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He has it, he still has it — and it belongs to me.

Posted by mollstam on Jul 8th, 2010

The machine of development is operational yet again. Are you prepared?

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BcForCe Jul 8 2010 says:

looks good XD best of luck to you!

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Tex1090 Jul 8 2010 says:

Coming back? :o


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tymaxbeta Jul 8 2010 says:

Omg, this is great! I can't wait to see what you guys make this time, also, you should up the player count, get this up on steamworks, it's definitely worthy!

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MrMattWebb Jul 8 2010 says:


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darkapples Jul 8 2010 says:

I assume every comment will be this like: Whaaaat? WOOOO!

On a side note... Whaaaat? WOOO!

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theM3nace Jul 9 2010 replied:

Whaaaat? WOOO!

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Kalenov Jul 8 2010 says:

God I missed the first release of this, and I've been dying to try it out, huzzah for its rebirth!

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Spooboy Jul 8 2010 says:

Oh Decadence, I think I remember something like that...

JK of course I know what Decadence is, who hasn't?? So excited!

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JohnnyMaverik Jul 8 2010 says:

Oh. My. God. O.o

Podcast17 are guna wet themselves

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billyboob Jul 8 2010 says:

I still have a copy of this and install it every now and then just to walk around those awesome maps. Can't wait

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NullSoldier Jul 8 2010 says:

OH **** OH **** OH ****, this was one of the best mods ever created. Extremely polished and fun. I hope you take your experience and make something even more amazing the second time around.

Don't compromise yourselves for the sake of a few people who don't understand, but I trust you to make good decisions. Decadence was a truly inspirational mod to developers like me.

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cheesemoo0 Jul 9 2010 says:


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MrMazure Jul 9 2010 says:

Decadence could become a popular game, the lore it's environment are great, but it would be really interesting if there can be more players.

Decadence without a player limit ? With points to capture ? Now that's what I would call something interesting.

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Tallon_hunteR Jul 10 2010 replied:

i'd settle for anti-grief system

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Tokoya Jul 9 2010 says:


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Vizitas Jul 9 2010 says:

Yes! yay cant wait

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vfn4i83 Jul 9 2010 says:

Just add a 3rd guy, a better weapons balance and more maps, the mod is really great. Looking foward to it.

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Bender411 Jul 9 2010 says:

You guys back in Action? Hooooray!

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DuckSauce Jul 9 2010 says:

I loved this back in the day, sadly it's 2vs2 had some flaws(griefers/afkers mostly) but that can be worked out, glad to see you're back in action!

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Necrod Jul 9 2010 says:

Is this some kind of teaser? :D

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Cookiestealer Jul 9 2010 says:

Yay! You're alive! :D

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Silverfisk Jul 9 2010 says:

Oh lord, this was unexpected! :D

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Wutoholik Jul 9 2010 says:

i'm so excited..i thought the day couldn't get better and than this ^^


*jumping through the room*

Wish you best luck Wutoholik

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Spenzerr Jul 9 2010 says:

a teaser done right!!

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ScorpionFaiha Jul 9 2010 says:

it's time to start tracking this mod again!!!

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Jul 9 2010 says:

Awesome! Perhaps we can offer the Desura API in a few weeks, as we can guarantee our servers will be around for the long haul to maintain any functionality you implement.

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izzysinz Jul 9 2010 says:

One of my all time favourites guys, Really cant wait. Some of the best fun I had was doing the fictional back story behind our match against the devs.

Let the phoenix rise!

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Torabi Jul 9 2010 says:

At last!

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KindredPhantom Jul 9 2010 says:

I just hope it is more fun than the first release.

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`DarcK Jul 9 2010 says:

Oh god, great news!

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Henley Staff
Henley Jul 9 2010 says:

The Dave is pleased.

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Noremakk Jul 11 2010 says:

Ahh, I haven't played Decadence in such a long time. I'll definitely get back to playing when the update comes!

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Dr.Nick Jul 11 2010 says:

This mod was teeeeeeeeeerible. Maybe it will be better in the future.

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Dan911 Jul 28 2010 says:

yay! cant wait for a new version!

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