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This July, we have some interesting things to show you, first...

Posted by Coolness7 on Jul 19th, 2010

This July, we have some interesting things to show you, first we have a teaser video made by PizzaAtomica:

We also have some concepts, this is a preview for the Nod Battle Fortress for the Black Hand that resembles the Montauk from Tiberian Sun.

We also want to give you a sneak peak at the new Purifier Mark II for the Black Hand:

And you might have heard rumors of the names for factions if you have been watching on our website, they are true and the faction names are:

Nod Assault -> Black Hand
Nod Defense -> Marked of Kane
Nod Support -> The Ascended

GDI Assault -> Steel Talons
GDI Defense -> ZOCOM
GDI Support -> Iron Phoenix

We also are working on bringing the crates over from C&C4 into C&C3, this is a demo of what they will look like and function as (Note: Crates have been divided into Rank & Free unit crates, so you know what you'll be getting in a sense).

Last but not least we have new rank icons for the GDI, Nod, and neutral units:

And now that little off-topic section:
Are you tired of seeing the same story with different characters and setting, are you looking for something new? Go watch inception, parts of it might make you say wtf, but it was still great and some parts blew my mind. - C7

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EAFSAgamemnon Jul 19 2010 says:

cool "druulling"

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Aliasofall Aug 15 2010 replied:

umm what about th poor scrin

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Hellsevil22 Jul 19 2010 says:

i <3 the teaser, music was especially suiting. where exactly are we going to see the neutral ranks implemented?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Coolness7 Author
Coolness7 Jul 19 2010 replied:

since release one will be multiplayer GDI&Nod and prologue missions, you will see them on everything that is not Nod or GDI. (Battle Bus, Marauders, Mutant Rocket Infantry, etc)

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PizzaAtomica Jul 29 2010 replied:

Since it's based on the Tiberium symbol I would only use them on Mutant units (just in case there are also going to be other neutral units besides mutants)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Coolness7 Author
Coolness7 Jul 29 2010 replied:

yeah but if they are its not like they would be promoted anyway

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█Black/Brunez█ Jul 19 2010 says:

Cool. Nice work.

But I have a question: only defense will have infantry and support will have aircraft?

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Coolness7 Author
Coolness7 Jul 19 2010 replied:

no, everyone gets some of everything

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█Black/Brunez█ Jul 20 2010 replied:

it´s good to hear that =D

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HOPE1134 Jul 19 2010 says:

badass trailer!

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tt0022 Jul 20 2010 replied:

looks to good to be ingame :(

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Khalus Jul 20 2010 says:

I like the ranks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Archon_of_Darkness Jul 20 2010 says:

The ranks look awesome! So do the new faction names.

+1 vote     reply to comment
CnC_Fin Jul 20 2010 says:

O_O not enough words to describe this update's awesomeness

+1 vote     reply to comment
SilentMirage Jul 20 2010 says:

Wow, beautiful I say! :D

The purifier could use some elbows, did you forgot to add them in? Or is it just the eye can't seem them clearly enough? :o

Anyway, will continue to look forward, keep it up!

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HERPADERPII Jul 20 2010 says:

I'm sorry guys, but that Purifier model looks very, very stiff.

+2 votes     reply to comment
SilentMirage Jul 20 2010 replied:

Do not worry, we keep on gathering and hearing your feedbacks. At least this Purifier is still better than the C&C4 Avatar. So far, I'm sure there will be changes to the modeling. ;)

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BOBUG Jul 20 2010 says:

yh its not animated yet lol, its just a quick pose I mocked up for a screeny, I should probably improve the texture a bit as well and also @ the elbow comment I see what you mean tbh, ill mabye give the model another go in a while, or mabye start from scratch =s

+1 vote     reply to comment
SilentNomad Jul 20 2010 replied:

umm for now I would like to say I like the original purifier more than this one, I mean sure it looks good etc, but I dont know, I like the head, but body needs improvement, can't pinpoint what exactly, but,it has to look more advanced than its predecessor, meaner and more powerful, for now it just looks like a buffed up avatar with a head, and isn't really better... Well I dont know how much improved textures would change the view, but hey, these are my ideas, hope to see a much better version later on.

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SilentNomad Jul 20 2010 says:

Ranks... Erm, not bad, could be better at some points, but I like them in general, it's going there.

Battlefortress - cant wait for the model

Trailer - Gave me a lot of ideas, could use a few tweeks, but meh, I dont design videos, its awesome overall though.

Writer out >.>

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CadianConscript Jul 20 2010 says:

Isn't the Montauk a mobile HQ rather than a mobile fortress? Nice idea but makes me wonder...

+1 vote     reply to comment
SilentMirage Jul 21 2010 replied:

Don't forget in Tiberian Sun, the GDI campaign also used the Kodiak as their mobile HQ before. ;) But in C&C4 & in this mod, all those old mobile HQs are turned into combat units.

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Jeffman12 Jul 20 2010 says:

On the Purifier, I'd say scale down the height of the torso armor, that adds to the stiffness of the look. The head can stay, but I don't think it'd work out with the look unless it was given a sort of turret based rotation or scanned around from time to time.
As for animations, you've probably already got some planned, but remember, the predecessors had a full range of movement with their legs, not just forward and back, and the tripple jointing which was to help with all-terrain functions. The animations never showed sidestepping or backpedaling, so I don't think you'll need to worry about that, and it looks like you've got the lower leg joint in there, and I'm pretty sure I can see where the knee joint is too.

The arms are fine, I kinda wish there was a hand on at least one, but I know the purifier wouldn't need one as it's sole purpose is to shoot lasers and torch stuff.

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Coolness7 Author
Coolness7 Jul 20 2010 says:

New Purifier Posted

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galaxy366 Jul 20 2010 says:

love it XD

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Branyace Jul 22 2010 says:

Trailer is EPIC! Why did EA have to TOTALLY SCREW the C&C storyline up?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Joshy_ Aug 5 2010 replied:

Yet this 'trailer' is just ripped clips made by "TERRIBLE EA" put to some music that has most likely been ripped from somewhere else.

If you are going to make a trailer, show off clips that you have made. The whole thing just looks like trash.

I'm surprised you aren't being a whiney fanboy about much stuff is EA related here.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Joshh Jul 24 2010 says:

Couple things. Sorry I was gone for so long, I had a youth group mission trip to go on.

EPIC video! How will Kane play into the storyline here? Does he still form an alliance with GDI?

Aren't there only 3 ranks? (Not promoted, Veteran, Elite, Heroic)

Lovin' the new units.

+1 vote     reply to comment
kendall Nov 22 2010 says:

OK dudes, listen. I dig the game so much that I was wondering if I could get a position helping you guys out. I will go anything from design to programing to just plain creative thinking. I am well aware that this is not a paying position and therefore is perfectly legal if a kid under the age of 18(or 21 in some states) is working for you guys. I am very skilled in design, programing and have lots of new ideas for the mod. plz respond!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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