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Pokémon: Generations

Game review by DanB374 0 agree 0 disagree

So would we be able to catch Legendary or just battle them and level up, or would it be like once every 3 day u battle the same Pokemon (Legendary)


Morbias Redux

Mod review by Sgt.Pepper 0 agree 0 disagree



VTMB Unofficial Patch

Mod review by Purify 0 agree 0 disagree

Fixes game glitches,highly improves gameplay.What else is there to say?;)


Crusader - Deus Vult

Mod review by Death_Hussar 0 agree 0 disagree

Many relevant things in this Mod. Very accurate.


Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Game review by Lord_Cylarne 1 agrees 0 disagree

This game was actually one of my all time favorite Star Wars games and is the only RTS of the Star Wars saga I've seen.

7/10 Immersion/gameplay

8/10 Rplayability

8/10 Story Line

10/10 Galactic Conquest addition

9/10 AI

9/10 tactics

9/10 balance

7/10 graphics/ui

Worth the buy? 7/10

For a fan of Star Wars, this is a hit. The gameplay itself in Galactic Conquest and the campaign is very likely of a playthrough over and over. Land Battles AND Space Battles combined in one game is truly amazing, and its content is very good.

The music is intense, the aesthetics are good, but the only thing lacking, atm, are land battle skirmishes and the system of recruiting only one unit at a time.

Mostly I would be playing space skirmishes, campaign, or Galactic Conquest. Space skirmishes itself can get a little intense at times as well, but only having one starbase with no base building whatsoever with one recruitment of units option is a bit distracting and overall disappointing.

Gameplay itself is very well done. Though with a strict unit cap with weird economy and finally no base building... it definitely makes me want to play other RTS games.

Stalemate in land battles takes place 9 times out of 10.

Galactic Conquest like campaign is truly well done and utmost a dream come true. There is a little flaw; these I just can't put my finger on, though. I guess it is the lack of turn based strategies conquering enemies? I don't know, things are too difficult to play even on the easy difficulty.

The Rebellion campaign is almost unbeatable.

Empire campaign is very well done.

Zann criminals campaign is a masterpiece.

Skirmish and some elements in gameplay is poor.

Tutorial is fine, except one or two things unclear like avoid attacking a shielded ship with cruisers.

Heroes are cool.

Yoda is OP like feck, he takes down all hero units you can field.

Mod-able? THANK YOU!!!

Base building = absent.

Landing zones, retreat option, and reinforcements concept = WOW!



Metal Dead

Game review by Holtzweg 0 agree 0 disagree

Great old school point and click adventure with lots of quirky humour. Buy it!


Key to Freedom

Mod review by chill997 0 agree 0 disagree

I applaud you for your efforts. This is some of the best level design I have seen. Each area presented different challenges and different obstacles. Good pacing between the scares... And it's nice to see someone try something new.

Every area looks and feels different, no keys hidden in stupid places, no gib's all over the floor everywhere you go, no hiding in a wardrobe for 20 minutes waiting for the grunt to go away, no embarrassing spelling mistakes on every note... In other words there isn't any of the daft recycled nonsense that we've seen in about 90% of the other mods that are out there.

Personally I only have one issue with this mod, and its a consistent problem I encounter when playing these custom stories. And that's the voice acting. It's my opinion, sure, but I stand by it: someone reading out a note for me is NEVER necessary and ALWAYS ruins the atmosphere.

Anyway, that aside, I'll conclude by saying that along with Obscurity and The Great Work this is the only story worth a solid 10. 5 of those points are owed to fantastic level design, and the other 5 are split between originality, and the amount of effort that you clearly put into this CS.


"Beware Planet Earth!"

Game review by bluekodo 0 agree 0 disagree

That game is amazing. I was first intrigued because the graphics looks similar to Plants vs Zombie (which is one of my favourite games). So i downloaded the demo to test the game and i loved it! Grab it for cheap at the Indie Royale Bundle if you can:

Negative points:

- no keybinds
- no health indicator on top of the ennemies
- no infos about the "towers" like overheat duration, or range (could be useful on a mouseover).


Second Life

Game review by UncommonStuff 2 agree 2 disagree

Second Life began as yet another marketing platform disguised as a fun virtual world (without the fun). I thought that someone would have pulled the plug on it ages ago.

Second Life is mundane, lifeless and lacking in every way. It's like an interactive advert for everything that is wrong with capitalism. Basically it encourages you to enjoy yourself, but at the expense of your wallet!

Real money buys you virtual goods. Has humanity really come to this?



Mod review by KarlTheCommander 0 agree 0 disagree

Great Mod Love It.


Key to Freedom

Mod review by Shives 0 agree 0 disagree

Very interestingg custom story!
It had things I've never seen before and many creepy moments.
Nice job!



Game review by xXDeimosXx 0 agree 0 disagree

Doom... This game is just the best ******* game ever !! unlimited mods , awesome multiplayer and easy to run on any computer !
Frags , kills and secrets , with badass weapons , what more ? Just fun and dynamic gameplay , with some gore and violence... I love this game !! :D


End of Days

Mod review by CyrusDaGreat 1 agrees 0 disagree

This mod deserves a 10/10.
It's so much fun playing.
Thank you for this great Mod.


Pokémon: Generations

Game review by Growlithe. 0 agree 0 disagree

This is an amazing game,and a 3D Pokemon game is just what everyone was
waiting for!I love it,and I bet it's going to be an amazing game when it's complete.


BattlesMod for Warband

Mod review by bigscamp 0 agree 0 disagree

banner.brf does not work for 1.158



Game review by megaflux 0 agree 1 disagrees

vox is just the future of games. im not going to do the similarity thing because im not an idiot and see each game as its own work, but alot of things that make other games enjoyable are a big part of what makes vox enjoyable (and then some).


Pokémon: Generations

Game review by jushawesomness 0 agree 0 disagree



Dark case [>Scary story<]

Mod review by NightSshadeGaming 2 agree 0 disagree

Just finished your story. I have to say it's the best one you've made yet, without a doubt. I think everything was really well made. At some points the sounds only might make you want to leave, so 10 points for the atmospheric sounds. That... girl... is disturbing... 10 points for her as well. Jumpscares were super creative and not overused so I can also give 10 points for that. Storyline was interesting and told in an interesting way / I loved that there were more than 2-3 monsters and they were amazing and custom. To be honest I loved everything about this story, it was super fun and really well made. I'm giving it 10/10 for sure. You never let us down man :)


Pokémon: Generations

Game review by darkboy21 0 agree 0 disagree

well plzz i like this game continew the good work


Minor Factions Revenge

Mod review may contain spoilers by Melvasul 5 agree 0 disagree

Stupenda Mod!!!

Due problemi..quando lancio il gioco mi si blocca(continuando a fare il simbolo del caricamento che fa di solito) sulla prima schermata di Empire(non il menu principale).. altre volte invece quando mi sta per finire il caricamento di una partita già giocata succede che crasha e ritorna al desktop..e così lo ha fatto per svariate volte!

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