Greetings! Last time we offered you some serious insight into our mod idea and background. Now it's time for a less serious update, have fun!

Posted by Zeke_Dlyoung on Jun 4th, 2013


Last time we offered you some serious insight into our mod idea and background. Now it's time for a less serious update, have fun!

WEA Worker Drone

The SCV-001 Supply and Construction Drone is the first in the line of smart construction vehicles developed by ZTech and Cynopolis. The SCD's hover propulsion system allows it to HoverTM over all terrain and obstacles including water. To lift heavy loads the SCV-001 uses it's Magnetic HarpoonTM, which doesn't use magnets nor does it pierce stuff, to lift them and deliver them safely back to base. For construction purposes the SCD is equipped with 2 fully articulate, 2 fingered, skinny arms equipped with NanoShizzleWizzleTM, to perform most tasks required for buildings construction.

WEA Supply Center

WEA Supply Center

It's a supply center. What's that? Too short? How about this: It's a damn good supply center. Is that long enough for ya? Background story? For a supply center? Once upon a time, a SCD needed a place to dump it's cargo, so they build a damn good supply center. The End. What's that? The story sucked? Well then... Deal with it!TM

BONUS: Ingame Video

Well that's it for this month... time... tune in next update for more. Till then, cya!

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[Beta]Imperator Jun 4 2013 says:

Hahahah :D I lolled so ******* hard at the video: ".. an action packed trailer.." :D:D:D:D Masters of trolling =D

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SveaRikeSoldier Jun 4 2013 says:

So... much... trademark! It hurts!

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Bakelit Jun 4 2013 says:

wai yu no think of better story for supply center?

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zero_blade16 Jun 4 2013 says:

the video feels like....StarCraft :p

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kazarr Jun 4 2013 says:

NanoShizzleWhizzleTM. XD

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liberty_wings Jun 4 2013 says:

Love "Won't Get Fooled Again" at the end of the video! :D
The Who <3

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Acolyte2100 Jun 4 2013 says:

Anyone else notice the SCV?

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HadurHun Jun 8 2013 says:

zerg gatherers?

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