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White Night

Mod review by Arcibaldo89 0 agree 0 disagree

Amazing! :)


Zombie Driver

Game review by xMahoney 0 agree 0 disagree

Was fun to play, but got abit annoying (Only played the Demo so maybe the full games better and maybe the Demo was limited)


Out Of Time

Mod review by KrustiClawn 0 agree 0 disagree

What started as great ended great as well! I must admit, some parts were a tiny bit too hard and almost too scary as well for a regular heart to handle xD. But in overall, its unique, its scary, your design is awesome and its simply a great story!

Though, I never really knew that much about the character. I did not feel empathy with the main character. And for me, thats a smal minus.

And it did have quite alot of texture glitches

9/10 - Awesome



Mod review by IdioticUlt1mara 0 agree 0 disagree

This mod is absolutely amazing I enjoy it so much. And I also have a LP on the mod I like it so much ^_^


Ao Oni

Game review by doom2299 0 agree 0 disagree

Thanks was fun.


Nightmare House 2

Mod review by cahal89 0 agree 0 disagree

Not scary at all but very annoying. Here is how this mod plays throughout it's entirety:
1. Find locked door
2. Wait for scare attempt/inane dialogue
3. Door now unlocked
4. Continue on until you reach another locked door. Flashlight malfunction.
5. Backtrack to previous area, wait for scare attempt/inane dialogue/flashlight malfunction
6. Door now unlocked
7. Continue on to another locked door, wait for scare attempt/inane dialogue/flashlight malfunction
8. Door now unlocked
Rinse and repeat



Mod review by woxenrud 0 agree 0 disagree




Game review by fire259 7 agree 0 disagree

It brings back the old rpg games good times


Amnesia: Silent Hallways - Chapter 3

Mod review by HumiliatioN 1 agrees 0 disagree

Erh.. I played all the three chapters and I think this is the best one.

My honest critic feedback: Don't take it too serious!

Story is okay, but lacks with unpredictable jump-fest scares. Those new "enemies" not scary just planned dummy. Mapping is kind of painful to watch "in the editor" In cellars or pitch-black dungeons no boxlight using which is really important. Remember that, I see you have used this at other places.

Scares bad ones, but why? First of all in chapter 1 & 2 there are too many "I know when this thing jumps in here" kind ones. Plan next time carefully where you put them and make new really original ones.

Overall: It was mediocre experience for me, nothing original, but plain simple and maybe little rushed, but okay "little scary trilogy to play"

I give you 6 / 10. Not awful, but not very good one.



Game review by Blablablub100 4 agree 0 disagree

löol xd unso tatanganlöö


DarthMod Empire

Mod review by airsize 0 agree 2 disagree

Forget the vanilla ETW!
DarthMod Empire is your only choice!


Edge of Darkness

Mod review by GoodGamePlayer 0 agree 0 disagree

some nice levels. enjoyed.



Mod review by MrSefe 0 agree 0 disagree

First mod ever I have where I completely forgot that it is just mod. It's so rare that you don't feel at all like playing Half-Life. I liked the story and the unique gameplay while the models especially the main character were off. But that may just be my personal preference as it seems to be design decision by the team.

After playthrough I was left wondering what ever happened to Air?


STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)

Mod review by DeadPariah 0 agree 1 disagrees

A truly awesome mod for an already great game. I love it and recommend it over vanilla Stalker:ShoC.


Tactical Expansion Mod

Mod review by sevendark 0 agree 0 disagree



Twisted Insurrection

Mod review by svirr 0 agree 0 disagree

Loving it.


Katawa Shoujo

Game review by JigsawPieces 1 agrees 0 disagree

I don't even know what to say. This game is a testament to how well the medium can deliver on narrative, characterisation and emotion. I've only played one path so far and feel compelled to explore the others. And that music is beautiful.


Civilization II

Game review by Alek-say 0 agree 0 disagree

It was my first "Civilization"!


Black Mesa

Mod review by VGames 3 agree 0 disagree

This was without a doubt the greatest mod that I have ever played. The entire thing felt so polished and professional that it really felt like I had bought a $60 AAA title. Excellent execution and great pacing. I was never bored. Truely a legendary mod.



Mod review by Mihai_Viteazul 0 agree 0 disagree

wait for contra 008 :)

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