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Mod Review by Martinoz on Aug 3rd, 2015

Nothing special to be honest, low quality textures, badly designed models and very boring at all. Never understood a popularity of that low quality mod.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi Story
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Mod Review by CloudySkies on Aug 3rd, 2015

Overall id say it had a lot of ambition, but the end product is.... well terrible. I mean nothing really changed other than you added vehicles and moved a lot of stuff, added a few things, etc. But the quality hits rock bottom for me when all of your buildings you added have physics enabled and kill me when I walk onto them, cars do the same, once had a car bugging into the ground after a load, got in and it flew off into the air flipping all over the place straight out the map, and finally the fact that you LITERALLY. LITERALLY added the ******* Monolith just sitting there in the middle of the Garbage kinda just was it for me. Good try guys but.... just no. Not my cup of tea. Funnest thing was driving cars all over.

GabryGames - MOD Fan
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Mod Review by NickLeiden on Aug 3rd, 2015

Wat the *** is this,seriously

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Game Review by Cridone on Aug 2nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

This game sucks, plain and simple. I am ******* TIRED of horror games having such a low bar of expectation. Horror games can be FAR better then this.

Nameless, don't make another game again. Please, for the love of god. These games are simply ******* atrocious.

Amnesia: Projekt 564
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Mod Review by GoodGamePlayer on Aug 2nd, 2015

Really?! You want the players to create their own .bat file so they can play it? It's YOUR freakin' job to create a custom story that has a launcher! (If you want to make total conversion)

Black ICE Mod
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Mod Review by Abrams124 on Jul 30th, 2015


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Mod Review by johnmancena on Jul 30th, 2015


C&C Generals Zero Hour : Enhanced
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Mod Review by Winsberg on Jul 29th, 2015

Most boring mod I've ever played.

Graphically good but the long build times makes it unplayable and incredible boring. I always wanted to wait 1 minute to train barely something.

The start basically means that you watch your HQ 1 minute while doing nothing till your worker is finally done building.

Then you wait another minute till your barrack is done and your next worker is produced, it feels like an eternity literally.

The balance also does not feel better cause I've played as USA and I was so slow that the GLA roflstomped me kinda fast. While I was barely able to counter thanks to the long building times. I do not recommend this mod, it surely has good visuals and some interesting gameplay changes but making this so slow paced while the actual fights are fast paced is just incredible stupid

Infantry takes also that long. Even though they halfway come in groups.
With these building times im asking me what Im doing with my life.
Im asking me if the devs have tried their mod themselves. Also the soundtracks are rather unmatching and bad as well, the official onces were alot better.

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Mod Review by FireFox21 on Jul 28th, 2015

I wanted to give this mod a chance but after playing it for a little while, I’m not impressed in fact I’d go as far as to say I utterly regret playing it, there is only one type of troop, outside of mercs, available from the villages and that’s all villages, and while yes that makes it that replacing lost troops is easy it also drastically cuts down your options, and then there is the utter lack of start game battles, the only things I found to fight, the easiest being desert bandits, all of whom where on horses, and these free company guys and they where insanely fast, I know I was playing a low lvl character but even so I’ve never been run down so fast in ANY game mod I’ve played there is no getting away from these people and no one easier to fight. Now lets go over the tourneys, Horrid, absolutely horrid, a ‘Keep your gear’ tourney system on top of an entrance fee is just a blatant middle finger to players trying to start out, when you’ve got leather armor, a sword and shield and a chain mail head covering and the other guy is clad in heavy armor and is on horse back, then it becomes obviously that its rigged to screw the player, and last but not least, the weapons in this mod ALL do a obscene amount of damage, when you go into an arena to get some exp and money and then an archer can hit you with his knife for 25+ damage that’s what I can ********, no one should be able to do 25 damage with a knife. I won’t be playing this mod again, its clear to me that the mod maker clearly doesn’t care to make a fair game for players to start in, I’d advise people to not waste their time’s on this mod, go play something that is A) not horribly balanced and, B) a clear middle finger to the player

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Mod Review by chadwats on Jul 27th, 2015 - 1 person doesn't

es un asco el mod pesa 2 gb es mucho me tardo casi una semana en descargar con todo los parches y todo tengo la ultima version de mb warban en steam y cuando carga el mod abre y todo pero cundo enpieso a jugar dise error de archivo xdl o algo asi y me sca y no puedo jugar mejor descargense este mod NAPOLEONIC WARS SINGLEPLAYER

The Last Hope of the Third Age
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Mod Review by Cyrylthedefiler on Jul 27th, 2015

It would be better to say this mod is personally made and it's titles,factions, and other stuffs connected to LOTR must be change. AND ALSO WHY DOES THIS MOD CONNECTS TO LOTR AND THE THIRD AGE? THATS WHY ITS BAD

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Mod Review by Nobelissimos on Jul 26th, 2015

This mod was taken down for a short while "moving to another site" it said. Now it's back.

Honestly this mod is bad. First off, it's terribly broken, ai doesn't work at all so you can't even play it against something that actually fights back (only exceptions are empire and rebels), the game is REALLY unbalanced, alot of units are utterly broken, a vast majority of units are just different sizes from their original units with different stats. Nothing special.

Alot of factions have units that don't make sense, don't work, have zero purpose, or are horribly over powered. For example, CIS have floating towers that have force push ability with zero cooldown so you just spam the button and destroy any and all infantry instantly.

While the mod itself isn't the greatest, the mod author is even worse. I took the time to find bugs and issues and posted them on the mod page to let him know, he deleted it. I asked him why, he deleted it again. Only after I gave his mod a 1/10 review did he finally respond to me, he claimed I Was being rude in my post so he deleted it.

The mod author Yoden refuses to acknowledge the problems with his mod, constantlly telling people that "95% of players say the mod works fine" so that no one should be having problems with it, and if someone is having problems with it, they are dumb and instanlled it wrong. He refuses to help people and just assumes everyone is at fault rather than himself.

I was going to send him some money on paypal for his hard work, but seeing his attitude and egotistical behavior made me change my mind.

In short, the mod is unplayable and reallynot worth the time installing, and the mod author Yoden believes he and his mod is perfect and if you say otherwise he will do his best to censor you and your opinions or even your help.

Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky
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Mod Review by skatos on Jul 26th, 2015

Bug at garbage causes the game to crash, no idea how i fixed it, bug at the mercenaries at army warehouses, had to ignore them to continue the questline, then i had to kill them since they wouldnt follow me to clear the army warehouses, made it to the bridge, clear sky and lebedev does not spawn, bandits at the bridge do not spawn so the mercenaries shoot at nothing forever and they never lower the bridge coundnt make it to linsmak.

This mod is effectively broken, waste of time, waste of plathrough, also high quality weapons like mp7, p90, aa12, scar, hk416 and such do not exist in the game, the best weapons you will get your hands on are stalkers default ones, yet the game has a bazillion low class crappy weapons in the swamps which you will NEVER use due to how easilly clear sky or any faction for that matter captures the whole region.

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Engine Review by ~X~ on Jul 26th, 2015 - 2 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

A game engine on .NET can NOT be serious. A laggy pile of crap as the .NET is. And people install it on their mobile devices - guess they don't value their batteries.
Learn C++, schoolbois.

Halo As
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Mod Review by LashingKey on Jul 25th, 2015

horrible just horrible. this actually made me contemplate suicide it was so bad. 1/10 not worth the memory it take and is a ship wreck. seriously don't get this unless you want to kill yourself and if you put this mod in your suicide note everyone will understand why you shot yourself

My Little Pony: Battlefront is Magic
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Mod Review by Ghost85100 on Jul 25th, 2015

My Little Pony does not need to be in a Battlefront game. It ruins everything. The fandom is spread across the internet and now it's in a Battlefront game? why can't we just stick to Star Wars and other sc-fi mods?

Endless Summer (Updated)
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Mod Review by viamalacom on Jul 25th, 2015

The default installation and the game start afterwards was with blurry "summer" tent, trembling shadows, flickering car (bike) lights in the tunnel left from the start location. All this only for the first minute of gameplay…

Inquisition: Daemonhunt mod
1 Review

Mod Review by howitzerjunkie928 on Jul 24th, 2015

i do love me some maps but when every other download possible for the game is gone and you refuse to upload the base mod to moddb your kinda an *** hole

Warsword Conquest
1 Review

Mod Review by Puttzy on Jul 24th, 2015

crashes a lot.

1 Review

Mod Review by Dargomar on Jul 24th, 2015

1 fps per minute in large battles even on lowest settings. Nothing spectacular in graphics department, just no optimization. None at all.
I-5 3570K, 8Gb, GTX 680.
All other mods run smoothly on highest settings.

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