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Battlefield Vietnam

Game review by MrExtremePT_official 0 agree 0 disagree

Old but gold :D


The Castle in the Woods

Mod review by petrikk8 0 agree 0 disagree

You have to use logic.


HL Rally

Mod review by digbot1223 0 agree 0 disagree

It looks good, but I can't play it :(


Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Game review by DarkChromic 0 agree 0 disagree

I have this game in steam :P


The Pacific Mod

Mod review may contain spoilers by cortex471 2 agree 0 disagree

ALERT: This review contains spoilers and details from gameplay.

I thought it won't be as creative as 2Pz and the mod proved me wrong gladly :-)

The variety of Jap units is very interesting, here are some touches in the mod I found unique and creative:

- Jap voices,
- Snipers on trees was a very good idea,
- There is a snake in Campaign 2! Yes, a well detailed one .. has visible scales, and detailed mouth with teeth and tongue! It hisses on you when attacked. I though it is harmless until it bit one of my soldiers and he died instantly lol,
Update: I found a Crocodile in campaign 3, a pretty big one.
Update 2: Watch out from the big poisonous Tarantulas.. too!
- Airdropped reinforcements,
- Beautiful new maps,
- Stopping trucks convoys is not required most of the time but will give you supplies,
- Weapons accuracy is not precise to make battles more realistic.

Also Mod is challenging; missions would corner your team and give you some good beating, make sure that you don't send one soldier alone to complete a task, always maintain fire support.
Timed missions can be crazy, they are well thought of and time is not on your side.

One thing to do to improve Gameplay:
- Objectives texts need to be revised and edited to be more informative and clear.

10/10 and recommended.
Thanks Albus and other contributors for making this mod.


Kill Craft 2

Game review by supersonic100 0 agree 0 disagree

nice game also good touch with minecraft engine.


Planetwar Total War

Mod review by Gerard_bob 0 agree 0 disagree

an exceptioanlly good joke lad!



Game review by Issips 0 agree 0 disagree

A high suspense with a great quality of graphism and sound !


Amnesia: Rise Of Nightmares

Mod review by p3wdi3pi3andcry 0 agree 0 disagree

this is acually a custom game where i can run around being chased by monsters and not doing many confusing puzzles. i never got stuck one in this cutom story


Angmar Revenge Mod

Mod review by saruman_the_wise 2 agree 1 disagrees

this truly is a poor excuse of a mod


Black Mesa

Mod review may contain spoilers by geoffegg 0 agree 0 disagree

Black Mesa is a very good example of what a fan base dedicated to a game can achieve. A fan made Re-creation of Valve Software's 1998 cult classic Half-Life, Black Mesa makes a brilliant attempt at bringing people of today back to a game that helped revolutionize the industry back in the late 90's.

Black Mesa has had a lot of custom content created specifically for it to bring the atmosphere to life, including a custom soundtrack and entirely new models and textures. The voice acting is high quality and with the more modern tech of the Source engine, the characters have been bought to life better than in the original game.

Black Mesa does a good job in connecting Hl2 and HL1 together better by including the characters of Dr Kleiner and Eli Vance from HL2 so as to improve canon between the two games.

Aside from all the good things it does, Black Mesa does contain some negatives.

I for one, feel that the weapon and NPC animations are lacking somewhat, as they feel stiff and not completely natural. A good example of the animation is the Crowbar you get at the start of the game; the animation of it when being used doesn't feel as normal as it does in HL1.

Another thing that I found upsetting was the fact that the chapters Surface Tension and On a Rail were not the size or challenge they were in the original game. Surface Tension has been left half finished and On a Rail has been shortened so much that the challenge it posed in HL1 (Even if it was annoying) is no longer there.

I am also personally, not keen on the repositioning of the Bullsquid's eyes as it does not look like it did in HL1. I've also noticed the Bullsquid uses Vortiguant eye textures for its eyes which I feel is slightly lazy of whomever made the textures for the model
since an earlier alpha/beta version of Black Mesa's Bullsquid resembled the HL1 version much better.

I hope to see the negatives addressed with patches, updates and even fan made mods. Until then, I eagerly await the Xen release.


Diablo: The Hell

Mod review by DoubtFuLMind 0 agree 0 disagree

The Hell


Peace Mission

Mod review by yhelk 0 agree 0 disagree

good work



Game review by VladFox 0 agree 0 disagree

Black (or maybe sometimes white) pearl. All is done excellently. If famed indie platformer "Closure" is a king, then this game is a prince.


IRR - Infinity Random Race

Game review by _-Caleb-_ 0 agree 0 disagree

You'll play for hours without realizing it, is a very addictive game :)


Jugarás durante horas sin darte cuenta, es un juego muy adictivo :)


Sins of the Fallen

Mod review by ☣GenezisO☢ 0 agree 0 disagree

just one of the best mods for SOASE game


Battlefield 1941

Mod review by kiilzone12 3 agree 0 disagree



Romae Bellum

Mod review by FireFox21 1 agrees 1 disagrees

a beautiful pack, well designed, troops look good and are armed as to what you'd think for their factions, however i was unsure as of any mods in this module, for example the meet the Guild master and town elder buttons, i find these two alone are a mandatory bit that should be added to a good mod pack. This module has an insane amount of potential, and i could see myself playing it for hours on end, but without mods like the two i mentioned, this is just a well designed native in my eyes, and if i wanted to play native I'd play native (sorry for being blunt here) Here's hoping you guys add some more to the mods in the module, I'll be waiting for news on this mod pack to see if it gets better.


Recursive Confinement

Mod review by KrustiClawn 2 agree 0 disagree


- Huge creativity
- Well written story


- No real intro
- The objects you need could have been a bit harder to find
- Mapping can be improved
- Not really scary at all
- Glitch with the mushroom (if you throw something on it, the gland is not there)

Neutrals: (Does not affect the score)

- The "going back to the bedroom" thing is a nice idea and I understand it's an important part of the story. Still, it could be a bit annoying in lenght.


The mapping is not a "wow" factor and it offers a low challange. Although, the story is very well written and that is a huge plus from me (since few people focus on the story nowdays), I found very few bugs and I enjoyed playing it. A lot of things can be improved for future stories/patches, but it easily deserves a 8/10 anyway. Good job!

8/10 - Very good



Game review by Legendkiller176 0 agree 0 disagree

Très bon jeu

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