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10 Review

Game Review by jaffaquake on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 1 person agrees


Quake "Epsilon" Build
10 Review

Mod Review by portalnik on Jul 23rd, 2012

Nice graphics for very cool game. :)

Plumber's Revenge
8 Review

Mod Review by Rikersbeard on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 3 people agree

Nice short-story mod, toilet humour, music and an art gallery, what’s not to like!
Great narration and visual style, although I did have to read the narration, but the voice was pitched just right to match that sombre scene in the rain.
Some heavier weapons might be handy though, maybe a mop and bucket combo!

MyCraft 3D
6 Review

Game Review by JX6 on Jul 23rd, 2012

When I played this, first thing that came to my mind was: why peoples are trying to copy Minecraft? Maybe you should add your own tricks to game like somekind of story or something. Until it, everybody will compare Mycraft to Minecraft.

Kill Fun Yeah
10 Review

Game Review by Maadness on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 2 people agree

I love the Style,the Gameplay...I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!
This Game is really awsome!!! (Trust me!)

The Last Hope of the Third Age
1 Review

Mod Review by TheRealmOfChaos on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 4 people agree 5 people don't

It's a very bad mod. This game is about LotR! Easterlings didn't have cannons, or a halfelven-ringhero.

10 Review

Mod Review by TheZealot on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Despite the lack of a download link, this is total and complete artistic masterpiece. Anybody who thinks otherwise is wrong.

Quake 2
10 Review

Game Review by machinoverkill on Jul 23rd, 2012

Also for me, one of my very first Fps that i´ve played trough a few times at last at Hardcore as i was a young teenager

No matter how old you´re are this is game that has to bee played ! .... ID-Software has become a unforgettable trademarke for a unreached FPS Experience

Stronghold Crusader
10 Review

Game Review by AGTInfinity on Jul 23rd, 2012

Simply awesome. The best 2-D rts ever.

What makes this game awesome?

-very interesting resource system that involves the use of unfertile lands and fertile lands.
-Each AI character has there own style making them more like real players.
-There is a wide range of unit types.
-The wide range of units and defensive structures and units make for a large arsenal of strategies to destroy your opponent.
-Ranged units actually can miss moving targets (this is actually rare in rts).
-Campaigns and tutorials teach you about each unit and how to use them to find a weakness in your opponent's defences.
-Game works on every PC.
-Great UI (User Interface).
-Halarious taunting.

-The fun you will have playing this game.

10 Review

Game Review by patriotaus on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 2 people agree

The game already looks amazing and there are awesome updates coming (tanks). I can't wait.

10 Review

Game Review by Hunting247 on Jul 23rd, 2012 - 2 people don't

Awesome and fun Game :3

Chex Quest
10 Review

Game Review by DevinShadowV on Jul 23rd, 2012

16 years later it still stands to this day and is amazing to play...dam it cereal companies do this advertisment again and make sure it's as great as this.

10 Review

Game Review by _FuNatic_ on Jul 22nd, 2012

great that its free now

1 Review

Game Review by RubinCox on Jul 22nd, 2012

Stopping is too difficult.

SirHinkel's skirmish Missions
10 Review

Mod Review by OldSpot on Jul 22nd, 2012

These are great singleplayer maps that are well detailed and scripted will keep you going for months, Sir Hinkles stuff is great.

Xash3D Engine
10 Review

Engine Review by poshgaloo on Jul 22nd, 2012 - 1 person agrees


The Stanley Parable
10 Review

Mod Review by moviegoer15 on Jul 22nd, 2012

Good mod : D

Finished all the possible outcomes, and am satisfied with the result. The mod is so good that it leaves you wanting more.

Bloody Trapland
9 Review

Game Review by a10wn on Jul 22nd, 2012 - 6 people agree

The game is very fun but can be kind of annoying at times. It gets a 9.5/10. Also it's very buggy at the moment and a little overpriced.

Lost The Lights
10 Review

Mod Review by tenzor56 on Jul 22nd, 2012

Well made CS! I liked it!

Cry of Fear
10 Review

Game Review by thenewdevastator2 on Jul 22nd, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

Truly the greatest mod for Half-Life.

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