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We re-introduce all the core Mod DB staff, so you know who's behind what.

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Mod DB is a large site, which needs more than just a few people adding articles on their lunch break to keep it ticking over. This article is a quick overview of the important people, what they do, and whose fault it is when something goes wrong.


These people are the full-time staff who make sure Mod DB is kept running at a business, technical and editorial level.

Scott aka INtense! - Managing Director / Code Monkey

Scott is the Managing Director of DesuraNET, and is also responsible for all of Mod DB's code. If there's a bug somewhere, it's probably his fault. Scott also manages the business and advertising side of things, something which is becoming a bigger part of Mod DB.

Check Scott's blog for insights on where Mod DB has come from, and is going to.

Greg - Systems Administrator

Behind Mod DB lies some fairly complex internet wizardry - Greg is our Systems Administrator who keeps Mod DB on the air. If everything suddenly stops working, it's probably Greg who gets woken up about it.

If you're interested about what powers Mod DB, Greg's blog is the place to find out.

Shaun aka Stuffie - Graphics Monkey

All of Mod DB and DesuraNET's artwork comes from Shaun, our in-house Graphics Monkey.

Site Managers

The site managers are responsible for keeping the whole site running on a day-to-day basis, and are volunteers who do it for the kudos, karma and staff t-shirts. Most operational problems ultimately end up in their inboxes.

Nick aka jacksonj04

One of Mod DB's pair of Site Managers, Nick tends to deal with the community - making sure people know how things work and are kept up to date with the latest changes.

Graham aka BigBird

The other half of the Site Manager duo, Graham makes sure that things are being authed on time and the rest of the staff are doing their job.

Other People You May See

Dave aka Henley

Dave is our resident video wizard, and looks after things such as ModCast and Mod DB TV.


Wraiyth - Awesome but Lazy Modder Kinda Guy.

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Sticky - Ex Staff Extraordinaire. Willing to be a stand-in Forum Staffie if someone takes an extended hiatus.

What was up with all the staff leaving in droves anyway? O_o

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INtense! Staff

we kicked em out! :D

v3 was falling to pieces.. but v4 is here now and we are back!

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TKAzA Staff

Most left on there own accord for personal and other reasons. :(

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I can just imagine Scotty putting on his best Patrick Swayze attitude and going all "Roadhouse" on everyone. :P

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Truth is he doesn't do it enough ;P

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I'm shneakay shneakay, shneakin' in yo' groups.

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Henley Staff


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Go me go !

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