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I will tell you the future, because it is the end; And without ends, there can be no beginnings.

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I will tell you the future, because it is the end; for without ends, there can be no beginnings.

The infiltration of Luna's surface will contain wildly greater treasures than man has yet to possess.
This advancement will bring forth the next great age of Earth.

The moon is 1/4 the Diameter of Earth and is 1/81 its mass. When struck with rocket propelled explosives, it rattles as if it were a bell.

Man progressively destroys and creates on larger and smaller scales.
This is the purest reality of our advancement through our perception of the universal physics.

The moon can become extremely hot, this is the ideal time to puncture it.
Infiltrating the moon would drastically change its orbit and rotation for a period of time and allow transitions inside and out.
This would also scramble the earth, destroying most of its inhabitants; including larger sea creatures.

Puncturing the right area could potentially send the moon barreling towards the earth.
(Especially with the right alignment to the sun)

Whoever possesses the greatest powers, has the most control.

Long ago the enlightened carried with them a truly invaluable knowledge.

Many of their people are told that not everyone can be saved. This is true; Not all could be saved, but many more would survive.
This would create competition. It would result in a greater man, but bring about the possibility of defeat. Here, the security of success is drastically increased by blinding deceit.

From the beginning of the universe, all has repeated on many spectrums.
The light-bearers always come fourth, peircing the darkest veils.

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I am, of course, still working on Coldenlight and have a large survival horror level I'm going to be releasing very soon.(2-3 weeks from now) Fans of the genre will enjoy it, and it is much easier to run then the environmental stress test in the Lair. I have another release, bigger and even more horror, planned for right before halloween.
Send me a message or comment if you want to test the level early. (about a week or so from now)


keep going!

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