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It may be evident by the ever-decreasing number of updates, but I wanted to take moment to give everyone an official update on Subvert.

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After a few attempts to get the ball rolling, much discussion, and R&D, we arrived at the conclusion that the scope we were after was just out of reach for us at the time we were having the discussion. Yes, we could have neutered the design, or compromised in any number of areas, but the reality is, we'd rather wait than make a game that we weren't passionate about.

So, we quietly set the project aside, and set our sights on something much smaller and completely different. We had toyed with the idea of a Subvert-"flavored" game of a different genre (you may remember our RTS twist), but it wouldn't feel right to keep dragging the name around.

We actually stopped developing the project late last year, and have spent the last several months crafting our new project.

Subvert remains something we want to make at some point in the future, true to the vision we laid out (and beyond), but our current focus is on something else.

As for the new project... well I don't want to get into any details yet, but I can say this: It's completely different form Subvert in every way; a different world, story, characters, genre and approach.

We're truly thankful for all the great feedback and support from you guys, and we hope to show you something soon for our new project. Until then, YOLO!


Its good that you guys are being openly honest about this choice.

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Indeed WOC316.
That said, when i understand it well that you guys were not able to make what you had mind. We see this often in the modding and indie scene. people get carried away with ideas and start developing, only to recognise lateron that what they have in mind can't be made due to that they don't have the right skilled people in the team, (a great coder is often one of these reasons).
So, it is best to see right from the start if what you have in mind also really can be made.

much success with the new game,

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Is it possible to get the Subvert source code to see what people can do with it? I'd enjoy to play around with it as a way of learning to code (currently doing an advanced diploma)

Also good luck with future development!

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