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Urban Terror Q3 mod

Mod review by Pig_Lord 0 agree 0 disagree

Does not work at all. Glitches out on launch with weird noises and then freezes whole PC.


Zero Ballistics

Game review by Pig_Lord 2 agree 0 disagree

Really like this game and you're right, It's quite hard to master! Would like to see a slight increase in max graphics as this game has potential to be beautiful! Good Job!!



Game review by QuixoticRocket 2 agree 0 disagree

The only problem with this game is that there isn't enough of it.
An interesting little action stealth title where you leap into lights and people, chaining leaps together to move through the level without being spotted or killed.

Well worth the short time it'll take you to experience it.



Game review by _Journeyman_ 0 agree 0 disagree

It's a very interesting puzzle game, abstract yet engaging; the only possible shortcoming is that the game isn't long, still I prefer a short well built game than a long but ill made one.



Game review by zombieserv 0 agree 0 disagree

good work hope you go on


Red Alert 3 Paradox

Mod review by rodina1941 0 agree 0 disagree

Great ideias an much competence from the team.



Mod review by HEVcrab 0 agree 0 disagree

Excellent multiplayer for HL-fan party! :)


Raycasting Game Maker

Engine review by Chosenlama 1 agrees 0 disagree

its easy and cool :P


Captain Backwater

Game review by liviux76 0 agree 0 disagree

This is an excellent puzzle game!
I really enjoyed solving it and I suggest it to everyone who loves puzzle games.
Unfortunately there are a few little issues with the Linux Version. I tested it on Debian 6.0 32bit, Ubuntu 10.04 32bit and CentOS 6.1 32bit and I was never able to play in fullscreen and I had a bit of trouble with some libraries and with the savegame file.
However the developer told me that he is working to solve these issues and I am sure that he will release an upgrade very soon!
Definetely a very fun addicting game!
Excellent job!


Project Zomboid

Early access game review by josep99 0 agree 0 disagree

awesome game and cant wait for the updates!(\/)(;,,;)(\/)



Mod review by [Infernal_Eagle2077] 0 agree 0 disagree

Realy good mod


Garshasp: The Monster Slayer

Game review by Protektor 0 agree 0 disagree

This game is amazing. I think this is more like a triple A game, than what most people think of when they think of indie games. If you like God of War you will love this game. Everyone should try it out.



Game review by bobsfood 2 agree 0 disagree

A easy to play dwarf fortress



Game review by courtjester235 0 agree 0 disagree

Great recreation of a classic game with some updates. Worth the price.


Half-Life 2

Game review by modcookie 0 agree 0 disagree

Cool download :-)



Mod review by flippedoutkyrii 0 agree 0 disagree

It is very long and rather detailed, however, there are long stretches of the mod that seem to go on forever :/

But I did enjoy the level design and many of the fights were fun, leaving much of the environment in pieces, not to mention driving the buggy around never gets old :D


Nitronic Rush

Game review may contain spoilers by Icedecknight 3 agree 0 disagree

Within 10 minutes of finding this game, I was playing. What an absolute fantastic start of an indie-racing game. Even at this early game stage; or that where I think it's at if not final, It got me hooked with its highly "arcady" game play which brings back nostalgic memories from N64 games. It reminds my heavily of the iOSX game Jet Car Stunts which I beat multiple times. Great start, hope devs go overdrive on this, and I will give a more thorough review when a bigger version is available.


Titan: XCIX

Mod review by Bubz 0 agree 0 disagree




Mod review by TheUnbeholden 1 agrees 0 disagree

I usually love mods that look different to the rest, and this one delivers highly on the detail, each place looks like it was polished to some degree that looks somewhat different from the last, even though most of those places are corridors.
Enemy placement is the main problem, it just doesn’t seem to be much thought or difficulty in it.
Its what makes this mod lower on the scale for me, is that it doesn’t challenge the player. Every encounter seems to be very tame, either one or two headcrabs or Islaves or a small squad of grunts which your always stocked to the teeth with to take on.
You have that crossbow since early on and then grenades, which I didn’t need to use because of all the AR grenades we got piled with mid way in.
And you’ve always got enough health and energy.
It doesn’t have any big battles except one comes close where you take on about 6-7 grunts, but I didn’t have much trouble. The trip the Xen was very short but I sort of liked it, and was far better than any of other mods that attempted it so far.
The upside down angle was also a nice short sequence that I personally don’t like nor think it makes any sense, but I’m sure some might appreciate its novelty.
The color scheme isn’t exactly great either, its rusty canal/water station (which I’ve never liked), a small sewer sequence, and then grey corridors of a storage area and a lighter grey lab areas.

It has no story or scripted sequences but most mods are like that :P
You get a vague notion of being a janitor from the text file, and a texture pack you can get reinforces that, but its just a novelty.
It has no secret places but once again most mods are like that, in fact Half-Life mostly didn’t have much of that unfortunately.

It also has a sort of anti-climatic ending where you reach the surface (again?) but this time ambushed and die by, well an amount of grunts you’ve easily taken on in the passed and are fully equipped to deal with :(



Mod review by TheUnbeholden 0 agree 0 disagree

Theres something about it I love, I would say the level design is top notch and its what separates one hl mod from the other. Its difficulty is high and its long length puts it square above the previous one. Like the last one it has a memorable opening scene. A plane crash is always cool and this one no less.
And like the previous mod it has set pieces I've never seen before in a hl mod, a sub marine and a airplane.
Impressive models and a fun blast through unfamiliar territory.

The train was a pain due to being telefragged more than once, and the occasional explosive crate that has no warning label (>:/) isn't enough to not like this.
There was some minor backtracking for keycards but I never felt as though it was over done.
Lack of story line has never been problem for half-life or its mods so this is why it gets a solid 9 for doing what it did well.

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