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10 Review

Mod Review by CaptainTorry on Jan 12th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

I think this may be the best mod I've played for FOC. Everything works and is true to the Halo universe. Excellent all the way around!

Warband Role Play
10 Review

Mod Review by TheArmyLion on Jan 12th, 2013


6 Review

Mod Review by Dune_Jumper on Jan 12th, 2013 - 4 people agree 3 people don't

It's pretty repetitive, but overall alright.

Black Mesa: Surface Tension Uncut
10 Review

Mod Review by Mr.Marooned on Jan 12th, 2013

Well done

Kings of the West
10 Review

Mod Review by BagaturKhan on Jan 12th, 2013

The most awesome and coolest mod for kind old BFME1! ;)

10 Review

Game Review by vinicara on Jan 12th, 2013

ese jogo do pokemon é muito legal pena que eu so posso usar a demo

Project Zomboid
10 Review

Game Review by BackfischMan on Jan 12th, 2013

This game just amazes me even if it is unfinished i love to play it ^w^

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
8 Review

Game Review by scopedknife on Jan 12th, 2013

Shooting mechanics and story were pretty boring in my opinion, but some of the missions were fun and mods are great

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
10 Review

Game Review by birkir10 on Jan 12th, 2013

awesome game

[REC] Shutter - Ghost Horror Game
6 Review

Game Review by contron7 on Jan 12th, 2013 - 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers

its got potential, but there are some things that **** me off. the first being the speed at which you move in the game. You move way too slow and sprint does nothing. The second are the two question marks that are in the center of the screen 90% of the time. I dont need the game to tell me that I dont know what's going on. Fix/remove these and I'd call this game worth playing.

Realistic Combat (CaC ZH modification)
10 Review

Mod Review by sgor00 on Jan 12th, 2013 - 2 people don't


Dominions 3: The Awakening
10 Review

Game Review by Morsigil on Jan 12th, 2013

The game has some quirks and extensive micromanagement that, if you learn to live with it, is a small price to pay for the depth of content and great community. Despite the many year since this game's development a quick google for multiplayer AARs will show you there are newbies and veterans alike still playing huge, epic multiplayer games.

Half-Life 2
10 Review

Game Review by Androll on Jan 12th, 2013

Best Game Ever.

7 Review

Mod Review by FritzOfTheSS on Jan 12th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't

This mod is rather interesting.

Now, I went in with the wrong mindset. I went in thinking it was going to be like a Half Life 2 episode, but instead was greeted by a more action-oriented game.

Now, I went into the right mindset when remembering that I am just some rebel. I am not Gordon, or Alyx, or Adrian Shephard, or Barney.

Then I begun to enjoy the game a lot more. But, I still found flaws.

I felt like there was way too many enemies at once. That, or I took damage too fast. I think this needs to be fixed.

Another thing is its voice acting. I was happy when there was voice acting, but also extremely disappointed by it. It had no emotion like Half Life 2 does. Plus, the mic quality wasn't exactly amazing, so I had trouble hearing what I was supposed to do. It would've helped to AT LEAST include subtitles. Or better, just redo the voice acting with a better quality mic.

But, I loved its graphics. Sometimes I honestly thought it looked better than Black Mesa.

Overall, I think this mod is amazing. But, I understand there will be a part 2 to it.

So, I think you should fuse Part 1 and 2 together into one bigger experience, redo your voice acting and maybe make it a LITTLE LESS difficult to die. And I only ask a little. I don't want to feel like Rambo. But I also don't want to feel like I can die as easily as I do in Counter-Strike.

Oh, and include subtitles.

Overall, this mod gets a 7 out of 10. I love it, but it needs work.


-Graphical enhancements
-Perspective of a rebel
-New guns
-Aim Down Sight
-Atmosphere feels like a Half-Life game

-Mediocre voice acting
-No subtitles
-Too many enemies at once ( Or just you have really low health )

Bloody Trapland
10 Review

Game Review by joaovitorbf on Jan 12th, 2013

Porque é loco

Slender's Woods
10 Review

Game Review by pshykomaxx1345149261 on Jan 12th, 2013

just amazing <3

Assassins Creed Mod by Igibsu
10 Review

Mod Review by suiteeable on Jan 12th, 2013 - 3 people agree

This mod sounds AWESOME!! I will try this mod at once!!!

Amnesia: Rise Of Nightmares
8 Review

Mod Review by GreenJelly:3 on Jan 12th, 2013

Really good and quite sad but the map is really short :l but still , you did do a good job :) Make more maps like this!

9 Review

Mod Review by _LSh on Jan 12th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Surprisingly good and light mod and it has really good level design.
Don't understand why some people disliked it.
Keep up good work!

9 Review

Mod Review by wedjeus on Jan 12th, 2013

Wow ! This mod is amazing ! really professionnal job !
great story, great scripting...
I only regret that speeches appears on screen when you are in fights, and you don't always have time to read it, especially when you're not english !
but the work done on this mod is just amazing !
I loved it !

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