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10 Review

Game Review by huytonboy on Jun 27th, 2012

1 word - EPIC

Cry of Fear
10 Review

Game Review by snippy_snap on Jun 27th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

Its a ******* Must!!!! You have to play this!

Star Wars: Republic Commando
10 Review

Game Review by SpyroTrekWars on Jun 27th, 2012

A very fun and challenging game.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy
10 Review

Game Review by SpyroTrekWars on Jun 27th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

A very very good game.

KOG's Law
10 Review

Mod Review by Cataire on Jun 27th, 2012

It was a long development to get the right balance, and hopefuly real easy to do updates. Thanks for letting me help KOG

Mission Improbable
10 Review

Mod Review by Shadow9771 on Jun 27th, 2012 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

Amazing! I thought it was made by valve! But another Combine VS Rebels?

Terrorist Attack in Black Mesa
1 Review

Mod Review by Captain_Zed on Jun 27th, 2012 - 3 people agree

Why should i even explain that this mod is shite and terrible?

Half-Life: Dreamcast
9 Review

Mod Review by siftheadz on Jun 27th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

Well this is a good PC port, but if you're expecting a significant difference between this and the retail/steam half-life, you might be dissapointed.
In my opinion, the original models and textures are fine, and these new ones aren't really better.

However if you are just curious as to how the dreamcast version looks like, this is as good as half-life and is relatively bug-free.

10 Review

Mod Review by alexeistukov87 on Jun 27th, 2012

It was already given a warm reception in Russian STALKER modding community. So no further comments. 10/10

Gary - Dark Secrets
10 Review

Mod Review by woutervg on Jun 27th, 2012

awesome scares, nice story line, nice voices, creepy atmospheres i love this ;D ill hope chapter 2 would come fast

Gary - Dark Secrets
10 Review

Mod Review by pbody245 on Jun 27th, 2012

This custom story is just awesome! Great voice acting, really good story and scary atmosphere. 10/10

En Route 66
6 Review

Mod Review by poshgaloo on Jun 27th, 2012 - 2 people agree

This mod was passable. I could have seen an English translation. Also there is literally NO DIRECTIONS ON WHAT TO DO! Overall, okay mod.
PS: This mod is COMPLETELY unplayable with WON half life.

Sword Of Damocles: Warlords
9 Review

Mod Review by jakubfriedl9 on Jun 27th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

No all sides available, no proper formation, stupid AI with higher battle numbers(dismouting etc..) but best mod available..Very good nations and kingdom management..

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
10 Review

Game Review by Warpath20 on Jun 27th, 2012

This game is awesome, one of the best GTA game out there.

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
10 Review

Game Review by disulfiram on Jun 27th, 2012

I just like everithing in this game so 10 out of 10 sounds reasonable enough.

Project Zomboid
1 Review

Game Review by Polttimo99 on Jun 27th, 2012 - 2 people agree 33 people don't


Red Alert 3: Revolution
8 Review

Mod Review by cwjian90 on Jun 27th, 2012 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

This mod adds a few new units along with some Uprising units, and elevates the status of some of the Uprising heavies like the Harbinger Gunship and Gigafortress to 'epic' units. Protocols have also been changed a bit to allow for some upgrades, in order to encourage more intelligent protocol points spending. Balance has also been tweaked for the better.

Overall, this is a great mod. Though not a comprehensive remake of Red Alert 3 like Paradox, it does improve on Red Alert 3's mechanics as well as making it feel a bit more like its predecessors (the sounds are a nice touch). And for me, that's all I really ask for in a Red Alert 3 mod. Give it a try if you like Red Alert 3 as is, but could still see some room for improvement.

I'd give it a higher rating, but the bug with the Tier 3 Magnetic Satellite being able to suck up Tier 4 units brings it down in my opinion, as it makes playing against the Soviets a very unpalatable thought exacerbated by the fact that the Tier 4 units cannot outrun the Magnetic Satellite. When that's fixed, I'll raise my rating.

Point of View
9 Review

Mod Review by TheUnbeholden on Jun 27th, 2012 - 5 people agree

You have a few key advantages (thanks to Nihilanth) such as greater strength to move around faster, most notably the electric beam can heal you whenever you attack someone… this was implemented to cover the disadvantage of not being able to use human healing devices.
You can also pick up key cards and use buttons & other simple things.

While this new way of fighting puts a fair bit of its use on your lightning attack as you can’t heal yourself with the other weapons. You can still have a bit of fun with them if your carefully.

The mod also tells story a different way, instead of throwing text on the screen like some mods do, here whenever you find something of interest or merely progress, a icon will flash on the screen, by pressing a button you can read what your character is thinking.
Its a very friendly and unobtrusive idea & it fits HL very well because it allows people to skip reading it if they like and it tells alot of story that no mod has yet come close to.

This is possibly the most revolutionary of all the hl mods and stands apart from them in a few key ways.

+The best story of any mod for HL due to a intuitive ‘thoughts diary’ system.
+A wide variety of new enemies as well as a new boss
+5 weapons to choose from, 3 of which are new.
+Consistently good level design
+Diffficulty wavers on medium to tough depending on how well you adapt to this kind of fighting.
+Some secret ‘thought diaries’

-You can’t use human weapons but it would not fit the mod if you could.. but I suppose some people may not like the new way of fighting.
-Due to batteries, healthkits, ammo being useless theres no reason to break crates.
-Some places like the tunnels, although unique, is very repetitive, thankfully it doesn’t last long and plays a part in the story.
-When you first enter the ‘secret base’ on Xen, it appears very repetitive, but it gets alot better after the first few areas.

+-Cliff hanger ending

Vector Thrust
10 Review

Game Review by Hazawa on Jun 27th, 2012 - 5 people agree

If you hate Hawx and want an Ace Combat Game on your computer, then get Vector Thrust.

Alpha Version, but already a good game.

Combine Combat
10 Review

Mod Review by tomer0987 on Jun 27th, 2012

awsome mod...nofink more to say

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