's a simple coding or whatever. Overall, it's still a 2/10, but in all honesty, YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT. It's an experience that can't even be described, and it must be shared.

Counter Strike 1.6 Ultra HD Edition
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Mod Review by ST6 on Nov 2nd, 2015

Okay, now let's get straight at this mod:

The author of this mod is very good at choosing stuffs +1

Everything was from Gamebanana -4
No working sounds for the weapons? -1
No credits? AT least credit who made it -1
I thought it came along with full weapons and replace all weapons, but, just some of them only? -1
You said GUIs, where? I don't see any GUIs -1
Wrong section? This should belong to Add-on section, since it only replace models -1

Nah, instead of saying "Do your own skin, don't steal other people's job!", I would say that just don't do this pack, by the way, this is not a mod but add-on(Because it used to replace models), so this is it, the author should at least list the people who contributed in those models.

Counter-Strike 2030
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Mod Review by ST6 on Oct 18th, 2015

What the hell is this?

A CRAP MOD???!!!!!!!!???!?!!!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
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Mod Review by IMrWaFFle on Oct 18th, 2015

I played stalker lost alpha, Call Of Chernobly, Misery, and call of pripyat. Stalker Lost alpha just to boring with its stories and bugs. Call Of Chernobly the first and only I really like in the stalker series which is a true stalker game and Call Of Pripyat second for its open world and mostly there are tons of mods as misery and the newest mod Call Of Chernobly in the COP engine which is beating LA right now. The only Thing Stalker lost alpha capture are the boring story, cutscenes, and glitches that kill's the game instantly like a bitch when you try to get out the vehicles. The open world thing doesn't seems to be working too, As going back and forth in some missions which takes hours to complete just feels like a walking - running simulator and don't get me started with the driving simulator which some part of the map cause cars to stuck and blow up unexpectedly. There should be an alternative way as fast travel which give the benefits of less time consuming. For instants, game like Misery, Shadow Of Chernobly and Call Of Chernobly mod for COP which is beating LA doesn't need vehicles or fast travel, For its map designed just perfect for the game and THE STORY JUST OUTRAGEOUSLY INTERESTING which it doesn't need fast travel or vehicles. Also when Stalker Lost Alpha was released the ratings and comments about the game is really really 1-4/10. And me I rate it 3. NEED MORE IMPROVEMENT, also brutal DOOM K*CK A*S!!!

Deus Ex: Revision
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Mod Review by ElizaCassan on Oct 15th, 2015 - 5 people agree 8 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I've uninstalled it right after I've heard what they did to the main theme. Sorry guys but after having helped you a bit and played to all of your public releases since 2008 I must say that "one does not simply change anything to Deus Ex's music". What you have done with it is what I call a travesty.

Project: M.L.P
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Mod Review by hisaonakaii on Oct 10th, 2015

well, for starters, My Little Phoney is in this mod, 'nuff said... to be honest, disregarding the entire MLP bullsquid and the rest of the faeggotry in this game, the mod is barely even finisheed to the half point, poorly optimized for any rig, a ton of glitches, and of course, PONIES CANNOT HAVE THE SAME F##KING HITBOX AS A G@DDAMN HUMAN !

in short, avoid it like the plague, because I'm pretty sure even the plague will avoid infecting it to stay pure.

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Mod Review by gwmaniak on Oct 10th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

I honestly don't understand why people say it's great mod; it's not - it's a (almost) complete diseaster.

But let me tell you why: let's focus on good sides first.

Voice acting of the little girl: this is literally the only thing that was good in the game. The girl really tried and made it better; her voice acting is THE ONLY THING that made me rate it 2/10 - otherwise I would go straight for 1/10, no doubt.

So now that we've dealt with good sides, let's go to bad things:

Voice acting of the rest: this is quite terrible. The father is complete disaster, where first he talks to his soon-to-be-dead daughter like he was bored "come on, go faster, don't stay behind". After killing her, his reflection - "What have I done..." was sounding more like he was really acting why he ate a cookie than why he killed his daughter.

Level design: Interiors are okay, but who the hell had an idea to make these tunnels out of the trees? The whole game feels like the sick dream of some dendrophile - tree paths, tree cones that are blocking you from coming back... Seriously?

While we're at it, let's also mention that for some unknown reason father of the main character had his office in the morgue, on the graveyard.

Custom monsters: honestly, there are only two monsters, and the only good thing I could say about them is that they are custom. The "monster from the mines" looks more like a giant vagina, asking us to end her pathetic existence. I couldn't be even remotely scared because I was laughing all the time.

Logical failures(a.k.a. plot): this is the best part. This has made the mod the grotesque comedy:
- Plot: soon after arrival, protagonist decides that he "must leave the village", so he breaks into his old house, then goes to graveyard, then back to the house, and to the mines. What?
- Dialogues: Seriously, what were these people thinking?
- They have decided that the only way to stop monsters from killing people, is to bring the people to them for offerings, where they kill the people. So what has changed? How did it help from stopping people from getting killed, when they are killing them anyway?
- Ending: So after all this horror, the protagonist decides to... GO BACK, BRING MORE PEOPLE AND START KILLING MORE. Why? Because he knew that monsters would kill people... How did he thought killing people will stop monsters from killing people?!?!?! Honestly, it's over my head.
- Ending: But that's not all! He got more people go into the village by claiming that there were rich mineral deposits. Why would anyone trust a lawyer form London on this?
- The plot: honestly, the whole plot makes no sense and I could just bring it all here, and go over it point by point showing how it makes no sense - but I mean to back up my 2/10, not bring the horror into the moddb.
- Coincidences: So player comes in the morgue, and the rocks block the way back. He runs through the mines, and rocks fall on the enemy.
- The Ladder - if he could just reach the window with ladder part 1, why did he need other parts?
- (this one is a bug): the safe in his old house; I managed to access it without solving the puzzle, so I was a bit surprised when monster came for me.

There are many more bad things to say about this, but I'm getting out of characters, and no one's going to read such a long list anyway. If I were to describe the mod in one sentence, I would say this:

This mod is an example of how you shouldn't make mods for Amnesia.

Azure Sheep:Original Remake
2 Review

Mod Review by ST6 on Oct 9th, 2015

I remember before this, there should be a lot of download links but for some reason they were removed. Anyway, the models in this pack, I was so sick for them, I seen them for a million times already

Counter-Strike Online
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Game Review by PMDLEADERSHINX on Oct 6th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

Counter-Strike is another game that I hold onto dearly because of how it was fun and how I met many great players.. Counter-Strike:Online might seem like a good alternative to Global Offensive, But it isn't, It's quite possibly the worst knock-off to a good game series.

Counter-Strike:Online contiunes the Online only game series in a bad direction:Combining a Shooter similar to CS:GO while using a micromanagement system similar to Steam's Workshop. Using real money to get more guns..Is my first complaint.

While Counter-Strike:Online has bots if you don't want to play online, These bots are not like the ones in Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Source, or CS:GO, The bots in CS:O are just plain awful.. even on the hardest setting, They still cannot shoot good.

I really cannot see CS:O as a good game for many reason, But the ones listed above are what many "hardcore" fans would focus on.

2 Review

Game Review by PMDLEADERSHINX on Oct 6th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

The Postal series has always been an enjoyable one, But even someone like me who played most Postal and Postal 2 really cannot justify this one.. It really is not what i'd call worthy of being Postal III.

Instead of either a top down 2D perspective or an First Person View, Postal III has a behindview Third-person view (like in SOCOM Us Navy Seals). Once more, you control the postal dude, having moved to a new city, He is looking for a new life.

What makes Postal III unenjoyable? Well..first, The controls and animations are very poor:Walking feels slippery and aiming is hard. Several returning weapons are the Shovel, MG, and Gas Can..while new weapons like the "Badger Saw" are introduced but again, Are hard to use.

The camera is clumsy:Walking will make the camera move automaticlly and this can mess you up if you cannot see who is attacking you, The game also has a "rating" system that takes aways the fun:Going postal will give you the ***** ending (spoiler) if you act peaceful and use non-violence (again spoiler) You'll get the ending.

While not the worst sequel to a game i've seen, Postal III does not feel like a postal game.. Or even a game.

Amnesia: The Second Dimension
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Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Oct 6th, 2015

The positive point (2/10 instead of 1/10) is definitelly the great idea the creators had. It's awesome to convert Amnesia into a sidescroller that is a parody of the original Amnesia.
However, it's POORLY made. A minor detail is that there is no voice-acting which would be great when having dialogues.
The main reason of such a low rating for such a thing that's supposed to be awesome is the physics-based controlling of the grunt which often proves to be extremely hard.
I spent an hour trying to get over the platform cellar lever, completely furious, smashing the keyboard. It is nearly (or fully?) impossible to jump from platform to platform in time with the grunt's physics and get over that level. I had some problems jumping with the grunt before that level, but I accepted it as if it'd been made to be challenging. However I'm not accepting this kind of difficulty shown in the platform cellar level, I like my nerves a lot and I will make my head not to blow up.

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Mod Review by Apocalipso on Sep 27th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't

Nihilum был отличной модификацией. А это - огрызок, представляющий собой смешение отдельных моментов и локаций Гонконга. Я бы лучше бы Nihilum перепрошёл вместо игры в эту модификацию. Зачем это было нужно? Лично мне непонятно.

Call of Duty: Sublime Combat
2 Review

Mod Review by DucksRFun on Sep 21st, 2015

Doesn't work for me at all and no response from developer on how to fix the problem I am having

Assassin's Mod The Retribution
2 Review

Mod Review by JKurkov on Sep 16th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

A troll Mod with the "Developer" bagging for money.

The Last Day Of Humanity
2 Review

Mod Review by Qwertyus on Sep 7th, 2015 - 4 people agree

I added 1 point for the attempt to create something original. But in overall it's a set of ugly blocky half-empty buggy small maps with stealed resources from other people.

Watch Dogs
2 Review

Game Review by An_Unknown_Player on Sep 5th, 2015

Yuck is the best word to express my feel about this game, Seriously an autist guy spending his whole day Hacking stuff is a good thing to be impressed about ? What the hell this game is Simply overrated for no reason.

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