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Faceless may never see the light of day if we are stuck in limbo.

Posted by Sklarlight on Mar 28th, 2013

Hi guys!

Some of you may have seen our Facebook post:

Faceless wrote:We won't lie to you. The development of Faceless is undergoing a very stressful time. Many of us devote what free time we have to make the best possible form this mod can be in for you guys. However, I must state that with urgency we are looking for 3 specifically experienced people.

One (Possibly two)* programmer with experience with AI.
One (Possibly two) experienced Texture Artist
One (Possibly two) experienced Mapper.

[*We say possibly two as if two great candidates pop up, we'd love to have both.]

We only say experienced because we want this mod to be downright gorgeous whilst horrifically terrifying. Every single one of you guys are awesome, for the record. Know any friends who may fit any of these roles? Or do you feel you could fit this role? Then please apply by sending a message directly to this page, or the Faceless ModDB page.

We appreciate all the help and support we are receiving, all of us are persistently improving the mod as much as we can, but as it currently stands it may never see the light of day.

You guys are all after a release date, understandably, we are too. However once we do get a release date we regret to say that it will be kept internally, because we want the mods release to be the most unexpected surprise ever once it is as complete and polished as we can make it.

Thank you guys, you are all awesome.

However, a couple of mappers and a texture artist have stepped forward, which is great for the aesthetics of the mod, but what is a beautiful mod without gameplay? Killscreen recently released a great article about our mod, which you can check out here. We are in desperate need of a programmer who specialises or is greatly experienced in AI programming/developing. Without this, we have no mod. The AI as it stands is a basic placeholder which doesn't contribute to the gameplay at all, all of us on the development team are in LIMBO.

Without an AI programmer, Faceless will never see the light of day. And we want to make sure it does. Do YOU have experience? Do you know SOMEBODY who does? Please step forward! We are not just another "Slender" game, we are an entirely new Slenderman game in its own right, don't be afraid to think you are contributing to a poor spin-off to The Eight Pages, or a rubbish mod inspired by Slender remakes! You are contributing to a totally new monster.

A new trailer was scheduled to be released this month, but I've held it off because what good is hyping up all you guys if all it is going to amount to is a sad and bitter cancellation? We hate to be so glum and down when we're normally terrifying you, but we are in a time of need. We've contacted various other people from other mods, but have not progressed at all.

I hope you guys understand this article and our arms going out to try and see if anybody will grab on to save us from falling down a cliff to our deaths.

If anybody is willing to help out or knows somebody who could fit the criteria, then please send a message to the Mod's page by clicking this text.

We hope this mod doesn't have to die, so please, let's make us make it see the light of day.

Thank you guys,

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tenser4 Mar 29 2013, 2:10am says:

I really hope you find what you're looking for :\

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Spe¢ter Mar 29 2013, 2:23am says:

I remember you saying that Slenderman is already programmed, and in a worst-case scenario you'd just map him into the map. Or are you making a new character?

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FritzOfTheSS Mar 29 2013, 3:17am buried:



-24 votes     reply to comment
Zenzero Mar 29 2013, 5:50am says:

If nobody is willing to step up to be the AI programmer, we might just have to kidnap one... I'll get the tape, just incase.

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NeighborlyNinja Mar 29 2013, 12:21pm replied:

I'll grab a few burlap sacks.

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Mr.Birds! Mar 29 2013, 12:24pm replied:

I'll drive.

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Guest Mar 30 2013, 8:46am replied:

I'll call 911

-1 votes     reply to comment
Penaloza1337 Mar 30 2013, 8:05pm replied:

I'll beat you to death.

+2 votes     reply to comment
rida220 Mar 31 2013, 6:09am replied:

I'll **** the body

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Mensley1 Mar 31 2013, 4:38pm replied:

I'll break in and tie him up

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Guest Apr 2 2013, 10:20pm replied:

I'll break the C-C-C-COMBO!

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Guest Apr 3 2013, 10:30am replied:

I'll Burn The Evidence

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PsychoEliteNZ Apr 5 2013, 8:57am replied:

I'll take the blame!

(Edit:Nah,not really)

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The.Mr.Zip Mar 29 2013, 7:08am says:

I would love to help you out guys with Programming but im kinda busy on Raising The Bar ;p

+4 votes     reply to comment
Sakores Mar 29 2013, 8:23am says:

Ironically, this has been the scariest Faceless post I've seen xD

+19 votes     reply to comment
PtF514 Mar 29 2013, 2:16pm says:

****. I'd play this no matter how ugly it looks. Hardcore gamers play on some of the lowest graphic settings possible. Sooo...

-1 votes     reply to comment
AudioGhostX Mar 29 2013, 2:48pm says:

I was just thinking, if you can't find a good programmer, perhaps you could make Slenderman be controlled by another player. Let one player be Slenderman, and give him powers to like teleport and stuff. And then in the future if you ever find a programmer, you can have nobody be slenderman as like another gamemode.

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Admiralmatt Mar 30 2013, 12:20am replied:

that might be a good idea i think they should consider that

+3 votes     reply to comment
gingabreadm4n Mar 30 2013, 12:29am replied:

Like the idea, but also think it would bring up more challenges for the team

+3 votes     reply to comment
Mensley1 Mar 30 2013, 2:04am replied:

I love the idea of the extra game mode but i think it should be the seccond game mod and defently not coming before the main game mode

+3 votes     reply to comment
ferdyfist Mar 30 2013, 10:48am replied:

It would be pretty easy coding wise to make the Slender playercontrolled btw.

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NickL4D2 Mar 29 2013, 6:37pm says:

I am trying to do my best to find a AI Programmer, unfourtanely, i found none until now, but you guys can do it! Why fail now? After a year( i think), you guys can do your best if there is no programmer.

Keep up the good work

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Mensley1 Mar 30 2013, 1:38am says:

Hey you Guys I am no that experienced but i will give it a shot i also no places i can get help if i get stuck if you send me what you want done and what you have i will have a look send it to (don't rely fully on me keep looking for a better person but i have been waiting for this to come out for ages and i would hate to see it stop now)
Thanks Thomas

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Mensley1 Mar 30 2013, 6:00am replied:

Also What Game Engine Are You Using, eg. Unity, a custom engine, ect. I would love to help you guys and i don't won't to be paid if some of your team is been paid just my name and who ever eles helps mein the credits

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wazanator Mar 30 2013, 3:27pm replied:

You're applying for a position that requires experience to program on an engine you know nothing about for a project you know nothing about apparently, I'm sure that will work out well.

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GameFan1997 Mar 30 2013, 4:20pm replied:

You do know what the game was previously called last summer right? RIGHT? Let me give you a hint, look in the bottom right corner of their banner.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Mensley1 Mar 30 2013, 8:41pm replied:

It Was Call Slender: Source. I pretty much know what they are looking for as I have played every slender game i could fined and I know what makes a good slender game. The only thing i am a bit unsure about is some of the new slender things but they will just have to tell me what exactly they want.

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robofork Apr 2 2013, 4:02am replied:

You're going to have a hard time programming AI if you can't even spell properly.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Mensley1 Apr 2 2013, 4:31pm replied:

I will be right i can spell just when i talk i abbreviate words but alot of them were just mistakes that i didn't see

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Guest Mar 31 2013, 9:26pm says:

this must be depressing for them to have people trying to apply who cannot even type in proper English, if you REALLY want to help then check back what you are typing idiots!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mensley1 Apr 1 2013, 2:05am replied:

hey i can talk english i am ausi so we are a bit more lazy in our english speaking just cause i made a few typos dosn't mean you can dis me

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501stcaptainrex Apr 1 2013, 8:32am says:

Hey I think I can help, I do quite a lot of c++ and xml programming, I know a tiny bit of lua, and have done AI before. I haven't done to much with the source engine, but I can learn. Just pm me here on mod db or email me at

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PsychoEliteNZ Apr 5 2013, 8:52am says:

Travel forward in time when Ive learned how to code,you can get me there!

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CrAzY_LunaTIC Apr 8 2013, 1:44pm says:

Hello fellow developer team, i read this post and I have source mapping experience, Although it isn't that good i know most of the stuff. If you are interested send me a PM. Thx :3

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Guest May 2 2013, 9:28pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

QueeFacism May 2 2013, 9:30pm says:

im only a model/texture designer but ive got two mappers and a couple that know lua,C+,C++ etc etc. pm if needed.

I just noticed i wasnt signed in to my account >.<

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