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Important information bits regarding TMv1.0 and recent updates to CEM, ME3Explorer versions, .MOD files, and future new installation methods for ThaneMOD.

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ThaneMOD v1.1
ThaneMOD v1.1 has been out for a month, now! Download it if you haven't already :]

CEM Compatability Issues
Deager's new "MEHEM to CEM" patches are NOT compatible with ThaneMOD. He'll be releasing new patches shortly that ARE compatible, so keep your eye out. The JAM patches are fine.

.MOD Files, DLC Extraction, and TMv1.0 Installation
ME3Explorer has been rapidly evolving since January, and the method of installing mods along with it. It's important to realize that the TMv1.0 Install Guide was written back in January and was current at the time. It is no longer current. The best way to ensure your installation of TM works is to use the version of ME3Explorer packaged with your TM Install Package download.

If you have updated your ME3Exp and have extracted your DLC sfars, ThaneMOD .MOD files will not work. They also will likely not work if you've updated ME3Exp and haven't extracted your sfar. This is because .MOD files contain scripts that are dependent upon what version of ME3Exp you try to use to install them. This method of course isn't ideal, but due to various technical challenges it was the best we could use at the time.

New ThaneMOD Installers
This is something I hope to pursue soon-ish, and it should fix most of the above issues. JAM is the first mod released to use the new "DLC" installation procedure. This method was developed by JohnP, and involves the mod installing to the ME3 DLC folder. From there it overrides whatever content necessary. There's no overwriting main files, no backing up of files, no variation in main file/DLC fil installation procedures, and no installation inside of sfars. It's much, much simpler for the user. For the modder, it requires some hex knowledge (which I don't have, lol), and things are still getting sorted out a bit as far as textures go. Since most versions of TM includes a few textures, I still need to finish looking into how that will work. Once I have all the details ironed out, then I'll get started. Until then, please be patient.

That's all for the updates! Pop your questions below if you have them


wihooo :D

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