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Welcome to modDB v0.95

13 years ago Mod DB 20 comments

Well well well... if you are seeing this, then believe it or not but you are looking at the brand spanking new v0.95 of the moddatabase! For all those...

URL Changes

13 years ago Mod DB 3 comments

As you can see the moddatabase employes a rather uber URL system at the moment such as rather than having However the next update to the modDB that shall...

Tw_Rush screen shots.

13 years ago News 1 comment

The guys over at the Total Warfare mod have uploaded new screen shots of their map Tw_Rush

modDB Downtime in 45minutes *UPDATE*

13 years ago Mod DB 1 comment

Ok the update listed below has been completed and all links updated. If you find any 404 links please email me them Also this domain change may have affected...

modDB v1.0 Complete

13 years ago Mod DB 3 comments

With the new URLs implemented and working it looks like modDB v1.0 is finally done! From the feedback gained thus far everyone seems to like the site...

Exclusive Mod Feature Complete

13 years ago Mod DB 2 comments

I just sucessfully implemented one of the many secret modification features I have been testing. This feature which is exclusive to modifications only...


Fight Club Mod Maps

13 years ago Fight Club 1 comment

The FightClub mod has just wacked up a few map screenshots, and are looking rather fine! Expect more great maps by DerekR but in the mean time check out...

Mod Database Explaination...

13 years ago Mod DB 14 comments

With PlanetHalflife and various other 'big name' sites kind enough to spread the word of the moddatabase and over 80 people online at the time of writing...

FPSMODS Is Up and Running!!!

13 years ago News 1 comment

FPS Mods is a site dedicated fully to mods for First Person Shooter engines like the all famous Quake3: Arena, and Unreal Tournament. We at FPS Mods are...


Set the Record Straight.

13 years ago Extraction Half Life 0 comments

Extraction Half Life has been going through many changes as of late. The word around the campfire is that all the weapon models are complete, a map is...

Mods Other Than Halflife Ones...

13 years ago News 6 comments

For all those from modification backgrounds other than Halflife, rest assured the aim of this site is to list every mod, regardless of game to create...

Shrub Mod for RTCW

13 years ago News 2 comments

The Shrub Mod has released and it is worth the download for any server admin who wants to mix it up. The Shrub Mod consists of: The shrub mod is designed...


Tweaking Goodness

13 years ago Tour of Duty 0 comments

The Tour of Duty team has entered the final stages of beta testing, and assembling a couple more release candidates leading up to Beta 1.0 (our first...


Todesangst July 21st Update

13 years ago Todesangst 2:Der Echte Feind 0 comments

Ahh. . . Summer. So many more outside distractions than during the rest of the year! But despite the allure of ball games and cookouts, the mod continues...

Tribes 2

Tribes2 Shifter

13 years ago Shifter 1 comment

This news is a little late, but i would like to get Tribes2 out of the shadows and more in the public eye, as it is the best game i have ever played...

News Explaination, Policies and HuntEr's Welcome

13 years ago News 0 comments

Policies I shall begin this post on a rather serious note. That is that recently, a few bogus mods pointing to spam sites have been submitted. Thankfully...


G.H.O.S.T. Ops - Are Making Progress!

13 years ago G.H.O.S.T. Ops: The Avalon Project 0 comments

The G.H.O.S.T. Ops mods listed here at the modDB have sent in news regarding there mod making some real headway! Almost all of the are weapons done, previews...

20 games have surround gaming support

13 years ago News 1 comment

For all those people out there with allota money in their back pocket here is a lil bit of hardware news! Matrox's latest 'Parhelia' graphics card has...


Actual Judgement content!

13 years ago Judgement 0 comments

Well I realised we look pretty dead to the casual (or not so casual) observer, so I've posted the first glimpse of our Character selection VGUI over on...

New Poll

13 years ago News 1 comment

*IMPORTANT* On the right menu there is a new poll which is important for everyone visiting the modDB espicially the mod leaders and the many guests. You...

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Changing Host

13 years ago Dark Forces: A Mod for Jedi Academy 0 comments

For all those following The Dark Forces MOD for Jedi Knight II it shall be moving to this weekend. So be sure to keep update your bookmarks...


More In-Depth Details on progress!

13 years ago Earth's Special Forces 1 comment

Here is a link to the Earths Special Forces Forums where one of the team members; Zero post about how far they are and general info on the progress of...


WIP :: Instructor Sergeant

13 years ago Mobile Infantry 3 comments

The French team, currently doing a fantastic job bringing StarShip Troopers to Halflife have just completed their new Instructor Sergeant (which some...

FEBA episode 2 released

13 years ago News 0 comments

FEBA Episode 2 released! After over a year in development, the mod is ready for download. Download links at Information and game manual available on the...

AJ Max Payne Mod, update

13 years ago News 13 comments

For all those Max Payne fans out there, my mod as can be seen from its profile has hit the 80% complete mark! For those thinking whats the deal with no...

HL Boxing

13 years ago News 1 comment

Half Life Boxing is the new HL mod on the block. I honestly think it is a great idea if this mod is done correctly. The about page tells all! There will...

Total Warfare run animation

13 years ago News 0 comments

The guys at the Total Warfare mod uploaded a video file of their new running animation: Video: modDB Mod Link: Offical Webpage:

IRC Channel!

13 years ago News 10 comments

Moddb now has its own official IRC channel on the best Gaming IRC network - GamesNET! If you have mirc or another IRC client installed, and you are on...

Unreal Tournament

Defence Alliance v1.5 RELEASED!

13 years ago Defence Alliance 3 comments

Defence Alliance 1.5 has been released. Head over to our Downloads page to download it. The file is about 65MB and it's a full install. DA1.5 is not a...

Unreal Tournament

The Third Reich

13 years ago The Third Reich 0 comments

We held another playtest yesterday in a new map called Brindisi by SeanBoy, so as usual its a top quality map. Check the screenshots below to get a feel...