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Mod Review by bazoo23 on Jul 8th, 2012

Nice story and scary... Maybe a bit short but still a good mod ;D

Halfquake Sunrise
9 Review

Mod Review by bazoo23 on Jul 8th, 2012

Die in a game never was so funny

No More Room in Hell
9 Review

Mod Review by Manio31 on Jul 8th, 2012
This review may contain spoilers

One of the most solid zombie mods on the Source Engine. Definitely blows Zombie Panic Source out of the water. Players can expect a really solid co-operative experience, and each time they play the game the outcome will be different.

Now, it's pretty common to see a ton of zombie mods for the Source Engine; and they're relatively all the same. Thankfully, NMRIH pulls away from the same crap we've seen year after year and gives us something that really stands out from the others. The game does have it's issues; but as an over-all effect this game delivers, and I think it'll have quite the lasting appeal with the player community. More so than other zombie mods like Zombie Panic: Source, and Zombie Master.

- A solid experience; and gives the "zombie mod" genre a new lease on life.
- The lack of fire-arms; and ammunition adds to the survival/realism effect in the game. You wouldn't be finding guns around every corner in reality. Melee weapons dominate.
- The ability to get infected really adds to the reality factor, and makes the fact that you shouldn't be "Rambo".
- The Objective mode always adds for some serious fun if players get tired of the typical survival mode.
- The levels are designed brilliantly, and really make you feel like you're experiencing an environment during an outbreak/end of the world event.

- The online community can be a tad idiotic, which can sometimes take away from the joy in this co-operative, team-based game. It's not uncommon for people to take a large number of weapons; and leave the rest of the players to only have flashlights; or something equally as useless.
- With only two game-modes some people may find the fun to drain away sooner than others. I don't mind having only two modes; but more in the future would help it stand out a bit more.
- The character selection is a little underwhelming, with only 4 characters from what I can recall. It would be nice to see a little more variety.

Vector Thrust
6 Review

Game Review by jdwohlever on Jul 8th, 2012 - 1 person agrees 4 people don't

A few realism issues, but this is coming from someone who used to help develop combat flight sims in the late 1990's. Graphically, it's pretty good. I tend to go with the the "less is more" school when it comes to pryotechnics when the aircraft are destroyed. Not ever aircraft is going to burst into flames or explode, even with a direct missile hit.
I'm with holding a lot as this is an alpha, and very well along for an Alpha. Maybe add some ejecting pilots/parachutes (Didnt see any). More trailing smoke from battle damaged aircraft when hit near gas tanks etc. One thing I do want to point out now, most super sonic fighter aircraft only use afterburner when absolutely neccesary as afterburner very quickly will deplete an aircraft fuel reserves, not to mention that afterburner paints a huge radar cross section on your a/c and if a heat seeking missile like a sidewinder is heading your direction, no amount of chaff or flares will divert one if you have afterburner on. I do offer my help if you want it (I did say this in your video previews, but just incase you dont read those replies), but I am assuming tooo much. I'm sorry if I'm assuming you want to add more realism, only trying to help :) Great job so far!

The Journey Down: Chapter One
9 Review

Game Review by Wagnozac on Jul 8th, 2012

Really fun and interesting. The movements are just a little slow I think But great on this one. I await chapter two ;)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
9 Review

Game Review by Hidamari on Jul 8th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

probably the best and hardest shooting game i ever played, every mistake was your last.

10 Review

Game Review by simwoo2004 on Jul 8th, 2012


5 Review

Game Review by CtrlCool on Jul 8th, 2012 - 2 people agree 6 people don't

Really boring game.

MechCommander Omnitech
10 Review

Mod Review by azeemotron on Jul 8th, 2012 - 2 people agree

Amazing game and extremely fun !

Europe 1200 (Warband)
10 Review

Mod Review by Hfofwee007 on Jul 8th, 2012

I find this mod very intressting. It is most likely one of the biggest and most accurate mods out here when it comes to our history. It is really fun to actually join the kingdom of your ancestors, and in my case the Kingdom of Sweden.
To be able to see Sweden in Mount & Blade is really fun, and whats more fun is that my actual homwtown is there.

If I were to complain just a little, it should be that because of the huuuuge map, and all of the towns and everything that you can do in it, it slows down the game a little and it takes longer to load after, for example, exiting a town.
But because of the mere size and all of it content, you dont mind the longer loading times. I dont know if it's longer for everyone, but for me it was a little longer than usual. But as I said, I don't mind that at all because of all the content in it.

This is a very satisfining mod which will last for a long time, it will bring you lots of fun. So go and try it out.

Company of Heroes
10 Review

Game Review by BagaturKhan on Jul 8th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

best of the best! ;)

Portal 2
10 Review

Game Review by iNCRiMiNAT3 on Jul 8th, 2012

A dream come true.

Portal 2 expands upon the first and gives some of the answers you were missing. It opens up a world of possibilities by exploring the background of Aperture Science and how it was created.

More features have been added and the graphics expanded upon immensely. They make the test chambers more fun and allow for more complicated puzzles.

There is a new co-op mode. It's terrific. Even though it doesn't add to the storyline in any way, it's still a nice touch.

A couple more characters have been added. They have their own unique personalities and backgrounds. The dialogue is great. It's hilarious.

Again, by halfway through the game, you'll feel the same terrible feeling in the first. It's like everything is falling apart BECAUSE of you.

It's all your fault.

They even somehow managed to tie this one in with Half-Life. It's quite clever.

Extremely recommended to fans of the first and fans of videogames in general.

10 Review

Game Review by iNCRiMiNAT3 on Jul 8th, 2012
This review may contain spoilers

Truly mesmerizing.

Portal is absolutely unbelievable. Personally, I like it more then Half-Life 1+2 combined.

The feeling of isolation is uncomprehensible.

It is shocking and horrible.

You'll get a sour taste in your mouth as you continue through endless empty test chambers. Then you'll be punched in the gut a couple times when you're forced to incinerate your only companion.

Then you'll be kicked in the gut a couple times for good measure when you realize that the voice guiding you isn't what it seems.

Basically, as the game progresses, you'll feel like you've been dealt the wrong deck of cards.

It's up to you to change that.

You'll be left laying in your bed by this game's powerful messages. So many questions, not enough answers. It's a feeling you'll never quite understand until you finish the game.

10 Review

Game Review by Ekaansh on Jul 8th, 2012


10 Review

Mod Review by DigitalEchoes on Jul 8th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

I've played Underhell before, and it deserves many awards.

Red Alert 3 Paradox
10 Review

Mod Review by Crystar723 on Jul 8th, 2012

I like Paradox because of it's great efforts to provide with the community with something enjoyable that just pulls you in and captivates your heart and mind. Each faction has their own look, attitude and style. Paradox also makes very cool nostalgic references to old C&C games such as the Confederate Power Plants, Anvil Heavy Tank and C&C Generals-based minor factions. In my opinion, a mod that gives the communty what they most want is important,is it not?

10 Review

Mod Review by Aaronmaster on Jul 8th, 2012

Just amazing

DLC Quest
1 Review

Game Review by spookybro on Jul 7th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

This game is horrible, i only paid 1$ for it on xbox but still that is 99 cents more than this game is worth. I advise you don't buy this game just play the demo. If you buy the game you get 2 maybe 3 minutes of gameplay that the demo doesn't give you. there is a timer it gives you after uou beat it to see how fast you can complete the game. My highscore is 4 minutes.... this game is much to short, although it is cleverly written and very funny it just ends much to soon. It would be a very good game if it had more content.

Epic Inventor
10 Review

Game Review by ljkr232323 on Jul 7th, 2012

its awesome

9 Review

Game Review by Hedgepig23 on Jul 7th, 2012

This game is utterly amazing, when you get used to the fact that it is meant to be more of a film than a game, you get sucked right in, and the best part of it is that you make the choices that progresses the game further. Game has lots of action, choices, collectables, rewards, great narrative... this game shows that video games can be used to make great interactive films and a form of art.

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