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Notch (minecraft) (506 votes)


Rovio (angry birds) (93 votes)


Neither, i'm happy been me! (849 votes)


Uhh what!? (392 votes)

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galdor Jun 2 2011 says:

no one gives a **** about Rovio i guess :P

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INtense! Creator
INtense! Jun 2 2011 replied:

well they are widely sucessful and basically known by every man, woman and child on the planet. however they invented a rather basic game. whereas minecraft really innovated, I think our audience will be a little biased to minecraft as a result!

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HaydenB Jun 2 2011 replied:

so...umm... who are they?

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JoshZemlinsky Jun 2 2011 replied:

Nope i never heard of Angry birds, nor that company... Are they any good?

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MrSkwidge Jun 2 2011 replied:

Ive never heard of either of them.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Jun 2 2011 buried:


If you never heard of those companies you shouldn't be on this site. I personally don't think any of those companies innovated that much. I have both games and love them, but minecraft copyed most of there mechanics and artstyle from another game, it's still growing and becoming it's own game though and angry birds is so insanely basic and idea has been doing millions of times but they added a nice artstyle that is really all.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Jun 2 2011 replied:

Added a moment ago:

BTW, the site didn't have it when the poll was added. So you know... "If you never heard of those companies you shouldn't be on this site" makes the whole situation seem ironic.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Jun 2 2011 buried:


Not really considering angry birds is probably one of the biggest games around you would have to be living in a underground shelter to not know what it is, meaning if your on a game dev site and don't know about angry birds then you need to catch up with the times xD.

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EvilAngel Jun 2 2011 replied:

I dont live under a rock you noob, and I have never played angry birds, it looks ****.

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Garyn Dakari Jun 2 2011 replied:

I've never played it either, but I've heard of it.

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Slevo Jun 3 2011 replied:

developers that are normally on this site don't have time to play other games anyways majority are busy working 24/7 :/, Just becuase they are game developers or programmers does not mean they like playing games personally. i myself enjoy programming in any form not so much playing games all day lol

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Garyn Dakari Jun 3 2011 replied:

Most people here aren't even developers though:P

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Flash112 Jun 3 2011 replied:

from which game they did copy minecraft? i would love to play the FATHER OF MINECRAFT :D except its Infiminer or Stranded :D

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macacos2 Jun 2 2011 replied:

What kind of ******* poll is this?

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bosnian_dragon Jun 3 2011 replied:

Basically I've never heard of that name...

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Ice_Man_120 Jun 5 2011 replied:

well I never heard of them. I only know of good games and developers. sorry if your offended that I don't know what angry birds is.

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Garyn Dakari Jun 2 2011 says:

Why would you want to be anyone but yourself? Option 3, with no hesitation.

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Herr_Alien Jun 2 2011 replied:

I hear that :) !

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Dremth Jun 2 2011 says:

Really, I don't understand the craze behind Angry Birds. I mean, it's fun I suppose, but it's not really anything too new. I remember playing a flash game called Crush the Castle which is essentially the same exact game but in a medieval setting, and it actually was released almost 8 months before Angry Birds by Armor Games. Personally, I think Minecraft is a much greater feat of game development, and it's still growing and developing into a bigger and better game. However, there hasn't really been anything new to come out of Angry Birds other than new platform releases and holiday skin packs and whatnot. I realize this poll is focused on WHO I'd rather be and not the better GAME, but regardless I'd rather be whoever developed the better game, which I believe to be Notch. Of course, I'm happier being me instead of either of them, but I felt like that was a cop-out answer and basically just a way to invalidate the credibility of the poll's results. I'd be much more interested in the results of a poll with just the first two choices.

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Henley Staff
Henley Jun 2 2011 says:

I would rather be mr money, known to the world as money.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Jun 2 2011 replied:

The one susceptible to inflation, greed, and generally being printed out of thin air, with nothing of value backing you up? No thanks.

Could understand if somebody would like to be a gold nugget, though. Even if an unrefined one.

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Garyn Dakari Jun 2 2011 replied:

Money is just a tool, nothing more. One should only try to get it to further your goals, not to collect it. Once all you think about is money, it's time to re-think a few things about your life ;)

EDIT: That wasn't supposed to sound insulting to anybody, that's just what money is to me.

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OnlySolus Jun 2 2011 says:

Weird poll is weird, but I would be prefer to be me + get alot of money! :)

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JX6 Jun 2 2011 says:

i'm finnish, rovio is finnish... finland rocks!

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Landon1121 Jun 2 2011 says:

notch.... nuff said

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Matt_Bak3r Jun 2 2011 says:

*Shiver* Ravio hell no, there isin't anything intresting with his games. Not bad meant but. That guy is too full of himself.

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nosfer4tu Jun 2 2011 buried:


Notch is the god.
Nobody is more powerful than Notch.

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macacos2 Jun 2 2011 replied:

Because he made "Lego online" which played by children around the globe?
Your definition of power saddens me.

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AFellowStalker Jun 2 2011 replied:

If you think only children play it you are an idiot.

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macacos2 Jun 2 2011 replied:

Children and adults who still have a kid on the emotional side of them.

But mostly children.

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Flash112 Jun 3 2011 replied:

but if you play CoD then you are a MANLY MAN on the inside, but if WoW then you are the wizard of the elven mountain and you wear "underpants of epic agility" xD

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Garyn Dakari Jun 2 2011 replied:

A person makes a freakishly awesome game = He is a god? That doesn't make sense...Minecraft is one of my favorite games ever, but come on...

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moci Jun 2 2011 says:

Rovio is a company not a person?

"Rovio is an entertainment media company based in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Rovio was founded in 2003 as a mobile game development studio, and the company has developed several award-winning titles for various mobile platforms."

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altercuca Jun 2 2011 says:

im happy being me :)

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ModMage Jun 2 2011 says:

Never heard of either one of 'em. Guess this means I should start playing more videogames.

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O-2-L Jun 2 2011 says:

It's like the old question of "would you rather be rich and famous or just rich?"
I'd rather not have to deal with the fame to be honest and would choose just to be rich

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cW#Ravenblood Jun 2 2011 says:

Im happy o be myself. They made on cool game, but who says that they stay successfull? Hthey cant develop what they want. I could do :D if I can. Im happy to be myself witz all my good and bad sides :D

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Potteh. Jun 2 2011 says:

Why would you ask someone who they want to be? Isn't that a slight bit, sickening?

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Metalspy Jun 2 2011 says:

Happy me is happy being.. me. Notch speaks Swedish so that's a no-go :( Oh wait.. that was a joke. (Seriously, no offense to you Swedes :P)

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TheOneandOnly Jun 2 2011 says:

Well I voted for being me, but being Notch would be pretty cool. Making loads of money for poorly done game programming? Sounds alright.

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Ravious Jun 2 2011 says:

Seriously, people that are happy about being themselves? I'm one unsuccessful bastard.

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lordegern Jun 2 2011 says:

Well, i just like to chill...xD

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Tatsur0 Jun 2 2011 says:

My life experience > Minecraft/Angry Birds. I'm doing well money wise and have the freedom to create my own games so an easy one for me. I love my life so "Me". That and my work schedule is so much more intense and I think I'd get bored elsewhere heh.

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TrooperHUN Jun 2 2011 says:

Both of them are impersonations of everything whats wrong with the industry today: laziness, not knowing anything about video games, and stealing other people's ideas.

I miss the "kill both" button.

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BluishGreenPro Jun 2 2011 says:

I gotta me me, unprofitable me!... wait...

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Eegah Jun 2 2011 says:

I'm Notch's hat. Suck it!

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LopperUK Jun 2 2011 says:

Who wouldn't want to be Notch who has a **** tone of money?

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DuckSauce Jun 2 2011 replied:


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Garyn Dakari Jun 2 2011 replied:

Me. Money ain't everything ;) This really is a weird poll you know...I mean, if actually were that other person, than you would have their brain as well, and you wouldn't be you anymore. I suppose we're supposed to see the poll as "If we could be in their shoes".

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DuckSauce Jun 3 2011 replied:


Pretty much yeah, though I see this poll more as a "Would you like to be a rich guy?" except you could be yourself and be rich, so the poll remains strange.

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Garyn Dakari Jun 3 2011 replied:

I don't think I'd want to be rich either...

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Ark_ Jun 2 2011 replied:

I just dont think id like a beard :/

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