Review RSS Feed AlterEgo: DreamWalker
10 Review

Game Review by Torches on Feb 27th, 2013

Great game . i just love such games. ;)

Experimental Wars
10 Review

Mod Review by Raptorad on Feb 27th, 2013 - 2 people agree

Great mod. SupCom FA with it is more epic. Good ideas and fantasic models. Just great.

War in a Box: Paper Tanks
7 Review

Game Review by Malzbier on Feb 27th, 2013

Solid game , Very nice Soundtrack

Baby Blues - Toddler Horror Game
3 Review

Game Review by savionen on Feb 27th, 2013

Checked this out due to the high ratings, and looked like a cool concept.

Found it pretty much unplayable. The game broke on me multiple times to where I was unable to open doors, and if I loaded my game I lost all my teddy bears (also breaking the game and requiring me to start a new game).

Aside from bugs, I found it too difficult to actually find the teddy bears. You're basically looking for a pure black blob in pure black. I know you're a baby, but it would be less frustrating if you had some sort of light source. Knocking out the lights made this even worse.

The game sets up a nice atmosphere from what I was able to play, but tossing an image on the screen with a scream is incredibly cheap, and there wasn't really any actual content.

9 Review

Game Review by al53guy on Feb 27th, 2013

best horror movie i've ever played. only negitive things i can say is there is no save feature, and the scale of furniture and whatnot is off

Spherical Nightmares
9 Review

Mod Review by HoliestCow on Feb 27th, 2013 - 9 people agree 2 people don't

I played this a while back in a play test, and I had to admit its one of the better source mods ive played in a while. It has that old nostalgia feel to singleplayer games, where the story isn't incredibly blunt but more subtle and leaves it up to the player.

Wizard really got his own unique style of level design down, and I feel like this is just a must play, its visually great, and the combat is fun as hell.

Combo Crash Turbo
8 Review

Game Review by mariannemeloche on Feb 27th, 2013

One rare Crash fangame that actually look cool and decent, waiting for actual gameplay

Europe at War
10 Review

Mod Review by hobosr4evr on Feb 27th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

This mod is amazing, though I had trouble installing it for the first time. Once it works it is the only mod for CoH that I need

Haunted Memories
4 Review

Game Review by savionen on Feb 27th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Seems like wasted potential talent just to make another Slender game.

Full Invasion 2
10 Review

Mod Review by hobosr4evr on Feb 27th, 2013 - 6 people agree

This is one of the better mods for Warband that I have played. Super fun gameplay and great way to pass time. Tons of great maps and great factions to defend as and be attacked by. Highly recommend downloading this mod.

Photo Realistic Zone 2
10 Review

Mod Review by DarkSeeker on Feb 27th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

An excellent piece of work.Well done!

Amnesia: Rain
9 Review

Mod Review by Gaviao on Feb 27th, 2013

read my commentary!

WWI Source
8 Review

Mod Review by Chris*101* on Feb 27th, 2013

Great weapons, sounds, love the explosions, and bombs! 2.0 will be even better, can't wait!

Star Wars Conquest
10 Review

Mod Review by santar on Feb 27th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

awesome mod, I can't wait for v0.9.4 to be released

Mental Memorial a Full Conversion mod "Updated"
8 Review

Mod Review by TheSteamapps on Feb 27th, 2013 - 4 people don't

An amazing Story. I love it! Its one of the best I have ever played

Mortal Online
10 Review

Game Review by ShawnyBoy on Feb 27th, 2013

Amazing Game. Going to get subscription soon! :)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
8 Review

Game Review by Ascadiatiger on Feb 27th, 2013

A good custom story and the jumpscares did their work,but the end is just a question and to mindfucking but still a well done Custom story.

A Daughter's Rescue
5 Review

Mod Review by ☣Kaernk☣ on Feb 27th, 2013 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers

What we have here is a story with a design under average level. The "garden" map is extremly laggy, several entaties either float in the air or isn't well placed. Rooms are often very empty or filled with 100 crates. Not to mention that some walls can suddenly disapear and/or isn't connected to the same kind of walls (making it look wierd).
You made alot of logical fails. It's dark outside, but there's still bilboard lights coming through the windows. Well, some of them at least. And the grunt hallucinations don't make much sense since you don't know who it is and you never encounter any grunts either.

Almost every scare are very cheap (like the classic "naked guys"). Oh, and the machine room could be better as well. The valves in the water were extremly hard to rotate. And the water monster could not take me since he spawned at the other side of the wall and then disapeared when I walked too far away from him.

And also, WHY is it a white light at the screen for a sec if you use a key?! And the memento at the cavein made no sense. It said something like "I need to find a way around". But I never went in there ^^.

The story was very disapointing and I really hoped for more. The ending seemed rushed. And the voice acting was actually pretty bad. The girl's voice was ruined due to the horrible quality on the mic and the character you played as sounds like he has smoked for 65 years.

What you should think about in your next story:

Less cheap scares. You can have a few hallucinations and panic scares, but dont add too many of them. Add a few more monster encounters instead and variate more with the regular scares.

Level design! Don't make it so open all the time and dont just add random junk everywhere. Be more creative!

Add more puzzles! The few you added are very easy to solve. The Machine room quest was well done though.

Work more on the story! Make it deep and dont rush with it.

5/10 - Average

8 Review

Mod Review by ShiroPT1 on Feb 27th, 2013

A magnificent short Custom Story, really creepy, enjoyed it.

10 Review

Mod Review by Bobbslaskowich on Feb 27th, 2013

Awsome gameplay, great atmosphere, scary as ****, good voiceacting.

Really just great!

Can't wait for chapter 1.

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