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10 Review

Game Review by salan on Feb 5th, 2013 - 2 people agree

Torchlight 2 is a modable Action Role playing game that will live for a very long time.

Sven Co-op
10 Review

Mod Review by TheOriginalDude on Feb 5th, 2013

Probably one of the best mods ive played since cs first was released.
Its unique because it incorporated the Co-Op gameplay into half life very fluently.

Dwn Of Pwn
9 Review

Game Review by OMGOSH1911 on Feb 5th, 2013

It was really good. But I died.. lol. Naw it was amazing! For the first game I tried out from this site. I recommend it if you like retro 8-bit style games.

3 Review

Mod Review by kykyi on Feb 5th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't

Мне модв вообще не понравился,шляпа,даже качать не надо

Slender: The Nine Pages
8 Review

Game Review by Marzio99 on Feb 5th, 2013

is a fantastic game

Endless War
10 Review

Mod Review by M.I.K.I on Feb 5th, 2013


10 Review

Mod Review by Bobbymax on Feb 5th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Realistic damage system, bunch of news units and cool maps, currently the best mod for CoH.

I Get This Call Every Day
9 Review

Game Review by SirFluffyWhiskers on Feb 5th, 2013

I really enjoyed my first playthrough of this, and im sure i will enjoy the rest! I'm also glad there is real voice acting rather than just subtitles! That would really urk me. I dont understand the fact that you lost your job over this!! I think that is really unfair but i hope with all the funds you get from this game you can still make an honest living! The reason this game will not get 10 Is not because of the art (Aslong as i can tell what everything is supposed to be, which i can, im not that fussy) it is becuase there is no full screen! If you click the maximize button you only see frame, and the game still in small size sat in the corner! But appart from that, im looking foreward to future games from you! Good Job!

10 Review

Mod Review by Gaviao on Feb 5th, 2013 - 2 people agree 2 people don't

ONE OF THE BEST CUSTOM STORIES THAT I PLAYED!!!!! you focused on what the player was going to do on certain events! including on the jumpscares! you placed the monsters on the right place and made a really creepy atmosphere from the start to the end! and the story? you got really good voice actors and the ending is really sad, considering everything you did to get out of the village, that's why this cs deserves a 10/10! congratulations!!!

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
5 Review

Game Review by Bobbymax on Feb 5th, 2013 - 2 people don't

Short poor and unintersting campaigns, what's the purpose of controlling a Tiger that fires every second or an infantry squad that can destroy vehicles and own dozens of ennemy soldiers in few seconds ?
Some new useless units but new cool gamemodes, that's the only good thing.

2 Review

Game Review by HPoltergeist on Feb 5th, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

Lag. Enormous lag. Server side. I have 120/10 cable internet connection. One of every ~10 games starts normally, without timeout or so. Not only for me, but for others too.

Gameplay... on some maps on easy difficulty starts with too many creeps... that's not easy and not fun. Easy should be easy, to allow the players to test some skills in real game. Even I don't get any XP for it? What?

I've played many TD's, and there are many more better ones, but not this one is the worst either. =)

You need to tune it some more... balance... etc...

This one does not worth the time.

That's all...

Mapmaking looks interesting though... let's see...

C&C4: Tiberian Twilight
1 Review

Game Review by Bobbymax on Feb 5th, 2013

It was said that the Tiberium had completely covered the Earth and was unstoppable, no solution found to contain it. Trailers and videos just confirmed that.
What do we receive ingame ? Low amount of maps, obviously depleted of Tiberium. The latter loses all of its interest, and is only used as "point" system to unlock upgrades. No more ressources, no more base building excepted for one class (forget power plants, ref, weapons factories...), high-colored and neon units design, population cap, and a gameplay like Dawn of War or Company of Heroes but bad, permanent internet connection required, very short campaign

And the worst, ****** scenario that was intented to reveal secrets of the green crystal.

Dead Meets Lead
7 Review

Game Review by DaKoalaBoy on Feb 5th, 2013

Good RPG and awesome graphics, still don't know the story quite well.
7 out of 10.

10 Review

Game Review by Sankfang on Feb 5th, 2013

Greatest game I have played in a long time. Even in alpha it is a no brainer to buy. The best parts of fallout in a Metro-esk theme. Fantastic.

Gen Ost: The Fall of Berlin
10 Review

Mod Review by NinjaofCao on Feb 5th, 2013

This mod is one of the best I have ever played, and it brings up an interesting point in history too. There is nothing to complain about; I'll give it 10/10 :D

3 Review

Game Review by jamesbuc on Feb 5th, 2013

Far too gimmicky for its own good. 9 times out of ten people are going to have issues playing this game, either from lack of space or by not wanting to break anything (which can happen playing this). It is fun for 5 minutes but then after that, everyone will quickly want to play something with a bit more substance and skill involved.

Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter
1 Review

Game Review by jamesbuc on Feb 5th, 2013

Urgh... Really dislike this game. Buggy, glitchy gameplay. Quite low quality graphics, sound is completely un-memorable and the actual shooting is dull dull dull. It isnt even worth the 99pence to spend :/

Megabyte Punch
10 Review

Game Review by jamesbuc on Feb 5th, 2013

A INCREDIBLY fun game full of variety and action, the graphics are really great, the music catchy. I cant think of anything to critize this about. Love it!

Running with Rifles
10 Review

Game Review by theguyswhogamesalot on Feb 5th, 2013

REALLY FUN GAME! I like how in the game you are somewhat insignificant, but your teams actions as a whole help you win. Also love HUGE (up to 500 people) battles.

Flight of the Amazon Queen
9 Review

Game Review by pg1982 on Feb 5th, 2013

amazing click adventure!

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