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Today marks the full release of The Red Alert mod, which restores the timeless Command and Conquer: Red Alert game to the full glory of a 3D engine. The mod includes remastered music, a vastly improved skirmish AI, and all of the great gameplay that helped define a genre. You can also check out the launch trailer.

Posted by Blbpaws on Sep 21st, 2011

We've all heard the debate about gameplay versus graphics: would you prefer an older game with better gameplay, or a newer one with better graphics? With The Red Alert by C&C Labs, you can have both. Today marks the full release of the long-awaited mod, which restores the timeless Command and Conquer: Red Alert game to the full glory of a 3D engine. The mod includes remastered music, a vastly improved skirmish AI, and all of the great gameplay that helped define a genre. Have a look at the launch trailer or learn more in a recently conducted interview:

The Red Alert was made by a team from 14 countries all working for free (view a neat contributor map) and we're proud to share it with you now. Battle it out on classic maps with classic units and structures once more. It's time your memories were in 3D. Download the mod here.

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menofwarfanatic Sep 21 2011 says:

the mod looks amazing so far, all the textures of the vehicles match perfectly with the game's appearance. One question though, well it's more of both a question and a request, in your next trailer can you(if you are able) show any infantry units you might have added to the game through the mod?
also... First Comment!

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Blbpaws Author
Blbpaws Sep 21 2011 replied:

If we do another trailer, we can try to show them (I think they were featured once in the first trailer), but the mod's available for download so you can just see them in-game if you'd like.

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UndesiredHero Sep 22 2011 says:

I cant start the mod. I have the steam version of RA3. i just get a launch screen but the game wont boot up.

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Crystan Sep 22 2011 replied:

Heres a solution:
Open Steam -> Select Red Alert 3 -> Go to Properties -> Set Launch Options: -ui -> press play -> Game Browser -> Mods -> TheRedAlert -> Launch Game -> Have Fun! :)

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GHoST_SNiPER Nov 19 2011 replied:

anyone haveing problems with the mod starting downlod orgin and put yr redalert keycode in there it works

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stom0545 Sep 22 2011 says:

I tip my hat to you guys this mod is freaking amazing it brings back my early childhood doing playing this on my parents windows 95 pc. Also the trailer is done exactly how the RA1 trailer was, I didn't notice this until i played it 3 or 4 times :)

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lassy10 Sep 23 2011 says:

I dont know about anyone else, but it keeps crashing for me. I really want to play this, so any help would be nice.

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ZeroMD Sep 23 2011 replied:

Where does it crash, if it is in the skirmish menu, try to remove skirmish.ini from your profile.

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master_oli-p Sep 23 2011 says:

If I could install RA3 I would love to play this :p

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RA3Unleashed Sep 24 2011 says:

Congratulations on releasing this mod. I'm an artist so I won't comment on the balancing and technical side of things:

-Infantry animations are extremely well done.
-I felt the texturing acually needed some fake shadowing, they didn't really blend in well with the maps. I know that the original RA didn't have very good texturing on the art, but I feel this is something that could be an improvement to the original in bringing it into 3d.
-I'm not very keen on the gap generator effect. I understand the princible behind why it was done as it was. I would suggest changing the surrounding circle so it doesn't cast a shadow, or even go as far as removing it completely. It may work better if just the buildings have the effect to show they are effected.
-The camera shake on the demo truck it a bit OTT.
-The models are really well designed and textured (with the exception of the shadowing mentioned earlier) and the animations (especially for the building deployment) are true to the original and very smooth.
-The chrono effect for the chronosphere needs to be scaled to match the size of the selector.

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PsionicAssassin Sep 24 2011 replied:

Agree, some visual effects do need some improvements but the model, animation, texture and all that are really good.

Even the small realistic details in the texture makes it seem less bland and plain.

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Azeez Sep 25 2011 says:

Please help... I downloaded the mod thru desura but it does not work.. when I click launc it gives the error.. failed to create the red alert process!! ..whats wrong here?

Plus it will only work in skirmish right?

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Lucífer Sep 25 2011 says:

Westwood would be proud.

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MortalMaxx Sep 26 2011 says:

I don't know why, but I missed the ore silo.
Speaking of ore, harvesting seems to be a pain in the ***.
Also at one point some tanks got stuck in a bridge, tilting 90 degrees inward?
And finally, the sovjet dog has it's sounds for selection and movement switched.
Other than that, it's perfect!

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koldsoul Sep 26 2011 says:

Best mod for Ra3.

I hope to see better texture,models & animation(not that they are bad) in the next release.
Any extra content that would turn it into super-classic(people can choose what they want) would be also nice,maybe unique powers & units.

Last thing,is money,AI,fields of vision & damage/speed needs tweaking.I noticed that the dog can barely follow infantry.

You turned the game from junk into a master piece.

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koldsoul Sep 26 2011 says:

I forgot to mention that i saw a small bug;after repairing the radar dome i still could see a hole in it.

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TheTURREL(RUS) Sep 26 2011 says:

It's really good mod, i never played the first RA, and because this mod was created, i can to enjoy first RA. Thank you very much! (sorry my english is so bad)

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P3ACE753 Sep 26 2011 replied:

Yeah I grew up playing RA2 and when RA3 came out I was super exited by very disappointed (DAM YOU EA!).

And now, it's very nice to see where RA2 came from. RA1 using the RA3 engine ROCKS!

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Yuribeard7 Sep 26 2011 says:

Freakin' awesome mod! I however have spotted only 3 problems. #1: If you zoom in all the way the screen will sometimes go completely black. #2: Hard AI on Optimal seems to have either a pathfinding issue with ground vehicles or its just on certain maps. #3: Music on maps only plays what sounds like screeching mixed with static. Had to turn it off to keep my ears from bleeding. So far those are the only issues I've personally spotted. I posted this on the forums as well just in case its more active than here.

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ZeroMD Sep 27 2011 replied:

#3: Read the readme file: Set your Model Detail level to High in the Red Alert 3 Options menu and restart the game.

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UNSC_SCOUT Sep 26 2011 says:

Awesome. I can now retire my PS1 and my old Red Alert Games.

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reeboker Sep 27 2011 says:

looking good, mod gaming getting better and better, dunno why EA sadly fu**ed up the seriesm long live westwood ;)

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Blackthorn31 Sep 28 2011 says:

AARRRRR i so want to play it !! hate my computer !!

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lptpsteve Sep 28 2011 says:

right i am so gonna sound like a newb,i installed the mod,it loads with a great intro get to the main menu if i choose caimpaign it erros and crashes and the skirmish wont let me choose any options,not sure what is wrong,my game is fully patched and works with several other mods in mod folder,cant see where the problem is and i have uninstalled and e-installed it with the same problem

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ZeroMD Sep 28 2011 replied:

Don't try to start the campain. To fix the skirmish games, remove skirmish.ini

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Wasper Sep 28 2011 says:

Ah, great mod, brings back old memories. But music isn't playing at all here :( Yes, model details are on high... But no music at all during gameplay (skirmish mode). Why?

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G3cko Sep 29 2011 says:

Good job guys. Geat mod.

I have some questions. Why the allied artillery have only a short range?
Why all artillerys have only a very short splash-damage-range?

but great mod. love it.

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Mr.Nuke Sep 29 2011 says:

are you planning on remaking the campaigns?

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Blbpaws Author
Blbpaws Sep 29 2011 replied:

We have no plans to do that now. It would be a ton of work and we'd prefer to do other projects.

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Aliah Oct 1 2011 says:

That's a real bad-a** trailer, my friend, anyone who was old enough to play Red Alert 1 has to get chills seeing that and the original music playing. Well done!

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sabasNL Oct 8 2011 says:

Ive played it, and altough I pretty much love it, it seems like some units are accesible for the wrong factions.

For example, as Soviet Russia I could build the Kennel to get German Shepards. Also the Allies are weaker than the Communists as far as Ive seen. Is this just me, a bug, or normal?

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insectus Oct 19 2011 replied:

I think that's normal, I don't know if you played RA1, but in fact the dogs are a soviet unit (to counter the allied spies) and for the most part the soviets are the strongest faction thanks to their superior armour and aircraft

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RetiredGamer Oct 31 2011 says:

A review of the mod:

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TheTURREL(RUS) Nov 12 2011 says:

I think this mod is worth it to do for Tiberium Wars, because there it could show himself to the full: with campaign missions, with original red Alert's Tiberium - The Red Alert always was a origin of CnC, and e.t.c.
P.S. It is only my view
And my raiting: 8/10

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Galacticruler Sep 10 2013 says:

I know that this is 2 years old, but #1 is a skybox mode, used in some maps to show aircraft from the bottom, all map movement is inverted though.

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