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The network has consumed society. What will change take? A machinima by Sam Goldwater.

Posted by Varsity on Apr 2nd, 2008

This is being posted as news purely because it's so excellent. Depressing, but excellent.

The Monad was directed and produced by Sam Goldwater.

(Need some cheering up after all that? Today's other machinima addition is Paul Marino's music video I'm Still Seeing Breen!)

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stenchy Apr 2 2008 says:

Excellent! Thanks for posting this.

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FJS Apr 2 2008 says:

Nice? Depressing... nice...

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Lucífer Apr 2 2008 says:

This is great!..Beautiful Machinema

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Lucífer Apr 2 2008 replied:

perhaps could you relate this to the Garrysmod Group?

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Squeebo Apr 2 2008 says:

Very well done.

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stat1cshade Apr 2 2008 says:

very good quality how long did it take?

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Henley Staff
Henley Apr 2 2008 says:

wow awesome stuff very deep :D

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Undying_Zombie Apr 2 2008 says:

I did not like it really. But great job anyways. You did a good job with the animations and such. Voice acting was not too bad either.

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AJ_Quick Apr 3 2008 says:

how is "I'm Still Seeing Breen" supposed to cheer us up after putting up with that video?

You should have suggested

freakin' hilarious, that.

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vfn4i83 Apr 3 2008 says:

Endeed Excelent

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dzzjj Apr 3 2008 says:

This long and boring.
But nice music :)

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Lucífer Apr 5 2008 replied:

what are you? 12?

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Harimau Apr 10 2008 replied:

funny how "12" is the youngest anyone on the internet can think of.

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myles Apr 3 2008 says:

why so serious?

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SinKing Apr 3 2008 says:

I watched it down to about four minutes and while its' production values are high, the guy really needs to learn keeping the viewer interested. After all, no one is interested in someone's bloody life, until that someone comes across with a really intersting story (and some diversion to it). Having a great ending does not mean you can waste the rest of the film on talk. Why are Machinima either all talk, or all action? There is hardly one, which manages to keep a balance and not be merely depressing or boring.
Good work with the Lip-Synch and editing. I'll watch it entirely, when I'm up to it.

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Henley Staff
Henley Apr 3 2008 replied:

not everyone is into boom head shot kinda stuff, some people like the deep dark side of humanity, I for one loved it, it went to a place most machinima chooses not to go. Kudos to you brother!

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Varsity Author
Varsity Apr 3 2008 replied:

Quote:while its' production values are high, the guy really needs to learn to keep me interested.

Fixed for you.

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Terminal58 Apr 3 2008 says:

Pretty deep.

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sathanas Apr 3 2008 says:

Anti Facebook machinima? :P

I guess I'm not that deep, because I just don't get why that had to be a video, I think one word would have sufficed at being just as deep: Disconnect. If anything the video itself distracts from the message, in my opinion.

Message aside, the video itself was high quality. Probably the most cinematic looking machinima I've seen. Not that I'm an avid watcher.

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Undying_Zombie Apr 3 2008 replied:

I have to agree with you.. I think thats part of the reason why I did not like it. Its trying to be deep but fails.

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manhunt0r Apr 3 2008 says:

excelently produced video but the "deep" meaning is so ******* old and boring that it destroys all that atmosphere, it would be so much better if i couldnt understand the text

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Ben_E Apr 5 2008 says:

It's an accomplishment to make a film with the visual qualities this one has. It had some good moments, but missed the mark in a few places. I especially liked the typing moments in the beginning where sometimes it would rewrite bits of itself. I didn't particularly love it, but I do appreciate the work that went into making it.

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Robok Apr 5 2008 says:

Just watched it and I think it's quite great, few pointers:
- Even though the lip-syncing was great, the character models were the default, if I were you I would've used FakeFactory's high-res pack for this.
- I didn't like how the camera was static most of the time, you're not limited to the physical world, use that to your advantage.
- The story was quite awesome, but you did leave a few things unexplained (as to how he died and whatnot).

Overall, really great work, I didn't expect this level of quality.

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SinKing Apr 6 2008 says:

Okay, finally watched it all, and while it clearly has a message, it maybe a bit over the top.
I think I understand what you want to say about life and virtuality and how we are messing up our being human, by becoming sucked up by a virtual world that is merely an illusion. By accepting it's rules we leave the social bonds of human society and become outstanders, independent and untouchable.We don't belong to society as a whole, but we instead become unchangable islands of solitudes, which will never change, or get better. We are the smallest particle of society, which isn't subject to its ongoing changes. We are like Monads, nothing exterior has an influence on us any more and we seperate from other forms of happiness, like friendship, or love.

Well done. I never heard anyone bringing Leibniz into the equation, but his "Monadologie", is a pretty interesting piece of philosophy, because it tries to build bridges between this world and one we would today call: virtuality.

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Noobkiller Apr 6 2008 says:

the plot was confusing, but overall, this is a fine piece of machinima

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DOLBYdigital Apr 6 2008 says:

Nice work and I liked the message even if I am reading into it too much.
Excellent breakdown SinKing :)

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Gibberstein Apr 8 2008 says:

Got to applaud the technical polish, but have to agree with everyone else who feels this is about as 'deep' as the conversation in most wannnabe-arty student coffee shops.

It's a noble enough message, but you get said message within the first five minutes, then the next seven just repeat it endlessly and add absolutely nothing new :(

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spartan_216 Apr 11 2008 says:

Did he died? D:
Is the male 07 the one that died?

D: sad story 5/5

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comanoodle Apr 14 2008 says:

Did *nobody* mirror this?

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MotherFvcker Jul 14 2008 says:

artfull , beautifull & meaningfull machinima. among the best short films and machinima i have seen in my life.

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sauerfreak Dec 31 2008 says:

Very good. :D I like how they made everthing so unnaturally dark, it really added to the tension of the story. I didn't think it was boring at all. I like action flicks as well as a bit of drama. :D

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navics Apr 19 2009 says:

Watched it several times! I really liked it. Seeing the actors of my favorite game struggling with their purpose of life was impressive. Thanks :)

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