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The Imperial War Machine is considered the most powerful entity in the Galaxy, and is both feared and respected by the Galactic community. To oppose it is to invite death with open arms.

Posted by Ten10dix on Jun 5th, 2013

The Imperial Military

The Imperial Army

The Imperial Army is considered the most professional and well organized among the major factions of the Galaxy. The high amount of discipline and dedication ensures complete efficiency in any operation it undertakes. It is divided into three main groups: The Imperial Militia, the Stormtrooper Corps and the Clone Legions.

The Imperial Militia numbers in the millions, with many people joining up to help protect the ideals of the Empire. They serve as the garrison force, and are used for policing and protection duties. They are normally receive specialized training that is provided by the Imperial Army HQ on each planet, informing them of the strategic points of the planet, how to better defend it and anything of use they may need when under attack. They then receive regional training on how to defend the post they are stationed in and the nearby terrain and points of interest.

All Imperial Army Troopers, the militia force, receive basic firearms and combat training, as well as policing and riot training. This allows them to deal with most situations, such as pirate raids and a discontent population, and can even help fend off enemy attacks. However, the advantage they have is taken away if sent to the front line or another planet.

The Stormtrooper Corps is the most widely known and respected by the Imperial population, and also the most feared. They receive rigorous and hard training, from basic combat to advance tactics and more. Whilst they may not be as effective as the Clone Troopers in combat, they can hold their own in combat against almost any foe, and are generally considered more effective than Federation troopers due to the high amounts of discipline required of them.

Unlike the Imperial Army Troopers or the Clone Legions, the Stormtrooper Corps is almost a religious group. The Emperor is viewed as a deity, and every Stormtrooper has a fanatical loyalty to him. Commissars enforce this loyalty, and are primarily responsible for ensuring the Stormtroopers are loyal and disciplined. Whilst a Federation Soldier may refuse to charge an enemy position out of fear, a Stormtrooper will follow the order, no matter the cost.

The Clone Legions are the finest soldiers the Empire has to offer. Their loyalty, whilst a different sort than that of the Stormtroopers, is still absolute and their skill in combat second only to the Mandalorian Warriors. Whenever a Clone Legion is sent into battle, Imperial victory is almost certain.

For some reason, however, they aren't as glorified as the Stormtrooper Corps, and are forgotten most of the time, as soon as their objective is complete they are sent back to their Legion's base and called back only if needed. The reasons for this behavior is unknown, though many believe that there is more to the Clone Legions than meets the eye...

Imperial Legions

An Imperial Legion is, normally, composed of the following:

15,000 Stormtroopers
5,000 Clone Troopers
150 Spec Ops Troopers

100 AW-Ss
150 AW-Rs
75 Scorpeneks

125 TX-130s
75 AT-STs
50 AT-AAs
25 AW-DAs
25 AW-DIs
50 AT-ATs

150 Hawk Gunships
50 Tie Obliterators
200 IDTs

The following are garrisons for our planets:

Low Security:

1,500 Imperial Army Troopers
500 Stormtroopers

50 AW-Ss
60 AW-Rs
30 Scorpeneks

Medium Security:

1,000 Imperial Army Troopers
3,500 Stormtroopers
500 Clone Troopers

40 AW-Ss
30 Scorpeneks
50 AW-Rs

25 AT-AA
10 AW-DAs
10 AW-DIs

30 Hawk Gunships
15 Tie Obliterators
50 IDTs

High Security:

8,000 Stormtroopers
2,000 Clone Troopers

50 AW-Ss
30 AW-Rs
40 Scorpeneks

60 TX-130ts
25 AT-STs
30 AT-AAs
15 AW-DAs
15 AW-DIs
15 AT-ATs

50 Hawk Gunships
30 Tie Obliterators
75 IDTs

An Imperial Legion can vary depending on its training and preferred equipment and climate. Air Legions, for example, normally hold much more AA and Air units, sometimes more advanced, and try to dominate the skies. Siege Legions may hold more heavy hitters, such as Artillery and AT-ATs, but less infantry support, such as AW-Ss/Rs and IDTs.

Some of the most well known Legions, and thus also the best, are listed below:

101st Clone Legion: Normal
34th Stormtrooper Legion: Normal
90th Stormtrooper Legion: Normal

607th Clone Legion: Aerial
98th Stormtrooper Legion: Aerial

43rd Clone Legion: Siege
876th Stormtrooper Legion: Siege

67th Clone Legion: Assault
32nd Stormtrooper Legion: Assault

56th Clone Legion: Fortification
651st Clone Legion: Fortification

Imperial Ground Forces:

Role: Assault, Defense, Support, Garrison
Imperial Soldiers
The Stormtrooper is the main infantry unit in most offensive operations. They are equipped with some of the best weapons and armor in the Empire, and can be used to fill nearly any role. They can use multiple weapons, such as Missile Launchers, HMGs, Snipers, Flamethrowers, Grenade Launchers and more. No Imperial Force will get very far without good infantry support, and the Stormtrooper provide just that.

Clone Trooper
Role: Assault, Defense, Support, Garrison
Commander Ark
The Clone Troopers fill the same role as the Stormtroopers, however they are normally better equipped and more skilled. Very rarely has a Clone Trooper been outmatched in combat, as they are literally bred to fight.

Advanced Walker: Recon (AW-R)
Role: Recon, Support
Advanced Walker: Recon (AW-R)
The AW-R is a light recon and support unit. Resembling the AT-ST, albeit lighter and less equipped, the AW-R is an effective recon unit. As a walker, it can traverse nearly any terrain, and its light armor and good Imperial technology allow it to reach very fast speeds. It is also equipped two dual light laser cannons, for light anti infantry/vehicle support, and a suppression cannon, designed to spit out a hail of inaccurate laser fire on enemy positions to suppress them.

Advanced Walker: Support
Role: Anti-Infantry Support
Advanced Walker: Support (AW-S)
The AW-S was designed to provide anti-infantry support to Imperial Legions. Equipped with two rapid fire light laser cannons and a mounted repeating blaster cannon, the AW-S is perfectly equipped to deal with most infantry threats. It also has medium armor and remarkable mobility, allowing it to reach places other vehicles or infantry can't.

Scorpenek Assault Droid
Role: Heavy Support

The Scorpenek Assault Droid is equipped with four heavy laser cannons, which can lay down heavy fire on enemy positions quite rapidly. It is protected by medium armor and a heavy shield generator, making it nigh immune to infantry assault and light vehicles, allowing it to easily crush them. However, due to its lack of additional weapons, it suffers against heavy vehicles. It is an effective counter to infantry assaults and light/medium armor, though it lacks somewhat in mobility.

TX-130T Fighter Tank
Role: Armored Support, Assault

TX-130T Fighter Tank
The TX-130T Fighter Tank is the most utilized in the Empire, and is considered one of the most reliable vehicles by most Imperial Commanders. In fact, it is so reliable that the Federation also have their own version of it. The Imperial version is equipped with two heavy laser cannons, two missile launchers and a beam turret. The shield and hull are both medium, though depending on the Legion they may be of better quality or not. A Command variant exists, with improved hull, shields, communications and sensors.

All Terrain Scout Transport
Role: Heavy/Armored Support, Assault


The design of the AT-ST, formerly used by the First Galactic Empire, was reviewed and upgraded by the Imperial Military as they designed new walkers in the AW program, though it kept its name to honor the original walker. The AT-ST is a heavy walker, designed to provide armored and heavy support. It has heavy armor, two medium blaster cannons mounted on the mouth, two repeating dual blaster cannon on the sides and two light rocket launchers underneath the mouth. It is mainly used in either an assault role, supported by TX-130s, or in a support role, escorting AT-ATs and protecting them.

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