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Game Review by LegendarySJ on Oct 4th, 2015

Stay very clear away from this game. This isn't how a pokemon game is meant to be it will ruin the whole pokemon experience for you and besides you get banned for no reason just for speaking the truth please everyone stay away

Call to Arms
1 Review

Game Review by PetrenkaPie on Oct 4th, 2015

****** Mod.

I hope they will learn from this. You can't just release something like that.

No innovation.

Pokemon Planet
1 Review

Game Review by grahamyodude on Oct 4th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

OK so I posted this before but Brody, the guy who runs this game hacked my IP once he found out I was telling the truth about his game, so as he could remove my post so no one would get to read it so here it is again.


I was banned from the game after asking questions about this guys moderating staff in the game. I was investigating improper use of muting power, and at every turn the guy tries to silence me, even going as far as to tell me stop posting on the forums (the place he and his own moderators originally told me to post) and send a forum PM instead, which I did. He then ignored me once my concerns were well away from the public eye. I have photographic evidence of what I was muted for and clearly I broke no rules. Yet when I spoke out, instead of being listened to I was banned. The worst part is that he bans your IP so that you cannot even explain or communicate the situation at all.

I have donated lots of money to the game, and as my reward for trying to make the game a better place I was banned. The game is a MARKETING SCHEME TO MAKE MONEY. In the mean time I urge you all to STEER CLEAR OF THIS GAME. The developer makes and breaks his own rules as he goes and will ban you simply if he doesn’t like you. Since he is the only developer and runs the game himself there is no one to check him and it allows him to ban you for no reason and get away with it. Luckily I have found that this game infringes on Pokemon trademark copyright claims and it will only be a matter of time until the game is shut down completely. Do not play this game and especially do not donate to it.

GTA San Andreas Batman Arkham Knight
1 Review

Mod Review by epicstufff on Oct 3rd, 2015

What even is this? Just a pack of skins that makes it look terrible. Doesn't make any sense at all why people release such terrible mods on MODDB. At least learn something before you do a mod.

No dmg for enemies
1 Review

Mod Review by Staminist on Oct 3rd, 2015

A cheat for those who wanna look around the surroundings without getting damage? Pfff.... What's the point?

Renegade Imperial Age
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Game Review by TotalSnappy on Oct 1st, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

A small number of maps using recycled Renegade assets. Very little in the way of new content.

If the host of the game has to ask people to not use X vehicle from Y position that tells me you need to check your level design.

Lots of random audio snippets triggered by chat with little care for theme & cohesion.

Small playerbase where APC rushing is the only tactic. Gone are the glorious tug-of-war tank battles from Renegade of old.

Assassin's Mod The Retribution
1 Review

Mod Review by BOOFIRE on Sep 29th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

It's a dog **** troll mod that is only here to waste space and possibly steal money through "donations".

Fires of War: A Greco-Persian war mod
1 Review

Mod Review by hunterhough9 on Sep 28th, 2015

i love the concept but there is no text on opining menu

1 Review

Game Review by Matiasomez on Sep 28th, 2015 - 5 people agree

I'm gonna keep my review short and simple; FUN is something that seems like it was slapped together in Unity by some bored guy in his spare time, what's ironic is that just like the description says it really isn't something you should play, even though the creator just put that there to sound edgy as ****. Now, final verdict; this game sucks - simple as that.

Game of Thrones - Roleplay Module
1 Review

Mod Review by AleksanderTheGreat on Sep 28th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

Persistent World is already one big mess with Game of thrones, creating a Persistent Game of Thrones mod is obviously ridiculous. I rather prefer playing PW than this. As well feutures are taken from Fedual world, so it's a "copy&paste;" mod which I don't like.

1 Review

Mod Review by Revolutionist on Sep 28th, 2015

After only installing Misery : The Armed Zone the mod became playble. There are too many mistakes point. It is a punishing mod which is not rewarding for overcoming great risks. The name is quite well suited for the mod: Misery.

Csendes Domb
1 Review

Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Sep 28th, 2015

So first thing you can see are the downloads. Couldn't you made a better description to make them trustworthy? Another thing, I think it OK you used Penumbra Necrologue to create this, but you could at least rename the folder. Now for the gameplay, I stopped playing after one minute. The voice acting is terrible because of the volume. Now you put two doors leading to no rooms. When entered I fell from the map. Really? This is horribly made.

Colina (Hill)
1 Review

Game Review by BrianaKTown on Sep 27th, 2015

GARBAGE game what is this? I have no idea why you would even want to play a game with horrible cheap jump scares and poor quality voice acting with free to use "screams" if you even want to call it that, please to who ever the dev of this game is, start taking game development seriously or stop making games at all

1 Review

Game Review by HydroDemon on Sep 27th, 2015

I have been playing this game for a LONG time to be honest im addicted yes. down side is i've sent over 3 tickets concerning some issues about a event that is now done and OVER with. they never responded so if you like buying premium for 30days only to actually play for like 20 of them days due to glitches that disconnect you from every match or even worse glitches that let you wait in que for 20+ minutes only to never enter a battle, or even the periods of time that you cant even platoon with ANYONE!!! games great but they have promised several things and then change directions of the game quicker then my sister changing tv channels. (which is VERY ANNOYING) since i spend money and run my own clan of 50+ members that ALL play this game, this means im investing time and money into this game which makes me a customer that represents 50+ more customers.(1/4 my clan members already said screw this game) I do not know how other countries or people do business, I prefer to do my business with people who do what they say they are going to do, This company is not one of them companies. Only reason i am writing my first review of this game now is to HOPEFULLY grab the attention of the developers and let them see how they are letting a ton of players down. (Really wish i can say to my clan that do not play this game no more that "its cool they fixed this and this and this" not "they added this but u cant still play so whats the point lol.

Skirmish Plus
1 Review

Mod Review by atrenos903 on Sep 27th, 2015

as stated clearly in Readme. it says its compatible with cold war when it really isnt compatible. instructions in the readme file is in direct conflict with each other. im giving this 1/10 because after doing everything possible to try and make it work, it deemed fruitless.

"- Don't try to play in a map with default MOW factions when you have the Cold War mod
activated, or the game will crash."

"- Select the player and enemy faction with the configuration utility.
- Start the game, go to "options / mods" and activate Cold War, CW_English Patch
and Skirmish Plus (in that order).
-Go to campaign and select the mission you want to play."

as above, that is the conflict... how would be players be able to play CW against AI in this unclear instruction?

A HighWay To Hell
1 Review

Mod Review by pouljo on Sep 26th, 2015

Not working in gzdoom Not working in gzdoom Not working in gzdoom Not working in gzdoom Not working in gzdoom Not working in gzdoom Not working in gzdoom

Earth's Special Forces
1 Review

Mod Review by Jack3d on Sep 26th, 2015

Esf-final is private mod, not for public release. Esf should be blocked from modb, unless devs will post esf-final public release date.
Esf devs don't care at all about community...

turr tel mesa
1 Review

Mod Review by Andresalex4 on Sep 26th, 2015

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Codename CURE
1 Review

Mod Review by medve on Sep 26th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

i would give it a 0/10, but its not allowed. every map looks horrible, shotgun hits are useless, zombie spawns are just stupid. i honestly have no idea how did this mod get to steam when there are so much better ones out here.

Guise of the Wolf
1 Review

Game Review by wookiehead on Sep 25th, 2015

I thought Ride to Hell sucked- at least that was fully modeled, this isnt even finished, let alone functional.

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