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Evil aRising - Free Zombie Game

Game review by Staminist 0 agree 2 disagree

Personally, I like it and enjoy every second of it!
Keep rocking and I'll be here for EVERY single update! ;)

Cheers and greets from Serbia! Rock on!


Amnesia: xTenenteMors Revenge 2

Mod review by Staminist 1 agrees 0 disagree

C'mon......... almost zero effort


Bloody Trapland

Game review by bigjimi33 0 agree 0 disagree

Love this game!!



Game review by graspee 6 agree 2 disagree

Updated: Dec 2013:
(Score lowered due to almost total lack of progress in the last year)

This game was in a groupees bundle in April 2013. On the bundle page and on desura at the same time was this trailer dating from november 2012:
It shows a sandbox rpg game with character customization, mobs, combat, npcs, furniture, buildings, all this stuff. What you actually got was a basic generated landscape that you could interact with in a minecraft way but using polygons instead of blocks. No mobs, no character customization, no npcs or rpg game type stuff like the trailer showed.

But still, all that stuff would come soon right? With the money from sales on desura and from the bundle they would go on to develop this into the full game from the trailer, right?

Well no It's now December 2013 and there hasn't been a single update to the game since the groupees bundle in April. There have only been two updates in the whole of 2013 in fact and basically we haven't moved forward at all. It's still just a landscape with glitchy digging and building (seriously, the selection cursor on the tools is very difficult to control). You can see through the world, the digging is very inconsistent and hard to control. In fact the challenge in the game (and it's not a game) is digging a hole and then trying to get out of it.

The full price of this game on desura was always set to £30 but they were giving a 75% off "it's alpha!" discount. This was still way too expensive. Now the discount is gone. They are asking the full £30 for this tech demo which is proceeding at a glacial pace.

I cannot stress this enough: Do not buy this. I can't see it turning into a real game at all. Ever. You are just throwing good money away.



Mod review by RObscura11 0 agree 0 disagree

10 out of 10 not because the range the mod covers, but the quality of the content. It's a must have without a doubt, so much pros and no cons.


WW2 Chronicles - A Total Modification

Mod review by Damian21 1 agrees 2 disagree

Loved the mod the Skins on the units are amazing the skirmish mission is awesome i just loved it thx alot


Dungeon Prospector

Game review by graspee 5 agree 0 disagree

I'm reviewing the game as it stands now. If it gets better I will upgrade my score.

1 When you go into options then back out it resets the size of your screen to small whether you are windowed or not.
2 The option to set controls does not work and the controls are not mentioned anywhere. For other people: **E** is take web or open chest.
When you look at a slime/blob on the floor you get a dotted line at the top of it horizontally.
3 Personal preference but I prefer retro chunky pixel games to stick to retro pixels rather than using polygons for some things as are done here.
4 The dungeon generation algorithm is broken and will frequently generate a level where you cannot get to the stairs down.
5 Thankfully I suppose, given the above, when you go up or down stairs the level is regenerated.

If this were a 7DRL (7 day roguelike) it would be quite good (there were several this year that were this good) but as a paid-for alpha, especially when the author's twitter has a message in the past saying he is going to stop working on it, well...


Virtual Race

Mod review by jdramirez165 0 agree 0 disagree

No screenshots, no downloads & no description. This sucks


Half-Life 4

Mod review by jdramirez165 0 agree 0 disagree

Its not a great mod & its like a piece of junk falling off a large cliff


Rise of the Mandalorians

Mod review by Zeromau5 0 agree 0 disagree

Great mod, really enjoyed it, keep it up bro!


Ostrich Island

Game review by Gordzilla247 0 agree 5 disagree

Havent played it but looks sweet.



Game review by .Skyde. 0 agree 0 disagree

Hi Eugene (lol)

I am Skyde


Europe at War

Mod review by kprev 0 agree 2 disagree

+ Ability to develop new units, and build the tiger
+ Africa maps and units
+ Unit raiots the same (Riflemen have 1 more man than volks ect.)
- Wher still buy vet
- Too many men per unit (would have preferred unit numbers stay the same)



Mod review by Auronix99 1 agrees 0 disagree

awesome mod continue like this and make it better


I have not read/played any of the previous titles so I am not certain how it compares to their other book/games but I do find the story interesting and the amount of chooses really good. I ended up finding this game from watching a youtube "Lets look at" of another title in which I was not interested in the story of but was interested in seeing if the developer had made any other "Choose your own Adventure" story books since those type of stories I find interesting yet trying to read a physical copy of them is to annoying because its hard for me to find a position where I can both be comfortable while still being able to flip randomly through pages rather then just forward one page at a time.

After having read/played this book/game it makes me want to read/play other ones they have made.



Game review by cpmjr1 0 agree 0 disagree

This game is exactly as it is advertised in the Summary.


FAR - Future Aero Racing

Game review by cpmjr1 0 agree 0 disagree

When I saw "Dark Basic" it evoked an immediate thought of "crap".

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this game has functioning competitive AI and a great design concept. One may desire better graphics, but the gameplay was solid. This felt like a fully polished game demo that one might've saw back when Computer Gaming World offered their Demo CDs. Great job.


A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review by Slawtering 2 agree 0 disagree

A mod that has great promise but is destroyed by the creator's (Cozur) attitude and general lack of optimisation.


Project Zomboid

Early access game review by madvark 0 agree 0 disagree

Epic game .. thats all that needs to be said .


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Game review by Kark-Jocke 3 agree 0 disagree

I've played this game on the Nintendo 64 and the 3DS, I can only say that I love this game. This game is well made and has an amazing history, this is a game for everyone who likes adventure games!

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