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Now that Vault 24 is structurally complete, and navmeshed, it is just coming down to some final, nit-picky detailing. Version 0.8 contains a complete overhaul of the lighting and FX of every level, bringing them in line with a unified and consistent look. Additionally, signage and posters have been placed on each level to add to this standardized atmosphere.

Posted by cambragol on Jul 3rd, 2011

Vault 24 reaches version 0.8, which includes Lighting, FX, Signage and Posters overhauls on all levels.


Not a big deal to talk about here, but for a vault of this size signage can be important. This update adds signs, in varying states of disrepair, to all pertinent areas. These signs direct the player towards various locations in the vault, or label certain rooms and facilities. They have been placed realistically and with a view to actual help (to a small degree) players navigate through the absolute maze-like mess that the vault is. The signs are also illuminated, and have real lighting effects. They represent a major light source in some of the darkest depths of the vault.

Signage Screens

Vault SignageVault SignageVault SignageVault Signage

Ventilation Shafts

As usual, this has not been the only thing worked on over the last month. A good two weeks was also spent on experimenting with the final stages of the ventilation passages. I realised that, of course, the ventilation has to have a termination at some point. I am torn between having a ventilation shaft or shafts that connect with the outside world via a filtering station of some kind, or making the vents run to a SCIENCE! type 'Mr. Oxygen" that is housed within the vault and is self contained. One choice is a little realistic, the other more in line with Fallout itself, perhaps. In any case I have developed a number of models that can be used to create several sizes of "large" ventilation tunnels and shafts. With these I have also made emergency stairwells, and vent platforms among other detailing. These models once again draw heavily upon the work of SpeedyB64.

Ventilation Shafts

Vault VentilationVault Ventilation

Next up will be lots and lots of dynamic cluttering. And perhaps an overhaul of all the elevator shafts with some new models.

Version Alpha 0.8 Min

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altercuca Jul 4 2011 says:

looking gooooood! :) awesome job!

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Wolf0x Jul 4 2011 says:

Glad this is progressing nicely

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Dremth Jul 5 2011 says:

Jesus... this thing is massive. Why did I get New Vegas for PS3...

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Astyr Jul 5 2011 says:

" I am torn between having a ventilation shaft or shafts that connect with the outside world via a filtering station of some kind, or making the vents run to a SCIENCE! type 'Mr. Oxygen" that is housed within the vault and is self contained."

I suggest you add both.

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PhuckKnuckle Jul 5 2011 says:

This has really shaped up into something beautiful, which is somewhat rare for Fallout mods. Seriously, very nice job here.

I'll download it and give it a whirl, I hope the optimization is decent, though I can't blame you for that, Gamebryo sucks.

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Vosla Jul 5 2011 says:

I love the dedicated work you invested in this. Through dreadful moments like navmeshing and repetitive level-design to the fun parts. And it's growing, slowly growing into something wonderful we'll have to explore someday. I salute you!

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cambragol Author
cambragol Jul 5 2011 says:

Thanks for the appreciation. In a task this big, it really helps to not toil in utter obscurity.

Regarding vents and/or a 'Mr. Oxygen'...doing both is a nice idea. Some redundancy or a fail safe via a vent to the surface makes sense.

Optimization has only been started on the upper most 5 or 6 levels. Complete optimization will be included in the final Alpha release. For now some levels will certainly be choppy, as they are huge and graphically intense in regards to lighting and FX.

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ZidaneTribal Jul 11 2011 says:

This looks great so far :)

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