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10 Review

Mod Review by Naruto27015 on Jan 3rd, 2013

Yo siempre dire: "Mientras mas sangre, MEJOR" asi debe ser DOOM.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth
7 Review

Game Review by quillsaga on Jan 3rd, 2013

Really decent for an indie game, and iOS title well done on PC port.

A Parcel for Emaline - A Short Story
8 Review

Mod Review by Jughead87 on Jan 3rd, 2013

Now here's something I wasn't expecting under the tree. It's short, but not way too short, if there's such a difference. There's a good lot of stuff to explore though, and the atmosphore, although calm, was a little spooky at times. Without the premise of the story and the holiday theme going around, it'd be just another castle/mansion in Amnesia. Fortunately the story was strong.

This story doesn't help to break consistencies that I've seen in custom stories. Seems to me that everytime a story is a sweet one, it's also a sad one. Also, by my count this is the fourth time that Miss Rigi has played the role of an ailing female character. But I digress. The ending was what really made the story. I found myself actually thinking for the character who was delivering a parcel for Emaline.

10 Review

Game Review by Xaidan on Jan 3rd, 2013

Amazing concept!

Sins of a Galactic Empire
10 Review

Mod Review by Oniblood23 on Jan 3rd, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

One of the top RTS star wars mods out!

Full Invasion
10 Review

Mod Review by FI2_Dev_usnavy30 on Jan 3rd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Excellent mod for Warband multiplayer and try Full invasion2 people :3

8 Review

Mod Review by TheZealot on Jan 2nd, 2013

Definitely the best-looking depot incarnation I've played. The gameplay is fun and the atmosphere is great. However, the puzzles and submarine maze got pretty frustrating.

Middle Earth-Extended Edition
9 Review

Mod Review by TJZ23 on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 2 people agree
This review may contain spoilers

I love the custom elven faction! There a few bugs, but nothing that ruined it for me. The invisible barracks was a little annoying though. I just wish the elves would've maybe had some cavalry, and I wish the Rivindell and lorien barracks would've been separate. Overall a good mod and I look forward to later versions!

Also I don't mean to be annoying, but if you've seen the new hobbit movie than using the armor that elrond and his riders are wearing for the upgraded elven warriors armor would be pretty cool.

miniFlake Alpha
5 Review

Game Review by TheMagicIsOver on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 2 people don't

The menu screen runs super slow. Didn't grab me at all.

No More Room in Hell
10 Review

Mod Review by ZOMGchicken on Jan 2nd, 2013

Bloody amazing mod :)

1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum
8 Review

Game Review by youkos on Jan 2nd, 2013

Very well done!

However, at times it felt like things were dragged out a bit in the overall story and I found myself wanting to skip forward.

Sadie as character at points was also on the dull side since she borders "Mary-Sue" so closely.

The overall stories and side characters however are fairly reasonably designed and are interesting, including the other leads of the story such as Anna and Ruddy. The guys in particular are probably the most well developed out of all the characters in the game, each with their own flaws and personalities. However this only increases the fact of how dull a character Sadie can come off as.

Most of the dialogue is well written and fun.

A very well made, fun and light heart-ed game overall!

Keep up the good work.

The Man in the Cape.
1 Review

Game Review by roloco on Jan 2nd, 2013

Sorry but this game really sucks.

Cube MetalHeart
10 Review

Game Review by Oneblukid on Jan 2nd, 2013

Cube metalheart: Sauerbraten extended......has just gotten better.....

If you remember my old review on this game (which i don't think any of you do) i have given it a 9/10. But freakmind games has done somthing even greater. The year is now 2013 and freakmind games has made a much better version of the game. First off the grapics now look AMAZING and gotten much better then how the graphics used to be. Now they added lights, and Darknesses to make the gaming experince better then before. Not there mention are a couple of brand new maps on the game and they great and fun to be on. Music is GREAT and AMAZING as well. They also added brand new tracks for the game to and they are entertaming to listen some awesome thechno music (atleast i think its thechno music comment me if im wrong) theres not much anything else freakmind has done but now i look forward and recomended this game to any FPS fan out there. This game derseves it which is why i gave this game a perfect 10/10

Point of View
9 Review

Mod Review by coolskitz on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Wow this was an amazing mod to go through, and I'm sad that it is over. For the short version of my review for people just wanting an idea of it this mod has an amazing storyline, gives you new ways of thinking about old enimies, new well cut weapons (that explode!), and enimies. There are a few flaws in the mod, but the pros outweigh the cons so download this great mod.
unique gameplay
Fun Combat
fun bosses

Really difficult spots
no crosshair with the electric charge
Repetitive hallways
weird controls for the journal (though it can be changed)

Story: This is a highly unique story that is quite diffrent from the run of the mill mods (escape from Black Mesa) , and it tells the story in a way that doesn't interfere with game play (reading the thoughts of the protaganist through jjournal entries). The story does not only cover Xonxt, but gives you a bit more insight about the creatures of Xen, and a whole new perspective of the Nihilanth. Overall it is a great unique story that no one should miss out on.

Gameplay: Point of View offers an original form of gameplay with using a vortiguants electric charges although it can get tiring without a crosshair as you often miss the smaller enemies. I also found myself often getting lost in spots especially areas where I needed a keycard as I often missed the keycard entirely. I found difficulty to be really wasy in spots, and impossibly hard in other spots all in all though gameplay is really great offering a unique experince in half-life mods.

10 Review

Game Review by Oneblukid on Jan 2nd, 2013

What a genius make the coolest steatlh ever created....

If you're a type a person that enjoys playing steatlh games then this game would be perfect for you. The games story was quite entertating without any movies scenes or subtitles to read or anything like that. Gameplay is very intersting and very creative taking out gaurds with you shadow powers and kill the gaurd without being noticed, Jump on a torch and act as if you are a flame and the gaurds won't even notice, Chains to reach farther places and take out mutlipe gaurds with one atack. Graphics where not that bad but not either. Music is not half bad and pretty good to listen to. One of the bestest steatlh game i have ever played so far. Which is why i gave this game a 10/10

[REC] Shutter - Ghost Horror Game
9 Review

Game Review by Oneblukid on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees


[REC] Shutter is a free to play horror game about a ghost hunter going to a insane asylum because of many reaports of paranormal activiy. Your objective? To record every paranormal act with a video camrea of course. Now this game is really FREAKY and im NOT even kidding either..... I swear everytime freaky somthing happens I litterly jump out of my seat. This game does give a really good scare sometimes. Story is intersting its not always about the insane alysum. But also about you to. Music is pretty creepy plus it does fit for the game to. Graphics are good but there is a little problem with the graphics. This game is really dark and its litterly hard to see and you got to have night vison all the time. The only let down is that the game is really short......
Which is why I gave this game a 9/10

Dear Esther
1 Review

Game Review by yahgiggle on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 5 people agree 3 people don't

This sucks its not even a game why are they even calling it a game who knows its more like a book that your inside you cant do anything but walk around thats it i would give this thing a 0 but i cant it wont let me i think the high ratings are fake

Organ Trail: Director's Cut
9 Review

Game Review by chihwahli on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 2 people agree

You travel by car with 4 friends. to safety, but the way is long.
What you can expect:
- when to sleep, thus heal.
- buy/sell items
- Upgrade your skills , buy at town
- Scavange the area for food. This is done in a 2D map where you walk
and shoot. shoot by drawing a line between Zombie and you.
Simple. fun, and effective, will be a challenge if there are many
zombies. Sometimes if you try to fire to fast, you will reload
instead shooting. Very innovative way to shoot.
- upgrade car, gives extra posibilities
- Car can brake down
- You encounter others, what do you do? help or try to steal from
- boss fights
- and more...

Have not played a pixeled game for long, but this game can for sure be recommended.

Cities In Motion
1 Review

Game Review by yahgiggle on Jan 2nd, 2013

2 Review

Game Review by ua_equals_42 on Jan 2nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

In its current form (v8) the game isn't fun, its frustriating to try to build stuff, dig. There are no indications as to why you aren't getting any more villagers. This version compared to earlier versions is actually harder to get anything done in it at all. I recomened waiting until this game hits 1.0 before checking it out. I'll update this after a few more updates to see if it fixes its user interface.

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