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The Stanley Parable is available for purchase now on Steam.

Posted by Cakebread on Oct 20th, 2013

The Stanley Parable is available for purchase RIGHT FREAKING NOW!! Through launch week the game will be 20% off!

4 years in the works, and we're finally here. Thank you everyone for all your love and support, it means more than I could ever say. 

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Theevina Oct 19 2013, 6:34pm says:

I wish it had 20% more endings...

Anyway, I was thinking, maybe we modders should create more endings. I would love to have the story continue, I want deeper levels of weird. This is a Source game. This site is ModDB. Mods are what we do best. You did include a fgd so I just might take a peek inside.

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ReadingNotAllowed Oct 19 2013, 6:50pm replied:

Isn't 7-10 endings enough? And have you found all the easter eggs/Achievements yet??

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Seaal Oct 19 2013, 9:07pm replied:

No. We need moar.

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ZaneByrnes Oct 19 2013, 9:17pm replied:

Moar Crabz.

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Theevina Oct 20 2013, 10:01am replied:

After getting the Orange Box for $5 during a sale and playing almost a hundred mods with hundreds of hours combined gameplay, I became stingy when it comes to spending $12. In 2 hours I got just about every ending, and many of them were copies from the free mod, and much of the gameplay is walking through the same hallways over and over again. So yes, I can't help but feel slightly disappointed. More is better.

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_Ott Oct 20 2013, 2:59pm replied:

You're looking in the wrong places.

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AJGreene Oct 20 2013, 9:25pm replied:

Just want to throw this into the mix.. Everything on ModDB is also on IndieDB. This happens by default, so.. it's not all mods. (I'm on IndieDB posting this comment)

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Theevina Oct 20 2013, 9:41pm replied:

Alright, but it still doesn't matter. It needs more endings.

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lord_blex Oct 21 2013, 2:56pm replied:

A major part of the appeal is the amazing voice acting. You can't really make a mod for Stanley without that and most modders don't usually have these kind of resources...

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Theevina Oct 21 2013, 3:15pm replied:

Unless Stanley finds the narrator audio control and disables it.

The he'll be haunted by angry captions instead. ;)

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ZikShadow Oct 19 2013, 7:41pm says:

Well great job guys! Even though i don't have any money to play your awesome mod (Probably when i actually get a job, credit card, and stuff like that, which is like 10 years from now.) but great job on finishing The Stanley Parable HD Remix! Can't wait to see your future projects!

And playing this 10 years in the future!

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camycamera Oct 19 2013, 7:58pm says:

i bought it day one, and it is absolutely fantastic, easily one of the best games of the years, and certainly the most unique one.

hopefully the gaming industry will learn a thing or two from the game lol..
good job, and keep up the good work!

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JFreakXD Oct 20 2013, 12:21am says:

dagummit! im too young to get a job so i can buy the game. ohh well. i guess im sticking to the old stanley parable. :( :( :(

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Armageddon104 Oct 20 2013, 4:44am says: Online

Not really possible without the narrator.

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Rus[T] Oct 20 2013, 5:29am says:

Aaawh yeah, will get this for sure. But I have to wait for a steam sale or something, the wallet is a little dry.. :(. Will amuse myself with the demo until then. The demo is indeed part of one of the "Epic Demos" now. I really like it that it's standalone level, like the demo's mentioned ingame. So that's a little extra gameplay for free :). That's how a demo is made. Keep it up!

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Jokerme Oct 20 2013, 5:50am says:

Thanks for showing everyone how going from mod to full game is done. I'm looking at you Dear Esther.

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Yasiek Oct 20 2013, 6:49am says:

Why this is so expensive? :P Even with promotion...

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Ghostbreed Oct 20 2013, 7:12am buried:


I ain't paying **** for something that should've been free.

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Selene. Oct 20 2013, 8:00am replied:

Too bad.

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Metalspy Oct 20 2013, 8:05am replied:

And why should it have been free? Because people spend a lot of time, probably money and effort in creating a fantastic 'game'? Or because it started as a mod, which is still free to download and play?

I'm not trying to be a smartass or anything, I am actually genuinely interested in why you think this should have been free.

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Ghostbreed Oct 20 2013, 12:36pm replied:

You can basically do this in Gmod under a week or so. A month max.

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Cakebread Oct 20 2013, 7:13pm replied:


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letrompe Oct 21 2013, 4:28am replied:

if you can make a successful mod with all your own assets, writing, and acting that sells for $15 all in under a week then why in the hell are you sitting here complaining?

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Ghostbreed Oct 21 2013, 4:59am replied:

Because I don't have Gmod.

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ZikShadow Oct 20 2013, 9:53am replied:

I'm actually neutral to this option, i'm happy if it's free, and accept it if it was paid for, after all, the creators did spent lots and lots of effort and probably money too to create this game, which is very unique unlike "some" games.

I had created a maps before for a HL1 mod Cry of Fear, "Scrolls of Shaimoon", "Psycho" in "Memories" collab, Psycho Continuation in the "Halloween Collab", Nostalgia, and creating maps for HL1's VHE can be a pain, not to mention if there's testing, errors, experimentation and stuff, i couldn't even think about making maps in a more complex and sophisticated 2013 Source's VHE.
Musics, models, and the always great narrator would also take time and effort, musics that have to be remade over and over to fit the situation, models that needs to be textured and textures to be made for the models and maps, the narrator if in any case needs to re-record his lines due to wrong acting, loss of files, or anything!

TSP team would have to pay Valve to release it standalone, so that Valve's screw up won't affect TSP and cause this magnificent game from mod to be wrecked by faulty updates.

TLDR : This mod takes a massive amount of effort and time which i know what's it like, respect it, play the demo or the first original one if you want to really play it.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Oct 21 2013, 8:57am says:

I loved this game. Recommend it to all my friends and they all bought it, and have now told their friends haha. Keep up the good work guys.

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Leaf_It Oct 21 2013, 5:30pm says:

I really thought the confusion ending, should have had like 4 different possible confusion ends. The whole thing seems like a maze, but after playing it enough, they all lead to the same end room... would have been cool if it had had more than just one. DLC for more endings maybe? not just confusion, just for any new endings you feel like making.

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XDmarcsyoXD Oct 23 2013, 6:30pm says:

Well through talking to friends about that game and also seeing the positive reviews, I am very glad to see its success! I am interested to hear how many downloads have you received plus are there any plans for games in the future?

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WNxKraid Oct 26 2013, 12:03pm says:

The best 12€ i've invested in a Game this year, fact.
Ofc. i knew what kind of game i had to expect since i played the original and TSP Demo.
A few things i'd like to suggest for a possible sequel...

1. a graphical story tree:
Kinda roadmap that graphically displays your path of choices.
Only displays the ones you allready made while playing the game, but gives you a node at the point of decission so you know where make a different decission next time.
This would help ppl to find all the routes and endings within the game.
Maybe it could even let you load the game on a certain decission node.

2. more adventure and puzzle elements:
Some rooms in which you need to solve some kind of puzzle in order to advance on a different route and maybe even collectable items like keys, picklock, etc.

3. more interactivity within the levels:
disabling the computers is nice, i'd like to be able to press more buttons all over the maps. Coffe machines, copier, light switches etc. and pick up small stuff like cups (would be also necessary for #2)

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