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Considering we know a lot of EotN already and betatest is all about catching as many bugs as we can, I've figured proposing some starting build might be interesting. If you feel like it, please share your character builds in the comments.

Posted by wombaciur on Aug 4th, 2013

From many articles that had already been published, we know the world of Celeritas Eos will have many shades of gray. What stands out, though, is a main theme of evil invading the land by means of hordes of undead. We don't know yet if the option to join forces with evil will present itself so let's assume it is not possible for the sake of role playing and character builds (if you are lawful good for example you either aren't able to join forces with evil or if you do so, you'd switch your alignment to chaotic evil as you abandon everything you had so far stood for).

From the screens already presented we can see there will be many opportunities to fight undead - be it skeletons, ghouls, vampires (as there is a faction of undead hunters you can join) or probably some more powerful - yet undisclosed - undead (liches anyone?).

While making a character build you have to ask yourself if you want to try going solo or allow some party members to join you on your journey. While having a different skill set from party members and sometimes more carrying weight is all nice and dandy, you need to remember you gain less fighting xp the more party members/companions you have. Since EotN is a very low level module, every level up will be significant.Thus the question of how fast you can reach a certain level will be of utmost importance. On the other hand we don't know yet how many quest XP and fighting XP can be gained throughout the module. If the emphasis is on the latter, the route of going solo seems more viable from the character advancement point of view. If the quest XP has more emphasis ADWR-style, going with a party might make more sense. Also, the higher your level, the less XP you gain from each fighting encounter while quest XP remain the same (well, this one could be changed by means of some clever scripting but I digress).

Let's not forget, though, many of the enemies will be human so focusing entirely on fighting undead might prove fatal in the long run.

Without further ado, let me make some comments on characters that might be viable for solo/party play in EotN :

Race and sex is determined so let's switch to class already. My top pick is cleric so I wll focus on that class in the article. Feel free to share your views on your characters.

Cleric is a very interesting choice for fighting undead. Preferably with sun / healing domain. Why, you ask? Clerics have spontaneous casting - good/neutral clerics can convert any spell they have memorised to a healing spell. A healing spell cast on undead makes a positive damage energy to them. Since it is a ranged touch attack , it denies the defender their armor and shield AC (base and bonus), as well as their natural armor bonus to AC. All other armor class modifiers, such as the size modifier, dexterity modifier, and deflection/dodge bonus apply (or don't apply, e.g. if flat-footed) normally. Consequentially, touch attacks sometimes have a significantly better chance of hitting than regular attacks.

So the strategy here is to use healing spells to cast them on undead. Let's not forget a healing domain cleric gains access to cure serious wounds (3d8 + 1/caster level) healing spell as a lvl 2 spell which all other characters gain at lvl3 spell level at the soonest. Combine it with empowered healing feat for the cleric and starting at character lvl 3 you can spontanously cast a spell that heals (3d8 + 3)*150% or - damages undead with such an amount of positive energy.

In order to succeed in this Lucia can't be interrupted while casting so turn undead feat hast to be effective. This is where sun domain comes with help as it allows for the maximum HD of all undead turned to be 3d6 instead of regular 2d6 and also to check the turned level result it adds another d4 roll to a regular roll of d20 + character level + charisma bonus. Let's do some basic math here : a lvl 1 cleric can with a fortunate dice roll turn a lvl5 undead at best. With lvl2 he can turn at best lvl6 undead and so on. Imagine a situation when you turn undead and all of them flee in terror for 5 rounds + character lvl. Then you have enough time to cast an empowered healing spell on them and not chasing them all over the map. Reaching lvl3 character would be vital as then you get an access to cure serious wounds which empowered can seriously kick ssome undead ass.

Last but not least, the cleric with healing domain has heal spell as a lvl 5 spell (that means 9th character lvl at the soonest). The advantage of the spell is that it reduces undead creature to just 4 hit points provided the ranged touch attack succeeded. While it is questionable if the PC will ever reach 9th lvl in the mod, it is good to have such an option.

Cleric has access to many useful spells - even at low lvls - like 1st lvl spell : protection from alignment or 2nd lvl spell find traps or eagle's splendour for turn undead. However, her BAB progress or acces to just simple weapons / medium armor might seem limiting. If experience permits, oce can consider adding a single lvl of palading for access to better saves / martial weapons / heavy armor. Fighting other than undead enemies might be very difficult, especially if you find youself outnumbered. Anyway, with a low level nature of the module the decision to multiclass is not to be taken lightly.

Please note I've not played such a character yet and this is just speculation based on information provided at If there are any flaws to my reasoning , I'd be happy to hear about it. The cleric is more suited for solo play against undead since - if turn undead permits - she can make an unwinnable fight against a horde of such creatures a manageable one.

Also I'd like to hear what character builds you're thinking about creating.

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Beristronk Aug 4 2013, 11:37am says:

Im thinking of a natural figher or rogue, dont know about weapons, will have to see what are available once we get our hands on the beta. Never liked how spellcasting works in NWN, so wont play any casters, even if we get the option to. Also i dont like lots of people following me around, so will go with probably 1 henchman/party member/npc/whatever they are called or solo.

Im guessing we will be encouraged to use a premade character tough.

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wombaciur Author
wombaciur Aug 4 2013, 1:16pm replied:

I think fighter route seems to be better. While a rogue has a lot of skill points and useful "social" skills, combat wise it will be inferior due to undead's immunity to sneak attacks. You can always take a rogue companion (provided such exists in the mod). As to sneaking, there are other classes that do that as well (ranger - an interesting choice for low level characters or monk).

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KnightofEquulei Aug 4 2013, 6:25pm replied:

Yes rogues exist in the mod.

I'm creating three premade characters for those who can't be bothered creating their own. They are: fighter, rogue and sorcerer. However you can create your own if you wish. I've tried to accommodate for all classes.

Only (for role-playing purposes) I do encourage the player to create their own Lucia to look like the one in the screen-shots. Meaning with the same face, hair color and blue eyes. This is because characters note upon Lucia's appearance.

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KnightofEquulei Aug 4 2013, 6:19pm says:

I'd actually say 40% of the enemies are undead. 40% are human and the other 20% are wild animals or cursed creatures (i.e giant spiders, werewolves and the like). The undead (as you can guess) are composed of skeletons, zombies (and later) vampires and liches. You'll also come across ghouls and spectral enemies.

Seeing as we're talking about clerics here I might as well mention this:

Holy water in NWN is pretty useless if you ask me. It's included in Celeritas Eos as a ranged weapon but really only shows worth during dialogue with undead. If you have holy water in your inventory you can use it to deal some damage to the undead you're speaking to (or who is otherwise involved with the dialogue)

In one instance you meet a vampire in a city and naturally he doesn't reveal what he is at first so if you choose a dialogue option where you note upon his pale skin and eyes you can throw some holy water at him (upon guessing he's a vampire) which actually damages him. The story here is that vampires take more damage from holy water when it's thrown upon them unexpectedly.

And of course whether holy water is truly holy or just magical is for the player to decide. Either way it's useful to carry around.

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wombaciur Author
wombaciur Aug 5 2013, 4:02am replied:

And that makes a lot of sense to use holy water. I'd like to see similar options for critical strike. E.g. if you have a keen, small or tiny weapon equipped, you might have dialogue option "critical strike" which leaves your opponent 'badly wounded' once a fight starts provided that some other requirements are met (e.g. high dexterity bonus and/or low armor check penalty).

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Amaya.Rin Aug 5 2013, 12:32am says:

I normally play a mage or rogue but for this I am thinking of a rogue/fighter combination. Skilled in social skills stealth and fighting and hopefully not too easily killed. I will probably start as a rogue and then my first level take fighter...or maybe the other way around. I may make a second character who is a sorceress or a pure rogue. I also plan on taking at least one companion along. One play through is going to be dedicated to being a vampire as well. I am also interested in seeing just how many options for evil characters there are...I normally play neutral or evil types myself. I have never really played many clerics but the idea is also somewhat tempting as well.

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wombaciur Author
wombaciur Aug 5 2013, 3:55am replied:

I guess choosing a rogue class might work more if you are going to join vampires as then probably you will be facing more human than undead opponents so those sneak attacks might come in handy ;) Unless the questline for vampires involves a lot of fighting within the realm of undead as well (e.g. opposing clans) which would be cool as well. Not so cool for rogues with their weak saves, though.

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SummerKnight Aug 5 2013, 11:15am says:

I usually play a character with fighter/rogue/monk combination. Always Fighter at the beginning, because I can get 3 feats to choose. Rogue is very useful, especially playing a mod like ADWR. And Monk, I love the haste ability, it makes my character move faster between areas.

But... since you mentioned Cleric, maybe I'll try that class instead. For the henchmen, I will bring all of them (as many as I can). I always love dynamic interactions among the henchmen (one of the things that I love from ADWR).

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wombaciur Author
wombaciur Aug 6 2013, 12:09pm replied:

Please note monk's ability is just faster movement, it doesn't add haste effect per se. But it is a nice ability to have especially if combined with a haste spell. Monks are especially viable with a shifter class due to the bug in NWN engine where some properties stack upon loading a save so you can have e.g. a super fast hasted monk / kobol commando impossible to achieve through other means. Actually druid / shifter / monk is my favorite class combo to play in higher level modules (well, until at least lvl 21 anyway but it starts rocking at lvl 12 anyway).

On the other hand above mentioned shifter stacking bug makes undead shape quickly less effective if you aren't careful as 50% piercing / slashing damage resistance goes through the roof and is reduced to 0 :(

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Trümmern Aug 10 2013, 4:17am says:

I'm pretty bad at NWN in general, so I'll likely be a cookie cutter rogue or warrior on my first playthrough, but i'm also a bit of a completionist, so i'll play through just about every available alss option.

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